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2012.02.24 Obaasan chatroom
[20:45:10] Deza: on jack... in the train earlier, i thought about jack not showing himself
[20:45:23] Deza: cuz he's actually part of some reputable family so if he shows himself it'll be so much trouble
[20:45:54] Deza: so his being friends with super futsuu like mauntan
[20:46:01] Deza: means a LOOOOT to him
[20:46:03] Nanami: yeah and that's pretty possible since everybody remains silent
[20:46:29] Deza: and he's all awake just anytime hahaha
[20:46:41] Nanami: and he probably doesn't live with family ne
[20:46:44] Deza: he doesn't mention having a job does he? XD;
[20:46:45] Nanami: or have BIG house
[20:46:53] Deza: he might be in a separate house
[20:46:55] Nanami: of course he dun work nor study
[20:46:58] Deza: for being rebellious
[20:47:04] Deza: but he has ample monetary support
[20:47:10] Nanami: haha like singing in the middle of the night?
[20:47:12] Deza: but not to buy video games and such. just for a living
[20:47:28] Deza: maybe he has duties but doesn't want to perform them
[20:47:43] Deza: it's like an anime story hahaha
[20:47:46] Nanami: yeah and he might be enchanted by Marutan's bonds with his own family lol
[20:47:57] Nanami: cuz Marutan's family is pretty warm and fluffy ne
[20:48:07] Nanami: maji Jack ouji ne
[20:48:18] Deza: yeah i can't confirm this... but during one of those times he was down and all
[20:48:32] Deza: i remember him tweeting sth that made me think he disliked his relatives
[20:48:39] Deza: i can't remember details tho ><
[20:48:49] Deza: just the impression it left on me lol
[20:48:59] Nanami: i just remember him tweeting all panicked about his "hahaue"
[20:48:59] Deza: not immediate family tho, just relatives
[20:49:04] Nanami: going to hospital ne
[20:49:15] Deza: maji jack ouji
[20:49:17] Nanami: but rly, he uses this full respective form
[20:49:42] Nanami: Marutan just commented "this guy wants to be left alone when he has problems" lol
[20:49:59] Nanami: i have my small theory
[20:50:09] Deza: ohoho mama theory
[20:50:15] Nanami: that Jack is son of this Mitsuko or how-she-was-named
[20:50:26] Deza: who is that? LOL
[20:50:45] Nanami: ah she's one of higher ups, like my husbando >w<
[20:51:15] Deza: okay i will google her later XD
[20:51:28] Deza: but yeah, jack will be in trouble if he shows himself
[20:51:31] Deza: being part of show business is kind of looked down by reputable families and all in japan
[20:52:25] Deza: there's this one arashi guy, who went and took econ in keio univ in japan cuz his family is in politics and were really really against his being part of a boyband and all lol
[20:53:06] Deza: he was also doing newscasting the last time i saw him lol
[20:53:18] Deza: i guess he just really wanted to prove a point haha
[20:53:36] Nanami: well Jack just seems a type that runs away when feels pressure ne
[20:53:49] Deza: yeah he doesn't seem to like people in general
[20:54:11] Deza: i remember when he unfollowed people 8D;;
[20:54:20] Nanami: hahaha yeah
[20:54:28] Nanami: now he has plenty again (relatively)
[20:54:41] Nanami: and it's Marutan who changed him so much 8Dd
[20:54:49] Deza: and said sth about how it's hard to get along with the people the people you get along with....
[20:55:04] Deza: i was trying to reword that and gave up lol
[20:55:30] Nanami: Jack sometimes was showing her pics at his nama 8Dd
[20:55:40] Nanami: well he quite often shows random photos of well-known ppl... he said sth like this?
[20:56:19] Deza: oh, but she's in entertainment hmmm
[20:56:40] Nanami: well age is ok ne 8Dd
[20:56:52] Deza: i can't remember if it was before or after he unfollowed people
[20:56:58] Deza: but it was around that time
[20:57:33] Nanami: well but since she is in entertaiment and in nnd
[20:57:45] Nanami: he might not want to be connected with her ne
[20:57:56] Nanami: and he's totally against going pro
[20:57:56] Deza: LOL
[20:58:03] Deza: age is really kanpeki
[20:58:06] Nanami: so it's like NO PRESSURE OK
[20:58:11] Nanami: yeah =v=
[20:58:15] Nanami: Jack's 1987
[20:58:18] Nanami: or so i believe
[20:58:31] Deza: yes he's mine and jijii's age
[20:59:48] Nanami: well, this theory is kanpeki sugiru.
[20:59:56] Deza: lololol
[21:00:00] Deza: it really fits huh XD
[21:00:14] Deza: all these info
[21:00:20] Nanami: yeah, i remember i started to think about it
[21:00:26] Nanami: cuz ok, i know official photos
[21:00:38] Nanami: but he was showing some... that looked like from cellphone
[21:00:45] Deza: LOL
[21:00:54] Deza: ohoho
[21:00:56] Deza: ayashii ne
[21:00:58] Nanami:
[21:01:03] Nanami: thats official one ne 8Dd
[21:01:48] Deza: so when he tweeted sth about his mother
[21:01:55] Deza: something happened to mitsuko?
[21:01:57] Nanami: too bad there's no info if she has children lol
[21:01:59] Nanami: dunno
[21:02:09] Deza: ohoho
[21:02:21] Nanami: i bet she's not so famous to get into news or sth lol
[21:02:23] Deza: well japanese can hide anything anyway
[21:02:43] Nanami:
[21:02:46] Nanami: less official one lol
[21:03:13] Deza: lol ayashii hahaha
[21:03:18] Nanami: yeah lololol
[21:03:24] Nanami: it was around 5 am in japan time nama
[21:03:56] Nanami: (btw its his inspiration for orichara-chan  hahahahaha)
[21:04:04] Nanami: that's why there's "niteru" hahaha
[21:04:27] Deza: LOL
[21:04:40] Deza: jack lololol
[21:04:43] Nanami: plus there's one other amazing thing!
[21:04:45] Deza: maji yame wwwwwwww
[21:04:50] Deza: ahhhahahaha
[21:04:53] Nanami: she was guest at nicoradio hosted by Marutan
[21:04:55] Nanami: 8Dd
[21:05:00] Deza: LOL
[21:05:01] Deza: wth
[21:05:04] Nanami: nee
[21:05:06] Nanami: hahahahaha
[21:05:31] Deza: so is he like this child between a reputable family dad
[21:05:38] Deza: and an entertainment person mom
[21:05:44] Deza: and he likes entertainment
[21:05:49] Deza: but is being pressured by dad side
[21:05:54] Deza: is that it? hahahaha
[21:05:59] Deza: it's so anime haha
[21:06:01] Nanami: he neved had mention his father, not even once
[21:06:15] Deza: yeah maybe he is kind of cast out a bit
[21:06:25] Deza: or maybe even better
[21:06:30] Deza: his dad's dead
[21:06:33] Deza: i mean not better better
[21:06:34] Nanami: i think he's hikikomori lol
[21:06:38] Deza: just better for anime
[21:06:46] Nanami: or was at the brink of becoming one lolol
[21:06:49] Nanami: but Marutan saved him 8Dd
[21:07:05] Deza: and his dad side obaachan is going to die soon
[21:07:08] Deza: and he's the heir
[21:07:14] Deza: but he's being rebellious about it
[21:07:18] Nanami: pfffffffff
[21:07:22] Deza: so anime =w=
[21:07:26] Deza: maji jack ouji
[21:07:49] Nanami: yeahhhh
[21:08:06] Nanami: and since his family is rich they pay for him disturbing night silence hahahaha
[21:08:14] Deza: ahahahaha
[21:08:21] Deza: he lives in the non-main house
[21:08:31] Deza: which is really a large western mansion
[21:08:44] Deza: the main house is a large japanese style mansion/estate lol
[21:08:44] Nanami: in osaka ne
[21:08:59] Deza: yes
[21:09:12] Deza: which is why even tho he never seems to mention a job
[21:09:18] Deza: he can't move to tokyo
[21:09:37] Nanami: and maybe that's why Marutan can't address him "Jakku"
[21:09:38] Nanami: LOL
[21:09:43] Deza: ahahaha
[21:09:47] Deza: bocchama dakara na
[21:09:52] Nanami: cuz he just have to show him respect 8Dd
[21:09:54] Deza: maji ouji sugi wwwww
[21:09:57] Nanami: yup yup
[21:10:01] Deza: ahahahahaha
[21:10:12] Nanami: if he was just random stranger
[21:10:16] Nanami: it would be way too weird ne
[21:10:38] Nanami: ok, it's possible for close friends to just ask to keep quiet
[21:11:15] Nanami: but ehhh it's like everybody are under magic charm
[21:11:45] Deza: oh oh and b kun is the not so amazingly rich but pretty well off family friend's son? ahahahaha
[21:11:53] Deza: lol magic charm
[21:12:01] Nanami: everybody seems to avoid Jack's topic like it's non existant
[21:12:12] Deza: ayashii neeee
[21:12:15] Deza: aahahaha
[21:12:18] Nanami: yeah yeah
[21:12:28] Deza: i never actually thought about it before
[21:12:36] Nanami: well Bkun owns restaurant or at least is pretty highly ranked in it
[21:12:52] Deza: ohhh restaurant family son!
[21:12:55] Deza: perfect
[21:13:30] Nanami: attaaaaaaa!
[21:13:30] Deza: are they childhood friends?
[21:13:30] Nanami:
[21:13:34] Nanami: yup
[21:14:18] Nanami: too bad I missed this one radio QAQ
[21:14:30] Deza: oh who are these?
[21:14:40] Nanami: i'm pretty curious now about how Marutan behaved toward Mitsuko-san lol
[21:14:45] Deza: ohhh
[21:14:47] Deza: okay lol
[21:14:48] Nanami: white haired guy is the second host
[21:15:24] Deza: ahahaha jack maji ouji
[21:15:26] Deza: maji deeee
[21:15:39] Nanami: Dai-chan
[21:15:51] Nanami: hmmm his well known too
[21:16:01] Deza: idk him XD
[21:16:01] Nanami: the young guy is the other guest
[21:16:46] Nanami: Asakura Daisuke
[21:17:15] Deza: un, shiran
[21:17:45] Nanami: he's jPop artist connected to Access and T.M.Revolution
[21:17:57] Nanami: producer, songwriter, musican.... etc 8D
[21:18:04] Deza: ohh okaaay
[21:18:07] Nanami: pretty nice adhd ojiichan
[21:18:19] Deza: yeah when i first heard access on d.gray man
[21:18:31] Deza: i was like.. ehh, was the op TM revo?!
[21:18:42] Deza: and then it turns out it was just written by the same person LOL
[21:18:54] Nanami: un un
[21:18:59] Deza: lol adhd ojiichan XD
[21:20:39] Nanami: anyways I really like my theory
[21:21:04] Nanami: tho there's one gap 8Dd
[21:21:27] Deza: i like the theory too 8D
[21:21:30] Deza: what's the gap?
[21:21:40] Nanami: it's Tolie 8D
[21:21:50] Deza: eh?
[21:21:52] Nanami: they surely met with Jack quite often
[21:22:10] Nanami: and well, there's reason why Tolie's remaining out of nnd ne
[21:22:33] Deza: oh i thought that was cuz of a contract?
[21:22:34] Nanami: there's high chance it's because of his contract
[21:22:37] Nanami: yeah
[21:22:45] Deza: but well meeting up shouldn't be a problem XD
[21:22:55] Deza: jack's reputable family will be all busy and stuff
[21:23:07] Deza: so they won't go picking about all his little friends
[21:23:13] Nanami: well yeah hahah but this reputable name should be a problem!
[21:23:18] Nanami: hahahaha
[21:23:43] Nanami: maybe Tolie's high-ups are connected with Mitsuko
[21:23:45] Nanami: lololol
[21:24:00] Deza: tourai seems like the type of person who will just go ehhhh jack is an ouji?! sugoi nee
[21:24:07] Deza: then they will proceed to eat takoyaki
[21:24:09] Deza: or sth lol
[21:24:15] Angie: ouji of doS nation
[21:24:20] Nanami: LOL
[21:24:23] Nanami: of UNK nation
[21:24:35] Nanami: maoh
[21:24:57] Deza: jijii, i guess being best friends with jack is not going to be so easy after all :<
[21:25:10] Deza: oh yeah on random dsk moment, i will paste what i typed earlier lol
[21:25:11] Nanami: LOLOL
[21:25:18] Deza: on random dsk moment XD they were asking everyone about their fave konbini... and dsk said he's a 7 eleven person. cuz their bento quality is higher. and everyone was like "but the price (nedan) is higher too!" and dsk went "nedan nado shiran!" LOLOL maji tono hahaha
[21:25:24] Nanami: haha but we know his real name now!
[21:25:27] Nanami: or at least, surname
[21:25:33] Nanami: Komuro Jakku pffffffffff
[21:25:38] Deza: LOL
[21:25:52] Deza: ahhh if only my japanese were better
[21:25:57] Deza: stalking would be so much easier
[21:26:03] Deza: i could do a search on famous komuros
[21:26:08] Deza: narrow it down
[21:26:09] Nanami: lol Dsk
[21:26:12] Angie: LOL
[21:26:13] Deza: etc
[21:26:14] Angie: JACK
[21:26:16] Angie: COME TO MEEEEEE
[21:26:30] Angie: i was gonna type drinking
[21:26:31] Angie: but missed the ing
[21:26:35] Angie: ./wrist
[21:26:35] Nanami: ah, Jack just got sake supplies today.
[21:26:57] Deza: LOL
[21:27:00] Deza: sake supplies
[21:27:04] Nanami: well they got this awesome nama ne?
[21:27:05] Angie: lol
[21:27:06] Angie: share with me jaaaaaaaaack
[21:27:08] Nanami: drunkards.
[21:27:13] Deza: i understood that
[21:27:16] Nanami: "MARUTAN CALL ME JAKKU. JUST ONCE."
[21:27:22] Angie: LOL
[21:27:32] Angie: and he kept counting down from 5
[21:27:37] Nanami: plus yesterday was lololol too!
[21:27:37] Angie: 5 4 3 2 1 *silence*
[21:27:46] Nanami: yeah
[21:27:47] Nanami: hahahaha
[21:27:47] Deza: LOLOL
[21:27:49] Nanami: MURIMURIMURI
[21:27:51] Angie: LOOOL oh yeah i remember that xD
[21:27:52] Deza: hahaha mauntan
[21:27:57] Deza: maji ouji

[21:29:18] Nanami: hand-shaking event I mean
[21:29:27] Nanami: but then, moment of silence
[21:29:35] Nanami: Jack: ehhhhh muri desu yo. zettai konai!
[21:29:40] Angie: OHHHH
[21:29:52] Nanami: and he was pretty straighforward about this hahahaha
[21:29:59] Angie: I WOULD GRAB AND RUN
[21:30:00] Nanami: it was almost rude 8Dd
[21:30:31] Deza: run for your life? lol
[21:30:55] Nanami: then Marutan started to talk like when Jack's is traveling in train
[21:30:57] Angie: yes while dragging marutan with me
[21:31:02] Nanami: he should put paper bag on his head
[21:31:08] Deza: LOL
[21:31:13] Deza: JACK
[21:31:20] Nanami: but still people would recognize him by his IHIHIHIHIH and hands
[21:31:27] Deza: close enough to boxhead 888888
[21:31:29] Angie: hahahahhahahahah
[21:31:29] Deza: LOL
[21:31:32] Deza: hands ahaha
[21:31:40] Angie: i will volunteer to draw a jack head on the bag lol
[21:31:42] Nanami: Jack started to wonder if he should clip his nails then
[21:31:52] Nanami: to somehow disguise his hands
[21:31:59] Nanami: lol do it Angie
[21:32:00] Angie: gloves
[21:32:00] Deza:  Angie:  i will volunteer to draw a jack head on the bag lolit needs to be creepy cute
[21:32:14] Angie: oh u need to see the one i drew mama 8Db
[21:32:21] Nanami: with (*´▽`*) on the front of the bag!
[21:32:26] Nanami: hohoho
[21:32:42] Deza: oh i forgot about the kaomoji ahaha

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Just short random random, a bit about my private life and inspirations I received from it.

Yesterday I came back from visiting my hometown and my family. There's living my parents and my oniisan, my otouto is just visiting like me, just more frequently. I really forgot how to manage them and how it means to live with them, so I tend to notice many small facts here and there. One day I was feeling completely tired, so I went to sleep around 11 pm and I wake up like 3 am. All house was dark and quiet, everybody sleeping soundly... with one exception. My oniisan was still up, who knows what doing on his PC (probably playing some games lol.) Well, he's adult, so not like I care, good thing he's keeping silent or I would kill him for disturbing my sleep.

At that moment in reminded me about Asamack wwwww (just don't ask). I mean, they have Asamack Radio like everyday (or rather: every night) for few years already! Always starting around midnight and often ending around 3 am... I bet everybody at Marutan's household are sleeping by then too. And then, Marutan is talking in normal voice (well, whispering would be... lol), drinking beer, often speaking louder or bursting out in laugh, singing or playing his guitar. If his tiny room is not soundproof, then I think his family would kill him long ago. Nothing is known about Jack, but I think he lives alone. In his case, he should be murdered by neighboors... Appreciating his voice is one thing, but he's damn loud! wwww And do nama at totally weird hours, often in the middle of the night, not to mention Asamack.

And it's a bit interesting, I mean Marutan's family point of view. For sure he's living with parents, otouto (o____O) and Anemarusan (his older sis). Once he mentioned something about aniki but idk. Imagine you have almost 30 years old cute brother. He has some normal, regular job, always returning late. And first thing he's doing is running to his room because his friend from Osaka is already there, doing some weird namahosou-thing. And it's always like this for few years, without even one day skipped! And then your bro is grabbing beer, saying quick tadaima and running upstairs (not sure but I believe there are stairs wwwww). Slamming his doors and... who knows. Like he's always there but you can't just knock and enter, right? And for few hours he just keep talking, drinking, playing games and laughing. Sometimes when you are near to fall asleep your bro decided to play his guitar. It's not very loud but... enough to wake you up, since at night every sound is more clearly hearable wwwwwww Not to mention things like "You better go find woman and marry, just how old are you!" wwwww

Well, I believe the fact Marutan is living with family is the reason why Jack can't (won't?) stay overnight when he comes to Tokyo. He once stayed at Marutan's place. Marutan got super drunk and Jack had to take care of him and make sure he won't do anything stupid (nooo Marutan, don't try to go downstairs...! NOOOOO *the sound of Jack's running somewhere*). Plus Marutan's room is really tiny. And Jack is definitely not behaving like normal human being. Jack also said he met Marutan's otouto wwww. 

How it feels to hear how Marutan's family calls him by his real name?
Did Jack introduce himself using his real name too?
Well it would be lololol if even Marutan didn't know Jack's real name
Whatever, everything related to Jack is just way to... non existant.

Pardon me, I just love to think about many things from totally weird point of view. It really makes things even more fascinating~

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Oh my my my, where should I start?! So let's start from beginning. It's quite weird question, cause it's hard to say whether it's about favourite utaite or favourite song or what... Luckily my favourite utaite sang my favorite song, so everything is simple. Who could be my favorite utaite? JACK! (*´▽`*) No surprise, huh?... It's quite obvious. His voice may not be very manly and eroi, but still... he can reach high notes without falter, he can play with his voice well too! Perfect for ballads and such type of songs. And his voice has incredible power. He's voice is super strong - he can easily sing louder than most of other utaite. I thought it's just matter of his microphone, maybe it's echo mode... no. After hearing Asamack singing together in one room, you can easily tell the difference. Jack's voice has also few characteristic features, making him easy to recognize. Like he love to use falsetto at the end of long notes. He's just fabulous and his voice is just pulling you in.

So what's my favorite song of Jack? Unfortunately, that UNK is reluctant to upload anything. He just loves to sing freely during his utawaku. As I mentioned somewhere ealier, his voice is perfect for Akino Arai's songs and it's one of her songs that I love soooo much. At first I thought something's wrong with it! The melody and lyrics are out of the sync! Voice is off tune! But then I just got used to it and instead of that I saw how hard it is to sing it with those 0,5 second of delay. And it has many long notes~ And I think Jack's voice is better than Akino Arai's there - that's really something. Love it! Ah, the title? Here! 凍る砂 (Kooru Suna).

Well, but I must admit there's another Jack's song that I love so much and I heard it a lot more ealier, than I stalked that guy. And it's official Jack's cover in addition! *gasp* It's 千年の独奏歌 (Sennen no Dokusou ka). In original it's sing by Kaito. So it's just like made for Jack to sing. I think it's the song which makes me seriously interested in his voice. There are two versions - first one is regular, uploaded 18.07.2008 (more than 3 years ago!) and second was uploaded almost one year ago 23.07.2009, it's special his community anniversary version. It's pitched down, so Jack is using his lower voice. And that's the one I choose to put here!

I also wanted to feature Marutan's Adayume which I love SO MUCH here, but I already done it back here!

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Today I had one of those quite well-remembered dreams. Well, it's only in some way utaite-related, but still, this dream was so epic that I just want to write it down somewhere to not forget.

The overall impression of the place was like some kind of Daikaigi. There was big scene and of course a lot of people, utaite and audience. But it wasn't particularly like Daikaigi event, singing in order and keeping up with schedule etc. That one was totally random ふざけんな. And I was somewhere there too, but my role is hard to define LOL. I think I was overseeing whole event and kind of participating in it too. It was even more fun because I could interact with other people here. So I remember there was Dasoku (why you're again in my dreams looool), lazy as always. There was Pokota, giving out perverted aura, as always. There was also GERO. He was going to play electric guitar (...) and sing, but I messed up his cable and almost break it down, so I keep apologizing to him and he just kept on laughing - the funny thing was even in dream I realized that I was rude 'cause I forgot to add -san LOL. There was also Limone-sensei getting ready to sing and I think I remember him because he looked down on me, but I totally don't know why he was there. There was also Michan, he was so tall and kakkoi. Weird that Moka and Nana didn't show up from nowhere! And then, they had group entrance and they started singing and... well, kind of dancing? The choreography was so funny and the point of view was from the rear of the scene. My cellphone used almost all it's battery because I was of course trying to make as many photos as possible.

Near the end few of them were preparing to next entrance, when I saw Marutan. He was just like always! A bit shy, but all happy and smiling and so cuteee! Then he came to me and stretched out his hand to shake mine, I got dim impression that he wanted me to come with them on the scene LOL but I was too surprised so I backed away. It's so strange to hold Marutan's hand, even if it was only in a dream! But then I realized that it might been rude, so I tried to apologize. I don't remember why, but then I said aloud something like 'It's OK, I bet Jack is behind this!' just in the moment when he (yeah, Jack) was entering the stage to do his performance (yeah, Jack on Daikaigi ffffff), he heard us and stared at us with that confused-suspecting look, but didn't comment back since he was on his way. Actually no one knows (beside few people related to NND) how he looks like, Jack in my dream appeared as blondie version from one of his fanarts mixed with Jack chara from Pandora Hearts manga (well, I started reading Pandora Hearts long before Asamack, so when I started to listen to them it was obvious for me that Jack is Jack and Marutan should be like Glen LOL).

I might say he looked a little like there: CLICK
And there you have Jack Vessalius, with Glen on the left: CLICK

And I think I wake up all happy soon after. I want more dreams like that. But that R34+ one with Dasoku was better... wwwwwwww.
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[2010.11.13] Skype chatroom with Angie

Part about Marutan in suit.
[21:56:04] Angie: *goes back to remembering how marutan undid that tie*
[21:56:11] Angie: alcohol
[21:56:13] Angie: so amazing
[21:56:16] Angie: *-*
[21:57:25] Nanamka: ohh alcohooool, here I come~ www
[21:58:07] Angie: marutan had some alcohol during the wedding so he was kinda fuwafuwa
[21:58:24] Angie: he was saying something liek if the cam dusn work hes jsut gonna strip cuz he didnt want to be in teh suit anymore
[21:58:32] Angie: so everyone was going STRIP STRIP
[21:59:06] Angie: n hten i think someone told him to do that during when the camera was on
[21:59:11] Angie: so he undid the die n button
[21:59:12] Angie: alsdkfjlaskjdflaskjf
[21:59:14] Angie: *remembers*
[21:59:16] Angie: ////////////////////
[21:59:52] Nanamka: HOOOOOOOOO
[22:01:03] Angie: MARU TAN
[22:01:07] Angie: it was so hot
[22:01:07] Angie: orz
[22:01:11] Angie: omg
[22:01:13] Angie: my brain exploded
[22:01:20] Angie: need to watch it again
[22:01:22] Angie: orz
[22:01:32] Angie: THANK YOU
[22:01:34] Angie: *bows*
[22:04:11] Nanamka: so hell true
[22:08:36] Angie: yaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr
[22:23:42] Nanamka: MARUTAN
[22:23:46] Nanamka: *dies*
[22:24:56] Nanamka: but he didn't undid the button on video D:
[22:24:58] Nanamka: but tieeee
[22:25:02] Nanamka: mkofkldml
[22:25:23] Angie: no he did
[22:25:26] Angie: u know how after he un did the die
[22:25:35] Angie: he stuck his hand in his collar?
[22:25:38] Angie: *tie
[22:25:53] Nanamka: mmmmmmmmmmm
[22:26:58] Angie: marutan
[22:27:03] Angie: *drool*
[22:30:33] Angie: djfalsfjlaskf

Random interval
[22:31:00] Angie: i think im gonna draw that last pic for krd. once i see something i want to draw in my head i have to draw it n get it out of my system
[22:31:04] Angie: now its just bothering me
[22:31:04] Angie: aldsfjlaskdfjas
[22:38:25] Nanamka: lolol
[22:39:15] Angie: seriousllyyy i have to get it outtttt
[23:20:59] Nanamka: d'aaaw.
[23:21:22] Angie: O3O
[23:28:55] Nanamka: ANGIEEE~
[23:30:11] Angie: NANAAAAAAAAAAA
[23:30:29] Nanamka: ;w;
[23:30:37] Angie: D:
[23:30:38] Angie: whats wrongggg
[23:30:58] Nanamka: nothinggg, just still emo
[23:31:05] Nanamka: I need some choco orz
[23:31:09] Nanamka: but there's noneeeeeee
[23:31:11] Nanamka: LOL
[23:31:12] Angie: choco with rum
[23:31:13] Angie: lol
[23:31:15] Angie: D:
[23:31:29] Angie: when its closer to xmas
[23:31:32] Angie: eggnog with rum
[23:31:40] Nanamka: choco with vodka :3
[23:31:45] Angie: mmmmmmmmmm
[23:32:09] Nanamka: *drolls* but hey, there's noneeee
[23:32:19] Angie: time to stock up
[23:33:13] Nanamka: and all combini are closed for sure wwwww
[23:33:30] Nanamka: besides i'm already in pajamas =w=
[23:33:36] Nanamka: wwwwwwwwwwwwww chocooo
[23:33:38] Angie: awwwww
[23:33:53] Angie: i wish i was at home in my Pjs rite now
[23:33:54] Angie: =v=
[23:34:27] Nanamka: lol but you -should- be sleeping and I will be somewhere working or so. wwww
[23:34:49] Angie: orz
[23:34:53] Angie: damn timezones
[23:35:15] Nanamka: well, not so bad since you have internet at work / school
[23:35:26] Angie: lol yeah thats true
[23:35:29] Nanamka: if you wouldn't it would be hardddd wwww
[23:35:36] Angie: yeahhh
[23:35:47] Angie: n if deza didnt sleep at weird times we wouldnt be A.N.D.
[23:35:48] Angie: :(
[23:40:58] Nanamka: LOL
[23:41:00] Nanamka: A.N.D.
[23:41:02] Nanamka: LOL
[23:41:18] Angie: it fits so well that its funny
[23:41:19] Angie: lol
[23:41:21] Nanamka: mmmm speaking of which...
[23:42:09] Angie: communication only through twitter with her is painful
[23:43:20] Nanamka: though her self-convo is amusing www
[23:43:30] Angie: lol they r entertaining to read

Suddenly, Dasoku starts nama.
[23:47:29] Nanamka: wtf
[23:47:30] Nanamka: Dsk
[23:47:35] Angie: now?
[23:47:37] Angie: lol
[23:52:43] Angie: LOL
[23:52:53] Nanamka: YESSS
[00:00:52] Angie: i like this face lately
[00:00:54] Angie: (´ー`)/ yo!
[00:00:55] Angie: lol
[00:00:57] Angie: xD
[00:01:17] Nanamka: lololol
[00:09:28] Angie: moka
[00:09:30] Angie: why so cute
[00:09:32] Angie: ;_;
[00:10:09] Nanamka: ehh?
[00:10:11] Nanamka: where?
[00:10:24] Angie: oh
[00:10:29] Angie: just remembering
[00:10:30] Angie: mokaaaaaaaaa
[00:10:32] Angie: wanttttttt
[00:10:37] Nanamka: .........
[00:11:45] Angie: zzzzzzz

Meeeeh Dasoku... Marutan. BEWARE. Imagination starts to run wild.
[00:12:03] Nanamka: Marutaaan
[00:12:11] Angie: *nosebleed*
[00:17:55] Nanamka: tieeee
[00:18:01] Nanamka: fuwa fuwaaaa
[00:18:09] Nanamka: he really should strip then.
[00:19:13] Angie: he really shouldve
[00:19:43] Angie: *imagins*
[00:23:08] Nanamka: perverrrttt
[00:23:25] Angie: fufufufu
[00:23:27] Nanamka: should I help you with imagining? wwwwwww
[00:23:37] Angie: oh hooo
[00:23:39] Angie: yesh
[00:23:46] Nanamka: 1st, he will undo his tie
[00:23:48] Nanamka: LOL
[00:24:08] Nanamka: then turn on some nice music OTL
[00:24:23] Angie: OH CRAP
[00:24:29] Angie: *nosebleed*
[00:24:29] Nanamka: like Jack's shinpakusuu
[00:24:31] Nanamka: wwwwwwwwwwwwwww
[00:24:33] Angie: LOL
[00:24:34] Angie: NO JACK
[00:24:36] Angie: LOL
[00:24:43] Nanamka: and then he will unbutton his suit
[00:24:46] Angie: that just ruined the mood
[00:24:47] Angie: lol
[00:24:55] Angie: that ruined the mood nana!!!
[00:24:57] Nanamka: get it off yuuukkuriii
[00:25:01] Nanamka: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
[00:25:04] Angie: if he plays a jack song its like jack is watching!!!!!
[00:25:10] Nanamka: that's the point
[00:25:16] Angie: i'll get so scared
[00:25:33] Angie: *mentally blocks out the shinpakusuu part*
[00:25:35] Angie: ok keep going
[00:25:40] Angie: yuuuuukkuri
[00:25:41] Angie: *v*
[00:25:57] Nanamka: and then throw it off with one move... somewhere
[00:26:03] Nanamka: on jack's pillow hahaha
[00:26:07] Angie: oh hooooooooo
[00:26:07] Angie: LOL
[00:26:15] Angie: TO COVER HIS FACE
[00:26:31] Nanamka: lolol
[00:26:35] Angie: damnit nana im 2828-ing
[00:26:49] Angie: but plz continue
[00:26:53] Nanamka: lolol
[00:26:55] Angie: i feel like im reading pron
[00:27:20] Nanamka: then he starts to loose his tie even more
[00:27:41] Angie: wooooo
[00:28:09] Nanamka: finally he takes it off and plays with it a bit, doing some circles and such and then throw it away
[00:28:11] Angie: *v*
[00:28:28] Angie: uh huh uh huh
[00:28:32] Nanamka: now he only have shirt on upper part of his ikemen body wwww
[00:28:44] Angie: *nosebleed*
[00:30:12] Nanamka: he slowly starts to undo buttons. a lot of them
[00:30:32] Angie: kyaaan///
[00:30:37] Nanamka: but somehow he's doing it clumsily
[00:30:49] Angie: LOL
[00:31:08] Angie: erokawaii
[00:31:11] Angie: >//////<
[00:32:04] Nanamka: and somehow he gets slighly irritated for a moment~
[00:32:33] Angie: i can imagine him going "nnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnn" as he tries to undo those buttons LOL
[00:32:56] Nanamka: yeah, he keeps talking to himself things such "NANDEEEEEEEE"
[00:33:19] Angie: kyaaaa so cuteeee
[00:33:24] Nanamka: and then in one strong move he just tears off his shirt - along with buttons - voila
[00:33:28] Angie: LMAO
[00:33:50] Angie: it should be he goes "mooooouuuuu~~~"
[00:33:56] Angie: n then i go n unbotton the rest for him
[00:33:56] Nanamka: wwwwww
[00:33:58] Angie: /////////////////////
[00:34:13] Nanamka: nau you can see his collarbones CLEARly
[00:35:18] Angie: N UP CLOSE
[00:35:20] Nanamka: and then he takes off his tshirt~
[00:35:21] Angie: *DIES*
[00:35:42] Nanamka: SHIRT, ok, SHIRT wwwwww
[00:35:43] Angie: lololololol
[00:35:46] Angie: nooo
[00:35:51] Angie: HADAKA NAU
[00:35:57] Nanamka: bra nau?
[00:36:03] Angie: HAHAHAHHA
[00:36:03] Angie: NO
[00:36:03] Angie: oh
[00:36:10] Angie: no
[00:36:14] Angie: nothing
[00:36:26] Angie: no shirt under!
[00:36:31] Nanamka: ok, so he's nekkid nau. at least upper part
[00:36:38] Angie: haa haa
[00:37:08] Nanamka: his so damn thin waist
[00:37:14] Nanamka: a bit skinny
[00:37:22] Angie: 27 inch waist
[00:37:23] Angie: orz
[00:37:32] Nanamka: you can count all ribs
[00:37:44] Angie: THATS TOO SKINNY D:
[00:38:00] Nanamka: wwwwwwwww
[00:38:06] Angie: so i start feeding him ice cream instead
[00:38:27] Nanamka: but afterall it's very sexy, since you can see his well-shaped muscles
[00:38:52] Nanamka: his abdomine muscles so sexyyy
[00:39:14] Nanamka: he smiles slightly and laughts a bit nervously
[00:39:16] Angie: FFFFFFFFFFF
[00:39:20] Angie: n his arms
[00:39:22] Angie: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
[00:41:10] Nanamka: he starts to say things like 'ahhh dameeeee, yappari dameeee'
[00:41:23] Angie: kyaaaaaaaaaaa /////////////////
[00:46:12] Angie: no more? D:
[00:46:38] Nanamka: lolol
[00:46:51] Nanamka: moar is for R21+
[00:47:01] Angie: but im 23 D:
[00:47:05] Angie: write till its up to R23
[00:47:07] Angie: D:
[00:47:15] Nanamka: lol but i am not yet
[00:47:16] Nanamka: wwwwwwwwwww
[00:47:22] Angie: nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
[00:47:27] Angie: cliff hangerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
[00:47:45] Nanamka: lolol
[00:48:34] Angie: he goes 'ahhh dameeeee, yappari dameeee'
[00:48:38] Angie: so i go
[00:48:45] Nanamka: lolol
[00:48:46] Angie: ;A; ok lets go eat parfaits then
[00:49:00] Angie: n then he gets dressed again n we go for a drive
[00:49:03] Angie: the end
[00:49:24] Nanamka: you're borrrriiingggg
[00:49:25] Nanamka: wwwwww
[00:49:28] Nanamka: eh, ok
[00:49:30] Nanamka: so
[00:49:34] Angie: gine
[00:49:35] Angie: *fine
[00:49:41] Angie: we try again in the car?
[00:49:41] Nanamka: .........hazukashii sugiruuu, I can't LOL
[00:49:54] Angie: lololol
[00:50:07] Angie: after the parfaits he goes
[00:50:20] Angie: "lets go to the mountain top, i know a really good place to look at stars"
[00:50:25] Nanamka: ...he went to car and for parfait topless?
[00:50:35] Nanamka: ....boring D:
[00:50:36] Angie: no he got dressed again! read properly!!!
[00:50:37] Angie: lol
[00:50:41] Nanamka: lolol
[00:50:45] Nanamka: I read wat I want
[00:50:49] Angie: LMAO
[00:50:53] Nanamka: NO, let's restartttt
[00:50:56] Nanamka: ok.
[00:50:57] Nanamka: so
[00:51:11] Angie: ok
[00:51:13] Angie: from 'ahhh dameeeee, yappari dameeee'
[00:51:21] Nanamka: he went all 'hazukashiii' but suddenly he took one deep breath
[00:51:31] Angie: n pins me to the bed
[00:51:33] Nanamka: turn to camera (face still unseen)
[00:51:34] Angie: OH HOOO
[00:51:35] Nanamka: LOL
[00:51:40] Angie: LOOOOOL
[00:51:46] Angie: WHY CAMERA
[00:51:51] Angie: WAS THIS OVER WEBCAM
[00:51:53] Angie: WUT
[00:51:56] Nanamka: YES
[00:51:57] Nanamka: LOL
[00:52:01] Angie: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[00:52:07] Nanamka: LOOOOOOOOL
[00:52:09] Angie: *closes chat window*
[00:52:15] Nanamka: bye bye?
[00:52:17] Nanamka: fffff
[00:52:23] Angie: lololol
[00:52:29] Angie: U TRICKED ME
[00:52:54] Nanamka: u tricked yourself!
[00:53:20] Angie: i helped him unbotton the rest of that shirt!!!!
[00:53:34] Nanamka: lololol
[00:53:46] Nanamka: ok, may be a camera may be live
[00:53:47] Nanamka: lol
[00:53:52] Nanamka: so. he's topless NAU
[00:53:57] Angie: lol
[00:54:10] Nanamka: nau he's going to his room door
[00:54:25] Nanamka: and locked them with a nice, handy, golden little key 
[00:54:49] Nanamka: and whispers 'hazukashii dakara' with evil smirk
[00:55:27] Angie: *has a thing for guys smirking*
[00:55:33] Nanamka: wwwwwww
[00:55:41] Angie: AND IM IN THAT ROOM
[00:55:44] Angie: NOT WEBCAM
[00:56:17] Nanamka: and then he starts to unfasten his belt
[00:56:54] Nanamka: i will not mention when he... drop that key wwwww
[00:57:28] Nanamka: (ohhhhhhhhhhhhh----)
[00:57:57] Nanamka: this time he's making it quite fast
[00:58:34] Nanamka: ichi, ni, san, foo--- and belt went flying off window
[00:59:00 | Edytowano 00:59:38] Nanamka: without belt his pants are definitely loose
[00:59:07] Nanamka: way to loose wwwww
[00:59:50] Angie: LOLOLOLOL
[00:59:58] Nanamka: they keep on going down and down by it's own
[01:00:03] Angie: OI!!!
[01:00:07] Nanamka: what
[01:00:22] Angie: ICHI NI SAN FOO!@?!?!?!?!?
[01:00:26] Nanamka: stop on his loins
[01:00:28] Angie: *mentally edits it out*
[01:00:30] Nanamka: LOL
[01:01:41] Nanamka: nau it looks like crotch of his trousers is at level somewhere near his knees lolol
[01:01:57] Angie: NO
[01:02:00] Angie: RESTARD
[01:02:04] Angie: *RESTART
[01:02:09] Nanamka: ...what D:
[01:02:15] Angie: this isnt romantic anymore D:
[01:02:27] Angie: the FOO! totally ruined it n the fact that u said his pantsu r loose
[01:03:25] Nanamka: then continue wwwww
[01:04:05] Angie: no FOOs
[01:04:39] Angie: n no loose pantsu
[01:04:50] Nanamka: wwwwwwwwwww
[01:05:20] Angie: other than that its ok
[01:05:22] Angie: ._.
[01:05:48] Nanamka: ehhh lol
[01:06:05] Nanamka: i don't know if i want to continue though
[01:06:16] Angie: lets restart from belt
[01:06:17] Nanamka: that milk with alcohol is too good =w=
[01:06:24] Angie: so he takes it off as he smirks
[01:06:44] Nanamka: ....btw what are you doin at work
[01:06:45] Nanamka: lol
[01:06:49] Nanamka: some ero stuff
[01:06:49] Angie: nothing
[01:06:50] Angie: lol
[01:06:53] Angie: i never have to do anything
[01:06:56] Nanamka: lol
[01:07:00] Nanamka: ok.
[01:07:01] Nanamka: so
[01:07:02] Angie: so as hes still smirking
[01:07:07] Angie: he unzips
[01:07:12] Angie: n then he turns off the lights
[01:07:16] Angie: the end
[01:07:23] Nanamka: still with mischievous smirk he turned around
[01:07:30] Nanamka: so nau you can see his back
[01:07:41] Angie: he's in boxers *-*
[01:07:49] Angie: or should his pants still be on
[01:07:53] Angie: just unzipped
[01:07:53] Angie: hmmmmmmmmmmm
[01:07:58] Nanamka: no, he still have pants on
[01:08:03] Nanamka: yeah
[01:08:07] Angie: ok
[01:08:34] Angie: back
[01:08:44] Angie: maru back *-*
[01:08:55 | Edytowano 01:08:59] Nanamka: and nau you can see outline of his sexy butt cause pants are tailored well... too well
[01:09:13] Angie: FFFFF
[01:09:47] Nanamka: he's so skinny you can see his sexy blades too
[01:10:05] Nanamka: ...was it that word.../
[01:10:28] Angie: shoulder blades?
[01:10:28] Angie: *-*
[01:10:32] Nanamka: yeah
[01:11:23 | Edytowano 01:11:35] Nanamka: he turns out, but only a little, so far only to see hes actually blushing - but it's hard to say whether it's alcohol effect or embarassement
[01:11:40] Angie: mo...moeeee ////////////
[01:12:19] Nanamka: DASOKU FUTOOOOOOON
[01:12:22] Nanamka: khem
[01:12:25] Angie: LOLWHAT
[01:13:27] Nanamka: he went to prepare his futon? or sth like that
[01:14:06] Angie: oh hooo
[01:14:11] Angie: lets do a dsk one next
[01:14:13] Nanamka: SO back to Marutan
[01:14:16] Nanamka: LOLOL
[01:14:55] Nanamka: he would just come back nau and say 'sweetie, issyoni o futon no ikou kaaaa' .___.
[01:15:03] Nanamka: khem
[01:15:10] Angie: LMAO
[01:15:12] Angie: NAKEED
[01:15:13] Nanamka: so back to half nekkid Marutan
[01:15:15] Nanamka: YES
[01:16:13] Nanamka: so, we stopped at his sexy ass
[01:16:42] Angie: mmmm
[01:16:44] Nanamka: he starts to unzip his trousers, still turned back on you
[01:16:50] Angie: n he was blushing
[01:16:52] Nanamka: so you can only hear sound
[01:17:16] Nanamka: zzzzzzzzz *insert sound of zipper*
[01:18:15] Angie: KYAN////
[01:18:24] Nanamka: one more second and his pants are going down
[01:18:35] Angie: fffffff
[01:19:09] Nanamka: nau you can see his underwear - pink shorts with Jack /shot
[01:19:18] Angie: IT WAS A BAD DREAM
[01:19:39] Nanamka: soo.... aoi one with kitten paws
[01:19:48] Nanamka: with hearts
[01:19:50] Angie: looooool
[01:20:19] Nanamka: since his mommy loves him so much, he buys only such since she won't admitt her son is adult nau
[01:20:28] Angie: LMAOLMAOLMAO
[01:20:46] Nanamka: or something like that he murmurs as excuse, after hearing your giggling wwwww
[01:20:57] Angie: kyaaaaaaaa
[01:21:01] Angie: so cute so cuteeeeee
[01:22:30] Nanamka: then he tries to take a step
[01:22:37] Nanamka: but loses his ballance a bit
[01:22:51] Nanamka: (still nice ass btw)
[01:22:53] Angie: fuwafuwa marutannnn
[01:23:32] Nanamka: cause he's trousers were of course stuck at his feet since he had those nice, smooth, black shoes still on
[01:23:53] Angie: ahhhhh
[01:24:28] Nanamka: 'aaaaaaaaaah (ero fuwa fuwa one), ssssshimatta (this ssss is like the one I played for u from my rec wwww)
[01:25:13] Angie: looooooooooooooooooool
[01:28:18] Nanamka: he was half on floor already, so he decided to roll on it~
[01:28:54] Angie: looooololololol
[01:29:03] Nanamka: and undo shoes, actually more like fighting wth shoelaces
[01:29:12] Angie: omg so cute ><
[01:29:22] Nanamka: while kept murmuring to himself
[01:29:38] Angie: if i was drunk too i would me lol'ing my head off rite now
[01:29:41] Nanamka: yeah, really amusing wwwww
[01:29:47] Nanamka: lolol
[01:30:19] Nanamka: but finally he somehow get off his shoes and trousers, socks went flying somehow too
[01:30:31] Angie: loooool
[01:30:37] Nanamka: one on monitor.
[01:30:43] Nanamka: second on camera
[01:30:54] Angie: i can imagine him going "yooossssssssssssssssshi (liek the rec)" as they fly off
[01:31:13] Nanamka: so he's nau in pants only
[01:31:19] Nanamka: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
[01:31:21] Angie: (y)
[01:32:15] Nanamka: suddenly he shouted 'oghhhhhhhhhhhh' and streched his hand to his bed
[01:32:34] Nanamka: there was opened bootle with tantakan (that super alcohol)
[01:32:42] Angie: pfffftttttttttttttt
[01:33:36] Nanamka: he took a sip, but some of drink streamed down his corner of mouth
[01:33:45] Angie: :O
[01:33:49] Nanamka: .,...what
[01:34:02] Angie: nothing
[01:34:08] Angie: he IS fuwafuwa so ok
[01:34:31] Nanamka: so he sexily licked it off~
[01:34:39] Angie: //////////////////////////////
[01:35:47] Nanamka: even such a bit o alcohol seems to wipe off the rest of his embarassement~
[01:36:11] Angie: wktk
[01:36:15] Nanamka: lolol
[01:36:28] Nanamka: he stand up, nau you can see him CLEARlyyyyy wwwwwww
[01:36:33] Nanamka: his sexy bodddyyyy
[01:36:37] Angie: CLEARly!?!?!?!?!??!!?
[01:36:43] Angie: kya kya kya
[01:36:43] Angie: *flails*
[01:37:07] Nanamka: no hairs at belly, abdomen D: /shot
[01:37:24] Angie: mm im not big on chest hair anyways
[01:37:34] Nanamka: wwww
[01:37:36] Nanamka: anyway
[01:37:37] Angie: but treasure trail
[01:37:39] Angie: hmmmmmmmmmm
[01:37:53] Nanamka: suddenly he burst into laugh after seeing your face
[01:38:18] Nanamka: and then goes to corner of his little room
[01:38:35] Angie: DDDDDD:
[01:39:00] Nanamka: still giggling cutely
[01:39:12] Nanamka: yet not saying anything
[01:39:50] Nanamka: so ok. Marutan has treasure trail. wwwwwwww
[01:39:57] Angie: LOL
[01:39:59] Angie: YES!
[01:39:59 | Edytowano 01:40:51] Nanamka: *needed to ggrks'fff*
[01:40:05] Angie: LOLLLLLL
[01:40:13] Angie: lololololol
[01:41:10] Nanamka: until you noticed, he took his guitar
[01:41:20] Angie: KTKR!?
[01:41:38] Angie: dkdkdkdkkddk
[01:41:42] Nanamka: nau impudently looking directly into your eyes wwww
[01:41:48] Nanamka: for a sec
[01:41:49] Angie: //////////////////
[01:42:16] Nanamka: he whispered something like 'ahhh hazukashi sugiru dakaraaaaassssss'
[01:42:28] Angie: sssssss
[01:42:28] Angie: lolol
[01:42:44] Angie: it'll be like hazzzzzzzzukassshiiiii ssssugiru
[01:43:24] Nanamka: he put strap of his guitar over his shoulder so the guitar would... mask some parts of his body *see your own fanart*
[01:43:39] Nanamka: and it keep hanging that waaay~
[01:43:39] Angie: LOLLLLLLL
[01:43:46] Angie: kitakitakita
[01:43:48] Angie: *-*
[01:44:17 | Edytowano 01:45:00] Nanamka: nau he has free hands to took his cute shorts off
[01:45:01] Angie: kyaaaaannnnnnn//////////
[01:45:30] Nanamka: it landed on other guitar.
[01:45:43] Angie: LMAO
[01:45:50] Nanamka: at first he seemed like a bit nervous
[01:46:02] Angie: haa haa haaa
[01:46:10] Nanamka: but he quickly regained his composure wwwww
[01:46:28] Angie: he took another sip first
[01:46:35] Angie: of the alcohol!
[01:46:36] Nanamka: then he glanced at youuu with smexy look~
[01:46:45] Angie: *v*
[01:46:47] Nanamka: alcohol with milk wwwwwww
[01:46:54] Angie: LOL yes
[01:47:20] Nanamka: but this time he spill it in ever more... epic way
[01:47:41] Angie: D:
[01:48:07] Nanamka: it kept on dribble from his mouth
[01:48:14] Angie: loooollll
[01:48:17] Nanamka: through his chin
[01:48:46] Nanamka: and then to his left side of chest ^w^
[01:48:51] Angie: kyan
[01:49:11] Nanamka: through the belly... and even more lower OTL
[01:49:22] Angie: fffffffffffffffffffffffffff
[01:50:17] Nanamka: this time he just let it beee
[01:50:32] Angie: FFFFF
[01:50:43] Nanamka: and then he suddenly decided to play something on guitar
[01:51:19] Nanamka: he was thinking for a second and then started
[01:51:25] Nanamka: with some nice, romantic tones
[01:51:37] Angie: ///////////////////
[01:51:52] Nanamka: which suddently turned into 'yaranaikaaaaaaaaa' >3
[01:52:00] Angie: D:
[01:52:03] Nanamka: and then he add some vocal
[01:52:09] Angie: noooo please nooooo
[01:52:10] Angie: orz
[01:52:12] Angie: ;A;
[01:52:29 | Edytowano 01:52:35] Nanamka: nekkidmarutan with guitar only singing yaranaika kaodashi? ww
[01:52:39] Angie: no yaranaikaaaa D:
[01:53:11] Nanamka: ok
[01:53:27] Nanamka: he stopped abruptly after seeing yur face wwwwwwwww
[01:53:34] Angie: LOLLLLLLLLLLL
[01:53:58] Nanamka: and then got deep breath
[01:54:22] Nanamka: and starts to sing silently, too silently to recognize song
[01:54:52] Nanamka: but after few lines it could be heard~
[01:54:53] Angie: oh hooooo
[01:57:37] Angie: cliff hanger? D:
[01:57:42] Nanamka: yes
[01:57:47] Angie: NO
[01:57:48] Angie: D:
[01:59:14] Nanamka: so~
[01:59:18] Nanamka: the lyrics were like
[01:59:24] Nanamka: あなたの事が好きです。 ウソです~
[02:00:13] Nanamka: and his way of singing desssssssssu was just too cute
[02:00:28] Nanamka: amazingly, it sounded fine
[02:00:53] Nanamka: guitar matched vocal well, although he was obviously fuwafuwa~
[02:01:55] Angie: OMGOMGOMG
[02:01:59] Angie: *flailing*
[02:02:58] Nanamka: the song seems to be sang for hours, although it was few min~
[02:03:06] Nanamka: then PING!~
[02:03:11] Nanamka: skype caaallll
[02:03:43] Nanamka: Marutan got confused for a sec, like a little child catched on doing something unproper wwww
[02:04:12] Angie: omggg moemoe
[02:04:29] Nanamka: he came to you. very close. as close as guitar would allow
[02:04:46] Angie: oemgeeeee
[02:04:48] Angie: klasdjfkljasdlfkjasfd
[02:04:49] Angie: asjkdfaksldflkasjf;ajsfl;a
[02:06:10] Nanamka: he whispered "chotto matteee neee~" right to your ear, you could feel his breath and graze of his lovely dark hair, quite long nau
[02:07:17] Nanamka: he went to his computer, took a glance, declined call and typed something fast
[02:07:27] Angie: so i see his bum huh
[02:07:35] Angie: cuz he would have to turn around to go to comp
[02:07:38] Angie: lolololololol
[02:07:40] Angie: ji-----------------------------
[02:07:46] Angie: lolololololol
[02:07:48] Angie: hahahhaha
[02:08:07] Nanamka: of course, while he was bending over computer~
[02:08:45] Nanamka: but his guitar was still hanging awkardly wwww
[02:08:50] Angie: lololol
[02:09:04 | Edytowano 02:09:20] Nanamka: some censorship while it would be R9999+ without
[02:09:34] Angie: lololol
[02:10:28] Nanamka: he turned around again, before room was half-illuminated by sunset
[02:10:32] Nanamka: nau it was getting dark
[02:11:10] Angie: *flails*
[02:11:39] Nanamka: in that half-dark room nau it was nau more like hearing and feeling his presence than seeing him~
[02:12:20] Angie: ///////////////////////
[02:12:32] Nanamka: he came to you and intended to took your hand, but still hestitated a little.
[02:12:53] Nanamka: anyway he just shake his head and just had done it
[02:13:20 | Edytowano 02:13:36] Nanamka: he's hand was so warm and delicate yet strong ufufu
[02:13:41] Angie: omgomgomg
[02:15:22] Nanamka: he hugged you, but there was something wrong, since it somehow didn't felt like that giggling man from before wwww
[02:15:37] Angie: dkdkdkdkdkdkdkdk/////////////
[02:15:46] Nanamka: it was more like a little lost child
[02:15:54] Angie: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF moe
[02:16:07] Nanamka: all his self-confidence just disappeared
[02:16:38] Nanamka: you couldn't help, but to hug him back, nadenadeing his hair while saying 'yosh yosh'~
[02:16:52] Angie: ;A; ;A;
[02:17:30] Nanamka: you couldn't see his face cause it was dark already
[02:17:45] Nanamka: and could just wonder how it looked like nau
[02:18:21] Angie: ahhhh ;A; nakanaideto eto ;A;
[02:18:29] Nanamka: lolol
[02:18:55] Nanamka: but you didn't had much time to think about it, since he suddenly grabbed your arms
[02:19:05] Nanamka: looked straight in your eyes
[02:19:10] Angie: kyaaaa/////////
[02:20:01] Nanamka: and said with a bit trembling yet cheerful sexy tone
[02:20:08 | Edytowano 02:20:27] Nanamka:  (´☉ ω ☉)<issyoni o futon ni ikkou
[02:20:12] Angie: AHHAHAAHAH
[02:20:14] Angie: AHHAHAHAHHAHAHA
[02:20:22] Angie: LMAOLMAO
[02:20:24] Angie: DAME DA
[02:20:26] Angie: DAME DA
[02:20:31] Angie: ZETTAI WARAUU
[02:20:33] Angie: AFJKLSDAJFLKASJFD;'
[02:20:36] Angie: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH
[02:20:54] Nanamka: hahah even with nekkid sexy Marutan?
[02:21:10] Angie: ahhaha its was the (´☉ ω ☉)face
[02:21:11] Angie: hahahahahha
[02:21:12] Angie: hahahahhahaahahahah
[02:21:24] Nanamka: lolol
[02:21:25] Angie: but hell yeah i'll go to the futon with marutan
[02:21:29] Angie: plz cont
[02:21:32] Angie: m(_ _)m
[02:21:33] Nanamka: lolololol
[02:21:50] Nanamka: whaaaaaa--- I should not drink more. or more often. OTL
[02:22:23] Angie: looool
[02:22:24] Angie: NOOOOO
[02:22:53] Angie: what happens next!? *-*
[02:23:10] Nanamka: and~ you didn't reply instantly. just wanted to tease him. and just wondering why he means by that. is he playing with you?~ what he's thinking?' ( ¬‿¬)うふふ
[02:23:55] Angie: *giggling like an idiot*
[02:24:46] Nanamka: you had a chance to glance at his monitor
[02:24:53] Nanamka: he forget to turn it off
[02:25:01] Nanamka: guess who was calling wwwwww
[02:25:24] Nanamka: and then you read what he typed
[02:25:27] Angie: jack
[02:25:28] Angie: D:
[02:28:14] Angie: nana nana!! dont fall asleep on meee u have to finish thissss *shakes*
[02:29:10] Nanamka: lol
[02:29:41] Nanamka: 'ごめんね,じゃっくさん.やっぱりNNDって...やめろとおもうんだ...なんか...たぶん...けっこんします.いろいろとありがとう--またねええ'
[02:30:53] Nanamka: you stood up there speechless~
[02:31:08] Nanamka: in his thin, yet strong and manly arms
[02:31:13] Angie: OMG
[02:31:14] Angie: OMG
[02:31:14] Angie: OMG
[02:31:17] Angie: (DYING)
[02:31:17] Angie: OMG
[02:31:21] Angie: ;A;
[02:31:35] Nanamka: ...and suddenly burst into tears
[02:32:03] Nanamka: he was totally perplexed and keep on asking 大丈夫だ
[02:32:25] Angie: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[02:32:34] Angie: perfect man whyyyyy
[02:32:36] Angie: 'A'
[02:32:39] Angie: ;A;
[02:32:41] Nanamka: you giggled and answered 問題ない still trough tears
[02:32:47] Angie: lolllll
[02:34:23] Nanamka: he whipped your tears with his finger /not hentai version
[02:34:32] Angie: looool
[02:35:26] Nanamka: your lips were nau so cloooseeee~ すこしずつ.... すこしずつ....
[02:35:36] Angie: //////////////////////////////////////
[02:35:39] Angie: ////////////////////////////
[02:36:46] Nanamka: and next thing you remember was he taking off his guitar and then his cozy and soft futon /with jack's pillow /shot
[02:37:07] Angie: kyakyakya screw the jack pillow its just a pillow
[02:37:24] Nanamka: sleeping nicely in his arms~
[02:37:34] Angie: kyaaaaaaaaaaa//////
[02:37:37] Angie: >///////<
[02:38:14] Nanamka: and he kept talking to himself like 'aaaah... jack's floor was surely uncomfortable wwwwwwwwwwww
[02:38:21] Angie: EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
[02:38:37] Nanamka: lolol from the time when he was visiting jack D:
[02:38:38] Angie: *mental edit it out*
[02:38:39] Nanamka: in march
[02:38:42] Angie: ohhh
[02:38:47] Angie: was he sleeping on his floor?
[02:38:58] Nanamka: yeah, as far as i know
[02:39:07] Angie: SUSPECIOUS
[02:39:14] Nanamka: ...the endo! /o/
[02:39:20] Angie: KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
[02:39:23] Angie: ;A;
[02:39:24] Angie: nana
[02:39:27] Angie: i love you
[02:39:29] Angie: >3<
[02:39:32] Nanamka: ahhh one more thing
[02:39:49] Nanamka: lately it turned out that he forgot he hold nama at the same time
[02:39:52] Nanamka: and camera was on
[02:39:59] Angie: LMAO
[02:40:00] Nanamka: (~^w^)~
[02:40:00] Angie: AHAHHAHAHHA
[02:40:09] Angie: *menta edit it out*
[02:40:12] Angie: *mental
[02:40:15] Nanamka: one of the socks was on camera, but still
[02:40:21] Angie: sounds
[02:40:22] Angie: D:
[02:40:23] Angie: lol
[02:40:41] Nanamka: ok, definitely end
[02:41:03] Nanamka: and I swear I will not drink again in the night D:
[02:41:07] Angie: i will edit this chat log n send it to u LOLLLLL
[02:41:13] Nanamka: ........................
[02:41:36] Angie: *treasures chat log forever*
[02:42:03] Nanamka: ...i think i should start to delete my lines nau
[02:42:54] Angie: NOOOOOOOO
[02:42:56] Angie: PLEASE DUNNNN
[02:42:56] Angie: D:
[02:43:08] Nanamka: lol but it's wronggggg
[02:43:31] Nanamka: you will remember me as totally perv
[02:44:59] Angie: no i love u
[02:45:01] Angie: *-*
[02:45:21] Angie: *saves chat b4 u can delete it
[02:45:23 | Usunięto 02:46:37] Nanamka: Wiadomość została usunięta
[02:45:32] Angie: LOL
[02:45:55 | Usunięto 02:46:33] Nanamka: Wiadomość została usunięta
[02:46:05 | Edytowano 02:46:29] Nanamka: .......ok, nearly 3 am *khem*
[02:46:22] Angie: LMAOOOO
[02:47:02] Nanamka: ...poor Deza, she dunno what she missed .___.
[02:47:14] Nanamka: ahhh but since it was nothing...........
[02:47:17] Nanamka: no more.
[02:48:21] Nanamka: wut wut
[02:48:22] Nanamka: KYAAAAA///////// fuwafuwa+late night Nana is a hentai~~~///////////////////
[02:48:27] Nanamka: WUT D:
[02:48:31] Angie: hehehe
[02:49:26] Nanamka: ...well, consider it as repay for video of Mautan <3
[02:49:30] Nanamka: TIEEEE
[02:49:50] Angie: everytime i see a screenshot of it or rewatch it or hear him sing toeto im gonna think of ur story now
[02:49:56] Angie: it was amazing *-*
[02:50:02] Angie: i love uuuu
[02:50:05] Angie: i really really dooooo
[02:51:17] Angie: and i really think u should sleep now
[02:51:18] Angie: lol
[02:51:36] Angie: sweet dreams of jack crying after marutan sent him that msg n u comforting him on his futon
[02:51:37] Angie: 8D
[02:52:26] Nanamka: I can't sleep nau
[02:52:27] Nanamka: LOL
[02:52:35] Nanamka: LOLOLOL
[02:52:47] Nanamka: you should type that part of story
[02:53:04] Nanamka: ...singing Yaranaika >3
[02:53:06] Angie: ok im off work in a few more mins but lets type some
[02:53:11] Angie: hahahahahhaha
[02:53:14] Nanamka: lolol
[02:53:16] Angie: u want him to sing yaranaika!?
[02:53:19] Nanamka: wktk
[02:53:23] Nanamka: NO
[02:53:29] Angie: cannot imagine D:
[02:53:32] Nanamka: Marutan! instead Toeto
[02:53:41] Angie: ahhahaha
[02:53:46] Angie: ok
[02:54:14] Angie: jack was getting worried, marutan said he would skype call him after he got home from work so they could decide waht to do for tonights asamck
[02:54:18] Nanamka: besides MY work is undone .____. somehow
[02:54:27] Nanamka: lololol
[02:54:29] Angie: hmmm
[02:54:35] Angie: u can add to ur story too
[02:54:35] Angie: lol
[02:54:50] Angie: it was already 6pm! where is marutan!? thought jack
[02:55:10] Angie: anxious, jack tries to call marutan on skype anyways
[02:55:17] Angie: ring ring ring ring
[02:55:33] Angie: it rang for the the longest time, jack was about to hang up when the call got declined
[02:55:48] Angie: and he sees marutan's skype pencil start typing
[02:55:58] Angie: <insert that marriage text here>
[02:56:21] Angie: jack laughed, marutan surely must be joking
[02:56:26] Angie: it was so sudden n out of no where
[02:56:52] Angie: "but we promised we would do this till we grow old n wrinkly marutan!" types jack
[02:57:15] Angie: "what r u talking about marriage!? stop joking around we need to decide what to do for tonight's show!"
[02:57:29] Angie: but jack waited n waited and there was no reply
[02:57:46] Angie: he tried to call again but marutan didn't pick up and didn't even reject his call anymore
[02:57:51] Angie: hey nana r u stillt here?
[02:57:52] Angie: LOL
[02:58:24] Angie: ahhh
[02:58:26] Angie: i gotta go
[02:58:27] Angie: one minnnn
[02:58:32] Angie: i shall finsih this whne i get home
[02:58:34] Angie: noshinoshi
[02:58:38] Nanamka: yeah yeah
[02:58:39] Nanamka: wwwwwwwwwwww
[02:58:47] Angie: u'll be sleeping
[02:58:50] Angie: but i'll just type it out
[02:58:52] Angie: LOLLLL
[02:58:53] Nanamka: one min LOL
[02:59:04] Nanamka: oh I'll try to sleep .___.
[02:59:07] Angie: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[02:59:12] Nanamka: it's not easy nau, i'm too awaken
[02:59:15] Nanamka: byeeeee
[05:08:55] Angie:   k my brain died i dunno how to contiune that to make it eroi
[05:08:56] Angie: LOL
[09:17:45] Nanamka: lol
[09:17:47] Nanamka: hi hi
[09:18:04] Angie: chuchuchuchucchcdas;fl;kas
[09:18:14] Nanamka: .........
[09:18:32] Angie: fuuuuuuwa
[09:18:36] Nanamka: wwww
[09:18:48] Nanamka: haha timezones wwwwww, yeah
[09:19:20] Angie: lollll
[09:19:24] Angie: orz
[09:20:25] Nanamka: and i'm disappointedddd
[09:20:34] Nanamka: no moar of Jack and my part?!
[09:20:38] Angie: whyyyyyy
[09:20:40] Angie: oh
[09:20:45] Angie: cuz i wasnt fuwafuwa
[09:20:46] Angie: lets do it now
[09:21:03] Nanamka: lol
[09:21:03] Angie: he tried to call again but marutan didn't pick up and didn't even reject his call anymoreok this part
[09:21:18] Nanamka: (type, i'm going make some breakfest lol)
[09:21:35] Angie: jack san was devastated! so he decided to go for a walk in the woods (like those photos he tweeted last time)
[09:22:10] Angie: BUT
[09:22:11] Angie: he has been wandering the woods all emo for atleast an hour now n decided he was being stupid n should really go home to try to contact marutan again
[09:22:16] Angie: he was lost D:
[09:22:46] Angie: he starts yelling "HAROOOOO!? ANYONE THERE!? HAROOOOOO???"
[09:23:00] Angie: When suddenly a dog jumps out n pins him to the ground
[09:23:22] Angie: "NO!! BAD <insert dogs name>!! DOWN BOY DOWN!"
[09:23:41] Angie: and a girl comes running out the trees after the dog
[09:23:51] Angie: can i make this R9999999999?
[09:24:41] Angie: jack was dazed even after the girl had pulled the dog off him
[09:24:53] Angie: he was covered in dog slobber and too shocked to move
[09:25:11] Angie: the girl  kneels down and looks at him with concern
[09:25:34] Nanamka: can i make this R9999999999?wut wut wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
[09:25:41] Angie: "ummmm are you ok? you look awfully pale...." she said as she poke him in the ribs
[09:26:13] Angie: anyways
[09:26:37] Angie: shocked by the touch jack jumps up and accidentally pulls a muscle
[09:26:43] Angie: 8D
[09:27:03] Angie: and falls back down to the ground
[09:27:09] Nanamka: lolol why you hurt him wwwwww nuu
[09:27:12] Angie: LMAO
[09:27:13] Nanamka: sadist!
[09:27:14] Angie: HAHAHHAHAHA
[09:27:18] Angie: NYAHAHAHAHAHA
[09:27:19] Angie: hahahahhahaha
[09:27:22] Angie: ok
[09:27:38] Angie: seeing this the dog jumps on him agian n rips his clothes off?
[09:28:16] Angie: then it starts raining
[09:28:24] Angie: so they have to go find shelter
[09:28:33] Angie: but because jack now has no shirt hes shaking n freezing
[09:29:20] Angie: the girl made a small fire with what ever dry pieces of wood she could find and spreaded out their clothes to dry
[09:29:37] Angie: to keep themselves warm the naked jack, naked girl n dog had to huddle together to keep warm
[09:29:42] Angie: thing happen
[09:29:49] Angie: the end
[09:29:57] Angie: *bows*

What the, did I really wrote this... Hahahaha. Brb, dying now.


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