Aug. 2nd, 2012

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I was TS-ing Asamack Radio from one week ago... and somehow when I listened for the second time, when I'm not tired and more relaxed, I can focus more and understand more too. And it turned out I missed such interesting convo.

First, Jack started to talk how he wake up once and realized "FUCK I'm 1 hour late already!" and rushed out of home, but still ended up being late. He said he even ended his previous night nama 30 minutes ealier, since he knew he had appointed meeting in the morning, but... oh, well. It leaded to the convo how Marutan was somewhere and he went to sleep around 4 am and ended up waking up at 8 am (already late). Jack teased him what he done next: rushed half-sleeping to the meeting or... went to take bath. And of course, even thought he was already late, he took bath.

Marutan: But since I was late... I took it for only 30 minutes.
Jack: Hahah, you chose ofuro... haha... WAIT YOU WAS LATE AND STILL 30 MINUTES?
Listener: Wouldn't 5 minutes shower be enough?
Marutan: But taking shower.... would not wake me up... Normally I take 1 hour long ofuro...
Jack: What are you doing in bath for whole 1 hour? I mean... it's WHOLE 1 hour! If you were women, I would understand that, especially women with long hair... but...

And he started to talk about Sendai. Marutan and rest were travelling in the car and when they reached Sendai, they were too early and couldn't go to hotel yet. It was before live event, so they decided to go to the stage place a bit ealier. When they reached the place and ate dinner, they still had some free time left...

Meanwhile listeners:
Listener 1: Now I got why Marutan always has such big travel bag with him.
Listener 2: I bet there's even rubber duck wwwww

Marutan started to talk about Okinawa live here, when he just had to take a shower all alone before live, when they have a bit time left.
Anyways going back to Sendai, he was sooo desperate since he hadn't took ofuro in the morning, that they started to search for some cafe (マンガきっさ) when they could have a shower.

Marutan: In the worst scenario I might end up going to the love hotel alone!
Jack: Eh, you would go so far?
Marutan: It's so cheap... 
Jack: It is possible to enter such place alone?
Marutan: It is possible I think... probably? Eh, I could not get in?
Jack: I don't get it... You should just go there with Hideori hahahahaha. Two of you taking shower together ♥ hahaha.
Marutan: YABAI SORE.
Jack: YABAI... but so interesting.
Marutan: What would I do if someone took photo of us?
Jack: All people going to your live would be like... what?
Marutan: What? Isn't it... Hidenori-san?... Two guys going out of love hotel...
Jack: If they hadn't listen to this nama and saw you they would be like... WTF.
Marutan: So I can't enter it alone... Well, I might not have enough courage to go there too.

Then they changed to safe talk about showers in cafe places. Some random from rest of convo:
  • Marutan loves ofuro (except public baths, he won't even go there and sauna when there's "old people" smell)
  • he can get up 1 hour ealier just to take looong bath.
  • actually he has low blood pressure, so ofuro helps him to wake up, since he might collapse (and sometimes ended up collapsing...)
  • he won't go out of home unless he take ofuro, he didn't have self-confidence to go out then to the point he won't go to the combini for food, if he won't take ofuro first in the morning.
  • Jack said he would go to the combini first. food >> ofuro. And if he's in hurry he can shower in 3 min. 
  • Jack also said if he's in hurry it's ok to not shave :'D
  • when Marutan had to go out after not taking ofuro for half day, he feels so sorry for other people


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