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 Hi, I'm just digging out Asamack Radio history or something. I didn't know them by then, so sorry, those are just gathered information!

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This time story started more or less at Asamack nama, 1st December 2011. They started nama pretty late, around 1AM~ They were just playing Minecraft and talking, like always. Bouyomi-chan (comments reader) was on, so they could follow listeners comments. One of them asked:

Did Marutan send mail to Keisen-san?

Image artist: ぴよすけ Source: Pixiv

Silence. Jack-san picked up question and started to bother Marutan.

Jack: Marutan, did you send it to Keisen-san?
Marutan: Eh, like call?
Jack: Mail. Or you didn't?
Marutan: I do not.
Jack. YAAAAAY! And birthday already ended! HIDOIIII. YOU FORGET FOORGEEET ♪ Even tho I was reminding about it. You're the worst hahahaha.

Marutan was totally clueless, why he would send her mail and why would people ask about it? Jack started to laugh like crazy. People started to say that あさくんはひどい (Asa-kun is terrible) and that it's not daijoubu, like he says. Jack had great fun. He himself send her already birthday wishes on time! Marutan tried to defend himself and said he doesn't remember b-day dates. Besides Jack-san's. HAHAHA. So people went crazy, calling them いちゃまっく (Ichimakku) and tons of comments. Marutan remained silent during all fangirling rage. Even people realized they might've gone too far and started to apologize and ask him to say anything... Well, he just disappeared for few long minutes to write late e-mail to Keisen, but he mentioned it just when he returned, so people were really afraid he might'd felt offended wwwww Well, after that he just got back to play Minecraft as ealier and ignored even Jack's comments on Keisen.

Few words of explanation. Asa-kun and whole phrase has it's own history. Long ago, Marutan was playing some Date Sim and he was using such nickname here. Later Jack joined in as Jakko and also started to call him like that. He tried to pick up some tsun tsun girl, but he was not enough manly, so it was fail. Like situation A: there's some dangerous situation, you should defend the girl - what will Marutan do?! Run away. Indeed. So あさくんはひどい is like Asamack meme, used by listeners, when he fail as a man toward a woman. Or by Jack when he's fooling around as Jakko. 

いちゃまっく (Ichimakku) is mix of Asamack and イチャイチャ which means flirting.

Keisen-san's birthday was 30th November.

So, what happened next... They ended nama at 3 am. Hour or two later, Keisen-san get up and started to tweet, like how she planned to sleep longer and now, she's awake and probably going to work soon. And then...

Uwaaaa I got mails from Choucho and Marutan!ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ Now I feel like I got back my energy to do anything today!

@keisen1130 僕も送ったんやけどスルーするのかい?なるほど、どうなるかお楽しみに(´☉言☉)
I also sent you one and you just ignored it? I see, I will gladly watch what will happen soon (´☉言☉)

Thank you for all those congratulation messages I got yesterday! I'm really so happy! I would love to reply on every single one, but I really don't have time for this (´;ω;`) Pictures and photos... I will keep all of them as my treasures! I really value them! So, so much! I love you all ~。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

I replied for your mail, but you didn't receive it?! Oh my...  And the contents are so tasty~ I shall re-send it again now!

まるたんがなんでメール送ったのは今日のあさまっくを見てダメージうけるといいよ(* ╹▽╹)
Well, when she will watch today's Asamakku TS, she will know why Marutan sent her bday msg. It will hurt (* ╹▽╹)

(∩ ゚д゚)アーアーきこえなーいw現実を見たくなーいwwwwwいいもん、とりあえず返信でまるたんに愛を叫んでおいたもんwww
(∩ ゚д゚) oh noes, I hadn't listen yet. I refuse to see reality haha. It's ok, as for now I just answered to Marutan's mail with a lot of love haha.

And yet Jack-tan just simply sent me mail as first person haha and now such tsundere haha (*´ω`*)

Well, after that Jack just was his always self - I mean drinking umeshu. He got supplies so he drinks, because he loves. Later he hold nama, playing Pigg... He started to say how he's memories about last Asamack radio as kinda blurred (he was drinking umeshu). He can't tell the momemnt when he can't remember anything anymore. He didn't remember teasing Keisen-san on twitter later. He said he remembers sending her b-day message and she replied soon as always. But then, she just goes on Twitter mentioning only Choucho and Marutan...! So he was just angry at her not mentioning also him. LOL.

So, what's about Marutan's point of view on this matter? Well, quite unusual, because he felt like... trying to figure out why he doesn't remember birthday dates. And it turned out quite personal stuff huh.

That reminds me, I wonder why we don't celebrate birthdays in our home...

Maybe because my birthday is soon after my younger brother death anniversary

(?! of course he'd never mentioned he had another brother. And talking about it so suddenly in such casual way HUH.)

Long ago, I remember whining about wanting a birthday gift w

Question: By the way, what was that present that you wanted?
Ah, that's old childhood story, but I'm sure it was... G-shock's wristwatch haha

That reminds me, dad and mom also do not celebrate their [marriage] anniversary. Like father, like son.

By the way, since they got married, they are always sleeping in 1 bed together. Getting along so well~

Question: For a second I thought it's about Marutan....! (*゚Д゚*) Haha.
Haha it's about my parents.



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