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 Okay, time to re-listen to the last daily Asamack!

31st October 2015


Marutan was glad that he made it in time. Then they discussed about Jack's "mata ne" which he uses at the end of every nama. Marutan thought it's because Amuro-chan also uses it at her lives... Jack laughed and said that no, no, it's not related, besides he heard about it for the first time (and she usually says bye bye).

It's not like the last nama ever, but it's to celebrate 6th year of daily Asamack - which came to an end with this day.

Then they discussed how it's Halloween and wondered how foreign people celebrate it. Marutan was sure it's for-kids but Jack said adult people participate in it too.

Also, they were drinking some alcohol.

Later, they received some e-mails from listeners, Jack was reading them aloud and made Marutan read them too :)

When reading those e-mails, Jack suddenly realized there's Keisen-san commenting in tachimi A hahah (I was also in the tachimi A, because I was a bit late at arriving). They had a lot of fun because Keisen was commenting as regular listener, because she forgot her BSP. She even managed to call them and participate a bit with her voice, but due to some technical problems she had to go back to commenting only soon, but it was so nice to hear her voice again!

They also showed some of art listeners made for them.
Like, Nobita-san making a big map of Asamack's logo in Minecraft, visible from the space.... wow. It surely took a long hours.

Other listener mentioned in her e-mail flail about Ichamakku (flirting Asamack ne) and how she remembers that long ago drunk Asamack were making each other say "chuuchuu" (kiss kiss) and Marutan was reading this letter and he read "Jack-san chuuchuu" and he made a pause for Jack to make him read "Marutan chuu chuu" part hahahahaha.

Also, they got new awesome Halloween art from Keito-san!

Jack and Marutan got lovely message even from B-kun :)

Then Jack said he got voice messages from various Asamack family members and played them (he added some background music too):
- Keisen - she was so cute, teasing how she used to call Jack 6 years ago "Jack-san" instead of "Jack-aho" like she calls him nowadays and confessing how her love for Marutan hadn't change in those last 6 years and asking if Marutan is listening (Jack stopped playing record at this moment hahahaha saying he can't bear to listen to this but after short break he played it all) 
- Nem - with voice changer?! He said he was 26 at the moment he started listening to Asamack? And generally thanked Asamack for singing his songs. Jack was perplexed when he heard Nem's message and whether he broke it, but Nem said it's on purpose, because he hates his own talking voice. 
- Hidenori - ah that guitar solo in the beginning hahahaha. 
- Meeko - she said she was playing with Asamack from 2009 and was playing Tetris and cocoa with them and she had a lot of fun. Jack said Meeko will always remain teenager in his mind and both of them said it's so weird to even imagine Meeko now being adult and drinking alcohol hahaha.
- sunaP - he presented himself from his full name and reflected how they had yami-nabe and recorded many songs and it was a lot of fun, and of course he's looking forward to more!
- PUPI - he thanked Asamack for doing daily namahousou and he was sneakingly listening sometimes too.
- amu - he said he started to listen to Asamack and thanks to that get to know Tolie - he's big fan of his. And that he had a great fun with them playing games, of course!
- clear - said that hearing about Asamack ending daily nama is kinda like some era is ending. He also said that sometimes when he was doing his nama, he saw Asamack starting too and was listening secretly haha. And he had a lot of fun playing Mario Cart with them. And that he still has "scars" from those battles and he wants his revenge one day.
- Wotamin - she said it's so sad that daily Asamack are ending. She was often appearing as a guest long ago and she was able to meet many other utaite here.
- Hiradon (Da-little) - he said it would be nice if they could do Asamack even more and more - ASAMACK BANZAI!
- halyosy - he said it's awesome to hold nama for 6 years because he has no experience in doing something for so long daily hahaha. He said he's also playing Splatoon so if he will find them, he will beat them for sure haha. He also said he heard Jack really likes Amuro-chan and he likes her too, so he was really happy. Jack also teased listeners halyosy "chuu-ed" at the end of record.
- Foo-san - he said he has a lot of awesome memories of playing and singing at Asamack and how he was able to record CD with them. Both Asamack sounded so happy, mentioning Foo-san, because thanks to him, so many of their dreams came true. Like when he asked Marutan if he would like to host Nicoradio with... Asakura Daisuke... Marutan said there was no way he would turn it down, but he had to think over it a lot.
- Choucho - she said she remembers well when Asamack was still no nico radio but net-radio and she and Keisen were guests back then.. and she can't believe it's already 6 years. She's really happy Marutan found her covers and mixed them for her and she was able to be in duet with Jack.
- Real-tomo - hajimemashite! Here's Asamack friend bound to them by 10 years contract hahaha. He said his contractor said "gimme voice message!" so he has no right to turn it down - with pleasure. He said he's so sad because when he heard it's already 6 years it means he got so much older. And it was so much fun playing and singing - thought dear listeners can't know him hahah. And he said like: You didn't fight... you didn't fight right? Please don't fight - hahahahaha. He also said he will continue to secretly play games with them wheeeee!!
Keisen commented it's not fair, she wants to be bound by such contract too hahah. She will even make macaroons!
And THAT PERSON replied using BSP: Keisen-san, please be quiet!
Hahahahah, natsukashii!
BSPあるんだよなぁ( ・´ー・`) 
All of them really sounded so pleased to tease Keisen how she forgot her ID and password so she can't use her BSP anymore.
- Tolie - he started with whistling and introduced himself as the one who sang Fullchin Boogie with Asamack - thought Marutan didn't sing it hahahah. He said a lot happened,he once visited Asamack and he was so happy that the atmosphere didn't change since years ago - especially the feeling of warmth and reassurance. He also wanted to end his message with some neta - he started to sing Furuchin acapella....
Tolie commented via BSP that he had to record it 6 times and the original message was 10 minutes long.
And here, last surprise guest!
- Dai-chan (Asakura Daisuke) - he said it's awesome that both of them managed to make such place in the corner of the internet, gathering people and providing them happiness for whole 6 years. He said that it feels like yesterday when he was doing nicoradio with them. He also said if there would be chance he will gladly meet with them again!

Marutan sounded soooo surprised and happy.

Jack was so high, because he had to give his best because reaching Dai-chan was of course quite a feat. First he sent a DM to Asakura-san himself and got a really quick reply that wow, 6th anniversary and he himself is okay voice message... but he needs allowance from the office and Jack must ask for it. Jack, who has no company or anything, just he himself.

So he called the office and was like: "Pardon me, I'm one of the people who are doing unit called Asamack, my name is Jack, I would like to ask for allowance to get Asakura Daisuke's voice message"... and he got a number to Dai-chan's menager. He asked if it's okay to call such important person, officemen said it should be okay. He had to try 3 or 4 times but he couldn't reach this person, but when he was thinking that it might be impossible, that person called him back and he already guessed that Jack-san is calling him and that yeah, thank you for looking for Asakura-san at nico radio back then and Jack was like NO NO NO it was my pleasure hahahaha. Jack's hands were trembling when he asked that it may be impossible but if only, then he would like for persmission for Asakura-san to record a voice message for them. And menager said that it's completely no problem and then they should record it right now! And Jack himself could not believe he got YES from all important people and he received Dai-chan's message via e-mail. 

Jack also said that probably if Marutan was the one who should ask for it, then it wouldn't work. Marutan said it would be totally muri, because he would spend hours on dwelling whether he should call or not, while Jack just done it. Jack said that since Dai-chan himself said it's okay, then he probably sensed it might work out and gave his best.

After this Marutan said he's going to grab something to drink.

It really is amazing that Jack was able to get so many responses. Most of Asamack Family members are nowadays very busy. Jack was happy all people Jack asked accepted it immediately and gave their best. Plus really, Jack who usually don't like people i general, for him to go to such lenghts to get Dai-chan's voice record... And of course, he didn't use his real name when calling the office so it must be even weirder.

Jack said someone should now do suprise to him and get a voice message from Amuro-chan hahahaha Marutan laughed and said it's muri and besides Jack said he doesn't like surprises hahaha Jack said it's okay, he would probably die if he got one. Listeners started to whispering we should go to Foo-san hahahah (he once got for Jack Amuro-chan's sign).

Then they showed MMD made by one of their listeners - HIKO-san.. of their live, singing magnet. Their charas were done really well, with height difference etc. and they moved and danced a lot and it was pure awesome!!! And as bonus, there was also MMD to Marutan's Meri Meri - with both of them, d'aaaaaaaw.

Link - community only!

Some other talented listener - Ichise-san - send them magnet version played on harp.... uwaaaaa.

They showed artist's images then and read their e-mails. Half-way Jack started to wonder if it's okay to read this mails hahahaha. But even if one said pleass don't read the contents, Jack ignored it hahahahha.
Listener called Ookami-san wrote an awesome e-mail. Like long ago she was searching for interesting broadcasts of utaite and happened to see Asamack nama playing Mario Cart and thought "ehhh what's this, what they are mumbling about, why listeners are so loosy?" and Marutan talking about stomach medicine and... she got into it and started to listen everyday. Marutan commented it was probably back when they were having a lot of drinking nama. Ookami-san also wrote how she was happy when they was showing her art and her hands were trembling. And how she could participate in playing games with them. And when she managed to defeat Jack in Splatoon or Mario Cart, she must say she was laughing in really creepy manner (Jack tried to imitate it hahahaha). That was really lovely e-mail full of all listeners feelings.

At this point, nama was already there for 5 hours and 20 minutes. Jack said how the 6 hours is max limit for net-duet device, so there's only 40 minutes left and how time surely flies by quickly tonight.

When broadcast was comming to an evitable end, they skipped to emotional topics. When Marutan was singing Alice for their first CD - Gift - because he was so happy at the moment, he got in a bit negative mood and amidst recording he started to ponder if he will be able to do this 2 years from now on, and how Asamack have to end one day. (He cried at the recording? w) And while singing Alice, he was thinking about Jack and how much Jack would be sad if Marutan was not here anymore (inakunattara LOL). And he can't let him feel lonely now, he has to look forward to next Saturday so they will be able to do next Asamack. Jack also said it's a bit lonely to him too, to wait till next week. And it was really hard for him to made reservation for this last nama and he had hard time pushing the button to made this nama. Marutan said he became pretty much unable to came till this years April but it's lonely for him too... he once said he doesn't see dreams right? But weirdly, now he can sleep more and wake up at weird hours and since this half of year he can see dreams too. 

And when such interesting topic popped up, it turned out there's only 5 more minutes of the nama!!

Jack said he wanted to play one song before the ending... and ending theme was... Thanks (translated lyrics here).


I'm crying. I'm so crying. Lyrics. And Marutan and Jack started to shout ARIGATOUUUU.


(´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)

This song is such perfect ending Asamack song! Imagine your favorite everyday manga/anime, finally ending after long years (more than 5 years for me) and the impact of the last pages of the last chapter. And perfect ending song. But it was even MORE intense to me.

Now, tomorrow will be no Asamack. Can't grasp it yet. I will surely wait for one... but well, it's sad, it's emotional, it's a mix of such a deep gratitude and love and loneliness, but it's not the end so... 

Looking forward to Asamack season 2!!!
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Asamack set up special (halloween) broadcast at 31st October 2015 and every registered fan can register for TS:

The one setting it was Jack and all listeners should be able to tell, that he's usually ending nama with words in title - mata ne.
Why he should use such title? Well... some era of Asamack is ending.

Asamack duo is amazing. They are doing broadcasts literally EVERY FUCKING NIGHT since around October 2009 - for 6 years! Usually around midnight, the two of them. If one couldn't appear, the other hold namahousou alone. And like this, for all those years. It's really amazing. People asked them many times how they can not be bored about it, but they said they are not. But could it go on forever...? 

Looking few months back, Asamack became stagnant and it could't be helped. Those are small changes, but I think every Asamack fan could tell them. They started to be busy... especially Marutan have more work, is more tired, have difficulties with staying late in the night for Asamack. Jack is still vigorous, but became more stable too. They used to drink so much, nowadays it's rare when they are even a bit drunk. Guests stopped comming, many people started their own carriers or quietly quitted nico douga. Listeners grew older with Asamack, started to be busy with adult lives, stopped listening to actual Asamack and joined "TS-ing group" (listening to timeshifts the next day) and number of everyday listeners dropped to 200-300 people (there used to be more than 1k everynight). But Asamack tried to remain the same :)

But lately the motivation dropped rapidly. For many weeks, guiding Asamack Radio became Jack's "duty". Marutan appeared rarely and mostly on weekends. Sometimes Marutan was supposed to join Asamack, but was so tired he felt asleep and Jack was again left alone... Even if Marutan appeared they were just mostly playing games - mainly Splatoon. Let's be honest - it's not the most interesting part of Asamack. Jack alone started to use Asamack for his utawaku, instead of his own community - year or two ago, it was unthinkable.

And then, after another one Asamack with Jack only, something changed. Jack, probably worn-out of this, started to start nama, but with video-only. No talking, no commenting. Just transmitting him playing Splatoon with listeners... and it lasted for few days. Something totally unusual (unless both of them were sick). 

After few days of such weird Asamack, Jack made statement on twitter:
じゃっく ‏@Jack_sk  Oct 18
I made up my mind! I will make announcement at today's broadcast so people who can listen, please come. For me personally, I was thinking - it isn't such big deal...? so that statement might be like this. 
But to me (as Asamack) it's very important statement. It's a result of my thinking-over it so please listen.

Long story short, they decided it's impossible to hold Asamack Radio every night any longer. It just lost its meaning and instead of having fun, it became a burden. Situation has changed, life happens... Marutan can't come everynight, so it's pointless. Plus, it was inevitable that at some point instead of doing broadcast because they want, it will become like - they have to do it, because they are doing it everynight. But listeners should not fret! It's not the end of Asamack Radio - they will still do it! But occassionally, when they feel like it~ So they were joking it's like, Asamack season 2.

The last of everynight broadcast will be the Halloween one. Starting from November 2015, Asamack will do nama randomly.

My personal opinion:

Thank you Asamack for all those years! I must admit, I became addicted in no time. Whenever I could, I was listening to them (even thought my japanese is limited) everyday. There were no time when I skipped Asamack Radio for longer of my own will (it was because of hospital or university). A day without Asamack was weird day :)

Now it will definitely be weird to me. I will surely turn out my PC after returning from my work and without thinking, will try to see if Asamack is already on. And it will be super weird, if oh, no Asamack tonight... But I'm happy. Even I got a little tired of prolonging stagnant atmosphere. It was dead-end situation. I hated it when Jack was forcing himself to do nama (he hardly ever bitched about it himself). So I'm wishing it would really change into something new, Asamack needed such refreshment.

And yeah, it could be beginning of the end, but that can't be helped too. I'm curious how it will change... how often they will do nama now... what ideas they will bring... if this will bring new quality to Asamack? Or maybe it will die out slowly. We will see.

But anyways, I must say: thank you Asamack for all those Asamack broadcasts! You are awesome :)

Mata ne! See you soon!!

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 Jack & Asamaru are going to release new CDs... this time it will be set of 3 CDs consisting of their bests songs. Jack got to Tokyo today for recording and later at Asamack Radio he revealed which songs will they contain, among ones they already sang. Of course it means, they are recording them anew, sometimes after many years. Original ones still have to wait to be announced! 

Release: 2015/04/01
【Vocal】 Asamaru & Jack

「ASAMACK BEST ~Precious~」
01. Futatsu no koe (new original song - composed by minato; harmonies and chorus by Tolie)
02. Join us
03. Stray sheep
04. Fire Flower
05. Ghost Radio
06. Sora no Yakusoku ~niji & gemini~
07. Sakimidare hana no chiruran
08. Oborozuki (Asamaru re-sing his part)
09. Isaac (Asamack version)
10. Ayatsuri pierrot no koi no uta
11. Thanks
12. Summer Rain

「JACK BEST ~Result~」
01. Torikago to Shounen
02. Carnival
03. Karakuri Pierrot
04. Rakuen
05. Blood of Rose (version without serifu)
06. Aru Kyuuketsuki no Monogatari (different mixing)
07. One room, all that jazz (new version with serifu)
08. Jougen no Tsuki
09. Ifuudoudou
10. WAVE
11. Reliance
12. Kimi wa boku wa (new original song - composed by minato; harmonies and chorus by Tolie)


01. Ore no Asa  (new original song - composed by Asakura Daisuke; lyrics by minato)
02. Mikansei Hero
03. Flashback sound
04. Monocross road
05. Hitorinbo Envy
06. Torinoko City
07. Soratobazu
08. Hoshi no uta
09. Sayonara astronauts
10. Reliance
11. Sayonara
12. Alice

So both Jack's and Asamaru's dreams come true! Jack's songs are composed by Tolie - he's famous composer now, mostly composing songs for Valshe, some anime opening and endings too. And Marutan's song even more - Asakura Daisuke is very famous, I'm sure every anime fan heard his songs and voice (like you know, T.M.Revolution). And lyrics by minato... Wow.
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I had to make a note about Jack's epic Tokyo revelation...

Hanisuke's fanart shown at Asamack Radio

Suddenly after one hour of Asamack, Jack said that somehow this time when Jack came to Tokyo he made terrible mistake. So Jack bought new wallet and wanted to move his things to this one... he put here 2500 yen. But he left all cards in the old one, so left all them in home. And he went to Tokyo with only 2500 yen... and he said he didn't say anything to anyone. Marutan yelled at Jack why he says it just now?! And he should say it sooner, to Bkun at least. And that's why Jack wasn't leaving hotel much this time... and he should just borrow some money.
Jack said he has return ticket, but still he needs some money to reach his home from train station. And then Jack started his story of how he tried to survive like this. His main food was onigiri (120 yen) from Famima (and also he was saying that there's Famimas everywhere in Tokyo). It was a meal for supper and breakfest... and he took all his left-overs from studio so he would have a meal in the hotel too. He bought some water in PET bottle and when he drink it all, he re-supplied it at water dispenser at recording studio. Sneakily. So no one would notice. And nobody noticed.
Jack wanted to visit few places, but regretably, he had to refrain from doing this. And he said he can't go with boys in town after recording, and he always went quickly back to hotel after recording.
Jack of course wanted to do his 600 yen laundry, as always on trips... so to do laundry he sacrificed eating some meal. Because laundry is more imporant.
Marutan told Jack he has to tell this to sunaP and PUPI tomorrow at studio. Jack said but it's too embarrasing... especially telling now... because he will be yelled why he hadn't told ealier.
Jack also said the most dokidoki moment was when he was re-filling pet bottle, because it would be so embarrasing if someone caught him.
ALSO I want to kill Jack for this. But Tolie contacted him if he wants to hang around at Sunday and have fun together... and since Jack didn't have money, he DECLINED. Just because of that...! He lied to Tolie that he has still some recording and he can't. So Jack replied Tolie that maybe next time and he put at the end of message smiling kaomoji, but he was crying inside ahahahah. And he just always stayed in the hotel and was watching TV all the time... SO SAD JACK ARE YOU MASOCHIST.
Jack said it was such sad when he thought he's so hungry, no dinner so he went to kombini... and only bought one onigiri. Thought normally it would be impossible to buy just one onigiri for him. Marutan said that when he visitied Jack in hotel previously, he always had drinks and snacks with him hahaha.
In recording studio they were gived bottled juices... and one day PUPI wasn't comming so few bottles were left. And Jack said he will take them to the hotel with him hahahah.
Also Marutan tried to persuade Jack few days ago to visit him, even for a few hours. But Jack answered that it  might be a bit hard... and Marutan started to say that it probably is, and Jack just nodded. And now we know that Jack would want too, but no funds lol.
Jack also said he will have enough of onigiri for long time.
They asked people how much money they should have to feel "safe". It warried from 2000 to 10,000 yen.
So everybody, while listening to Snack Jack CD, especially Nanpasen, please think about how Jack was recording it with empty stomach hahahaha.
So when Jack finally got back home, he quickly ordered taxi to go home and eat something. Then he said he thought Asuka-chan will not remember him since he was around 1 week not in home. But instead she was super happy, clinging to him, totally like never before. And he had to barrage his room so she won't come in haha.
"Jack's room" (which means, room in Marutan's home) is business hotel room size... and Jack wondered why it isn't Marutan's room now hahaha.

- - -

Also few days ealier before Marutan learn about Jack's money affair, Marutan caught his mom on cleaning empty room next to his, saying "who knows, maybe Jack will come". she even put a carpet here and everything (it's Marutan's otouto's room, but it's empty since he moved out). But well, Jack couldn't come this time, but he didn't say anything ahahaha. And they also talked how long time ago Jack visited Marutan and them and Marutan's parents were eating meal together and Marutan didn't feel good so he went back to his room, leaving Jack alone with his parents. And he was just talking casually with them hahahaha. They were joking that there's even TV in this room, while there's no TV in Marutan's room.

Of course artist draw quickly whole situation:
Click 1
Click 2

Fortunately, the next day Jack showed up in the recording studio, he told about it right away. And of course he was scolded by everyone and all those nice people started to dig food from their bags and asked Jack if he wants to eat it hahahah. Of course PUPI borrowed him some money (only 500 yen but it was just for one day), so Jack could without worrying too much go back home the next day...  In the afternoon they also went together to eat some food and run a small contest... to see who's food photos will be the most yummy. And PUPI lost hahaha, because his photos were all so dark.

And so, Jack safely arrived back home the next day, while being loudly welcomed by Asuka-chan.
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Asamack songs choice:

Jack for Marutan's 2nd anniversary (live & community only cover)
Uta ni Katachi wa Nai keredo

Marutan for Jack's 2nd anniversary (live & community only cover - 01:41:21)
Uta ni Katachi wa Nai keredo

Jack for Marutan's birthday (live & community only video)
Hajimete no Oto
Marutan cried. w

Jack for Marutan's 3rd anniversary (live & community only video)
Shinpakusuu #0822
Marutan was crying after Jack ended ;w; wwww
Official cover YT with Tolie's harmonies & mix (he deleted it from NND)

Jack for Marutan's birthday (live)
Hajimete no Oto

Jack for Marutan's birthday (live)
Happy Birthday - DREAMS COME TRUE
...with slightly changed lyrics ww

Tolie for Jack's belated birthday (cover played at Asamack Radio only)
Hajimaru no koi ga owaru toki

Jack for Marutan's birthday (live)
Wind Climbing ~Kaze ni asobarete~
which is one of Marutan's anison cover for their CD

Related trivia:
- Jack's friend Bkun also sang once (at Jack's broadcast, live) classic Happy Birthday for him
- Marutan years ago sang Happy Birthday for... Keisen-san
- it's a shame they don't sing songs for each other regularly anymore but if you look at their covers and songs they sang in duet (Meri, Meri or Magnet) there's no doubt they sing those for themselves. ww
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Well since I was asked, I will try to write short summary of what exactly happened few days ago. I migh be mistaked of course thought, since my japanese is very limited.

27/04/2013 01:39 AM - 2:39 AM

Marutan was back from Whim's after celebrating Misouji Anniversary tour end. He drank one beer and was slightly drunk, but he said he went for a walk so he's fine by now. Then Marutan said that Jack called him while he was still at Whim's, demanding he should end soon and go back home and people at Whim's started to whisper immediately Jack-san! Jack-san!
Marutan said it's really sad that it's over now and it would be nice if Asamack could do such events too. Later they just engaged in trivial talk about how Jack wanted to buy qu'il fait bon (cakes) and he had to wait 1,5 hour for it.
Marutan said he thought about going to Nico Nico Daikaigi (which was starting the next day) but he's too tired after all those days spent at Whim's recently. He also said his legs hurt since he tend to wander aimlessly while drinking. At this point Marutan started to sound a bit sleepy. He mentioned that tomorrow Hidenori has to go normally to work and they laughed how he will be able to do it, since he's drinking now until the morning. Jack asked if there was cake, Marutan said that since yesterday was Hidenori's birthday, staff at Whim's baked cake for him and they all sang Happy Birthday. 

Around the half of broadcast Jack asked what Marutan wants to do on his birthday. Marutan said he's planning to do utaren at Whim's and it's in progress right now. No details yet, but it's decided. Jack started topic about cafe live at Whim's and Marutan said it's small place for 60-80 people, but stage is close to the audience. Jack asked Marutan about his plans about live. Apparently listeners were laughing that Jack is worried because 5 m distance is not enough. At this point Marutan seemed he started to fall asleep a bit and wasn't really listening. So Jack started to explain that if he'd ever do live, he would feel uncomfortable with audience being too close and he would want to wide the distance. Marutan just nodded and Jack laughed that Marutan is too drunk to even respond. 

At this point Marutan really was tired, a bit drunk and sleepy and convo sounded pretty much weird. At one point Marutan started to say something but hadn't ended... and Jack stated that of course there's no way he would take part in any live, but it's just his point of view. Marutan really didn't response and listeners at this point started to suggest to end such important convo tomorrow, when Marutan will be awake and sober.

And they started to miss each other point very badly.

(*´▽`*)< What about what haha.
(´☉ ω ☉)< E, what we will do...?
(*´▽`*)< E? What do you mean?
(´☉ ω ☉)< Ee? About that thing in 2nd June.
(*´▽`*)< We already talked about it and it's settled, right.
(*´▽`*)< Me, myself, I would... I would prefer to hear about such things as first... especially about things like birthday meetings. I think (he stated that while laughing and choosing his words very carefully)
*long silence*
Marutan: I see...


Jack seemed to be hinting in his monologue something. Then he said that he thought they are always discussing everything together and he would prefer if he heard about Whim's birthday event from Marutan first, not from others. And when it seemed Marutan almost felt asleep, he suddenly realized Jack's words and almost cried aloud.

(plus sasuga BGM read atmosphere perfectly and Do As Infinity's Shinjitsu no Uta had started)

(´☉ ω ☉)< Ee, but I mentioned that...!
(*´▽`*)< Never heard about it! It was first time!
(´☉ ω ☉)<: But I said I will do something at 2nd June at Whim's! 
(*´▽`*)< I hear about it just now!
(´☉ ω ☉)< I told about it! Ever since some time ago, that I wanted to do such event at Whim's at 2nd July... I mentioned it some time ago.
(*´▽`*)< Usoo...
(´☉ ω ☉)< But... Uso daaa. I said that for sure! We had that talk some time ago, about 1 week ago, after the broadcast, I recalled it and I'm sure I mentioned that...
Jack: Ehh... there's no way I'd literally forgot anything from such talk. I'd remember at least some pieces.
(´☉ ω ☉)< Ehhhhh. Uso daaa.
(*´▽`*)< But when I heard about it today I was like EEEHHHHH?! in my head since I had a strong feeling I heard about it for the first time.
(´☉ ω ☉)< Ehh. But about 2nd July... I think I mentioned it yesterday...
(*´▽`*)< HERE WE GO! You didn't tell me about it yesterday, I'm sure about it.
(´☉ ω ☉)< Eh? I hadn't told about it yesterday?
(*´▽`*)< Nope! Hell no way you told it! *laughing* I remember everything from yesterday.
(´☉ ω ☉)< Eh... wait a sec... ehh.... I mentioned that... ehh... maybe not...

And so on.
Jack admitted that if by any means he really heard about it but forgot, it would be weird that he was struck with such feeling, even thought he'd hear about it for the second time. So he was pretty surprised today. Marutan said he's sure he mentioned that sometime before Whim's fair & if not on broadcast, then he probably told about this when he was at Whim's cafe and met other listeners here. Me and other listeners were pretty sure he hadn't mentioned it at Asamack Radio. Jack said if he really wants to do utaren there, it's not like he has anything to say. Some source of anxiety was surely that schedules will clash, because of course Jack and other listeners wanted to hold usual special Asamack Radio for Marutan's birthday. 

(*´▽`*)< I thought you said in the past you don't like such things haha.
(´☉ ω ☉)< I'm no good with strangers... I still don't feel like doing it [utaren] in place full of strangers...
(*´▽`*)< But it's like offline meeting. With listeners, right.
(´☉ ω ☉)< What should I do....?
(*´▽`*)< ...I won't say anything anymore haha. Things like DON'T DO THIS, I DON'T APPROVE haha.
(´☉ ω ☉)< Ee you want to say that?
(*´▽`*)< Personally I feel like yes, I'd not let you, DON'T DO THIS, but... I won't say such things haha.
(´☉ ω ☉)< But... to stop that... It's impossible.
(*´▽`*)< It's hard right.
(´☉ ω ☉)< I can't. [ORE... MOU DEKINAI]
(*´▽`*)< What do you mean 'ORE DEKINAI' haha. *silence*  Like, you can't talk about this when we will be sober?
(´☉ ω ☉)< I just can't.
(*´▽`*)< But what 'you can't' ahahah.
(´☉ ω ☉)< Ah, even if Jack-san would tell me to not do this, I would not be able to cancel that event now.
(*´▽`*)< Majide ahaha.
(´☉ ω ☉)< Ahh... ok I'm not saying anything anymore now. Gomenasai... Gomenasai!
(*´▽`*)< Hahaha... are you sure you're not drunk?
(´☉ ω ☉)< I'm alright, alright!

The conclusion was they should talk about it tomorrow. Marutan apologized once more to Jack. Of course Marutan could not cancel event now, since it's in progress and a lot of people are involved. Then Marutan became weirdly silent so listeners assumed he might go cry a bit. Jack was in frivolous (and only a bit irritated) mood all the time. When Marutan said he's still awake you could say from his voice he was pretty much depressed. Jack asked if they should end now, Marutan just replied in monotone 'What should I do...'. He acted like kicked puppy, it was so heart-breaking, but it was obviously alcohol fault too. Jack dragged that ending for another 3 minutes, listeners adviced them to talk properly about it tomorrow.
Marutan was obviously troubled by Jack's response, not wanting to do anything that Jack is not approving. Of course they weren't able to come to any agreement tonight, so Jack ended broadcast for good. But still it was weird ending, because it wasn't USUAL one, it was just Marutan nodding and Jack saying おつおつ。Totally not good enough!!
Too many feelings, boys wwww

28/04/2013 01:05 AM - 3:08 AM

The next day they started a bit late so listeners were a bit concerned about it. But it sounded like it's fine already, since they had usual opening small talk about Marutan yawning and sounding sleepy. After that Jack started topic, like when Marutan didn't pick up his phone today, he was worried because of yesterday. 

(*´▽`*)< You was drunk yesterday, right?
(´☉ ω ☉)< Yeah, I was pretty much drunk...
(*´▽`*)< But you have memories from yesterday?
(´☉ ω ☉)< Ah... probably.
(*´▽`*)< Iyaaaaa~ haha... so 'probably'. So you remember we had long talk after broadcast ended?
(´☉ ω ☉)< Yes, yes... I was drunk, so somehow tears easily started to fall from my eyes...
(*´▽`*)< Yeah! Haha... Marutan... around the moment I decided to end Asamack, he started to cry.
(´☉ ω ☉)< Hahaha gomen ne.
(*´▽`*)< Somehow I was feeling like a bad guy here! Haha. The broadcast started to sound somehow dangerous, so I ended it.
(´☉ ω ☉)< Hahah...

Then Marutan mentioned he was talking with Hidenori today about Whim's event and they changed plans accordingly to Jack's requests about stage and audience. There's also no problem with clashing with Asamack's special radio, because birthday broadcast is always at night from 1st to 2nd, at midnight, and Whim's utaren is in the evening of 2nd day. Marutan said since long ago he wanted to do utaren during his birthday SOMEWHERE. And it turned out to be at Whim's later. It was Hidenori who arranged Whim's for Marutan, but he wanted to make him surprise, so kept silent. And just before that Hidenori conctacted Jack at 26th May and talked with him (...) but at that point Marutan didn't know anything about this event, but Jack thought Marutan was well aware and felt sad that Marutan didn't tell him sooner by himself (...). 
Listeners started to laugh that yesterday broadcast was just one big chaos, so Marutan started to wonder what he was saying yesterday... Jack just laughed and said that he was drunk so it can't be helped.

After Marutan started to think yesterday he doesn't want that live he talked with Hidenori today, but that guy had changed his mind. The two agreed on including Jack's suggestions and it will be ok. Jack also said that he had such mountain of feelings and thoughts yesterday that he couldn't help and snapped a little. But after that he decided they should just talk about it, like always, and find solution together. Basically, Marutan won't do it offline meeting-like and won't go down from the stage to audience so it will be more like usual utaren live.

...actually I just realized there's maaany banned comments I can't see at this TS. Marutan said something about 'kimochiwarui' comments and they asked listeners to calm down and some hinted that it must be hard (the whole situation) for listeners who are able to take part in Whim's live. Jack just laughed at them.

Then Marutan recalled that long ago he got many  invitations for various events like PointFive, Moratorium and other CDs... but Jack had refused all of them. And about CD projects invitations, in the most of them he always took part along with Jack. Suddenly Marutan stated that Jack had more solo projetcs thought...

(´☉ ω ☉)< Ore mo... kekkou... sabishikatta suru, soiyu tokoro///
(*´▽`*)< AHAHA. Chotto matte... CD demo? Dare mo tomattenaide.

Sorry for original, but it's such cute choice of words! Basically Marutan said he feels very lonely when Jack is doing solo projects. Jack was surprised and replied why, since it's not like he's staying at anyone's place and only records CD.

Listeners reaction was obvious: ichamakku, masaka Marutan is jealous, is it again 'let's speak our true feelings' broadcast, confessions meeting etc. and super happy, because finally the feeling of those two were coming into unison.
Marutan said that he understands there are a lot of events Jack can't take part in and it must be hard for him... Jack agreed that he feels super sabishii and would love to told Marutan to stop taking part in such things, but he knows it would be super selfish, so he can't say it. He always is thinking how much he can 'interfere' with Marutan's events. Marutan said that all events are a lot of fun, but he always thinks how Jack must feel so lonely right now (........). 

By the way, background music is: Jewel Song by BoA. (。-∀-)

So all announcements and info about Misouji Tour he tried to not mention at Asamack, but seperately in his own community. Jack said that it felt weird, because he heard about it only very briefly and not directly, and it became like not-existing topic. Marutan said that he probably should do other way around... but since Jack like never had involved things not related to Asamack during Asamack Radio so he didn't want to speak about his personal things too. Jack said he never involves personal life stuff, but he doesn't mind involving other various stuff.

Then Jack mentioned he was drinking a bit yesterday (and today too), but only a little and while they were talking yesterday after broadcast, he suddenly said 'Sabishii yo ne~' and Marutan replied in crying voice 'SABISHII YOO NEEE' and they both started laughing. Marutan said that it was because he was always troubled by that and--- he said he has to mute for a second. Jack kept laughing. Everybody laughed that Marutan probably started crying again. Jack said that now he thinks if it was good idea to drag yesterday's convo for so long, just making listeners worried, but we listeners thanked that he allowed us to listen and now it's so lovely they are able speak out theirs true feelings, right?

Marutan started to sobb loudly from this moment ahahahahaha.

He stated to wait a sec, because he don't know how to put the rest in words. Then he said that he was drunk yesterday, but he remembers asking Jack to somehow join the live event and of course the reply was it's impossible, and at that moment Marutan burst into tears because he thought it means the times Jack will feel sabishii will grow in number. He also said that probably he's loneliness is nothing compared to Jack's because he mostly feels like this only when Jack is doing solo CDs and he gaves Jack a much more reasons to feel sabishii. Both of them said that they always think about the other while going on events with other people, and always think it would be nice if the other could be there with them.

Then they got back to old times, around the time when Marutan and Hidenori met after a long time and went to bar to drink alcohol and think about releasing CD together. Jack said that he suddenly got weird message from Marutan and was really suprised by that 'mendokusai meru'. Marutan said he won't reveak details about those mails (one listener commented it's natsukashii and she thought back then it will be Asamack end?! I don't remember that at all), but overall that he thinks about releasing a CD with Hidenori and Jack replied him immediately with some sabishii-punpun response so Marutan in a split of second called him back explaining that of course he will attend Asamack like everyday, so he doesn't need to feel lonely...! Burst of laugh and Marutan started to sobb louder again.

And again sasuga BGM, Fukai Mori had ended, Shinjitsu no Uta started to play~

And now they started to say how it sounds weird when someone uses 'i feel sabishii' lightheartedly, like when a girl uses it to make her boyfriend to just accompany her on a whim and started to laugh that is sounds so weird (.....). Of course talk get on Hidenori when Jack stated that he obviously knows a lot about them, but since it is as it is, he can misunderstood some things about them. It turned out that even Hidenori is always including what Jack will think when he wants to do anything with Marutan (.....). Marutan said that when he was talking with Hidenori today, he was sure he will probably get irritared about Jack's request and go like 'Don't mind that guy! Just do what you want to do!' but he actually just said 'Let's think about Jack's request and if you want to cancel it, then it's fine'. Marutan said that he was really happy about Hidenori's surprise party and want to do it, so Hidenori just said they should do as Jack suggested, which means Marutan just won't go down the stage and that's all. They said that among all other people, Hidenori really thinks a lot about Asamack's well-being. Jack stated that even with that he probably is not aware how easily Jack succums to loneliness (since he's only-child he's surely spoiled in many ways, right). Marutan said he easily gets sabishii too but of course he would not confess something like that to others like he doesn't express his feelings to the others too. He said he firmly believes he can tell how deep is Jack's loneliness.

Jack said that listeners were worried after yesterday's broadcast too, he got a lot of mails. Marutan said that yeah, he got some too and he has to apologize he didn't reply them yet, he will do it tomorrow. They sounded happy that there are so many listeners who understand their feelings. Of course we do (and I still don't get those few listeners that were bitching). Marutan repeated that as we all know, Jack can't take part in any live and they had mentioned this numerous times and each time Marutan just thinks about it he feels even more lonely, but it can't be helped. Jack mostly laughed, not commenting that state of things. They never said what are reasons behind Jack's decision. After that Marutan started to sobb louder again, saying how all of it is so muzukashii and whatever decision they will make, there are sabishii times. 

Jack said he was worried how listeners were feeling after yesterday's broadcast, so he checked it out on twitter, asking people from... 非公開リスト (private list)? --> I didn't even know he had such a list, others named it legendary gosspied private list lol. Anyway most of those people said they try to understand their situation, but of course there were people who misinterpreted it all in chaos too. Both of them said there were some people who tried foolishly to take side of one of them, tweeting 'Asamaru-san is hidoi' or the same thing about Jack... (Are they idiots? They are not Asamack listeners then, but funs of one of them and should just shut up unf). Luckily there weren't much of them. I think people trully loving Asamack could not ever say such things and should remember that listeners are just outsiders after all. Jack said that he HATES such ignorant people, but since it's twitter they are free to write anything, so he just ignored them.  Marutan said there are sometimes weird people among listeners, Jack agreed and said it makes him a lot of enemies but it can't be helped. One of listeners said that it's easy to misunderstood Jack and he agreed with that (yeah, he's weird but... ww). Jack said that they don't know anything and yet type such stupid things -- pure hate right. Jack said he also got plenty of mails with complaints making him bad guy -- from Marutan lovers. Marutan told him to stop that, but he just said it's too obvious. Jack said that on the other side he got some mails saying that he's such yasashii person so... 

Announcement from Marutan to his extreme fangirls: If you send complaints mail to Jack who do you think will got hurt in the process? Isn't it me?

And in BGM AI's Voice starts to play.

Marutan said such people should stay away from him. Jack said he doesn't care if he will be hated by 10 people if another 11 will say that they like him. And if one want to leave, just leave. And if there are some people who are able to understand both of them, then it's just fine.

(*´▽`*)< Suki ya de yatte. Suki ya de tte iiu yatte kureteteru. Omae suki ya de! ...dareka shiran kedo.
(´☉ ω ☉)< Dareka shiran kedo... Hahaha...

Basically, sudden Jack's confession. Triggered by people commenting that they love Asamack and Jack is really kind person... I think also not directly dedicated for Marutan hahah. Indeed, to whom you addressed it, Jack?! Marutan laughed maybe it's better he doesn't know who. Then he apologized for all that chaos. Jack said it might be better that they had to look back to be able to move forward and not pile that all up. Marutan said he would probably not be able to look back if not listeners and that he was blessed with all those awesome people around him. Including Jack. Of course. And because Jack is here he was somehow able to carry on all those nanyakanya broadcasts feelings and since there are always listeners and Hidenori, who always is trying his best to understand him... he consider himself blessed by his friends, so he can move forward. He thanked us for being here and to support them also from now on, whatever would happen.
Jack also said that after yesterday's broadcasr he got tons of warm and encouraging mails. Marutan apologized for making listeners worry and asked instead if we are alright now haha. And it turned out there were really many parents-listeners ahahah who commented it looked like a fight between their son and his wife (Asamack laugh a lot after that). And there's nothing to worry now because everything is okay now.

Actually it made me realize it really felt like old marrid couple fight hahah.

Topic change! For usual stuff like GW, work and cars (Marutan has now a car he bought on his own), cakes, french pastry, weather... 

The most important thing for listeners were fact that it ended in the everyday-way, which means Marutan realizing suddenly that it's alreasy so late (3 am...), Jack asking if they should end, Marutan saying otsukaresamadeshita and Jack's mata ne.

Not long later it looks like Jack wanted to read the rest of mails he got from listeners and decided to write firm reply on twitter, in my very not accurate translation:

28/03/2013 4:31 AM jack_sk
first of all people who don't get a shit about Asamack relationship and our circumstances and just negatively complain, looking from delusioned point of view, on twitter and in mails... I don't really care about them, because generally they are missing the point, but they still give in to 'negative direction' without thinking, so I think all those naive-san should just shut up. we had already found our resolution together.

And it looks like next day Jack just had to call Tolie to talk about everything with him and tease us on twitter about it :)

As for me, I don't remember boys having such big misunderstanding ever, but I'm pretty aware of their relationship being pretty deep and complex and that there's tons of things we don't know about them. Once my friend said she thinks they would not be able to go along with each other if they talked with each other outside Asamack and they probably just talk with each other on Asamack only. I don't agree with her and I always thought they relationship is something more amazing. And I would never dare to take side of one of them -- thought it is Jack who is my bias and at first I was listening to Asamack for him. So I believed they can talk about that and everything will be alright! But such rare broadcast when they are speaking out what's on their minds are the reason I love Asamack so much. I really think it's amazing, two men can be so sincere with each other about their feelings. ♥

Now, if you ended my SHORT report, you can leave me a comment! Ahahaha. 疲れた・・・
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It was the most popular Asamack matsuri, the one after Under the Darkness, Boku Mote and Pero Pero. And they announced it at Nicoradio where they were guests once. They played it during Nicoradio, so there were many covers later. Only Keisen's cover was played only at Asamack Radio, since of it's... err.. content. And of course Nerutan joined in a lot later, but sang it too.

Written & composed by Takkyuu Shounen (EheheP)
Arranged by hami (EheheP)
Performed by Hatsune Miku

Nade Nade Matsuri probably took place around September 2010.

Lyrics & translation


Amaetai meippai 
I want to be totally spoiled
Amaetai anata no mune no naka de 
I want to be spoiled in your arms
Atama nadenade saretai no
And I want to be petted on my head

Some of participants:
Asamaru (hikigatari)
Dasoku & Pokota
Che:Sakurai & HYBRID SENSE
Jack with Asamaru's harmonies

This one was less like Asamack matsuri, more like overall Nico Nico trend... and after that song matsuri basically ended. Well, such a shame, but can't be helped, in many ways.
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It took place after Under the Darkness and Boku Mote matsuri. And I think it was the best one!! Jack really loved it too.

Written & composed by Takkyuu Shounen (EheheP)
Arranged by hami (EheheP)
Performed by Kagamine Len

Pero Pero Matsuri took place around July & August 2010.

Lyrics & translation

Lick lick!

Peropero shitai o 
I want to lick 
Peropero shitai o 
I want to lick 
Nani wo peropero shitai ka wa 
But I won't say what I want to lick
Hazukashikute ienai o
It's too embarrassing
Pero pero saretai o 
I want to be licked 
Pero pero saretai o 
I want to be licked 

Nani ni peropero saretai ka wa 
But I won't say by what I want to be licked
Hazukashi sugite ienai o
Because it's way too embarrassing

Some of participants:
Faneru (Damaresetai yo)
Faneru (Neru-jichan hentai)
Faneru (in high voice)

Marutan REALLY didn't want to sing it. He kept on saying (´☉ ω ☉)<murimurimuri even if he was drunk and seriously, he was too embarrassed to sing it. And Jack really enjoyed teasing him about it and he happilly sang Pero Pero with his all might. After much time Marutan gave in and sang it too, at Asamack... kinda. He was singing "tatata" instead of original lyrics.

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The second after Under the Darkness matsuri held by Asamack Radio. This time they chose short song called Boku Mote.

Written & composed by Takkyuu Shounen (EheheP)
Arranged by hami (EheheP)
Performed by Kagamine Len

Boku Mote Matsuri probably took place around March or April 2010 after the original douga was contributed.

Lyrics & translation
Boku Mote
Boku yori kakkoii yatsu ga zennin shindara
If all hot guys beside me would die
Hitsuzen teki ni boku ga motemote da ne
I would have no choice, but to become number one, right
Ehehe! (*`∀`*)

Yeah, Tolie aka minato sang it two times, in totally different... voice. And Nerutan sang it after the festival ended. And Marutan sang it with his guitar accompaniment. Too bad there aren't any existing videos from that matsuri nowadays!
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Just be prepared for wall of text and lot of rant about those two Bakamakku! (´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)

Asamack Radio 10/02/2013
Recording of Tobidase! Asamack Radio 2 had ended... they were talking about the キルフェボン(Qu'il fait bon) which unexpectly had arrived at the recording studio. And how it were sooo tasty. The box was apparently nice too! And Jack told to wait a bit, because he wanted to take a photo. Then they realized they don't have plates, but people at studio borrowed them some.


source: Jack's twitter

So they had:
PUPI = tart
sunaP = strawberry tart
tantousan = tiramisu
Marutan = fruits tart
Jack = white creme strawberry tart

Of course it's super expensive, probably because of fresh fruits prices... Apparently they got it from some listener, who was also commenting a bit at Asamack. He / she even thanked Jack for mysterious ARE: 
But Marutan made us sure Jack is 安定のツチノ子 (meaning elusive) and of course that person had never met Jack, even thought s all the cake. That person called Tantou-san to hand it over. And later they were talking about what they recorded today - MASK song cover. Marutan said Jack was quite sexy, especially the way he sang ends of lines... Marutan said he tried to copy it, but it was muri. And he was trying really hard to sing it as eroi as he could. And that Jack ended his part really quickly.

Later Jack also mentioned how he just saw defenceless, sleeping Marutan and he just thought he has to take Ore no ramillete photo. 

They also said PUPI was a bit late & he sent message to sunaP like:
"I know that it would sound like cheap excuse, but on my way I had to help lost child, so I won't arrive in studio on time, sorry."
Jack said it sounded just like in manga. When PUPI arrived in the studio he said that child's look on face was so heartbreaking & he cried 'Okaasan ga inaaai' (Jack, you're so loud) so PUPI decided to help him and asked where his mom went... and just when he was thinking about going to Police, his mom finally showed up. They said the kid was really lucky he met PUPI since he's so nice and softly asked where is his mom. Because if it would be Jack, he would glare at crying brat and poor kid probably would shut up, say nothing, being too scared, and just run away. But since it was PUPI... 

Marutan then said how he missed his last train the day before and went back to hotel and got triple room. SunaP joined him after, because he also missed his last train. But Marutan wakes up early, usually around 6 am (but this time he wake up at 7 am), since he's the type that falls asleep quickly, but can't sleep for too long. He read a novel, took a bath & got all ready and still thought he has some time, so he started to read the novel again... He said that sunaP waked up at 9:40 am and Marutan thought he will be in a hurry, but nope! At 10:15 am he said to sunaP that they should head out in 5 minutes, right... and sunaP just nooded. Jack laughed that he probably was all in rage inside, but outside he was poker face. Because actually he couldn't sleep properly, with Marutan waked up so early and making noises, since he was using hair dryer etc. When he finally managed to fall sleep properly he had to wake up and realized it's already 9:40 am....  Marutan said sunaP after waking up even went to take a bath and thought if it was him, he would never make it on time. Then Jack said, that when he walked behind sunaP today on their way to studio, he realized that sunaP's hair are kinda wet & not dryed properly and laughed about it, because now he knew why.

And it was last day of recording, so later it was their free time.

Asamack Radio 11/02/2013
Jack & Marutan had radio from hotel... Jack said he's still there & will probably go home tomorrow. But it was mainly Jack talking, in pretty good high mood, thought somehow... in suspiciously frisky mood. Marutan was also there, his voice hardly hearable, because he was lying on the bed, behind Jack. Jack said they had some fun today, but since recording was so exhausting, they were a bit tired. Marutan said that he once had to sit because he felt dizzy. And then he said 'it's been a long time since he last time lost consciousness' (...) but since he said it in silent voice, no one really paid attention & Jack changed topic swiftly.

Instead people were happy that they spent time together, calling them いちゃまっく. Jack said he was in a kombini (convenience store) just a moment ago and bought a lot of: onigiri, sandwiches, something to drink. And they hadn't drink any alcohol. And they are in twin room right now. Jack made Marutan ate a lot of food too & took care of him (as always). Jack also said that they played a lot of games, but Marutan was a bit ~sleepy~ so he mostly just looked when Jack was playing it. And Jack was planning to return today, but he has to take care of Marutan soo... 

Then he just started to talk like it's the day before ramillete release and he was all happy about it. Somewhere during ramillete talk he went to Marutan's side and... helped him with drinking? Or something, the voices were too distant to say what exactly in what. Sasuga Jack, taking awesome care of Marutan haha.

Jack played 'Kanata Nostalgia' from CD & even singed a bit along. And then 'Aru Kyuuketsuki no Monogatari'. He said it's such wonderful sunaP world in sunaP's head and I think he's totally right.

After that Marutan waked up a bit more, but still remained sleepy. He made a lot of noise with... plastic bags? And he said he ate one onigiri. Actually Jack was ignoring most of the questions about Marutan's state, thought people were thinking if he's just sleepy or drunk or why he's voice is so distant and he's lying somewhere behind Jack's back, on the bed. Generally Jack seemed in pretty good mood, but suspiciously high. He kept on singing part of random songs & people asked him if it's safe for him to sing in the middle of the night in the hotel, Jack said that probably it's safe, because there's no other room on the other side of corridor. Then he realized he's like doing his own broadcast since Marutan stopped making noises, listeners asked if he's still alive, so Jack molested him to say something. He just laughed and said "yabaaaai". And Jack ended broadcast.

Trully 「妄想放送」(wild ideas broadcast).

Some tweets from Marutan after that...
Asamaru 4:15 AM
During day I suddenly lost consciousness

Asamaru 4:17 AM
It's some sickness, right...

Asamaru 4:38 AM
What should I do if my blood sugar level is dropping...

Asamaru 4:40 AM
I'm such useless guy

Asamack Radio 12/02/2013
So just after Jack went back to Osaka they decided to tell us more. Jack said that it was fun, even thought they had some issues with Marutan's health, like yesterday when he lost consciousness. And he was sleeping much since then, to the point Jack joked he looked like dead. And how he really got scared when he woke up, but Marutan wasn't there.

Marutan said he woke up around 4 AM and felt nauseous and really bad, so he went for a walk. He somehow got out, went to kombini, bought a lot of drinks, and wandered aimlessly around hotel. And then he tweeted the stuff from ealier. He pondered that if he collapsed here now, he would die & how hopeless he is. Jack said when he saw there's no Marutan he panicked what he should do & where Marutan would go. And that he surely will not remember room's number... Marutan said that yes, he hadn't had room card and he wasn't really sure if it was his room... so he just knocked, but it would be so awkward if there was some stranger's room. And it was 5 am. Not really sure but I think he knocked 2 times silently and tried to open the door (and if it wasn't his room it was locked, right), but it was wrong door. But somehow he managed to get back in the end. Then Jack asked him if he had gone outside 2 times... but Marutan said only once... so weird. Jack said at first time he realized Marutan is gone and left his cellphone in the room (...) and his key card. Then Marutan remembered that yes, he went back to room right after he left it and took his cellphone with him. And they laughed that they bought really pretty much yesterday already and joked they won't be able to eat it till their leave and listeners reminded that right, there was a lot of noises of plastic bags in the background yesterday. 

Then Marutan started to wonder again about him losing consciousness yesterday, at pachinko place. He said he was feeling a bit dim already back then. Then he remembered he already started feeling weird when he met with Jack and they were drinking black tea and his taste sense became weird, because tea was super bitter for him, even thought it was supposed to be sweet. And that was probably the first symptom of something being weird with him. Well, with his blood pressure problems... Jack said that usually when Marutan was feeling sick they managed to go back to hotel in time (and rest), but somehow this time... 

Marutan said when he went for this walk at 4-5 am, he was wondering if such a thing can occur once more. And what he should do, since he still feels bad, but the wind felt nice & he drank sweet drink so he felt slightly better.

Then Jack asked him if he ate anything that day, like breakfest or dinner. And Marutan admitted he hadn't ate anything that day!! Jack yelled at him he told him he should had ate something & it's forbidden to not eat anything. During all that 'reprimand' Jack was laughing. Marutan just laughed & apologized. Actually he kept on apolgizing few times. And Marutan said he drank 2 sake cups of beer the day before yesterday with his bro - that's not much, since he's aware he should not drink too much lately., but still.

Then listeners commented it's weird that everytime they are together something must happen. And that Marutan always is getting into troubles when he's with Jack & he might be doing it on purpose... but he said of course he's not. He also reminded that super drinking party with Hidenori, but somehow it wasn't so bad & he normally wake up next day as first one, and annoyed others like "Minna it's morning! Wake up!" and he remembered everything. And Marutan wondered why when he's with Jack his memories are always getting lost... 

Jack said he was really surprised by yesterday's accident. He was thinking "What I should do... what should I do", Marutan joked he should have water with him and splash it on his face. Jack said he had to drag him, since he wasn't even able to stand or walk. And normally, when Marutan is dizzy, he at least can stand. Jack wanted to catch TAXI, but TAXI stop was too far away for Jack to drag Marutan there and he wondered what he should do, since he could not leave Marutan here in such state. Fortunately, kind pachinko-shop manager rushed to help them. The man asked if he should call ambulance, but Jack just asked him that he wants to catch a taxi and will be back in a second, so if he could look after Marutan for a second, sumimasen... And the helpful shop manager rushed and stopped taxi (while screaming TAXIII!), run back to them, Jack apologized to him and asked if he can carry the other guy to the taxi since he probably won't be able to... and manager-san carried Marutan on his shoulders all the way to the taxi (and at this point of story Marutan joked at Jack how many years it's been since he rushed so quickly lol?). And Marutan was still like dead, Jack said it was such a luc, that such kind person helped them.

Then Marutan said how he came by and ehhh why he was in a bed?! Jack said 'oya oya' and laughed. And then that man helped him with carrying Marutan to taxi, two of them rode to hotel, but when they get off, he had to carry still unconscious Marutan all the way to his room in the hotel. And even dragging him out of the taxi was troublesome. He said it was surely looking like he was dragging dead body (...) so to not rise unwanted attention he did a little acting and kept on mumbling to himself 'poor guy just drank too much'... 

So when he make sure Marutan is sleeping in the bed, he went to kombini to buy a lot of sweet drinks and food to make him eat it. Marutan slept until night and wake up just right before Asamack Radio. And when he wake up, Jack literally made him ate something even thought he wasn't fully aware yet, so pieces of food were everywhere (Jack: such a waste, since I told him to eat it one by one!! ww). Marutan said he totally doesn't remember about it. Then he told Marutan to drink some water, but Marutan got dizzy while drinking it and hit his head in the wall, so Jack had to uphold his head and hold his water bottle and help him. Jack said he was really scared when Marutan suddenly BOOON hit the wall.

Marutan said he thought in his dizzy head 'it's ok to die like this' and Jack told him what, it's out of options and laughed. Jack also said he should take another medicial examination. He also told Marutan he really should eat proper meals... and Marutan said he's eating... but sometimes not... and it's somehow like this. And then Jack himself said that when he has meeting with Marutan and there's not much time left, he just tend to forget about meal and just go out, because he already thinks about all this fun they will have. Then Marutan started to think about visiting hospital... but it's kowai... but he really might die if something similar happens again. Like, when he's walking on a street, alone, or when he went alone to kombini. And he would surely go to hospital, if he'd lost consciousness on the street. And Jack yelled at him that it would be super dangerous if such thing happened, while he would drive car, so he should definitely refrain from driving car.

Jack said after they'd returned to hotel and Marutan woke up, he was stil staggering on his feet, but tried to stand, saying in a super tension LET'S GO PLAY☆ and he bumped into the wall several times (...), so Jack rushed to him and told him to wait another 15 minutes and to sit down. And it was soon before Asamack had started, so dead night. Marutan didn't remember about it... and like Marutan should refrain from drinking on empty stomach. Later they just pondered about changing Asamack hours to let Marutan rest a bit more and changing his sleeping pattern... but it's impossible. And about how if someone talk to sleepy Marutan, he still thinks it's inside sleep.

Otsukaresama, Jack-san! ガチ介護.

And overall, they were all happy & laughing about this all. Can I kill them now for being Bakamakku? (。-∀-)
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So, Jack is still voiceless and Marutan had live in Hokkaido yesterday and he's going home just tonight so... Jack had to do Asamack Radio without him. But how... hahaha. And it was one really early Radio, at around 9 pm and lasted for 2 hours. Jack used bouyomi-chan (reading in monotone voice programm) and he sounded like 3 yeaes old Jack-chan :'D So funny and adorable. And he decided to show us some Asamack stuff like videos or voice recordings.
Jack: l"If I show some recordings of Marutan... I wonder if he will be angry... Whatever."

First was video of Tokyo's Skytree and Jack's video of it and Asamack comments "wow it's so high!" and Jack fooling around with camera, so cute.

Then he decided to play some recordings from like 6 (!) years ago - all those were recorded in 2006 year.

01.  愛が呼ぶほうへ - ポルノグラフィティ
02. 車輪の唄 - BUMP OF CHICKEN
04. Colors of the Heart - UVERworld
05. 天体観測 - BUMP OF CHICKEN
06. LIFE is... - 平井堅
07. You're the Only… - 小野正利
08. view - スキマスイッチ
09. 99%LIBERTY - KinKi Kids
10. フェイク - Mr.Children
11. 異邦人 - 久保田早紀
12. ラブ・ストーリーは突然に - 小田和正

Then he skipped for some old karaoke records!
01. Lion - Macross F - Jack & Asamaru
02. Uraomote Lovers - Jack & Asamaru
03. Cendrillion - Jack & Choucho
04. Magnet - Jack & Asamaru
05. Sennen no Dokusou Ka - Jack & Tolie (harmonies)

He was commenting like "So young [voice] ne~" and people replied - no wonder since it's 45 years old Jack. Don't be deceived, of course he's not, but thanks to his songs choice he was said to be 50 years old ojiisan.
Well, I must admit those ones were pretty awesome. Of course Jack's voice sounds A BIT more younger, but it's still flawless. I can hear a bit of his singing voice improving after all those year, but... well, the difference is far more subtle in his case. I like how he sang 3rd song in nasal voice! Sounds totally different for him. And he was already able to pull off nicely high parts... His english parts of the songs were ok too.
As for karaoke... there was even Tolie here! Of course Jack hadn't played him singing, but he did some harmonies stuff and such. Such a shame Tolie is not around at Asamack anymore. I miss his voice and dorky personality so much! And Marutan's Uraomote Lovers so cuteeeee, he totally failed.

After playing some recordings Jack switched to play some Pigg and it was all as for recordings.
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I was TS-ing Asamack Radio from one week ago... and somehow when I listened for the second time, when I'm not tired and more relaxed, I can focus more and understand more too. And it turned out I missed such interesting convo.

First, Jack started to talk how he wake up once and realized "FUCK I'm 1 hour late already!" and rushed out of home, but still ended up being late. He said he even ended his previous night nama 30 minutes ealier, since he knew he had appointed meeting in the morning, but... oh, well. It leaded to the convo how Marutan was somewhere and he went to sleep around 4 am and ended up waking up at 8 am (already late). Jack teased him what he done next: rushed half-sleeping to the meeting or... went to take bath. And of course, even thought he was already late, he took bath.

Marutan: But since I was late... I took it for only 30 minutes.
Jack: Hahah, you chose ofuro... haha... WAIT YOU WAS LATE AND STILL 30 MINUTES?
Listener: Wouldn't 5 minutes shower be enough?
Marutan: But taking shower.... would not wake me up... Normally I take 1 hour long ofuro...
Jack: What are you doing in bath for whole 1 hour? I mean... it's WHOLE 1 hour! If you were women, I would understand that, especially women with long hair... but...

And he started to talk about Sendai. Marutan and rest were travelling in the car and when they reached Sendai, they were too early and couldn't go to hotel yet. It was before live event, so they decided to go to the stage place a bit ealier. When they reached the place and ate dinner, they still had some free time left...

Meanwhile listeners:
Listener 1: Now I got why Marutan always has such big travel bag with him.
Listener 2: I bet there's even rubber duck wwwww

Marutan started to talk about Okinawa live here, when he just had to take a shower all alone before live, when they have a bit time left.
Anyways going back to Sendai, he was sooo desperate since he hadn't took ofuro in the morning, that they started to search for some cafe (マンガきっさ) when they could have a shower.

Marutan: In the worst scenario I might end up going to the love hotel alone!
Jack: Eh, you would go so far?
Marutan: It's so cheap... 
Jack: It is possible to enter such place alone?
Marutan: It is possible I think... probably? Eh, I could not get in?
Jack: I don't get it... You should just go there with Hideori hahahahaha. Two of you taking shower together ♥ hahaha.
Marutan: YABAI SORE.
Jack: YABAI... but so interesting.
Marutan: What would I do if someone took photo of us?
Jack: All people going to your live would be like... what?
Marutan: What? Isn't it... Hidenori-san?... Two guys going out of love hotel...
Jack: If they hadn't listen to this nama and saw you they would be like... WTF.
Marutan: So I can't enter it alone... Well, I might not have enough courage to go there too.

Then they changed to safe talk about showers in cafe places. Some random from rest of convo:
  • Marutan loves ofuro (except public baths, he won't even go there and sauna when there's "old people" smell)
  • he can get up 1 hour ealier just to take looong bath.
  • actually he has low blood pressure, so ofuro helps him to wake up, since he might collapse (and sometimes ended up collapsing...)
  • he won't go out of home unless he take ofuro, he didn't have self-confidence to go out then to the point he won't go to the combini for food, if he won't take ofuro first in the morning.
  • Jack said he would go to the combini first. food >> ofuro. And if he's in hurry he can shower in 3 min. 
  • Jack also said if he's in hurry it's ok to not shave :'D
  • when Marutan had to go out after not taking ofuro for half day, he feels so sorry for other people

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So there was that 3 hours 43 minutes long nama~ in the beginning of the weekend. It was epic. Soooo short summary time!

00:10 - 3:53 AM Japan 

Marutan was drinking beer. Jack was drinking umeshu - he just recently got his supplies and is drunk all the time lately. Asamack were discussing like listeners have weekend and it's so nice~ especially Marutan. He really missed time when he had free weekends (like in school times lol. ). He works really hard and was talking about time when he had .5 recording too and he was so tired. And then he also mentioned he was told it's ok to quit job, but... Then Jack started to tease him he should start his own little bussiness haha. But Marutan said it's muri, he's not suitable for this, but he really would love to start cafe. Jack too. Marutan said of course Jack wouldn't be the one working here (no kaodashi ne), but he probably would be one of higher-ups. Asamack cafe would be awesome! Marutan keep on typing to Jack secretly and Jack said they should ask That-san for advice. About cooking too! And then Jack started to talk about B-kun (who works in restaurant).

Suddenly they said it's the highest time to have a toast, since they have all this alcohol. Cheeeers!

Jack said he would love to make real cakes. But without choco. And he would somehow manage to do it with Nerutan's help. Jack said Keisen would be a waitress. Marutan added she would be hentai waitress. And of course it would be in Osaka. Marutan wondered if he would have to move to Osaka. Then Marutan changed topic to his old dream, when he was opening renshuu studio. And then they agreed, that starting cafe is surely cheaper, so... wwwwww

Insert here some Hare Sora Monogatari talk and then, Bingo. Skipped.

Ah, Jack and his fascination about English language. He said he memorized few lines, like "I'm so sorry". "No idea". And "You bitch!"... and his sneezing is weird too. 

Later they are so drunk it is just d'aaaaaw. Jack got tired of playing games and found out another one game. Very simple and what the efffff. In the beginning you have small seed and two choices - bird or flowerpot. If you click on one something happens and you have another 2 choices. The point is the action is weird. Not logical. Just.... random. So Asamack had great time laughing at it. Especially when suddenly you could choose UNK... Jack was delighted. Ureshii sugi ya!

Now took place epic continuation of thousand and one ways to make Marutan say "JACK".

After they got bored Jack went to bring more umeshu... really, he's awesome, when it's about alcohol tolerance and capacity. And since Jack had gone for a second, people and Keisen started to try to make Marutan tell "Jakku" hahaha. But Marutan totally rejected this idea. It's too hazukashii. That moment Jack came back and got interested. He said Marutan should try "Jakku kondo ni asobu yo!" hahaha. But Marutan just keep on laughing that it's impossible. Jack really was amused.

Jack even read Nerutan's comment あさまる早くウチに遊びこいよ.
Keisen's answer was ねるたんのあほーやめてー(´;ω;`)
Oh seriously, Jack making Marutan to call him without -san was so cute. It's like MARUTAN AHO WE ARE MARRIED FOR SO LONG AND YET U WON'T CHANGE IT! wwwwww
So instead Jack was trying to make him say some serifu. 

Jack: So are you able to say "Faneru"?
Marutan: MmmmmMMMmmmm. 
(´☉ ω ☉)mgmg
Listeners: Are you able to say "Black Jack"?
Marutan: No. *mgmg*

Even when Marutan is dead drunk he will call him Jack-san... Jack tried really hard to catch Marutan off guard. So he asked why he calls Hidenori just "Hidenori"... Well, Marutan said it's just natural and when he met him for the first time he thought "Is this guy stupid or what" so he gives out such respectless impression. Then, he asked what would be harder for him, to call him or Keisen without -san. Marutan just keep on mgmg-ing and said... that both of that is impossible. Jack sounded kinda happy to hear that hahahahaha. Marutan just said it's too embarassing to call him without -san.

Then listeners started to comment like JAKKU JAKKU JAKKU x1000 (with bouyomi-chan on) to make Marutan said this but... he just laughed. Then again Jack tried various ways to make him, you know, like putting pressure on him, trying to lure him... Marutan keep on changing the topic. Even Nerutan joined in. 

Nerutan: じゃっくのおたんちーん←これで(`・ω・´)

Listeners were really supporting Jack haha. So Jack said he calls Michan -> Michan. And PUPI -> PUPI. To make Marutan say some serifu, Jack dig out old recordings. TOLIE's. Marutan's. And Keisen's too.

´(´☉ ܫ ☉)‘ぼーぼーやねん

The funniest thing is listeners asked also Jack if he could call Marutan "Asamaru" but he just ignored this. Poor Marutan, he almost cried. And he kept on moaning he can'ttttt. Jack was even nice enough to mute background music and make him say "Neee Jakku kondo ni asobi ni ikou yo!". And do countdown.

Jack: 5... 4... 3.... 2... 1... GO!
Marutan read it, but he mumbled it to his sleeve, covering his mouth, so words was all hahahahaha.
Marutan: But... it sounds like serifu!
Jack: It's not! Just say it!

So he once again was counting down.
Moment of silence.
Marutan: ....muri datteeee hahahaha.

And once again.
Marutan: STOP COUNTDOWNING hahahaha.

But finally he said it, thought he was laughing all the time. Hahahaha. His pronounce at this point was NG.
Marutan: Jakku wa kyou umeshu nandai nomu desu ka?
(Why Jack is drinking alcohol again today? wwww)

It was sounding totally like serifu. Then poor Marutan was problably all bright red and just wanted to run away. And he keep on ranting it's hot and he's tired already. Jack almost gave up and admitted that wow, it's really impossible for him. So Jack found another entertaiment. He muted background music and ordered Marutan to play with stereo sound. SO FFFFFF MY EARS. I could hear Marutan in my right ear, then in left. HSHS. Listeners died. GYAAAAA almost like directly hearing Marutan, sitting next to you. Jack even muted bouyomi-chan. And ordered Marutan to try to switch from left to right. Unfortunately, Jack can't do such awesome things with his mic. So he decided to play around with voice changer.... Marutan laughing right into my right ear and Jack low changed voice. Those idiots....! And then.... Jakko. Then Marutan started again to mgmg chips, so hahaha Marutan's mgmg on the left. Then they changed the topic, because poor Marutan was really exhausted. 
After some more gdgd they decided to end. 

Asamack + Alcohol = EPIC.

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 Hi, I'm just digging out Asamack Radio history or something. I didn't know them by then, so sorry, those are just gathered information!

Artist: Piyosuke Source: pixiv


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この番組は、2011/12/31(土) 20:25に終了致しました。 番組ID:lv76199226 ( 放送者:じゃっくさん)


(´☉ ω ☉)<ハニーフラッシュ! (*´▽`*)<ハニーフラッシュ!

Well, just decided to TS that nama from last day of 2011 year. Asamack decided to do utawaku before regular Asamack radio. Well, Asamack utawaku are really rare! Because it's hard for both of them to pull it out technically. Skype call is ptpt and they can't sing together and such...

I bet they were drinking again, since it was holiday~ First was Marutan. Jack wanted him to sing some Bump of Chicken songs. Marutan wasn't sure which one he should sing, since some of them he can sing but some are muri muri - like KARMA (Jack really likes to sing that one). So Jack helped him in getting through settings in karaoke for PS3 and Marutan sang Dandelion. The sound quality was a bit poor, but no ptpt so it was okay and Marutan pulled it out just nicely~ after singing he suddenly got hungry and started to mgmg chips wwwww And I just thought how Marutan was singing once Dandelion, when they were both together, pretty drunk and... well, it was epic, I almost died laughing <3 Ah, Jack was in quite good mood, giggling all the time.

Next was Jack. He choose to sing 「オンリー ロンリー グローリー」 | by BUMP OF CHICKEN. Of course he pulled it out awesomely - I expected nothing less from him. Marutan was surprised how Jack can sing well such fast-paced song... just like Sharin no Uta (車輪の唄). And he decided to try out singing this one! Ahhh I love Marutan singing such type of songs. Suits him just well! After the song, they discussed quality... Jack said Marutan should mute skype-call next time he will try singing. He occassionally was murmuring along, while Marutan was singing, and that's why Marutan might got impression of BGM going sometimes louder.

Marutan asked if Jack's new microphone had arrived yet... Well, Jack said it had arrived, but it might be still not possible to use it yet. Sometimes voice level just randomly skips and other technical problems (he was fooling around using it few days after that hahahaha). But he changed microphones and decided to give it a try. 

So actually new microphone has more ways of using voice changer... LOL. 
Jack: 私はいったい。。。だれ?だれなの?じゃっこ。。。じゃない?
(What I... who?! Who is it? Jakko... or not?)

Well, it was funny, since you could hear altered voice and normal somewhere in background too. He tried also in lower level...  he sounded like a robot. Both of them were laughing like crazy, Jack saying 'Ehh, I'm talking normally and... it sounds like that?! Hahaha'. After that he said きもい (it just feels wrong) and returned to normal mode, thinking which song he should sing next.

He decided to sing 「フライングゲット」-AKB48... in Jakko mode. Marutan died, listeners too. He was off track, but so cute! And half or more of song is his HAHAHAHAHA.  Like he's trying to get a grip and sing fragment of line and suddenly his voice cracks and he burst out laughing at his own voice. And even after he ended the song, he was still laughing. They said they wonder if new listeners will think they are total drunkards (oh no, not really hahaha). Jack said it's hidoi, because it was impossible for him to sing it and he's totally worn-out now. It took awhile for Jack to calm down, ahaha. I love this idiot!

Marutan was next to sing something. He asked Jack about net duet thingy and why sometimes he sounds so quiet... And then he played with his microphone too, could be heard in the right side, then in left, whispering to his mic. Oh maaaaai ears! Then he sang some quite nice song~ LOVE LOVE しよう! Kyaaaa~ but like in half it started to ptpt terribly ;; The song title is Love Love Show by Yellow Monkey.

Jack used his voice changer a bit more~ He was wondering why at the end of sentence his voice goes suddenly down in this mode. Marutan couldn't stand it any longer and asked him to stop, dying from laugh. Then they were thinking why it's sometimes ptpt and sometimes it's not.

Then they tried to sing one song together. Like Jack is singing one line, Marutan is singing next and so on. Well, it definitely was hard for them since they had to mute each other, when they sang their own parts~ so practically like not hearing each other and not focusing on singing only. But they sing it in unison~ Ah, it was BUMP OF CHICKEN's Sharin no Uta. So niceeee~ just a last part was a bit ptpt. Jack's mic volume was a bit lower than Marutan's so amazingly Marutan voice was louder than Jack's. Usually it's other way, even if their volumes are equal.

Then Jack started to teach Marutan how to use bathtube mode while singing! Well, it's a bit of cheating, since voice surely sounds better with echo - acoustic is simply better. Jack is always singing in this mode, but Marutan is not used of using it. So Jack encouraged him to use it and try singing something~ like Moonlight Densetsu from Sailor Moon. And to adjust background music level to his own voice level too. And actually Marutan sang it LOL. Marutan also complained how Jack's voice is the loudest when he's mixing their songs.

So, Marutan tried singing ムーンライト伝説. And first part was smooth! Well, it's not song for his type of voice, but it was ok. Then he.... got lost in lyrics. So Jack started to laugh at him and tried to hijack the song by singing along~ ahh they sounds so nice together, even thought their voices are so totally different. So Marutan was failing in this cute way of his. After the song he kept nagging that he failed so hard! And Jack just said いいやん~よっぱらいだから!(It's ok! You're drunk so it's ok!) LOL. So being drunk is the reason. Then Jack said he want to hear Marutan singing Honey Flash theme. Marutan was like hahaha muri muri muri~ and was trying out his voice in echo mode, saying HA-- on different voice levels. Kya~ And while file was loading he kept on sighing and making weird noises wwww. And lol, they sang it. Both of them! Marutan first part, then Jack. It was a bit ptpt, but only a bit.

Then Marutan was keeping on adjusting volume and both of them sang Uchuu Senkan Yamato. At first I was like ...who is singing this?! It was so extra low! Oh godness, Marutan's bass! WOW. He should try singing like this more often, REALLY. I'm really impressed. Jack sang a bit too, but I believe in his normal voice. And acapella Marutan's baritone (sorry, not sure if it's proper way to name this voice level) was so epic too.

Next one was Gacchaman no Uta. Jack said he will sing second phrase~ So Marutan started singing and then Jack took his turn~ he ended and was like... Eh? Marutan is not taking his turn? Later he said he just got lost in lyrics again. So Jack sing a bit more and Marutan joined in and somehow it turned out pretty well hahah. After that both of them sang Devilman no Uta... Again some old anime song. But damn it, Marutan sounds too sexy in his low voice. And I must admit - he sounds better than Jack, when it comes to low voice. Especially acapella, when they fooled around after the song.
Short break for Marutan and back to singing~ this time it was Jack's solo, he sang Ginga Tetsudou 999. I think he again chose some old anime song. Very low~ so he used his low voice too. hshs///// But Marutan's is more hshs. Jack's voice is perfect in every inch, as always.

After that Jack played some really old japanese song, idk. LOL.

Another Jack solo~ Lupin 3rd no Uta. Another low, old anime song from Lupin III. Uwaaaaa, Jack hshs.

Next turn is Marutan! He wasn't decided what he wanted to sing. Jack said he should sing Ghost Radio then~ but Marutan was MURI MURI MURI. No way~ so he asked if Bump of Chicken song is ok. Jack nodded. Then Marutan started to rant like it's so cold wwwww~ and then he started Tentai Kansoku. It was a bit ptpt orz At the end he was SO TIRED wwwwww~ then Jack reminded how they went to karaoke not long ago with Keisen and B-kun and he got picture from Keito-san~ UWAAA SO HSHS. And hahaha the second picture with dialogues...! After that they returned to singing. Marutan complained that he will be unable to talk tomorrow www~ and Jack happily stated he will sing Amuro-chan song next!

Artist: hanisuke ; please do not repost anywhere since she didn't put it officially!

And like he said, like he did. He chose Sit! Stay! Wait! Down! And like always, he sang it effortlessly with pure love for his beloved Amuro-chan. 

After he ended Jack really insisted Marutan should sing Ghost Radio. Like sing it, sing it! And tempting him with singing acapella few lines and making him repeat them unconciously. Or maybe just Mikansei Hero... But Marutan remained unchanged. Jack asked if it's really too hard to sing. Well, Marutan just kept mumbling it's impossible. So Jack said maybe Marumaru Morimori?... But Marutan just laughed and wasn't sure if he can sing it too. In the end he sang... Suzumiya Haruhi's opening wwwwww Hare Hare Yukai. But it was kinda ptpt... He sang it for the first time! Hahahah SO CUTE~

Well, Jack just got tired of asking Marutan to sing Ghost Radio so he did it by himself. He played it a bit to adjust volume and... this way he made Marutan sing a bit of it acapella wwwwwww I really love this song, it's from their single. And I understand why Marutan doesn't want to try it at nama... It's very hard song, so easy to fail it. Well, Jack is Jack and he really likes to sing it and rarely fails so... yeah, Jacksound. I think he loves to sing it literally because it's hard song. Especially the serifu part. And haha it looks like if world really was destroyed it would be mostly Jack singing it into the vast space wwww /shot And when he ended he still was like: now it's Marutan's turn to sing it! So Marutan changed the topic, saying how it's still so cold.... So Jack indicated he should try Carnival or Paradichlorobenzene. Marutan kept on moaning 'Ahhh what I should singggg~'. Jack shouted 'NYAN SEI!'. Marutan replied 'But I hadn't practiced it yeeetttt..,' wwwwww Jack said 'Me neither'. Marutan talk back 'But you're Jack-san...' SO CUTE. So Jack came up with Away we go, since Marutan already sang it at karaoke once. Marutan started to nag how he can feel already his throat being hoarse wwwwww Jack said they might sing Ryuusei Swing so Marutan went to see if it's available on karaoke for them yet. Then Jack came up with Kimi ni Reflection but again, Marutan was like MURI and asking why Jack keep on insisting on .5 songs since they are so hard to sing wwww~

But maybe Select me it's ok... Marutan had to check whether he is able to pull out high notes and clear his throat a bit... But still, he failed at the beginning. And then, Marutan's part turned out all ptpt, Jack started to tease him.... hahahaha. So it's all one cute fail. Nyan nyan~ Then the loudest part after all those ptpt was both of them singing AITSU GA SUKI DAYOOOOOO ahahahha and later they complain their fans think of them as a couple....

 (´☉ ω ☉)<すきーだよ

After it they announced Jack will sing one more song and then Marutan one more and they will end... since Marutan's voice is going to collapse soon. And well, Jack was coughing too. He always cough before and after singing... you can like always hear him coughing then, but he seems not to care about it, idiot.

So last Jack's song was... Away we go. One of my beloved pieces! I'm so happy he chose to sing it! He just skipped rap parts... he told Marutan he can try covering them wwwwww of course as a joke. Ahhh I love his voice so much~ and when he sang 'Away we go' line I remembered B-kun singing it at their karaoke hahaha~ poor B-kun, his voice cracked at this part, even tho he was able to pull out the rest amazingly well.

That reminds me I wanted to write their karaoke raport too, but... 

Marutan mic again was all ptpt wwww~ and he was thinking what he should sing as last one... He wanted to choose something from Bump of Chicken songs. He was making us wait so long...! Jack started to pant into his mic hahaha. In the end he had chosen Yamazaki Masayoshi's Boku ha Koko ni Iru hahahah~ he likes this song.

So it was last one! They started to be happy like YESSSS we can have dinner now! It's the highest time! And my throat! It hurts! My voice is already hoarse! ...and Jack joined in, imitating Marutan's voice and saying how his throat is dying too hahahaha. Then Marutan said that he already had ofuro. He on purpose went before broadcast and was like "Jack-san, wait a bit with broadcast, I will just take bath and I'm back....!". WHAAT wwwwwwww~ so cute. So, it ended. Almost 3 hours <3

Songs list:
01. Dandelion - Bump of Chicken (´☉ ω ☉)
02.  オンリー ロンリー グローリー - Bump of Chicken (*´▽`*)
03.  Sharin no Uta (車輪の唄) - Bump of Chicken (´☉ ω ☉)
04. 「フライングゲット」-AKB48 J(*´▽`*)し
05.  Love Love Show - Yellow Monkey (´☉ ω ☉)
06.  Hana no Na (花の名) - Bump of Chicken (´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
07.  Moonlight Densetsu (ムーンライト伝説) - Sailor Moon (´☉ ω ☉) & (*´▽`*) as support
08.  キューティーハニー - Honey Flash (´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
09. Uchuu Senkan Yamato (宇宙戦艦ヤマト) (´☉ ω ☉) & (*´▽`*) as support
10. Gacchaman no Uta (ガッチャマンの歌) (´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
11. Devilman no Uta (デビルマンのうた) (´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
12. Ginga Tetsudou 999 (銀河鉄道999) (*´▽`*)
13. Lupin 3rd no Uta (ルパン・ザ・サードの歌) (*´▽`*)
14. Tentai Kansoku (天体観測) (´☉ ω ☉)
15. Sit! Stay! Wait! Down! - Amuro Namie (*´▽`*)
16. Hare hare yukai ( ハレ晴レユカイ) (´☉ ω ☉)
17. Ghost Radio (*´▽`*)
18. Select me FAIL <3 (´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
19. Away we go (*´▽`*)
20. Boku ha koko ni iru (僕はここにいる) (´☉ ω ☉)

Numer of listeners: 7,018

It turned out to be one big block of text. I'm so sorry ;A; I wonder if anyone read it like whole...? 8888!
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Asamack surely are enjoying their free time last days. Like Christmas break and then New Year Eve... Drinking. A lot. Both of them. Talking with Keisen and Nerutan~

So, first epic thing today: Jack. He decided to do 1st nama of his in this year and start it in rather amazing way. That guy did nama around 5 pm in Japan - it's early as for him! He was drunk. Tag said: ほろ酔いです but it surely wasn't just slightly. He was very drunk. And really, I bet he found some tantakatan or some weird drugs or... idk. Anyway, he has new (?) microphone and decided to check it out, along with voice changer. He kept on changing pitch and his voice, not only usual Jakko one. Really, it was so hard to say it was him hahahaha. Poor hatsumi-san (first time viewers...) who wandered to his nama. Well, another unusual thing - he was singing. Yes. And if you remember him as jacksound, pulling off very nicely like every song.... you would die from laugh. He was off key, fuwafuwa and... well, generally totally failing. I remember him singing in Jakko voice only once. And it was so cute//// Well, he sang:

1. Laser Beam (Perfume)
2. 「フライングゲット」-AKB48 
3. Marumaru Morimori (.......)
4. 「フライングゲット」-AKB48 (in normal voice)

The last one he sang in normal voice and in normal way. And he returned to Jacksound mode. Maybe he decided he doesn't want to scare new viewers? Ahaha~ 43 minutes of Jack's epicness.

And after that, they started Asamack radio. Whaaaat, why so earlyyyyyy? Well, they wanted to try out their new game 晴空物語. It's so cute! Totally suits them! And they were playing it for almost 3 hours. Then, they started regular midnight Asamack too. Almost 4 hours 30 minutes >___> So cute, Marutan asking Jack for help. And they were also doing tongue-twisters. Ahhh <3
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This time story started more or less at Asamack nama, 1st December 2011. They started nama pretty late, around 1AM~ They were just playing Minecraft and talking, like always. Bouyomi-chan (comments reader) was on, so they could follow listeners comments. One of them asked:

Did Marutan send mail to Keisen-san?

Image artist: ぴよすけ Source: Pixiv

Silence. Jack-san picked up question and started to bother Marutan.

Jack: Marutan, did you send it to Keisen-san?
Marutan: Eh, like call?
Jack: Mail. Or you didn't?
Marutan: I do not.
Jack. YAAAAAY! And birthday already ended! HIDOIIII. YOU FORGET FOORGEEET ♪ Even tho I was reminding about it. You're the worst hahahaha.

Marutan was totally clueless, why he would send her mail and why would people ask about it? Jack started to laugh like crazy. People started to say that あさくんはひどい (Asa-kun is terrible) and that it's not daijoubu, like he says. Jack had great fun. He himself send her already birthday wishes on time! Marutan tried to defend himself and said he doesn't remember b-day dates. Besides Jack-san's. HAHAHA. So people went crazy, calling them いちゃまっく (Ichimakku) and tons of comments. Marutan remained silent during all fangirling rage. Even people realized they might've gone too far and started to apologize and ask him to say anything... Well, he just disappeared for few long minutes to write late e-mail to Keisen, but he mentioned it just when he returned, so people were really afraid he might'd felt offended wwwww Well, after that he just got back to play Minecraft as ealier and ignored even Jack's comments on Keisen.

Few words of explanation. Asa-kun and whole phrase has it's own history. Long ago, Marutan was playing some Date Sim and he was using such nickname here. Later Jack joined in as Jakko and also started to call him like that. He tried to pick up some tsun tsun girl, but he was not enough manly, so it was fail. Like situation A: there's some dangerous situation, you should defend the girl - what will Marutan do?! Run away. Indeed. So あさくんはひどい is like Asamack meme, used by listeners, when he fail as a man toward a woman. Or by Jack when he's fooling around as Jakko. 

いちゃまっく (Ichimakku) is mix of Asamack and イチャイチャ which means flirting.

Keisen-san's birthday was 30th November.

So, what happened next... They ended nama at 3 am. Hour or two later, Keisen-san get up and started to tweet, like how she planned to sleep longer and now, she's awake and probably going to work soon. And then...

Uwaaaa I got mails from Choucho and Marutan!ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ Now I feel like I got back my energy to do anything today!

@keisen1130 僕も送ったんやけどスルーするのかい?なるほど、どうなるかお楽しみに(´☉言☉)
I also sent you one and you just ignored it? I see, I will gladly watch what will happen soon (´☉言☉)

Thank you for all those congratulation messages I got yesterday! I'm really so happy! I would love to reply on every single one, but I really don't have time for this (´;ω;`) Pictures and photos... I will keep all of them as my treasures! I really value them! So, so much! I love you all ~。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

I replied for your mail, but you didn't receive it?! Oh my...  And the contents are so tasty~ I shall re-send it again now!

まるたんがなんでメール送ったのは今日のあさまっくを見てダメージうけるといいよ(* ╹▽╹)
Well, when she will watch today's Asamakku TS, she will know why Marutan sent her bday msg. It will hurt (* ╹▽╹)

(∩ ゚д゚)アーアーきこえなーいw現実を見たくなーいwwwwwいいもん、とりあえず返信でまるたんに愛を叫んでおいたもんwww
(∩ ゚д゚) oh noes, I hadn't listen yet. I refuse to see reality haha. It's ok, as for now I just answered to Marutan's mail with a lot of love haha.

And yet Jack-tan just simply sent me mail as first person haha and now such tsundere haha (*´ω`*)

Well, after that Jack just was his always self - I mean drinking umeshu. He got supplies so he drinks, because he loves. Later he hold nama, playing Pigg... He started to say how he's memories about last Asamack radio as kinda blurred (he was drinking umeshu). He can't tell the momemnt when he can't remember anything anymore. He didn't remember teasing Keisen-san on twitter later. He said he remembers sending her b-day message and she replied soon as always. But then, she just goes on Twitter mentioning only Choucho and Marutan...! So he was just angry at her not mentioning also him. LOL.

So, what's about Marutan's point of view on this matter? Well, quite unusual, because he felt like... trying to figure out why he doesn't remember birthday dates. And it turned out quite personal stuff huh.

That reminds me, I wonder why we don't celebrate birthdays in our home...

Maybe because my birthday is soon after my younger brother death anniversary

(?! of course he'd never mentioned he had another brother. And talking about it so suddenly in such casual way HUH.)

Long ago, I remember whining about wanting a birthday gift w

Question: By the way, what was that present that you wanted?
Ah, that's old childhood story, but I'm sure it was... G-shock's wristwatch haha

That reminds me, dad and mom also do not celebrate their [marriage] anniversary. Like father, like son.

By the way, since they got married, they are always sleeping in 1 bed together. Getting along so well~

Question: For a second I thought it's about Marutan....! (*゚Д゚*) Haha.
Haha it's about my parents.

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Shinpakusuu #0822 is a special songs for Asamack. I can still clearly remember that event - Marutan's birthday year ago - when Jack decided to sing that song for him. It was new song then... I love the lyrics and whole arrange... of course it's pure love song. Ahhh Jack~ When he ended Marutan just stay quiet, not picking up Jack's call on Skype. あれ? Then Marutan typed to wait a second. When he was on call again he was sobbing and didn't know what to say! So he was crying ♥ cause he was moved so much by Jack's song. It was so so so so lovely I don't even.

Later he upped it officially. So let's put it in here too!

Ah Asamakku, why so epic...

Lyrics + translation

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23:56 - 02:22 Japan Time

Whaaaa this namahousou! It was EPIC. But who would expect that... After few seconds Jack twitted: wktk(´☉ ∀ ☉) ...ohoho. Maybe Nerutan will join?

Begining was quite innocent. Everybody WKTK. And then... Marutan turned his webcam on. KAODASHI! ...actually not really. Okay, I don't know Asamack for long, but I heard of Marutan's FAMOUS MASKS. But really, didn't ever expect him to do nama with masks now. Especially after his latests tweets like "I don't like my appearance!!" or utaren like "I don't like my voice!!". But yeah, he did it. And he kept on turning webcam on = Aido-kun mask. Then turn camera off for some time. Then again camera on = horse mask. Turn camera off. And again on = this time budda (?!) mask. And so on... Jack was laughing so hard that I though he might die any second.

Marutan was also playing with his camera special effects. One of the funniest moments (for me at least) was when he wanted to drink some water from bootle, but he had his mask on... So funny. Ahh, Marutan room is so small and old-fashioned. Quite clear too. And we could saw his bed and... Jack pillow. JACKSAN DESU. No, not that Jack, the one Jack's nickname is comming from. But still, Marutan grabbing it and hugging it was do D'AAAW. And that butt btw ( ¬‿¬) And Marutan has actually two guitars and one guitar base. He also was riding on his chair, showing Jack how he sometimes lie down on that chair and falls asleep. And Marutan's hair was all messy and quite long. And there was even MEGANE!Asamaruwithmask. And he also showed us his SELECT ME sample (it was released the same day as this nama took place). Ohhh, Marutan! KYUUUUUN! And Jack was mostly laughing and saying KOWAIII YOOO. And Marutan also have alpaca plushie. White one, winded-up, walking. SO CUTE. When Marutan was playing with mirror glass reverse and there were two ARPK facing each other Jack was all so CHUU CHUU. And he also said that Marutan is so SEXY, ahahaha~ And kept on saying GOSHUJIN-SAMA.

Some teasing screenshots:

Marutan with Jacksan pillow. And his famous guitar~ and some other guitas too. Aido-kun mask.


ARPK ヽ(*´▽`*ヽ)

After about an hour Marutan decided that Aido-kun is bidding farewell to listeners, probably it was just too hot with this mask on (he mentioned that several times, lol). And then they returned to normal Asamack mode which means - gdgd. This time about western music and film stars. Jack knows quite a lot of them, wow, he's really intriguing person. And them pronouncing engrish names was just awesome, ahaha~


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