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2012.02.24 Obaasan chatroom
[20:45:10] Deza: on jack... in the train earlier, i thought about jack not showing himself
[20:45:23] Deza: cuz he's actually part of some reputable family so if he shows himself it'll be so much trouble
[20:45:54] Deza: so his being friends with super futsuu like mauntan
[20:46:01] Deza: means a LOOOOT to him
[20:46:03] Nanami: yeah and that's pretty possible since everybody remains silent
[20:46:29] Deza: and he's all awake just anytime hahaha
[20:46:41] Nanami: and he probably doesn't live with family ne
[20:46:44] Deza: he doesn't mention having a job does he? XD;
[20:46:45] Nanami: or have BIG house
[20:46:53] Deza: he might be in a separate house
[20:46:55] Nanami: of course he dun work nor study
[20:46:58] Deza: for being rebellious
[20:47:04] Deza: but he has ample monetary support
[20:47:10] Nanami: haha like singing in the middle of the night?
[20:47:12] Deza: but not to buy video games and such. just for a living
[20:47:28] Deza: maybe he has duties but doesn't want to perform them
[20:47:43] Deza: it's like an anime story hahaha
[20:47:46] Nanami: yeah and he might be enchanted by Marutan's bonds with his own family lol
[20:47:57] Nanami: cuz Marutan's family is pretty warm and fluffy ne
[20:48:07] Nanami: maji Jack ouji ne
[20:48:18] Deza: yeah i can't confirm this... but during one of those times he was down and all
[20:48:32] Deza: i remember him tweeting sth that made me think he disliked his relatives
[20:48:39] Deza: i can't remember details tho ><
[20:48:49] Deza: just the impression it left on me lol
[20:48:59] Nanami: i just remember him tweeting all panicked about his "hahaue"
[20:48:59] Deza: not immediate family tho, just relatives
[20:49:04] Nanami: going to hospital ne
[20:49:15] Deza: maji jack ouji
[20:49:17] Nanami: but rly, he uses this full respective form
[20:49:42] Nanami: Marutan just commented "this guy wants to be left alone when he has problems" lol
[20:49:59] Nanami: i have my small theory
[20:50:09] Deza: ohoho mama theory
[20:50:15] Nanami: that Jack is son of this Mitsuko or how-she-was-named
[20:50:26] Deza: who is that? LOL
[20:50:45] Nanami: ah she's one of higher ups, like my husbando >w<
[20:51:15] Deza: okay i will google her later XD
[20:51:28] Deza: but yeah, jack will be in trouble if he shows himself
[20:51:31] Deza: being part of show business is kind of looked down by reputable families and all in japan
[20:52:25] Deza: there's this one arashi guy, who went and took econ in keio univ in japan cuz his family is in politics and were really really against his being part of a boyband and all lol
[20:53:06] Deza: he was also doing newscasting the last time i saw him lol
[20:53:18] Deza: i guess he just really wanted to prove a point haha
[20:53:36] Nanami: well Jack just seems a type that runs away when feels pressure ne
[20:53:49] Deza: yeah he doesn't seem to like people in general
[20:54:11] Deza: i remember when he unfollowed people 8D;;
[20:54:20] Nanami: hahaha yeah
[20:54:28] Nanami: now he has plenty again (relatively)
[20:54:41] Nanami: and it's Marutan who changed him so much 8Dd
[20:54:49] Deza: and said sth about how it's hard to get along with the people the people you get along with....
[20:55:04] Deza: i was trying to reword that and gave up lol
[20:55:30] Nanami: Jack sometimes was showing her pics at his nama 8Dd
[20:55:40] Nanami: well he quite often shows random photos of well-known ppl... he said sth like this?
[20:56:19] Deza: oh, but she's in entertainment hmmm
[20:56:40] Nanami: well age is ok ne 8Dd
[20:56:52] Deza: i can't remember if it was before or after he unfollowed people
[20:56:58] Deza: but it was around that time
[20:57:33] Nanami: well but since she is in entertaiment and in nnd
[20:57:45] Nanami: he might not want to be connected with her ne
[20:57:56] Nanami: and he's totally against going pro
[20:57:56] Deza: LOL
[20:58:03] Deza: age is really kanpeki
[20:58:06] Nanami: so it's like NO PRESSURE OK
[20:58:11] Nanami: yeah =v=
[20:58:15] Nanami: Jack's 1987
[20:58:18] Nanami: or so i believe
[20:58:31] Deza: yes he's mine and jijii's age
[20:59:48] Nanami: well, this theory is kanpeki sugiru.
[20:59:56] Deza: lololol
[21:00:00] Deza: it really fits huh XD
[21:00:14] Deza: all these info
[21:00:20] Nanami: yeah, i remember i started to think about it
[21:00:26] Nanami: cuz ok, i know official photos
[21:00:38] Nanami: but he was showing some... that looked like from cellphone
[21:00:45] Deza: LOL
[21:00:54] Deza: ohoho
[21:00:56] Deza: ayashii ne
[21:00:58] Nanami:
[21:01:03] Nanami: thats official one ne 8Dd
[21:01:48] Deza: so when he tweeted sth about his mother
[21:01:55] Deza: something happened to mitsuko?
[21:01:57] Nanami: too bad there's no info if she has children lol
[21:01:59] Nanami: dunno
[21:02:09] Deza: ohoho
[21:02:21] Nanami: i bet she's not so famous to get into news or sth lol
[21:02:23] Deza: well japanese can hide anything anyway
[21:02:43] Nanami:
[21:02:46] Nanami: less official one lol
[21:03:13] Deza: lol ayashii hahaha
[21:03:18] Nanami: yeah lololol
[21:03:24] Nanami: it was around 5 am in japan time nama
[21:03:56] Nanami: (btw its his inspiration for orichara-chan  hahahahaha)
[21:04:04] Nanami: that's why there's "niteru" hahaha
[21:04:27] Deza: LOL
[21:04:40] Deza: jack lololol
[21:04:43] Nanami: plus there's one other amazing thing!
[21:04:45] Deza: maji yame wwwwwwww
[21:04:50] Deza: ahhhahahaha
[21:04:53] Nanami: she was guest at nicoradio hosted by Marutan
[21:04:55] Nanami: 8Dd
[21:05:00] Deza: LOL
[21:05:01] Deza: wth
[21:05:04] Nanami: nee
[21:05:06] Nanami: hahahahaha
[21:05:31] Deza: so is he like this child between a reputable family dad
[21:05:38] Deza: and an entertainment person mom
[21:05:44] Deza: and he likes entertainment
[21:05:49] Deza: but is being pressured by dad side
[21:05:54] Deza: is that it? hahahaha
[21:05:59] Deza: it's so anime haha
[21:06:01] Nanami: he neved had mention his father, not even once
[21:06:15] Deza: yeah maybe he is kind of cast out a bit
[21:06:25] Deza: or maybe even better
[21:06:30] Deza: his dad's dead
[21:06:33] Deza: i mean not better better
[21:06:34] Nanami: i think he's hikikomori lol
[21:06:38] Deza: just better for anime
[21:06:46] Nanami: or was at the brink of becoming one lolol
[21:06:49] Nanami: but Marutan saved him 8Dd
[21:07:05] Deza: and his dad side obaachan is going to die soon
[21:07:08] Deza: and he's the heir
[21:07:14] Deza: but he's being rebellious about it
[21:07:18] Nanami: pfffffffff
[21:07:22] Deza: so anime =w=
[21:07:26] Deza: maji jack ouji
[21:07:49] Nanami: yeahhhh
[21:08:06] Nanami: and since his family is rich they pay for him disturbing night silence hahahaha
[21:08:14] Deza: ahahahaha
[21:08:21] Deza: he lives in the non-main house
[21:08:31] Deza: which is really a large western mansion
[21:08:44] Deza: the main house is a large japanese style mansion/estate lol
[21:08:44] Nanami: in osaka ne
[21:08:59] Deza: yes
[21:09:12] Deza: which is why even tho he never seems to mention a job
[21:09:18] Deza: he can't move to tokyo
[21:09:37] Nanami: and maybe that's why Marutan can't address him "Jakku"
[21:09:38] Nanami: LOL
[21:09:43] Deza: ahahaha
[21:09:47] Deza: bocchama dakara na
[21:09:52] Nanami: cuz he just have to show him respect 8Dd
[21:09:54] Deza: maji ouji sugi wwwww
[21:09:57] Nanami: yup yup
[21:10:01] Deza: ahahahahaha
[21:10:12] Nanami: if he was just random stranger
[21:10:16] Nanami: it would be way too weird ne
[21:10:38] Nanami: ok, it's possible for close friends to just ask to keep quiet
[21:11:15] Nanami: but ehhh it's like everybody are under magic charm
[21:11:45] Deza: oh oh and b kun is the not so amazingly rich but pretty well off family friend's son? ahahahaha
[21:11:53] Deza: lol magic charm
[21:12:01] Nanami: everybody seems to avoid Jack's topic like it's non existant
[21:12:12] Deza: ayashii neeee
[21:12:15] Deza: aahahaha
[21:12:18] Nanami: yeah yeah
[21:12:28] Deza: i never actually thought about it before
[21:12:36] Nanami: well Bkun owns restaurant or at least is pretty highly ranked in it
[21:12:52] Deza: ohhh restaurant family son!
[21:12:55] Deza: perfect
[21:13:30] Nanami: attaaaaaaa!
[21:13:30] Deza: are they childhood friends?
[21:13:30] Nanami:
[21:13:34] Nanami: yup
[21:14:18] Nanami: too bad I missed this one radio QAQ
[21:14:30] Deza: oh who are these?
[21:14:40] Nanami: i'm pretty curious now about how Marutan behaved toward Mitsuko-san lol
[21:14:45] Deza: ohhh
[21:14:47] Deza: okay lol
[21:14:48] Nanami: white haired guy is the second host
[21:15:24] Deza: ahahaha jack maji ouji
[21:15:26] Deza: maji deeee
[21:15:39] Nanami: Dai-chan
[21:15:51] Nanami: hmmm his well known too
[21:16:01] Deza: idk him XD
[21:16:01] Nanami: the young guy is the other guest
[21:16:46] Nanami: Asakura Daisuke
[21:17:15] Deza: un, shiran
[21:17:45] Nanami: he's jPop artist connected to Access and T.M.Revolution
[21:17:57] Nanami: producer, songwriter, musican.... etc 8D
[21:18:04] Deza: ohh okaaay
[21:18:07] Nanami: pretty nice adhd ojiichan
[21:18:19] Deza: yeah when i first heard access on d.gray man
[21:18:31] Deza: i was like.. ehh, was the op TM revo?!
[21:18:42] Deza: and then it turns out it was just written by the same person LOL
[21:18:54] Nanami: un un
[21:18:59] Deza: lol adhd ojiichan XD
[21:20:39] Nanami: anyways I really like my theory
[21:21:04] Nanami: tho there's one gap 8Dd
[21:21:27] Deza: i like the theory too 8D
[21:21:30] Deza: what's the gap?
[21:21:40] Nanami: it's Tolie 8D
[21:21:50] Deza: eh?
[21:21:52] Nanami: they surely met with Jack quite often
[21:22:10] Nanami: and well, there's reason why Tolie's remaining out of nnd ne
[21:22:33] Deza: oh i thought that was cuz of a contract?
[21:22:34] Nanami: there's high chance it's because of his contract
[21:22:37] Nanami: yeah
[21:22:45] Deza: but well meeting up shouldn't be a problem XD
[21:22:55] Deza: jack's reputable family will be all busy and stuff
[21:23:07] Deza: so they won't go picking about all his little friends
[21:23:13] Nanami: well yeah hahah but this reputable name should be a problem!
[21:23:18] Nanami: hahahaha
[21:23:43] Nanami: maybe Tolie's high-ups are connected with Mitsuko
[21:23:45] Nanami: lololol
[21:24:00] Deza: tourai seems like the type of person who will just go ehhhh jack is an ouji?! sugoi nee
[21:24:07] Deza: then they will proceed to eat takoyaki
[21:24:09] Deza: or sth lol
[21:24:15] Angie: ouji of doS nation
[21:24:20] Nanami: LOL
[21:24:23] Nanami: of UNK nation
[21:24:35] Nanami: maoh
[21:24:57] Deza: jijii, i guess being best friends with jack is not going to be so easy after all :<
[21:25:10] Deza: oh yeah on random dsk moment, i will paste what i typed earlier lol
[21:25:11] Nanami: LOLOL
[21:25:18] Deza: on random dsk moment XD they were asking everyone about their fave konbini... and dsk said he's a 7 eleven person. cuz their bento quality is higher. and everyone was like "but the price (nedan) is higher too!" and dsk went "nedan nado shiran!" LOLOL maji tono hahaha
[21:25:24] Nanami: haha but we know his real name now!
[21:25:27] Nanami: or at least, surname
[21:25:33] Nanami: Komuro Jakku pffffffffff
[21:25:38] Deza: LOL
[21:25:52] Deza: ahhh if only my japanese were better
[21:25:57] Deza: stalking would be so much easier
[21:26:03] Deza: i could do a search on famous komuros
[21:26:08] Deza: narrow it down
[21:26:09] Nanami: lol Dsk
[21:26:12] Angie: LOL
[21:26:13] Deza: etc
[21:26:14] Angie: JACK
[21:26:16] Angie: COME TO MEEEEEE
[21:26:30] Angie: i was gonna type drinking
[21:26:31] Angie: but missed the ing
[21:26:35] Angie: ./wrist
[21:26:35] Nanami: ah, Jack just got sake supplies today.
[21:26:57] Deza: LOL
[21:27:00] Deza: sake supplies
[21:27:04] Nanami: well they got this awesome nama ne?
[21:27:05] Angie: lol
[21:27:06] Angie: share with me jaaaaaaaaack
[21:27:08] Nanami: drunkards.
[21:27:13] Deza: i understood that
[21:27:16] Nanami: "MARUTAN CALL ME JAKKU. JUST ONCE."
[21:27:22] Angie: LOL
[21:27:32] Angie: and he kept counting down from 5
[21:27:37] Nanami: plus yesterday was lololol too!
[21:27:37] Angie: 5 4 3 2 1 *silence*
[21:27:46] Nanami: yeah
[21:27:47] Nanami: hahahaha
[21:27:47] Deza: LOLOL
[21:27:49] Nanami: MURIMURIMURI
[21:27:51] Angie: LOOOL oh yeah i remember that xD
[21:27:52] Deza: hahaha mauntan
[21:27:57] Deza: maji ouji

[21:29:18] Nanami: hand-shaking event I mean
[21:29:27] Nanami: but then, moment of silence
[21:29:35] Nanami: Jack: ehhhhh muri desu yo. zettai konai!
[21:29:40] Angie: OHHHH
[21:29:52] Nanami: and he was pretty straighforward about this hahahaha
[21:29:59] Angie: I WOULD GRAB AND RUN
[21:30:00] Nanami: it was almost rude 8Dd
[21:30:31] Deza: run for your life? lol
[21:30:55] Nanami: then Marutan started to talk like when Jack's is traveling in train
[21:30:57] Angie: yes while dragging marutan with me
[21:31:02] Nanami: he should put paper bag on his head
[21:31:08] Deza: LOL
[21:31:13] Deza: JACK
[21:31:20] Nanami: but still people would recognize him by his IHIHIHIHIH and hands
[21:31:27] Deza: close enough to boxhead 888888
[21:31:29] Angie: hahahahhahahahah
[21:31:29] Deza: LOL
[21:31:32] Deza: hands ahaha
[21:31:40] Angie: i will volunteer to draw a jack head on the bag lol
[21:31:42] Nanami: Jack started to wonder if he should clip his nails then
[21:31:52] Nanami: to somehow disguise his hands
[21:31:59] Nanami: lol do it Angie
[21:32:00] Angie: gloves
[21:32:00] Deza:  Angie:  i will volunteer to draw a jack head on the bag lolit needs to be creepy cute
[21:32:14] Angie: oh u need to see the one i drew mama 8Db
[21:32:21] Nanami: with (*´▽`*) on the front of the bag!
[21:32:26] Nanami: hohoho
[21:32:42] Deza: oh i forgot about the kaomoji ahaha

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[2010.11.13] Skype chatroom with Angie

Part about Marutan in suit.
[21:56:04] Angie: *goes back to remembering how marutan undid that tie*
[21:56:11] Angie: alcohol
[21:56:13] Angie: so amazing
[21:56:16] Angie: *-*
[21:57:25] Nanamka: ohh alcohooool, here I come~ www
[21:58:07] Angie: marutan had some alcohol during the wedding so he was kinda fuwafuwa
[21:58:24] Angie: he was saying something liek if the cam dusn work hes jsut gonna strip cuz he didnt want to be in teh suit anymore
[21:58:32] Angie: so everyone was going STRIP STRIP
[21:59:06] Angie: n hten i think someone told him to do that during when the camera was on
[21:59:11] Angie: so he undid the die n button
[21:59:12] Angie: alsdkfjlaskjdflaskjf
[21:59:14] Angie: *remembers*
[21:59:16] Angie: ////////////////////
[21:59:52] Nanamka: HOOOOOOOOO
[22:01:03] Angie: MARU TAN
[22:01:07] Angie: it was so hot
[22:01:07] Angie: orz
[22:01:11] Angie: omg
[22:01:13] Angie: my brain exploded
[22:01:20] Angie: need to watch it again
[22:01:22] Angie: orz
[22:01:32] Angie: THANK YOU
[22:01:34] Angie: *bows*
[22:04:11] Nanamka: so hell true
[22:08:36] Angie: yaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr
[22:23:42] Nanamka: MARUTAN
[22:23:46] Nanamka: *dies*
[22:24:56] Nanamka: but he didn't undid the button on video D:
[22:24:58] Nanamka: but tieeee
[22:25:02] Nanamka: mkofkldml
[22:25:23] Angie: no he did
[22:25:26] Angie: u know how after he un did the die
[22:25:35] Angie: he stuck his hand in his collar?
[22:25:38] Angie: *tie
[22:25:53] Nanamka: mmmmmmmmmmm
[22:26:58] Angie: marutan
[22:27:03] Angie: *drool*
[22:30:33] Angie: djfalsfjlaskf

Random interval
[22:31:00] Angie: i think im gonna draw that last pic for krd. once i see something i want to draw in my head i have to draw it n get it out of my system
[22:31:04] Angie: now its just bothering me
[22:31:04] Angie: aldsfjlaskdfjas
[22:38:25] Nanamka: lolol
[22:39:15] Angie: seriousllyyy i have to get it outtttt
[23:20:59] Nanamka: d'aaaw.
[23:21:22] Angie: O3O
[23:28:55] Nanamka: ANGIEEE~
[23:30:11] Angie: NANAAAAAAAAAAA
[23:30:29] Nanamka: ;w;
[23:30:37] Angie: D:
[23:30:38] Angie: whats wrongggg
[23:30:58] Nanamka: nothinggg, just still emo
[23:31:05] Nanamka: I need some choco orz
[23:31:09] Nanamka: but there's noneeeeeee
[23:31:11] Nanamka: LOL
[23:31:12] Angie: choco with rum
[23:31:13] Angie: lol
[23:31:15] Angie: D:
[23:31:29] Angie: when its closer to xmas
[23:31:32] Angie: eggnog with rum
[23:31:40] Nanamka: choco with vodka :3
[23:31:45] Angie: mmmmmmmmmm
[23:32:09] Nanamka: *drolls* but hey, there's noneeee
[23:32:19] Angie: time to stock up
[23:33:13] Nanamka: and all combini are closed for sure wwwww
[23:33:30] Nanamka: besides i'm already in pajamas =w=
[23:33:36] Nanamka: wwwwwwwwwwwwww chocooo
[23:33:38] Angie: awwwww
[23:33:53] Angie: i wish i was at home in my Pjs rite now
[23:33:54] Angie: =v=
[23:34:27] Nanamka: lol but you -should- be sleeping and I will be somewhere working or so. wwww
[23:34:49] Angie: orz
[23:34:53] Angie: damn timezones
[23:35:15] Nanamka: well, not so bad since you have internet at work / school
[23:35:26] Angie: lol yeah thats true
[23:35:29] Nanamka: if you wouldn't it would be hardddd wwww
[23:35:36] Angie: yeahhh
[23:35:47] Angie: n if deza didnt sleep at weird times we wouldnt be A.N.D.
[23:35:48] Angie: :(
[23:40:58] Nanamka: LOL
[23:41:00] Nanamka: A.N.D.
[23:41:02] Nanamka: LOL
[23:41:18] Angie: it fits so well that its funny
[23:41:19] Angie: lol
[23:41:21] Nanamka: mmmm speaking of which...
[23:42:09] Angie: communication only through twitter with her is painful
[23:43:20] Nanamka: though her self-convo is amusing www
[23:43:30] Angie: lol they r entertaining to read

Suddenly, Dasoku starts nama.
[23:47:29] Nanamka: wtf
[23:47:30] Nanamka: Dsk
[23:47:35] Angie: now?
[23:47:37] Angie: lol
[23:52:43] Angie: LOL
[23:52:53] Nanamka: YESSS
[00:00:52] Angie: i like this face lately
[00:00:54] Angie: (´ー`)/ yo!
[00:00:55] Angie: lol
[00:00:57] Angie: xD
[00:01:17] Nanamka: lololol
[00:09:28] Angie: moka
[00:09:30] Angie: why so cute
[00:09:32] Angie: ;_;
[00:10:09] Nanamka: ehh?
[00:10:11] Nanamka: where?
[00:10:24] Angie: oh
[00:10:29] Angie: just remembering
[00:10:30] Angie: mokaaaaaaaaa
[00:10:32] Angie: wanttttttt
[00:10:37] Nanamka: .........
[00:11:45] Angie: zzzzzzz

Meeeeh Dasoku... Marutan. BEWARE. Imagination starts to run wild.
[00:12:03] Nanamka: Marutaaan
[00:12:11] Angie: *nosebleed*
[00:17:55] Nanamka: tieeee
[00:18:01] Nanamka: fuwa fuwaaaa
[00:18:09] Nanamka: he really should strip then.
[00:19:13] Angie: he really shouldve
[00:19:43] Angie: *imagins*
[00:23:08] Nanamka: perverrrttt
[00:23:25] Angie: fufufufu
[00:23:27] Nanamka: should I help you with imagining? wwwwwww
[00:23:37] Angie: oh hooo
[00:23:39] Angie: yesh
[00:23:46] Nanamka: 1st, he will undo his tie
[00:23:48] Nanamka: LOL
[00:24:08] Nanamka: then turn on some nice music OTL
[00:24:23] Angie: OH CRAP
[00:24:29] Angie: *nosebleed*
[00:24:29] Nanamka: like Jack's shinpakusuu
[00:24:31] Nanamka: wwwwwwwwwwwwwww
[00:24:33] Angie: LOL
[00:24:34] Angie: NO JACK
[00:24:36] Angie: LOL
[00:24:43] Nanamka: and then he will unbutton his suit
[00:24:46] Angie: that just ruined the mood
[00:24:47] Angie: lol
[00:24:55] Angie: that ruined the mood nana!!!
[00:24:57] Nanamka: get it off yuuukkuriii
[00:25:01] Nanamka: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
[00:25:04] Angie: if he plays a jack song its like jack is watching!!!!!
[00:25:10] Nanamka: that's the point
[00:25:16] Angie: i'll get so scared
[00:25:33] Angie: *mentally blocks out the shinpakusuu part*
[00:25:35] Angie: ok keep going
[00:25:40] Angie: yuuuuukkuri
[00:25:41] Angie: *v*
[00:25:57] Nanamka: and then throw it off with one move... somewhere
[00:26:03] Nanamka: on jack's pillow hahaha
[00:26:07] Angie: oh hooooooooo
[00:26:07] Angie: LOL
[00:26:15] Angie: TO COVER HIS FACE
[00:26:31] Nanamka: lolol
[00:26:35] Angie: damnit nana im 2828-ing
[00:26:49] Angie: but plz continue
[00:26:53] Nanamka: lolol
[00:26:55] Angie: i feel like im reading pron
[00:27:20] Nanamka: then he starts to loose his tie even more
[00:27:41] Angie: wooooo
[00:28:09] Nanamka: finally he takes it off and plays with it a bit, doing some circles and such and then throw it away
[00:28:11] Angie: *v*
[00:28:28] Angie: uh huh uh huh
[00:28:32] Nanamka: now he only have shirt on upper part of his ikemen body wwww
[00:28:44] Angie: *nosebleed*
[00:30:12] Nanamka: he slowly starts to undo buttons. a lot of them
[00:30:32] Angie: kyaaan///
[00:30:37] Nanamka: but somehow he's doing it clumsily
[00:30:49] Angie: LOL
[00:31:08] Angie: erokawaii
[00:31:11] Angie: >//////<
[00:32:04] Nanamka: and somehow he gets slighly irritated for a moment~
[00:32:33] Angie: i can imagine him going "nnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnn" as he tries to undo those buttons LOL
[00:32:56] Nanamka: yeah, he keeps talking to himself things such "NANDEEEEEEEE"
[00:33:19] Angie: kyaaaa so cuteeee
[00:33:24] Nanamka: and then in one strong move he just tears off his shirt - along with buttons - voila
[00:33:28] Angie: LMAO
[00:33:50] Angie: it should be he goes "mooooouuuuu~~~"
[00:33:56] Angie: n then i go n unbotton the rest for him
[00:33:56] Nanamka: wwwwww
[00:33:58] Angie: /////////////////////
[00:34:13] Nanamka: nau you can see his collarbones CLEARly
[00:35:18] Angie: N UP CLOSE
[00:35:20] Nanamka: and then he takes off his tshirt~
[00:35:21] Angie: *DIES*
[00:35:42] Nanamka: SHIRT, ok, SHIRT wwwwww
[00:35:43] Angie: lololololol
[00:35:46] Angie: nooo
[00:35:51] Angie: HADAKA NAU
[00:35:57] Nanamka: bra nau?
[00:36:03] Angie: HAHAHAHHA
[00:36:03] Angie: NO
[00:36:03] Angie: oh
[00:36:10] Angie: no
[00:36:14] Angie: nothing
[00:36:26] Angie: no shirt under!
[00:36:31] Nanamka: ok, so he's nekkid nau. at least upper part
[00:36:38] Angie: haa haa
[00:37:08] Nanamka: his so damn thin waist
[00:37:14] Nanamka: a bit skinny
[00:37:22] Angie: 27 inch waist
[00:37:23] Angie: orz
[00:37:32] Nanamka: you can count all ribs
[00:37:44] Angie: THATS TOO SKINNY D:
[00:38:00] Nanamka: wwwwwwwww
[00:38:06] Angie: so i start feeding him ice cream instead
[00:38:27] Nanamka: but afterall it's very sexy, since you can see his well-shaped muscles
[00:38:52] Nanamka: his abdomine muscles so sexyyy
[00:39:14] Nanamka: he smiles slightly and laughts a bit nervously
[00:39:16] Angie: FFFFFFFFFFF
[00:39:20] Angie: n his arms
[00:39:22] Angie: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
[00:41:10] Nanamka: he starts to say things like 'ahhh dameeeee, yappari dameeee'
[00:41:23] Angie: kyaaaaaaaaaaa /////////////////
[00:46:12] Angie: no more? D:
[00:46:38] Nanamka: lolol
[00:46:51] Nanamka: moar is for R21+
[00:47:01] Angie: but im 23 D:
[00:47:05] Angie: write till its up to R23
[00:47:07] Angie: D:
[00:47:15] Nanamka: lol but i am not yet
[00:47:16] Nanamka: wwwwwwwwwww
[00:47:22] Angie: nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
[00:47:27] Angie: cliff hangerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
[00:47:45] Nanamka: lolol
[00:48:34] Angie: he goes 'ahhh dameeeee, yappari dameeee'
[00:48:38] Angie: so i go
[00:48:45] Nanamka: lolol
[00:48:46] Angie: ;A; ok lets go eat parfaits then
[00:49:00] Angie: n then he gets dressed again n we go for a drive
[00:49:03] Angie: the end
[00:49:24] Nanamka: you're borrrriiingggg
[00:49:25] Nanamka: wwwwww
[00:49:28] Nanamka: eh, ok
[00:49:30] Nanamka: so
[00:49:34] Angie: gine
[00:49:35] Angie: *fine
[00:49:41] Angie: we try again in the car?
[00:49:41] Nanamka: .........hazukashii sugiruuu, I can't LOL
[00:49:54] Angie: lololol
[00:50:07] Angie: after the parfaits he goes
[00:50:20] Angie: "lets go to the mountain top, i know a really good place to look at stars"
[00:50:25] Nanamka: ...he went to car and for parfait topless?
[00:50:35] Nanamka: ....boring D:
[00:50:36] Angie: no he got dressed again! read properly!!!
[00:50:37] Angie: lol
[00:50:41] Nanamka: lolol
[00:50:45] Nanamka: I read wat I want
[00:50:49] Angie: LMAO
[00:50:53] Nanamka: NO, let's restartttt
[00:50:56] Nanamka: ok.
[00:50:57] Nanamka: so
[00:51:11] Angie: ok
[00:51:13] Angie: from 'ahhh dameeeee, yappari dameeee'
[00:51:21] Nanamka: he went all 'hazukashiii' but suddenly he took one deep breath
[00:51:31] Angie: n pins me to the bed
[00:51:33] Nanamka: turn to camera (face still unseen)
[00:51:34] Angie: OH HOOO
[00:51:35] Nanamka: LOL
[00:51:40] Angie: LOOOOOL
[00:51:46] Angie: WHY CAMERA
[00:51:51] Angie: WAS THIS OVER WEBCAM
[00:51:53] Angie: WUT
[00:51:56] Nanamka: YES
[00:51:57] Nanamka: LOL
[00:52:01] Angie: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[00:52:07] Nanamka: LOOOOOOOOL
[00:52:09] Angie: *closes chat window*
[00:52:15] Nanamka: bye bye?
[00:52:17] Nanamka: fffff
[00:52:23] Angie: lololol
[00:52:29] Angie: U TRICKED ME
[00:52:54] Nanamka: u tricked yourself!
[00:53:20] Angie: i helped him unbotton the rest of that shirt!!!!
[00:53:34] Nanamka: lololol
[00:53:46] Nanamka: ok, may be a camera may be live
[00:53:47] Nanamka: lol
[00:53:52] Nanamka: so. he's topless NAU
[00:53:57] Angie: lol
[00:54:10] Nanamka: nau he's going to his room door
[00:54:25] Nanamka: and locked them with a nice, handy, golden little key 
[00:54:49] Nanamka: and whispers 'hazukashii dakara' with evil smirk
[00:55:27] Angie: *has a thing for guys smirking*
[00:55:33] Nanamka: wwwwwww
[00:55:41] Angie: AND IM IN THAT ROOM
[00:55:44] Angie: NOT WEBCAM
[00:56:17] Nanamka: and then he starts to unfasten his belt
[00:56:54] Nanamka: i will not mention when he... drop that key wwwww
[00:57:28] Nanamka: (ohhhhhhhhhhhhh----)
[00:57:57] Nanamka: this time he's making it quite fast
[00:58:34] Nanamka: ichi, ni, san, foo--- and belt went flying off window
[00:59:00 | Edytowano 00:59:38] Nanamka: without belt his pants are definitely loose
[00:59:07] Nanamka: way to loose wwwww
[00:59:50] Angie: LOLOLOLOL
[00:59:58] Nanamka: they keep on going down and down by it's own
[01:00:03] Angie: OI!!!
[01:00:07] Nanamka: what
[01:00:22] Angie: ICHI NI SAN FOO!@?!?!?!?!?
[01:00:26] Nanamka: stop on his loins
[01:00:28] Angie: *mentally edits it out*
[01:00:30] Nanamka: LOL
[01:01:41] Nanamka: nau it looks like crotch of his trousers is at level somewhere near his knees lolol
[01:01:57] Angie: NO
[01:02:00] Angie: RESTARD
[01:02:04] Angie: *RESTART
[01:02:09] Nanamka: ...what D:
[01:02:15] Angie: this isnt romantic anymore D:
[01:02:27] Angie: the FOO! totally ruined it n the fact that u said his pantsu r loose
[01:03:25] Nanamka: then continue wwwww
[01:04:05] Angie: no FOOs
[01:04:39] Angie: n no loose pantsu
[01:04:50] Nanamka: wwwwwwwwwww
[01:05:20] Angie: other than that its ok
[01:05:22] Angie: ._.
[01:05:48] Nanamka: ehhh lol
[01:06:05] Nanamka: i don't know if i want to continue though
[01:06:16] Angie: lets restart from belt
[01:06:17] Nanamka: that milk with alcohol is too good =w=
[01:06:24] Angie: so he takes it off as he smirks
[01:06:44] Nanamka: ....btw what are you doin at work
[01:06:45] Nanamka: lol
[01:06:49] Nanamka: some ero stuff
[01:06:49] Angie: nothing
[01:06:50] Angie: lol
[01:06:53] Angie: i never have to do anything
[01:06:56] Nanamka: lol
[01:07:00] Nanamka: ok.
[01:07:01] Nanamka: so
[01:07:02] Angie: so as hes still smirking
[01:07:07] Angie: he unzips
[01:07:12] Angie: n then he turns off the lights
[01:07:16] Angie: the end
[01:07:23] Nanamka: still with mischievous smirk he turned around
[01:07:30] Nanamka: so nau you can see his back
[01:07:41] Angie: he's in boxers *-*
[01:07:49] Angie: or should his pants still be on
[01:07:53] Angie: just unzipped
[01:07:53] Angie: hmmmmmmmmmmm
[01:07:58] Nanamka: no, he still have pants on
[01:08:03] Nanamka: yeah
[01:08:07] Angie: ok
[01:08:34] Angie: back
[01:08:44] Angie: maru back *-*
[01:08:55 | Edytowano 01:08:59] Nanamka: and nau you can see outline of his sexy butt cause pants are tailored well... too well
[01:09:13] Angie: FFFFF
[01:09:47] Nanamka: he's so skinny you can see his sexy blades too
[01:10:05] Nanamka: ...was it that word.../
[01:10:28] Angie: shoulder blades?
[01:10:28] Angie: *-*
[01:10:32] Nanamka: yeah
[01:11:23 | Edytowano 01:11:35] Nanamka: he turns out, but only a little, so far only to see hes actually blushing - but it's hard to say whether it's alcohol effect or embarassement
[01:11:40] Angie: mo...moeeee ////////////
[01:12:19] Nanamka: DASOKU FUTOOOOOOON
[01:12:22] Nanamka: khem
[01:12:25] Angie: LOLWHAT
[01:13:27] Nanamka: he went to prepare his futon? or sth like that
[01:14:06] Angie: oh hooo
[01:14:11] Angie: lets do a dsk one next
[01:14:13] Nanamka: SO back to Marutan
[01:14:16] Nanamka: LOLOL
[01:14:55] Nanamka: he would just come back nau and say 'sweetie, issyoni o futon no ikou kaaaa' .___.
[01:15:03] Nanamka: khem
[01:15:10] Angie: LMAO
[01:15:12] Angie: NAKEED
[01:15:13] Nanamka: so back to half nekkid Marutan
[01:15:15] Nanamka: YES
[01:16:13] Nanamka: so, we stopped at his sexy ass
[01:16:42] Angie: mmmm
[01:16:44] Nanamka: he starts to unzip his trousers, still turned back on you
[01:16:50] Angie: n he was blushing
[01:16:52] Nanamka: so you can only hear sound
[01:17:16] Nanamka: zzzzzzzzz *insert sound of zipper*
[01:18:15] Angie: KYAN////
[01:18:24] Nanamka: one more second and his pants are going down
[01:18:35] Angie: fffffff
[01:19:09] Nanamka: nau you can see his underwear - pink shorts with Jack /shot
[01:19:18] Angie: IT WAS A BAD DREAM
[01:19:39] Nanamka: soo.... aoi one with kitten paws
[01:19:48] Nanamka: with hearts
[01:19:50] Angie: looooool
[01:20:19] Nanamka: since his mommy loves him so much, he buys only such since she won't admitt her son is adult nau
[01:20:28] Angie: LMAOLMAOLMAO
[01:20:46] Nanamka: or something like that he murmurs as excuse, after hearing your giggling wwwww
[01:20:57] Angie: kyaaaaaaaa
[01:21:01] Angie: so cute so cuteeeeee
[01:22:30] Nanamka: then he tries to take a step
[01:22:37] Nanamka: but loses his ballance a bit
[01:22:51] Nanamka: (still nice ass btw)
[01:22:53] Angie: fuwafuwa marutannnn
[01:23:32] Nanamka: cause he's trousers were of course stuck at his feet since he had those nice, smooth, black shoes still on
[01:23:53] Angie: ahhhhh
[01:24:28] Nanamka: 'aaaaaaaaaah (ero fuwa fuwa one), ssssshimatta (this ssss is like the one I played for u from my rec wwww)
[01:25:13] Angie: looooooooooooooooooool
[01:28:18] Nanamka: he was half on floor already, so he decided to roll on it~
[01:28:54] Angie: looooololololol
[01:29:03] Nanamka: and undo shoes, actually more like fighting wth shoelaces
[01:29:12] Angie: omg so cute ><
[01:29:22] Nanamka: while kept murmuring to himself
[01:29:38] Angie: if i was drunk too i would me lol'ing my head off rite now
[01:29:41] Nanamka: yeah, really amusing wwwww
[01:29:47] Nanamka: lolol
[01:30:19] Nanamka: but finally he somehow get off his shoes and trousers, socks went flying somehow too
[01:30:31] Angie: loooool
[01:30:37] Nanamka: one on monitor.
[01:30:43] Nanamka: second on camera
[01:30:54] Angie: i can imagine him going "yooossssssssssssssssshi (liek the rec)" as they fly off
[01:31:13] Nanamka: so he's nau in pants only
[01:31:19] Nanamka: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
[01:31:21] Angie: (y)
[01:32:15] Nanamka: suddenly he shouted 'oghhhhhhhhhhhh' and streched his hand to his bed
[01:32:34] Nanamka: there was opened bootle with tantakan (that super alcohol)
[01:32:42] Angie: pfffftttttttttttttt
[01:33:36] Nanamka: he took a sip, but some of drink streamed down his corner of mouth
[01:33:45] Angie: :O
[01:33:49] Nanamka: .,...what
[01:34:02] Angie: nothing
[01:34:08] Angie: he IS fuwafuwa so ok
[01:34:31] Nanamka: so he sexily licked it off~
[01:34:39] Angie: //////////////////////////////
[01:35:47] Nanamka: even such a bit o alcohol seems to wipe off the rest of his embarassement~
[01:36:11] Angie: wktk
[01:36:15] Nanamka: lolol
[01:36:28] Nanamka: he stand up, nau you can see him CLEARlyyyyy wwwwwww
[01:36:33] Nanamka: his sexy bodddyyyy
[01:36:37] Angie: CLEARly!?!?!?!?!??!!?
[01:36:43] Angie: kya kya kya
[01:36:43] Angie: *flails*
[01:37:07] Nanamka: no hairs at belly, abdomen D: /shot
[01:37:24] Angie: mm im not big on chest hair anyways
[01:37:34] Nanamka: wwww
[01:37:36] Nanamka: anyway
[01:37:37] Angie: but treasure trail
[01:37:39] Angie: hmmmmmmmmmm
[01:37:53] Nanamka: suddenly he burst into laugh after seeing your face
[01:38:18] Nanamka: and then goes to corner of his little room
[01:38:35] Angie: DDDDDD:
[01:39:00] Nanamka: still giggling cutely
[01:39:12] Nanamka: yet not saying anything
[01:39:50] Nanamka: so ok. Marutan has treasure trail. wwwwwwww
[01:39:57] Angie: LOL
[01:39:59] Angie: YES!
[01:39:59 | Edytowano 01:40:51] Nanamka: *needed to ggrks'fff*
[01:40:05] Angie: LOLLLLLL
[01:40:13] Angie: lololololol
[01:41:10] Nanamka: until you noticed, he took his guitar
[01:41:20] Angie: KTKR!?
[01:41:38] Angie: dkdkdkdkkddk
[01:41:42] Nanamka: nau impudently looking directly into your eyes wwww
[01:41:48] Nanamka: for a sec
[01:41:49] Angie: //////////////////
[01:42:16] Nanamka: he whispered something like 'ahhh hazukashi sugiru dakaraaaaassssss'
[01:42:28] Angie: sssssss
[01:42:28] Angie: lolol
[01:42:44] Angie: it'll be like hazzzzzzzzukassshiiiii ssssugiru
[01:43:24] Nanamka: he put strap of his guitar over his shoulder so the guitar would... mask some parts of his body *see your own fanart*
[01:43:39] Nanamka: and it keep hanging that waaay~
[01:43:39] Angie: LOLLLLLLL
[01:43:46] Angie: kitakitakita
[01:43:48] Angie: *-*
[01:44:17 | Edytowano 01:45:00] Nanamka: nau he has free hands to took his cute shorts off
[01:45:01] Angie: kyaaaaannnnnnn//////////
[01:45:30] Nanamka: it landed on other guitar.
[01:45:43] Angie: LMAO
[01:45:50] Nanamka: at first he seemed like a bit nervous
[01:46:02] Angie: haa haa haaa
[01:46:10] Nanamka: but he quickly regained his composure wwwww
[01:46:28] Angie: he took another sip first
[01:46:35] Angie: of the alcohol!
[01:46:36] Nanamka: then he glanced at youuu with smexy look~
[01:46:45] Angie: *v*
[01:46:47] Nanamka: alcohol with milk wwwwwww
[01:46:54] Angie: LOL yes
[01:47:20] Nanamka: but this time he spill it in ever more... epic way
[01:47:41] Angie: D:
[01:48:07] Nanamka: it kept on dribble from his mouth
[01:48:14] Angie: loooollll
[01:48:17] Nanamka: through his chin
[01:48:46] Nanamka: and then to his left side of chest ^w^
[01:48:51] Angie: kyan
[01:49:11] Nanamka: through the belly... and even more lower OTL
[01:49:22] Angie: fffffffffffffffffffffffffff
[01:50:17] Nanamka: this time he just let it beee
[01:50:32] Angie: FFFFF
[01:50:43] Nanamka: and then he suddenly decided to play something on guitar
[01:51:19] Nanamka: he was thinking for a second and then started
[01:51:25] Nanamka: with some nice, romantic tones
[01:51:37] Angie: ///////////////////
[01:51:52] Nanamka: which suddently turned into 'yaranaikaaaaaaaaa' >3
[01:52:00] Angie: D:
[01:52:03] Nanamka: and then he add some vocal
[01:52:09] Angie: noooo please nooooo
[01:52:10] Angie: orz
[01:52:12] Angie: ;A;
[01:52:29 | Edytowano 01:52:35] Nanamka: nekkidmarutan with guitar only singing yaranaika kaodashi? ww
[01:52:39] Angie: no yaranaikaaaa D:
[01:53:11] Nanamka: ok
[01:53:27] Nanamka: he stopped abruptly after seeing yur face wwwwwwwww
[01:53:34] Angie: LOLLLLLLLLLLL
[01:53:58] Nanamka: and then got deep breath
[01:54:22] Nanamka: and starts to sing silently, too silently to recognize song
[01:54:52] Nanamka: but after few lines it could be heard~
[01:54:53] Angie: oh hooooo
[01:57:37] Angie: cliff hanger? D:
[01:57:42] Nanamka: yes
[01:57:47] Angie: NO
[01:57:48] Angie: D:
[01:59:14] Nanamka: so~
[01:59:18] Nanamka: the lyrics were like
[01:59:24] Nanamka: あなたの事が好きです。 ウソです~
[02:00:13] Nanamka: and his way of singing desssssssssu was just too cute
[02:00:28] Nanamka: amazingly, it sounded fine
[02:00:53] Nanamka: guitar matched vocal well, although he was obviously fuwafuwa~
[02:01:55] Angie: OMGOMGOMG
[02:01:59] Angie: *flailing*
[02:02:58] Nanamka: the song seems to be sang for hours, although it was few min~
[02:03:06] Nanamka: then PING!~
[02:03:11] Nanamka: skype caaallll
[02:03:43] Nanamka: Marutan got confused for a sec, like a little child catched on doing something unproper wwww
[02:04:12] Angie: omggg moemoe
[02:04:29] Nanamka: he came to you. very close. as close as guitar would allow
[02:04:46] Angie: oemgeeeee
[02:04:48] Angie: klasdjfkljasdlfkjasfd
[02:04:49] Angie: asjkdfaksldflkasjf;ajsfl;a
[02:06:10] Nanamka: he whispered "chotto matteee neee~" right to your ear, you could feel his breath and graze of his lovely dark hair, quite long nau
[02:07:17] Nanamka: he went to his computer, took a glance, declined call and typed something fast
[02:07:27] Angie: so i see his bum huh
[02:07:35] Angie: cuz he would have to turn around to go to comp
[02:07:38] Angie: lolololololol
[02:07:40] Angie: ji-----------------------------
[02:07:46] Angie: lolololololol
[02:07:48] Angie: hahahhaha
[02:08:07] Nanamka: of course, while he was bending over computer~
[02:08:45] Nanamka: but his guitar was still hanging awkardly wwww
[02:08:50] Angie: lololol
[02:09:04 | Edytowano 02:09:20] Nanamka: some censorship while it would be R9999+ without
[02:09:34] Angie: lololol
[02:10:28] Nanamka: he turned around again, before room was half-illuminated by sunset
[02:10:32] Nanamka: nau it was getting dark
[02:11:10] Angie: *flails*
[02:11:39] Nanamka: in that half-dark room nau it was nau more like hearing and feeling his presence than seeing him~
[02:12:20] Angie: ///////////////////////
[02:12:32] Nanamka: he came to you and intended to took your hand, but still hestitated a little.
[02:12:53] Nanamka: anyway he just shake his head and just had done it
[02:13:20 | Edytowano 02:13:36] Nanamka: he's hand was so warm and delicate yet strong ufufu
[02:13:41] Angie: omgomgomg
[02:15:22] Nanamka: he hugged you, but there was something wrong, since it somehow didn't felt like that giggling man from before wwww
[02:15:37] Angie: dkdkdkdkdkdkdkdk/////////////
[02:15:46] Nanamka: it was more like a little lost child
[02:15:54] Angie: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF moe
[02:16:07] Nanamka: all his self-confidence just disappeared
[02:16:38] Nanamka: you couldn't help, but to hug him back, nadenadeing his hair while saying 'yosh yosh'~
[02:16:52] Angie: ;A; ;A;
[02:17:30] Nanamka: you couldn't see his face cause it was dark already
[02:17:45] Nanamka: and could just wonder how it looked like nau
[02:18:21] Angie: ahhhh ;A; nakanaideto eto ;A;
[02:18:29] Nanamka: lolol
[02:18:55] Nanamka: but you didn't had much time to think about it, since he suddenly grabbed your arms
[02:19:05] Nanamka: looked straight in your eyes
[02:19:10] Angie: kyaaaa/////////
[02:20:01] Nanamka: and said with a bit trembling yet cheerful sexy tone
[02:20:08 | Edytowano 02:20:27] Nanamka:  (´☉ ω ☉)<issyoni o futon ni ikkou
[02:20:12] Angie: AHHAHAAHAH
[02:20:14] Angie: AHHAHAHAHHAHAHA
[02:20:22] Angie: LMAOLMAO
[02:20:24] Angie: DAME DA
[02:20:26] Angie: DAME DA
[02:20:31] Angie: ZETTAI WARAUU
[02:20:33] Angie: AFJKLSDAJFLKASJFD;'
[02:20:36] Angie: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH
[02:20:54] Nanamka: hahah even with nekkid sexy Marutan?
[02:21:10] Angie: ahhaha its was the (´☉ ω ☉)face
[02:21:11] Angie: hahahahahha
[02:21:12] Angie: hahahahhahaahahahah
[02:21:24] Nanamka: lolol
[02:21:25] Angie: but hell yeah i'll go to the futon with marutan
[02:21:29] Angie: plz cont
[02:21:32] Angie: m(_ _)m
[02:21:33] Nanamka: lolololol
[02:21:50] Nanamka: whaaaaaa--- I should not drink more. or more often. OTL
[02:22:23] Angie: looool
[02:22:24] Angie: NOOOOO
[02:22:53] Angie: what happens next!? *-*
[02:23:10] Nanamka: and~ you didn't reply instantly. just wanted to tease him. and just wondering why he means by that. is he playing with you?~ what he's thinking?' ( ¬‿¬)うふふ
[02:23:55] Angie: *giggling like an idiot*
[02:24:46] Nanamka: you had a chance to glance at his monitor
[02:24:53] Nanamka: he forget to turn it off
[02:25:01] Nanamka: guess who was calling wwwwww
[02:25:24] Nanamka: and then you read what he typed
[02:25:27] Angie: jack
[02:25:28] Angie: D:
[02:28:14] Angie: nana nana!! dont fall asleep on meee u have to finish thissss *shakes*
[02:29:10] Nanamka: lol
[02:29:41] Nanamka: 'ごめんね,じゃっくさん.やっぱりNNDって...やめろとおもうんだ...なんか...たぶん...けっこんします.いろいろとありがとう--またねええ'
[02:30:53] Nanamka: you stood up there speechless~
[02:31:08] Nanamka: in his thin, yet strong and manly arms
[02:31:13] Angie: OMG
[02:31:14] Angie: OMG
[02:31:14] Angie: OMG
[02:31:17] Angie: (DYING)
[02:31:17] Angie: OMG
[02:31:21] Angie: ;A;
[02:31:35] Nanamka: ...and suddenly burst into tears
[02:32:03] Nanamka: he was totally perplexed and keep on asking 大丈夫だ
[02:32:25] Angie: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[02:32:34] Angie: perfect man whyyyyy
[02:32:36] Angie: 'A'
[02:32:39] Angie: ;A;
[02:32:41] Nanamka: you giggled and answered 問題ない still trough tears
[02:32:47] Angie: lolllll
[02:34:23] Nanamka: he whipped your tears with his finger /not hentai version
[02:34:32] Angie: looool
[02:35:26] Nanamka: your lips were nau so cloooseeee~ すこしずつ.... すこしずつ....
[02:35:36] Angie: //////////////////////////////////////
[02:35:39] Angie: ////////////////////////////
[02:36:46] Nanamka: and next thing you remember was he taking off his guitar and then his cozy and soft futon /with jack's pillow /shot
[02:37:07] Angie: kyakyakya screw the jack pillow its just a pillow
[02:37:24] Nanamka: sleeping nicely in his arms~
[02:37:34] Angie: kyaaaaaaaaaaa//////
[02:37:37] Angie: >///////<
[02:38:14] Nanamka: and he kept talking to himself like 'aaaah... jack's floor was surely uncomfortable wwwwwwwwwwww
[02:38:21] Angie: EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
[02:38:37] Nanamka: lolol from the time when he was visiting jack D:
[02:38:38] Angie: *mental edit it out*
[02:38:39] Nanamka: in march
[02:38:42] Angie: ohhh
[02:38:47] Angie: was he sleeping on his floor?
[02:38:58] Nanamka: yeah, as far as i know
[02:39:07] Angie: SUSPECIOUS
[02:39:14] Nanamka: ...the endo! /o/
[02:39:20] Angie: KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
[02:39:23] Angie: ;A;
[02:39:24] Angie: nana
[02:39:27] Angie: i love you
[02:39:29] Angie: >3<
[02:39:32] Nanamka: ahhh one more thing
[02:39:49] Nanamka: lately it turned out that he forgot he hold nama at the same time
[02:39:52] Nanamka: and camera was on
[02:39:59] Angie: LMAO
[02:40:00] Nanamka: (~^w^)~
[02:40:00] Angie: AHAHHAHAHHA
[02:40:09] Angie: *menta edit it out*
[02:40:12] Angie: *mental
[02:40:15] Nanamka: one of the socks was on camera, but still
[02:40:21] Angie: sounds
[02:40:22] Angie: D:
[02:40:23] Angie: lol
[02:40:41] Nanamka: ok, definitely end
[02:41:03] Nanamka: and I swear I will not drink again in the night D:
[02:41:07] Angie: i will edit this chat log n send it to u LOLLLLL
[02:41:13] Nanamka: ........................
[02:41:36] Angie: *treasures chat log forever*
[02:42:03] Nanamka: ...i think i should start to delete my lines nau
[02:42:54] Angie: NOOOOOOOO
[02:42:56] Angie: PLEASE DUNNNN
[02:42:56] Angie: D:
[02:43:08] Nanamka: lol but it's wronggggg
[02:43:31] Nanamka: you will remember me as totally perv
[02:44:59] Angie: no i love u
[02:45:01] Angie: *-*
[02:45:21] Angie: *saves chat b4 u can delete it
[02:45:23 | Usunięto 02:46:37] Nanamka: Wiadomość została usunięta
[02:45:32] Angie: LOL
[02:45:55 | Usunięto 02:46:33] Nanamka: Wiadomość została usunięta
[02:46:05 | Edytowano 02:46:29] Nanamka: .......ok, nearly 3 am *khem*
[02:46:22] Angie: LMAOOOO
[02:47:02] Nanamka: ...poor Deza, she dunno what she missed .___.
[02:47:14] Nanamka: ahhh but since it was nothing...........
[02:47:17] Nanamka: no more.
[02:48:21] Nanamka: wut wut
[02:48:22] Nanamka: KYAAAAA///////// fuwafuwa+late night Nana is a hentai~~~///////////////////
[02:48:27] Nanamka: WUT D:
[02:48:31] Angie: hehehe
[02:49:26] Nanamka: ...well, consider it as repay for video of Mautan <3
[02:49:30] Nanamka: TIEEEE
[02:49:50] Angie: everytime i see a screenshot of it or rewatch it or hear him sing toeto im gonna think of ur story now
[02:49:56] Angie: it was amazing *-*
[02:50:02] Angie: i love uuuu
[02:50:05] Angie: i really really dooooo
[02:51:17] Angie: and i really think u should sleep now
[02:51:18] Angie: lol
[02:51:36] Angie: sweet dreams of jack crying after marutan sent him that msg n u comforting him on his futon
[02:51:37] Angie: 8D
[02:52:26] Nanamka: I can't sleep nau
[02:52:27] Nanamka: LOL
[02:52:35] Nanamka: LOLOLOL
[02:52:47] Nanamka: you should type that part of story
[02:53:04] Nanamka: ...singing Yaranaika >3
[02:53:06] Angie: ok im off work in a few more mins but lets type some
[02:53:11] Angie: hahahahahhaha
[02:53:14] Nanamka: lolol
[02:53:16] Angie: u want him to sing yaranaika!?
[02:53:19] Nanamka: wktk
[02:53:23] Nanamka: NO
[02:53:29] Angie: cannot imagine D:
[02:53:32] Nanamka: Marutan! instead Toeto
[02:53:41] Angie: ahhahaha
[02:53:46] Angie: ok
[02:54:14] Angie: jack was getting worried, marutan said he would skype call him after he got home from work so they could decide waht to do for tonights asamck
[02:54:18] Nanamka: besides MY work is undone .____. somehow
[02:54:27] Nanamka: lololol
[02:54:29] Angie: hmmm
[02:54:35] Angie: u can add to ur story too
[02:54:35] Angie: lol
[02:54:50] Angie: it was already 6pm! where is marutan!? thought jack
[02:55:10] Angie: anxious, jack tries to call marutan on skype anyways
[02:55:17] Angie: ring ring ring ring
[02:55:33] Angie: it rang for the the longest time, jack was about to hang up when the call got declined
[02:55:48] Angie: and he sees marutan's skype pencil start typing
[02:55:58] Angie: <insert that marriage text here>
[02:56:21] Angie: jack laughed, marutan surely must be joking
[02:56:26] Angie: it was so sudden n out of no where
[02:56:52] Angie: "but we promised we would do this till we grow old n wrinkly marutan!" types jack
[02:57:15] Angie: "what r u talking about marriage!? stop joking around we need to decide what to do for tonight's show!"
[02:57:29] Angie: but jack waited n waited and there was no reply
[02:57:46] Angie: he tried to call again but marutan didn't pick up and didn't even reject his call anymore
[02:57:51] Angie: hey nana r u stillt here?
[02:57:52] Angie: LOL
[02:58:24] Angie: ahhh
[02:58:26] Angie: i gotta go
[02:58:27] Angie: one minnnn
[02:58:32] Angie: i shall finsih this whne i get home
[02:58:34] Angie: noshinoshi
[02:58:38] Nanamka: yeah yeah
[02:58:39] Nanamka: wwwwwwwwwwww
[02:58:47] Angie: u'll be sleeping
[02:58:50] Angie: but i'll just type it out
[02:58:52] Angie: LOLLLL
[02:58:53] Nanamka: one min LOL
[02:59:04] Nanamka: oh I'll try to sleep .___.
[02:59:07] Angie: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[02:59:12] Nanamka: it's not easy nau, i'm too awaken
[02:59:15] Nanamka: byeeeee
[05:08:55] Angie:   k my brain died i dunno how to contiune that to make it eroi
[05:08:56] Angie: LOL
[09:17:45] Nanamka: lol
[09:17:47] Nanamka: hi hi
[09:18:04] Angie: chuchuchuchucchcdas;fl;kas
[09:18:14] Nanamka: .........
[09:18:32] Angie: fuuuuuuwa
[09:18:36] Nanamka: wwww
[09:18:48] Nanamka: haha timezones wwwwww, yeah
[09:19:20] Angie: lollll
[09:19:24] Angie: orz
[09:20:25] Nanamka: and i'm disappointedddd
[09:20:34] Nanamka: no moar of Jack and my part?!
[09:20:38] Angie: whyyyyyy
[09:20:40] Angie: oh
[09:20:45] Angie: cuz i wasnt fuwafuwa
[09:20:46] Angie: lets do it now
[09:21:03] Nanamka: lol
[09:21:03] Angie: he tried to call again but marutan didn't pick up and didn't even reject his call anymoreok this part
[09:21:18] Nanamka: (type, i'm going make some breakfest lol)
[09:21:35] Angie: jack san was devastated! so he decided to go for a walk in the woods (like those photos he tweeted last time)
[09:22:10] Angie: BUT
[09:22:11] Angie: he has been wandering the woods all emo for atleast an hour now n decided he was being stupid n should really go home to try to contact marutan again
[09:22:16] Angie: he was lost D:
[09:22:46] Angie: he starts yelling "HAROOOOO!? ANYONE THERE!? HAROOOOOO???"
[09:23:00] Angie: When suddenly a dog jumps out n pins him to the ground
[09:23:22] Angie: "NO!! BAD <insert dogs name>!! DOWN BOY DOWN!"
[09:23:41] Angie: and a girl comes running out the trees after the dog
[09:23:51] Angie: can i make this R9999999999?
[09:24:41] Angie: jack was dazed even after the girl had pulled the dog off him
[09:24:53] Angie: he was covered in dog slobber and too shocked to move
[09:25:11] Angie: the girl  kneels down and looks at him with concern
[09:25:34] Nanamka: can i make this R9999999999?wut wut wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
[09:25:41] Angie: "ummmm are you ok? you look awfully pale...." she said as she poke him in the ribs
[09:26:13] Angie: anyways
[09:26:37] Angie: shocked by the touch jack jumps up and accidentally pulls a muscle
[09:26:43] Angie: 8D
[09:27:03] Angie: and falls back down to the ground
[09:27:09] Nanamka: lolol why you hurt him wwwwww nuu
[09:27:12] Angie: LMAO
[09:27:13] Nanamka: sadist!
[09:27:14] Angie: HAHAHHAHAHA
[09:27:18] Angie: NYAHAHAHAHAHA
[09:27:19] Angie: hahahahhahaha
[09:27:22] Angie: ok
[09:27:38] Angie: seeing this the dog jumps on him agian n rips his clothes off?
[09:28:16] Angie: then it starts raining
[09:28:24] Angie: so they have to go find shelter
[09:28:33] Angie: but because jack now has no shirt hes shaking n freezing
[09:29:20] Angie: the girl made a small fire with what ever dry pieces of wood she could find and spreaded out their clothes to dry
[09:29:37] Angie: to keep themselves warm the naked jack, naked girl n dog had to huddle together to keep warm
[09:29:42] Angie: thing happen
[09:29:49] Angie: the end
[09:29:57] Angie: *bows*

What the, did I really wrote this... Hahahaha. Brb, dying now.


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