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 「とびだせ! あさまっくらじお 3」
Tobidase! Asamack Radio 3

Release: 03.04.2013
Price: 2,100 yen 
【Voice】 Asamaru & Jack
【Guest voice】 PUPI, sunaP, Foo-san

Tobidase! Asamack Radio 3 is another compilation of talks & songs. It's 3rd CD of Asamaru & Jack combi (known as Asamack), who contribute douga & are doing namahousou literally everyday. It's sequel of Tobidase! Asamack Radio & Tobidase! Asamack Radio 2, which consist of their talks and 3 songs. About talks, those are the ones which they can't have at regular namahousou, so they have to jump out to various places & give their best to record it! Songs are anime covers or vocasongs, and this time among them will be full version of ending theme for PSP game Hatsukare Renai Debut Sengen called "SKY ROCKET".
They are doing namahousou for not less than 1200 days everyday, known as "Asamack Radio" (since 2009/9/16 they are having it literally everynight), reporting together stuff about recordings or various other works (movies, books etc.)
Jacket is made as always by "Keito".

Translated tracklist:
01 Skyrocket - full version of ending theme of "Hatsukare" PSP game
02 Opening talk
03 Asamack "First tie-up" impressions
04 Gluttonous Asamack, Join us!
05 Asamack tried to sing anisong
06 Wind Climbing~Kaze ni asobarete - Asamaru solo anisong cover
07 So good Jack met this person... probably. Foo-san episode
08 1, 2 Fanclub - Asamack & Foosan vocasong collab
09 Is it possible to do it for Asamack & Foosan trio?!
10 Ending talk

Original tracklist:
6.Wind Climbing~風にあそばれて - Asamaru
9.あさまっく&Fooさんの3人でできるかな!? (flute session)

Official Asamack Web Site
Hatsukare Renai Debut Sengen Official Website

They informed the special guest this time is Foo-san! He's definitely mysterious persona. The same as Jack, it is not known how he looks like, only his hands. But I heard rumors his super ikemen. If you happen to find not working douga, it's his flute music suite you can hear. Actually he's kinda vip of Nico Nico, moderator of broadcasts, he has atelier where many utaite gathers to talk and sing. He also has good singing voice, thought he's not uploading anything on nico as utaite. His nickname when he sings is 魔笛 (Magic Flute), and he's indeed the best known from his flute melodies. He's part of Asamack Family, had started to listen to them around 2-3 years ago. He appears as a stuff member here & there during nico events, he knows many famous singers personally too (like he's really good friends with Gackt, I believe). He sometimes cames to Asamack, using vip BSP. Asamack also used his song covers as bgm long ago.
This way he was able to meet with Marutan, who was host of nicoradio back in 2011 year, they were doing takoyaki together.
But of course he never had met with Jack. But...! Somehow Jack agreed on meeting him and their very first meeting will be on Tobidase 3! He bribed him with Amuro-chan's special autograph he took for him 2 yrs ago ahaha. As I say: two legendary pokemons meeting~ it's surely something to look for.
Asamack also went to 1 day trip to Hokkaido (Northern-most big island of Japan). They didn't say why they were here yet.
The songs are not announced too yet! But they will probably consist of some serifu.
One of the songs will also have Foo-san's vocal! They splitted it in two and one part is singed by Foo-san and the other one is both Asamaru & Jack. Really looking forward for it!!
In the talking part aside from their very first 'formal marriage' (Marutan said it looked like it) talk will probably be also Jack & Foo-san playing flute (recorders) together or some kind of flute contest since Jack can play it too and is even surprisingly good at it.

EDIT: This time there won't be orichara on special CD w.
Track 04 - they ate big nabe pot, probably during their Hokkaido trip, so this track will be all about this.
Track 09 - Jack & Foosan can play flute well, so they tried to play it together! And Marutan can't play flute but it looks like he tried it too w

Speaking about serifu, "Hatsukare" is date simulation game for girls hahahah. The game will be released 4/04/2013.

Here's PV for the game! I found it super amusing Asamack are singing ending theme for such game.


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