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Asamack set up special (halloween) broadcast at 31st October 2015 and every registered fan can register for TS:

The one setting it was Jack and all listeners should be able to tell, that he's usually ending nama with words in title - mata ne.
Why he should use such title? Well... some era of Asamack is ending.

Asamack duo is amazing. They are doing broadcasts literally EVERY FUCKING NIGHT since around October 2009 - for 6 years! Usually around midnight, the two of them. If one couldn't appear, the other hold namahousou alone. And like this, for all those years. It's really amazing. People asked them many times how they can not be bored about it, but they said they are not. But could it go on forever...? 

Looking few months back, Asamack became stagnant and it could't be helped. Those are small changes, but I think every Asamack fan could tell them. They started to be busy... especially Marutan have more work, is more tired, have difficulties with staying late in the night for Asamack. Jack is still vigorous, but became more stable too. They used to drink so much, nowadays it's rare when they are even a bit drunk. Guests stopped comming, many people started their own carriers or quietly quitted nico douga. Listeners grew older with Asamack, started to be busy with adult lives, stopped listening to actual Asamack and joined "TS-ing group" (listening to timeshifts the next day) and number of everyday listeners dropped to 200-300 people (there used to be more than 1k everynight). But Asamack tried to remain the same :)

But lately the motivation dropped rapidly. For many weeks, guiding Asamack Radio became Jack's "duty". Marutan appeared rarely and mostly on weekends. Sometimes Marutan was supposed to join Asamack, but was so tired he felt asleep and Jack was again left alone... Even if Marutan appeared they were just mostly playing games - mainly Splatoon. Let's be honest - it's not the most interesting part of Asamack. Jack alone started to use Asamack for his utawaku, instead of his own community - year or two ago, it was unthinkable.

And then, after another one Asamack with Jack only, something changed. Jack, probably worn-out of this, started to start nama, but with video-only. No talking, no commenting. Just transmitting him playing Splatoon with listeners... and it lasted for few days. Something totally unusual (unless both of them were sick). 

After few days of such weird Asamack, Jack made statement on twitter:
じゃっく ‏@Jack_sk  Oct 18
I made up my mind! I will make announcement at today's broadcast so people who can listen, please come. For me personally, I was thinking - it isn't such big deal...? so that statement might be like this. 
But to me (as Asamack) it's very important statement. It's a result of my thinking-over it so please listen.

Long story short, they decided it's impossible to hold Asamack Radio every night any longer. It just lost its meaning and instead of having fun, it became a burden. Situation has changed, life happens... Marutan can't come everynight, so it's pointless. Plus, it was inevitable that at some point instead of doing broadcast because they want, it will become like - they have to do it, because they are doing it everynight. But listeners should not fret! It's not the end of Asamack Radio - they will still do it! But occassionally, when they feel like it~ So they were joking it's like, Asamack season 2.

The last of everynight broadcast will be the Halloween one. Starting from November 2015, Asamack will do nama randomly.

My personal opinion:

Thank you Asamack for all those years! I must admit, I became addicted in no time. Whenever I could, I was listening to them (even thought my japanese is limited) everyday. There were no time when I skipped Asamack Radio for longer of my own will (it was because of hospital or university). A day without Asamack was weird day :)

Now it will definitely be weird to me. I will surely turn out my PC after returning from my work and without thinking, will try to see if Asamack is already on. And it will be super weird, if oh, no Asamack tonight... But I'm happy. Even I got a little tired of prolonging stagnant atmosphere. It was dead-end situation. I hated it when Jack was forcing himself to do nama (he hardly ever bitched about it himself). So I'm wishing it would really change into something new, Asamack needed such refreshment.

And yeah, it could be beginning of the end, but that can't be helped too. I'm curious how it will change... how often they will do nama now... what ideas they will bring... if this will bring new quality to Asamack? Or maybe it will die out slowly. We will see.

But anyways, I must say: thank you Asamack for all those Asamack broadcasts! You are awesome :)

Mata ne! See you soon!!

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