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 Jack & Asamaru are going to release new CDs... this time it will be set of 3 CDs consisting of their bests songs. Jack got to Tokyo today for recording and later at Asamack Radio he revealed which songs will they contain, among ones they already sang. Of course it means, they are recording them anew, sometimes after many years. Original ones still have to wait to be announced! 

Release: 2015/04/01
【Vocal】 Asamaru & Jack

「ASAMACK BEST ~Precious~」
01. Futatsu no koe (new original song - composed by minato; harmonies and chorus by Tolie)
02. Join us
03. Stray sheep
04. Fire Flower
05. Ghost Radio
06. Sora no Yakusoku ~niji & gemini~
07. Sakimidare hana no chiruran
08. Oborozuki (Asamaru re-sing his part)
09. Isaac (Asamack version)
10. Ayatsuri pierrot no koi no uta
11. Thanks
12. Summer Rain

「JACK BEST ~Result~」
01. Torikago to Shounen
02. Carnival
03. Karakuri Pierrot
04. Rakuen
05. Blood of Rose (version without serifu)
06. Aru Kyuuketsuki no Monogatari (different mixing)
07. One room, all that jazz (new version with serifu)
08. Jougen no Tsuki
09. Ifuudoudou
10. WAVE
11. Reliance
12. Kimi wa boku wa (new original song - composed by minato; harmonies and chorus by Tolie)


01. Ore no Asa  (new original song - composed by Asakura Daisuke; lyrics by minato)
02. Mikansei Hero
03. Flashback sound
04. Monocross road
05. Hitorinbo Envy
06. Torinoko City
07. Soratobazu
08. Hoshi no uta
09. Sayonara astronauts
10. Reliance
11. Sayonara
12. Alice

So both Jack's and Asamaru's dreams come true! Jack's songs are composed by Tolie - he's famous composer now, mostly composing songs for Valshe, some anime opening and endings too. And Marutan's song even more - Asakura Daisuke is very famous, I'm sure every anime fan heard his songs and voice (like you know, T.M.Revolution). And lyrics by minato... Wow.
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2nd solo album

Release: 18.06.2014
【Vocal】 Jack
【Illustration】Haruma tokuten:
Special CD「Snack Jack~Heiten-go~」 talk CD (Heiten-go is after closing the shop) special tokuten:
"I saw somewhere this mug with Jack" lottery mugs (5 mugs)
General tokuten:
3 badges with Jack's chara

01. Judy Ongg - Miserarete
02. Youko Oginome - Dancing Hero
03. Bubblegum Brothers - WON'T BE LONG (duet song with B-kun)
04. Mariko Takahashi - Momoiro Toiki
05. Miyuki Nakajima - Wakare uta
06. Mariya Takeuchi - Single Again
07. Anzen Chitai - Wine Red no kokoro
08. Shizuka Kudo - Koi hitoyo
09. Momoe Yamaguchi - Akigakura (Cosmos)
10. Akina Nakamori - Nanpasen

Jack is releasing his 2nd solo album! This time it's cover album which means there won't be any original songs, but other singers songs sing by Jack. Sometimes he was doing singing broadcasts at his community known as MAMA BAR on which he was singing really specific old ballads and he said he wants the album to cover them. By the way, that's why he's known to be 50 years old... because he knows all those oldies from few decades ago.
The new thing is that Haruma is the artist responsible for cover illustration, not Keito. The reason is at mentioned MAMA BAR broadcasts Jack was always using Haruma's fanart.
During recording this time Jack forgot his cash cards and particulary didn't said anything until the one day before the end of recording and was struggling to live in Tokyo with only 2500 yen... so when listening to those songs they will always remind me of poor starving Jack, singing sad songs ahahahah.

Snack Jack official website

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3rd Full Album

Release: 2014/03/12
Price: 2,625 yen
【Vocal】 Asamaru & Jack
【Guest vocal】Foo-san, amu, clear, Wotamin

Special Toranoana tokuten:
Special lottery - mug cups hand-signed by Asamack.


01. Skyrocket - Asamack - full version of ending theme of Hatsukare PSP game
02. Isaac (sunaP, deadballP) - Asamaru, clear, amu - original song
03. WAVE (nikiP) - Jack
04. Sakimidare Hana no Chiruramu - Asamack  - PSP game song opening theme
05. Yi Er Fanclub (mikitoP) - Asamack & Foo-san
06. Torinoko City (40mP) - Asamaru
07. fool's gold (sunaP)  - Jack & Wotamin - original song
08. Ivan~Aru Ningyo Shokunin no Kokuhaku (Nem) - Asamack - original song for Ayatsuri Pierrot series
09. Koshitantan (Umetora) - Jack
10. Soratobazu (Toraboruta-P) - Asamaru
11. Oborozuki - Asamack - PSP game song ending theme
12. Thanks - Asamack - original song

Official tracklist:
01. Skyrocket/作詞:turn10 作曲・編曲:Hidenori 歌:あさまっく
02. アイザック/作詞:砂守岳央(沙P) 作曲・編曲:デッドボールP 歌:あさまる&CLAMU from (.5)
03. WAVE/作詞・作曲・編曲:niki 歌:じゃっく
04. 咲き乱れ花の散るらむ/作詞・作曲・編曲:吉田和人 歌:あさまっく
05. いーあるふぁんくらぶ/作詞・作曲:みきとP 編曲:松岡美弥子・砂守岳央(沙P) 歌:あさまっく&Fooさん
06. トリノコシティ/作詞・作曲:40mP 編曲:松岡美弥子 歌:あさまる
07. fool's gold/作詞:砂守岳央(沙P) 作曲:北川慶祐 編曲:馬場雄一 歌:じゃっく&ヲタみん
08. イワン~ある人形職人の告白~/作詞・作曲・編曲:Nem 歌:あさまっく
09. 虎視眈々/作詞・作曲・編曲:梅とら 歌:じゃっく

10. ソラトバズ/作詞・作曲:トラボルタ 編曲:松岡美弥子 歌:あさまる
11. 朧月/作詞・作曲・編曲:吉田和人 歌:あさまっく
12. thanks/作詞:砂守岳央(沙P)&turn10 作曲・編曲:Hidenori 歌:あさまっく


- Jack said he doesn't even remember when he recorded his part for Oborozuki. Marutan said it's probably because it was such an easy song he recorded it in 1 hour. It's another ending theme song for PSP game "Hatsukare".
- last song will be "Thanks" and it's composed by Hidenori, who usually composes Asamack Radio community-like songs for them. They said it's a bit sad and listeners will probably be touched when they will hear it!
- they also will record new song for "Ayatsuri Pierrot" series. This one is a story about Ivan - the doll-maker who made Aryosha. They said it's really sad and nostalgic song.
- new part is they invited guests to do collabs. And so we will have first Wotamin & Jack duet and what more, it's original song composed especially for them. Jack said that sunaP's lyrics are super eroi and the whole song is jazzy and very sexy and adult-like. Marutan on the other hand, will sing with amu & clear (and listeners laughed it's .3) and their song is anime-like.

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Burari, Asamack 2 ~Setouchi Ryoyou Hen~


Release: 01/01/2014
Price: 2,100 yen
【Voice】 Asamaru & Jack

Translated tracklist:
01. Sakimidare Hana no Chiruramu - Asamack song
02. Opening talk
03. Unexpectedly, ferry
04. Unexpectedly, Angel Road
05. Unexpectedly, Aji Sai
06. Hoshi no Uta - Asamaru song (producer: buzzG)
07. Unexpectedly, sunrise
08. Unexpectedly, olive
09. Unexpectedly, Hisi-odon
10. Ifuu Doudou - Jack song (producer: umetora)
11. Unexpectedly, Kawaranage
12. Ending talk

Official tracklist:
06.星の唄/作詞・作曲:buzzG 編曲:松岡美弥子、歌:あさまる
10.威風堂々/作詞・作曲:梅とら 編曲:松岡美弥子、歌:じゃっく

Angel Road = place on the cover.
Aji Sai = it's a shop with food.
Hisiodon = next food shop.

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Burari, Asamack

Release: 2013/10/30
Price: 2,100 yen
【Voice】 Asamaru & Jack

The booklet will include photos taken by Asamack.

Animate-online tokuten:
Special CD title: ☆Asamack Radio extra episode☆(The sea, the mountain and the disaster)
T-shirts with Asamack SD chara, hand-signed by Asamack (5 shirts, lottery)

Toranoana tokuten:
Original bromide hand-signed by Asamack (100 items, lottery)
Hand-signed by Asamack fibre cloth (5 items, lottery)

Lottery tokuten:
5 hand-made by Asamack shell straps. They will be distrubuted among all available ways of purchasing the CD in pre-order.

It's 4th CD of Asamack duet composed of their songs and talks. Not all songs and talks are already recorded! Once again Asamack & stuff jumped to certain place in Japan to record talks, which can not be done in namahousou! The talk were recorded at the seaside and in the mountains too. It will also have 3 song covers (original ones and vocaloid songs). The cover's artist is as always Keito-san. 

Translated tracklist:
01. Children Automaton - Asamack song (lyrics, composition, arrangement: sunaP)
02. Opening talk
03. Unexpectedly, mountain climbing
04. Hitorinbo Envy - Asamaru solo song (vocaloid song)
05. Unexpectedly, mountain descending
06. Unexpectedly, sunset
07. Unexpectedly, Hitoshi (Ishigaki Island's pub)
08. Jougen no Tsuki - Jack solo song (vocaloid song)
09. Unexpectedly, coral reef
10. Unexpectedly, picking up shells
11. Unexpectedly, present
12. Ending talk

Original tracklist:
01. チルドレン・オートマトン/作詞・作曲・編曲:砂守岳央(沙P)、歌:あさまっく
02. オープニングトーク
03. ぶらり、山登り
04. 独りんぼエンヴィー/作詞・作曲:koyori 編曲:V系うどん職人、歌:あさまる
05. ぶらり、山下り
06. ぶらり、サンセット
07. ぶらり、ひとし
08. 上弦の月/作詞・作曲:黒うさ 編曲:V系うどん職人、歌:じゃっく
09. ぶらり、珊瑚礁
10. ぶらり、貝拾い
11. ぶらり、プレゼント
12. エンディングトーク

Just after mini live in Osaka they went tonthe trip to one of Okinawa's Islands - Ishigaki-jima for two days (03/04 September). They were recording talk part here, playing in the beatiful clear sea and they also went to the mountains. But still there's not many details, so let's wait!
Their new origial duet song is composed by sunaP and it's 3rd song of Ghost Radio series. As for stories timetable it takes place before the Ghost Radio song.

Asamack official website
TEAM Entertainment
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Release: 2013/07/03
Price: 2,625 yen
【Voice】 Asamaru & Jack

Asamack duet songs:

TitleOther titleSinger / BandAnimeYear
檄!帝国華撃団Geki! Teikoku KagekidanChisa YokoyamaSakura Wars OP2000
Get Along Megumi HayashibaraSlayers OP1994
君をのせてKimi wo NoseteInoue AzumiLaputa Castle in the Sky theme1996
MASK V-SitBakuretsu Hunters ED1995

Asamaru solo songs:
TitleOther titleSinger / BandAnimeYear
残酷な天使のテーゼCruel Angel ThesisYoko TakahashiNeon Genesis Evangelion OP1995
Lost my music Aya HiranoMelancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi theme song2009
優しさの理由Yasashisa no RiyuuChouchoHyouka OP2012
Wind Climbing ~風にあそばれて~Wind Climbing ~Kaze ni Asobarete~Okui AkiMahoujin Guru Guru ED1996

Jack solo songs:
TitleOther titleSinger / BandAnimeYear
魂のルフランTamashii no RefrainYoko TakahashiEvangelion: Death & Rebirth ED theme1997
Just be conscious Megumi HayashibaraSlayers Return ED theme1996
美しい星Utsukushii HoshiAkino AraiWindaria theme song1986
Masami OkuiRevolutionary Girl Utena OP1997


MASK, Wind Climbing & Rinbu -revolution- are the ones recorded for previous CDs. The rest are all new!

More info:

Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan - Asamack
Lyrics:広井王子 Composition:田中公平 Arrangement:松岡美弥子&砂守岳央(沙P)
Guitar:Hidenori Violin:秋山利奈
Pupirottei (guest from Italy)

Get along - Asamack
Lyrics:有森聡美  Composition:佐藤英敏 Arrangement:松岡美弥子

Kimi wo Nosete - Asamack
Lyrics:宮崎駿  Composition:久石譲 Arrangement:松岡美弥子
Piano・Keyboard:松岡美弥子 Violin:秋山利奈

MASK - Asamack

Cruel Angel Thesis - Asamaru
Lyrics:及川眠子 Composition:佐藤英敏 Arrangement:松岡美弥子
Guitar:Hidenori Violin:秋山利奈

Lost my music - Asamaru
Lyrics:畑亜貴 Composition:神前暁 Arrangement:松岡美弥子

Yasashisa no Riyuu - Asamaru
Lyrics:こだまさおり Composition:宮崎誠 Arrangement:松岡美弥子
Piano・Keyboard:松岡美弥子 Guitar:Hidenori

Wind Climbing ~Kaze ni asobarete~ - Asamaru
Lyrics・Composition:奥井亜紀 Arrangement:松岡美弥
Melodion・Harmonica:松岡美弥子 Violin:秋山利奈

Tamashii no Refrain - Jack 
Lyrics:及川眠子 Composition:大森俊之 Arrangement:松岡美弥子
Piano・Keyboard:松岡美弥子 Guitar:Hidenori

Just be conscious - Jack
Lyrics:MEGUMI Composition:佐藤英敏 Arrangement:松岡美弥子
Piano・Keyboard:松岡美弥子 Guitar:Hidenori

Utsukushii Hoshi - Jack
Lyrics・Composition:新居昭乃 Arrangement:松岡美弥

Rinbu-revolution - Jack
Lyrics:奥井雅美 Composition:矢吹俊郎 Arrangement:砂守岳央(沙P)

Team Entertiment
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 「とびだせ! あさまっくらじお 3」
Tobidase! Asamack Radio 3

Release: 03.04.2013
Price: 2,100 yen 
【Voice】 Asamaru & Jack
【Guest voice】 PUPI, sunaP, Foo-san

Tobidase! Asamack Radio 3 is another compilation of talks & songs. It's 3rd CD of Asamaru & Jack combi (known as Asamack), who contribute douga & are doing namahousou literally everyday. It's sequel of Tobidase! Asamack Radio & Tobidase! Asamack Radio 2, which consist of their talks and 3 songs. About talks, those are the ones which they can't have at regular namahousou, so they have to jump out to various places & give their best to record it! Songs are anime covers or vocasongs, and this time among them will be full version of ending theme for PSP game Hatsukare Renai Debut Sengen called "SKY ROCKET".
They are doing namahousou for not less than 1200 days everyday, known as "Asamack Radio" (since 2009/9/16 they are having it literally everynight), reporting together stuff about recordings or various other works (movies, books etc.)
Jacket is made as always by "Keito".

Translated tracklist:
01 Skyrocket - full version of ending theme of "Hatsukare" PSP game
02 Opening talk
03 Asamack "First tie-up" impressions
04 Gluttonous Asamack, Join us!
05 Asamack tried to sing anisong
06 Wind Climbing~Kaze ni asobarete - Asamaru solo anisong cover
07 So good Jack met this person... probably. Foo-san episode
08 1, 2 Fanclub - Asamack & Foosan vocasong collab
09 Is it possible to do it for Asamack & Foosan trio?!
10 Ending talk

Original tracklist:
6.Wind Climbing~風にあそばれて - Asamaru
9.あさまっく&Fooさんの3人でできるかな!? (flute session)

Official Asamack Web Site
Hatsukare Renai Debut Sengen Official Website

They informed the special guest this time is Foo-san! He's definitely mysterious persona. The same as Jack, it is not known how he looks like, only his hands. But I heard rumors his super ikemen. If you happen to find not working douga, it's his flute music suite you can hear. Actually he's kinda vip of Nico Nico, moderator of broadcasts, he has atelier where many utaite gathers to talk and sing. He also has good singing voice, thought he's not uploading anything on nico as utaite. His nickname when he sings is 魔笛 (Magic Flute), and he's indeed the best known from his flute melodies. He's part of Asamack Family, had started to listen to them around 2-3 years ago. He appears as a stuff member here & there during nico events, he knows many famous singers personally too (like he's really good friends with Gackt, I believe). He sometimes cames to Asamack, using vip BSP. Asamack also used his song covers as bgm long ago.
This way he was able to meet with Marutan, who was host of nicoradio back in 2011 year, they were doing takoyaki together.
But of course he never had met with Jack. But...! Somehow Jack agreed on meeting him and their very first meeting will be on Tobidase 3! He bribed him with Amuro-chan's special autograph he took for him 2 yrs ago ahaha. As I say: two legendary pokemons meeting~ it's surely something to look for.
Asamack also went to 1 day trip to Hokkaido (Northern-most big island of Japan). They didn't say why they were here yet.
The songs are not announced too yet! But they will probably consist of some serifu.
One of the songs will also have Foo-san's vocal! They splitted it in two and one part is singed by Foo-san and the other one is both Asamaru & Jack. Really looking forward for it!!
In the talking part aside from their very first 'formal marriage' (Marutan said it looked like it) talk will probably be also Jack & Foo-san playing flute (recorders) together or some kind of flute contest since Jack can play it too and is even surprisingly good at it.

EDIT: This time there won't be orichara on special CD w.
Track 04 - they ate big nabe pot, probably during their Hokkaido trip, so this track will be all about this.
Track 09 - Jack & Foosan can play flute well, so they tried to play it together! And Marutan can't play flute but it looks like he tried it too w

Speaking about serifu, "Hatsukare" is date simulation game for girls hahahah. The game will be released 4/04/2013.

Here's PV for the game! I found it super amusing Asamack are singing ending theme for such game.

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 「とびだせ! あさまっくらじお 2」

Tobidase! Asamack Radio 2

Release: 13.02.2013 06.03.2013
Price: 2,100 yen 
【Voice】 Asamaru & Jack
【Guest voice】 Bkun (as shop manager), PUPI, sunaP
【Illustration】Keito original tokuten:
Special episode CD: The other side of the new world (新世界の向こう側)
Please keep in mind just as long as there are CDs to give out.
Animate-online limited tokuten:
SD mini poster with signs (lottery). Among all people pre-ordering at animate-online will be given out 10 scraps of paper signed by Asamaru, Jack, sunaP & PUPI (hand-written).

This time Asamack jumped to Osaka, to certain shop... They tried to do nabe, talked with certain 'neesan' (might be older sister or refering to waitress...) & had a lof of fun. Furthermore, songs are mellow Astronauts, the song which will make you cry - Ghost Note & sexy Asamack?! MASK. Looking forward for it!

Asamack are back for the 2nd time! It's 2nd CD of their songs & talks recordings.
It's 2nd CD of that Asamaru & Jack combi (known as Asamack), who contribute douga & are doing namahousou literally everyday.

This is continuation of their previous work Tobidase! Asamack Radio (released 2012/12/6), consisting of 3 songs & talks recordings. About talks, those are the ones which they can't have at regular namahousou, so they have to jump out (literally: tobidase) outside & give their best to record it! Songs are anime covers or new original songs and as for Asamaru, it will be solo vocalosong.

They are doing namahousou for not less than 1100 days everyday, known as "Asamack Radio" (since 2009/9/16 they are having it literally everynight), reporting together stuff about recordings or various other works (movies, books etc.)

Jacket is made as always by "Keito".

Translated tracklist:
01 Ghost Note -- Asamack (Lyrics, composition, arrangement: Taketeru Sunamori (SunaP))
02 Opening Talk
03 SunaP small talk about "Ghost Note & Radio"  
04 Asamack Mystery Gourmet (Preparing ingredients episode)
05 Asamack try to sing Anisong
06 MASK -- Asamack (Lyrics, composition: Masami Okui ; Arrangement: Matsuoka Miyako, Taketeru Sunamori (SunaP))    
07 Let's search for Jack's princess
08 Sayonara Astronaut -- Asamaru (cover) (Lyrics, composition: Kobayashi Onyx ; Arrangement: Vkei Udon Shokunin)
09 Asamack Mystery Gourmet (Trying hard to eat episode)
10 Night's omake
11 Ending Talk

Original tracklist:
10. 夜のおまけ

Asamack official website

Thanks for Misa-san for helping out with translating tracklists!! ( *´▽`*)=◯)`し°)・;'.、
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1st solo album

Release: 13.02.2012
Price: 2,100 yen 
【Vocal】 Jack
【Composer】 Sunamori Taketeru (sunaP) tokuten:
Original mini mirror with "ramillete" logo tokuten:
Jack's signs (20) lottery

Jack will release his first solo album! It will consist mostly of his Kindan Vampire series songs theme plus two need songs! The title is from Spanish and means "small bouquet".

1 ♪  Shigosen no Fiesta 「子午線のフィエスタ」
new original song
2 ♪  Blood of Rose ~Kindan no Keiyaku~ 
Kindan Vampire ~Akabara no Ou~ theme song
3 ♪  Gessou Kyoku 「月想曲」
Kindan Vampire ~Shirobara no Ouji~ theme song
4 ♪  Sou En 「蒼炎」
Kindan Vampire ~Aobara no Kishi~ theme song
5 ♪  Etanite・Guranite 「エタニテ・グラニテ」
Kindan Vampire ~Kibara no Toganin~ theme song
6 ♪  Akatsuki no Tame no Oudo 「暁のための頌歌(オード)」 
Kindan Vampire ~Murasakibara no Kenja~ theme song
7 ♪  Kanata Nostalgia 「彼方ノスタルジヤ」
Kindan Vampire ~Kurobara no Koutei~ theme song)
8 ♪  Aru Kyuuketsuki Monogatari no Kyoku 「或る吸血鬼の物語」
new original song

Jack's official website

More info about Kindan Vampire series:

Each song on Jack's album has it's own color. Red, white, purple, green, yellow and black roses.
The two new songs are dark orange and deep green.
The deep green (深緑) one is 8th track and it's around 7 minutes long!

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Asamack decided to sell their own special single CD at Fuyukomi (Comic Market 83)

Fuyukomi date / release: 29-31.12.2012
Place: Tokyo Big Sight
Booth name: Team Entertaiment
Price: 3,900 yen (for single and goods)

Single CD「空の約束~虹&Gemini~/リスキーゲーム」

1. 空の約束~虹&Gemini (Sora no Yakusoku~Niji & Gemini)
2. リスキーゲーム (Risky Game)

サンキュー☆セット (Thank you set) 
Consisting of:
- towel
- t-shirt (M size)

More info: TEAM Entertainment

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Compilation summary about Kindan Vampire series.

Image artist: Suzunosuke
Theme songs: Jack
Songs composer: sunaP

1. Kindan Vampire ~Aka Bara no Ou~
Forbidden Vampire: Crimson Rose's King
Song theme: Blood of Rose ~Kindan no Keiyaku~
Release date: 14/03/2012
Price: 2,100 yen
Promotion movie (listening to it with headphones is a must...)

2. Kindan Vampire ~Shirobara no Ouji~
Forbidden Vampire: White Rose's Prince
Song theme: Gessou Kyoku 「月想曲」
Release date: 20/06/2012
Price: 2,100 yen

3. Kindan Vampire ~Aobara no Kishi~
Forbidden Vampire: Blue Rose's Knight
Song theme: Sou En 「蒼炎」
Release date: 15/08/2012
Price: 2,100 yen

4. Kindan Vampire ~Kibara no Toganin~
Forbidden Vampire: Yellow Rose's Criminal
Song theme: Etanite・Guranite エタニテ・グラニテ
Release date: 17/10/2012
Price: 2,100 yen

5. Kindan Vampire ~Murasakibara no Kenja~
禁断吸血鬼 ~紫薔薇ノ賢者~
Forbidden Vampire: Purple Rose's Sage
Song theme: Akatsuki no Tame no Oudo  暁のための頌歌 (Ode to Dawn)
Release date: 26/12/2012
Price: 2,100 yen

6. Kindan Vampire ~Kurobara no Koutei~
禁断吸血鬼 ~黒薔薇ノ皇帝~ 
Forbidden Vampire: Black Rose's Emperor
Song theme: Kanata Nostalgia「彼方ノスタルジヤ」
Release date: 13/02/2012
Price: 2,100 yen
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「とびだせ! あさまっくらじお」
Tobidase! Asamack Radio

Release: 05.12.2012
Price: 2100 yen
【Vocal】 Asamaru & Jack
Animate online tokutens:
Tobidase! Asamack Radio Extra Episode (with Faneru) CD recorded at the hotel just before the kaikoku broadcast
Scrap of paper with autographs of Asamaru, Jack & Faneru (10 in all; lottery)

01 JUMP (Lyrics, composition, arrangement:Hidenori Vocal: Asamack)
02 オープニングトーク (Opening talk)
03 Hidenori「JUMP」reciting (Interview: Asamaru)
04 あさまっくのアニソンを歌ってみた (Asamack talking about singing anisongs)
05 Rinbu-revolution (Utena opening; arrangement: Taketeru Sunamori - sunaP; voice: Jack)
06 あさまっくのミステリーツアー (Asamack's Mystery Tour)
07 じゃっくのあの人と会ってもいいかも~ふぁねる編~ (So good Jack met this person... probably. Faneru episode)
08 深海少女 Shinkai Shoujo (vocalo-song; voice: Asamack & Faneru)
09 あさまっく&ふぁねるでBBQ (Asamack & Faneru BBQ)
10 エンディング (Ending)

Asamack official website
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2nd Full Album
Stand by xxx

Limited edition cover

Regular edition cover

Release: 14.03.2012  29.02.2012  
Limited edition: 3150 yen
Regular edition: 2625 yen
【Vocal】 Asamaru & Jack

Limited edition tokutens (not included in regular edition)

Animate tokuten:
Special CD with Asamack Radio episode: Who is the culprit?

Animate-online limited tokuten:
Asamack autographs (lottery, there are 50 of them) 

THREE! special tokuten:
「Stand by(intro gdgd short ver.)×3」CD

Tora no Ana tokuten:
2 sets of face cleaning wipes (idk)

Additionaly if ordering online at Animate you can leave message for Asamack (max 180 characters) and it will be delivered to them.

01. Stand by (Asamaru & Jack original piece duet)
02. Stray Sheep (from Asamack single)
03. Karakuri Pierrot  からくりピエロ  (Asamaru solo)
04. Gemini (Jack original solo by sunaP)
05. Material  マテリアル (from Asamack single)
06. Boku dake ni mieru tsuki 僕だけにみえる月 (Asamaru original solo)
07. Scissorhands シザーハンズ (Jack solo)
08. Kimi Reflection キミリフレクション (Asamack version; original from .5 single)
09. Niji  虹 (Asamaru original solo)
10. Blood of Rose (Jack original solo)
11. Ghost Radio (from Asamack single)
12. Aryosha ~Ayatsuri Pierrot no Hajimari no Uta~アリョーシャ~あやつりピエロのはじまりのうた (Asamaru & Jack original piece duet)

Links: Limited Edition Regular Edition

About the title
If you're wondering why there's xxx in the title... Yeah, totally weird censorship, making you have weird thoughts /shot Asamack were stating that it means JAR. Which is first litters from Jack - Asamaru - Listeners (Risuna リスナー). But since they couldn't decide and it somehow feels stupid, they put xxx instead.

EDIT [21.12.2011]
Asamack announced they will release their new album at their nama. This time it will be FULL album, not mini, so it will include 12 (!) tracks. I believe the three of them will be Material, Stray Sheep and Ghost Radio while the 9 other will be completely new covers / songs.

EDIT [16.01.2012] 
Asamack announced the title of CD~ Also that it will have many new pieces. But among others: Karakuri Pierrot and Ghost Radio but different ones. So probably another arrange or a song in Ghost Radio's universe.

EDIT [23.01.2012]
Yeeeeesssss, Jack came to Tokyo. At their nama 24.01.2012 they announced they were recording Kimi Reflection (with Marutan failing at falsetto parts, when he ended his part he just... went to sleep while Jack was recording lol.) and Jack was recording Scissorhands solo - apparently in a bit changed arrangement. wktk~

EDIT [1.02.2012]
Release data was postponed! White Day LOL. They announced Special Tokuten.

EDIT [6.02.2012]
Sooo it turned out Marutan was today recording again! For whole 5 hours. Just him. He was recording his original solo piece - called Niji (Rainbow). So funny since even Jack don't know how it sounds like ww Well it looks like they recorded what they had to ealier because Jack couldn't stay too long in Tokyo, so Marutan's solo pieces are recorded just now huh. The other one is 僕だけにみえる月 (The Moon only I can see), probably with accompany of Hidenori's guitar.

EDIT [14.02.2012]
They finally told us all songs and order of the songs. So the last Marutan's solo is Karakuri Pierrot. He was joking that when he was recording Ayatsuri Pierrot he was all the time mistaking those titles and somehow it turned out like this. Jack said Blood of Rose was like LAST BOSS for him, totally hard song to sing! He often complained that he won't be able to pull it off, but sunaP and PUPI was perfect doS and somehow he managed. He said he thought his other solo Gemini was already super hard - unless he had to record Blood of Rose, so it's the hardest song no 2. They will play Blood of Rose at PUPI's nama next week - I want to hear it now dammit. They joked that Ghost Radio - song about destroyed world - is the end of their album, proper end wwwww But fortunaltely the last is calm, warming Aryosha song.
They played Stand by xxx. I'm enchanted! It's happy-go-lucky maji 1000% Asamack song! So cheerful and gdgd (Jack: CHOTTO HAYAKU! Marutan: Chotto matte! wwwwwwwww). And DoyaP... I mean Hidenori-san's guitar solo is so cool too. SIMPLY AWESOME.

EDIT [22.02.2012]
Last Boss aka Blood of Rose. Is. Simply. Epic. It starts suddenly, going all out. Kinda dark, majestatic, quick melody - reminds me of Kalafina or Kajiura Yuki (especially Kara no Kyoukai). And it's just perfect for Jack's voice, but I can clearly see why he stands it was the most difficult piece he had ever sang. This piece involves much of voice modulating, singing in semi-suitable level, changing levels quite often. And there are really high parts and long high parts too. It's just on the verge of what Jack can and cannot sing. Plus there is hell of epic choruses and synchro parts (all done by Jack-only). Seriously, I totally love it.

And I had started to wonder whether I should buy it or not (it's super pricey for me + shipping), but with each song I was just thinking that it's really awesome. And now I totally love whole album. ARGH.

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Mini Single
Join us / Somatic Delusion
Fuyukomi CD

Release: 31.12.2010
Price: 1000 yen

【Vocal】 Asamaru & Jack

Track list:
1. Join us (intro gdgd ver.)
2. Somatic Delusion
Mini single released at Fuyukomi. The very first official release of Asamack!
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 Mini Single
Fire◎Flower / COLOUR
Natsukomi CD

Release: 13.08.2011
Price: 1000 yen
【Vocal】 Asamaru & Jack
【Guest vocal】 isagoP & PUPI

Track list 
01. Fire◎Flower
Mini single released at Natsukomi.
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3rd Single
(Ghost Radio)
+ special CD

Release: 07.12.2011
Price: 1260 yen
【Vocal】 Asamaru & Jack

Track List
01. ゴーストレディオ (Ghost Radio) / Singer: Asamack
Lyrics, composition, arrangement:isagoP (original piece)

02. からくりピエロ (Karakuri Pierrot) / Singer: Jack
Lyrics, composition: 40mP、 Arrangement: wasshoi's (song cover)

03. 未完成勇者 (Mikansei Hero) / Singer: Asamaru
Lyrics: Asamaru Composition, arrangement: Hidenori (original piece)

04. ゴーストレディオ (Ghost Radio)(instrumental)
05. からくりピエロ (Karakuri Pierrot) (instrumental)
06. 未完成勇者 (Mikansei Hero) (instrumental)


Official website:

Additional info:
There was small contest announced at twitter for Asamaru's original piece name.

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2nd Single

Release: 14.09.2011
Price: 1,260 yen
【Vocal】 Asamaru & Jack

Recording director: sunaP
Recording studio: PROCYON STUDIO
Recording & mixing engineer: PUPI
Producer: TEAM Entertainment

01.マテリアル (Material) / Singer: Asamack
Lyrics: Asamaru、Composition: Asamaru&Hidenori、Arrangement:Hidenori (original piece)
02.モノクロスロード (Monocross Road) / Singer: Asamaru
Lyrics, composition: arieP、 Arrangement: Sugar Brave (song cover)
03.鳥籠と、少年 (Torikago to, Shounen) / Singer: Jack
Lyrics, composition, arrangement: isagoP (original piece)
04.マテリアル (Material)(instrumental)


Official website: 

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1st Single
Stray Sheep

Release: 06.07.2011
Price: 1260 yen
【Vocal】 Asamaru & Jack

Track List
01. Stray Sheep  / Singer: Asamack
Lyrics: orange  Composition, arrangement: Nem

02. カーニバル (Carnival) / Singer: Asamack
Lyrics, composition, arrangement: otetsu

03. reliance / Singer: Jack
Lyrics: Jack  Composition, arrangement: Hidenori

04. Stray Sheep (inst ver.)
05. カーニバル (Carnival)(inst ver.)
06. reliance (inst ver.)


Official website:  

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1st Mini Album
+ special CD

Release: 12.01.2011
Price: 2100 yen
【Vocal】 Asamaru & Jack
【Guest Vocal】halyosy & that


01. Join us / Singer: Asamack (original piece)
Lyrics, composition, arrangement:Hidenori
02. え?あぁ、そう (E? Aa, sou) / Singer: Jack (song cover)
Lyrics, composition, arrangement:chouchouP(papiyon)
03. フラッシュバックサウンド (Flashback Sound) / Singer: Asamaru (song cover)
Lyrics, composition, arrangement:kuwagataP
04. サマーレイン (Summer Rain - Dancing Umbrella Edit.) / Singer: Asamack (song cover)
Lyrics:桃華なゆた  composition, arrangement: Nem
05. 蜜蜂 (Mitsubachi) / Singer: Jack (song cover)
Lyrics:裏花火  composition, arrangement:  におP
06. Alice / Singer: Asamaru (song cover)
Lyrics, composition, arrangement:古川本舗
07. Select me / Singer: Asamack feat. halyosy & that (song cover)
Lyrics, composition, arrangement:halyosy
08. あやつりピエロの恋の歌  (Ayatsuri Piero no Koi no Uta) / Singer: Asamack (original piece)
Lyrics, composition, arrangement:Nem



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