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So this year Jack was so nice that on anniversary of Jack & Marutan first meeting, he unlocked his old blog entry about this meeting. He some time ago hide all notes, because he stated he's shamed about all that old stuff. Anyways, I allowed myself to translate it!

開国しました I did kaikoku
2010-03-24 16:28:55 

I think everybody know about it already but
Marutan came to Osaka at 22nd [March] and we spent some time together!
We know each other since 2006 and... it took 4 years until we met each other, somehow ∑(☉д☉;)

Lately a lot of utaite-san take part in live & other events and the extent of possibilities is unbelievably broader than in the past days.
It became more normal to meet up and have fun together, but I don't participate in Nico Nico related LIVES and I hadn't ever met with anybody.
I believe it's good enough to be able to take part in all this with my voice-only.
(this intention of mine hadn't changed even now, I won't participate or go to any LIVE event)

Hovewer, I've always wanted to meet with Marutan, but there were so many obstacles...

But I think I was overexaggerating too much! Haha.

And this time too, I think I probably would not dare to make first step, but Tolie-san and Choucho-san pushed me from behind to do it.

Finally... Finally I was able to tell Marutan "Let's meet up!" (*´▽`*)

At appointed day I was so nervous from the very morning I got stomache.
I went out early, but the bus was late due to traffic jam and I got impatient.
I arrived at Umeda but I didn't know where is exactly appointement place so I got lost...

I finally found that place, Marutan must be just right around the corner! Thinking about this made me even more weirdly nervous.

J: A... Maruta....n? AAAAAAaaaaaaa!
M: AAAAAaaaaa! Doumo desu! [Hello!]

Or something like that, because I don't really remember it due to being too nervous then haha.
But I believe we quickly started to talk like we normally talked with each other.

After that we went to karaoke I reserved ealier and when I heard Marutan's singing voice I thought "Uwaa to be able to hear this singing voice I know so well, but this time in the same room!" and somehow I was deeply moved by that ☆

We also called Tolie-san and reported about various things and while he was still on phone, we sang Magnet with passion (*´▽`*) 
(without Marutan's hard-breathing sound)

Tolie-san was also super happy about our meeting and even thought we just wake up him with call, his tension was MAX (*´▽`*)

We spent 2 hours at karaoke, but it wasn't enough, so we wanted to prolong our reservation, but it wasn't possible, since a lot of people were waiting already (ノ_・。) So we went to drink bar, I ordered 1 glass of orange juice, but wasn't able to drink it all

[...he probably refers they were talking so much he forgot to drink it lol...]

After that we went to search for some cafe to sit and calm down a little, but we were mostly wandering aimlessly.
I should've know my home area better and find some place beforehand!! ( ゚ ρ ゚ )

There was supposed to be some Saizeriya (italian food restaurant) close and since Marutan agreed on that, we went here but---

We followed to the seat and we had other guests from the both sides, I thought it would be nice to play MonHun or Bomberman here.

J: We can't play it here, can we? Haha.
M: Ee? Let's do it! We're otaku!

It was so refreshing I felt so happy (*´▽`*)

[...totally not sure about this part...]

But it was interesting how when we started to play it, the surroundings didn't matter to us anymore!
We totally plunged into playing Bomberman (๑≧♉ฺ≦)
We also played a bit of MonHun and it felt the same as when we were playing it at broadcast!

And just like that, the time of Marutan's departure...

We walked together as far as to Shin-osaka, but it was certainly very lonesome when we had to bid farewell (ノ_・。)

After bidding our farewell and I was already riding in a train, I soon got message from Marutan:
"I'm so happy I was able to meet with you today! Let's have fun together sometime again!"
I felt like crying anew.

Next time we will have fun together all night long!


I'm really so happy we could meet.
It was so much fun. Trully, so much fun.
And Asamack listeners were also happy, just like me.
After seeing all comments later, I just cried again.

I may had done kaikoku but I'm still tsuchinoko Jack, so please take care of me from now on again (*´▽`*)

Translation notes:
kaikoku - litterally opening of the country to the world. This word id used especially by Jack about his first meetings with various people, since he's very hard to convince & hardly anybody knows him.
tsuchinoko - japanese mysterious creature, which is believed to exist, but none can say that for sure. In Jack's case, it's his nickname since he's the same - everybody knows he exists, but hardly anyone ever saw him.

See also: Nikki's post about Asamack first date

What songs they sang at karaoke:
Asamack -- magnet
Jack -- Rock steady - Amuro Namie
Jack -- Sennen no dokusou ka
Hello Planet
Melody Flag
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Source: Keisen's blog
Date: 2012/04/23 

My note: It's Keisen's relation from her meeting with Jack & Choucho, they went together to karaoke and had a lot of fun! Let me roughly translate it for you. Feel free to leave any comment :)

Long time no update! Dream-like karaoke (*´ω`*) 

Super long time without any update, right... (;´∀`)
I'm very sorry for leaving it like this.
Just few days ago totally enjoyable thing happened so I just have to write about it!
At 21st (Saturday), while I was visiting my parent's home, I met with Jack and Choucho and the three of us went on karaoke! (*´ω`*)♪
Our trio being able to go to karaoke is TRULLY pure happiness! So much fun! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
First, we were supposed to meet at the station, but somehow we couldn't find Jack, so we were all stressed out (previous time we also had troubles w)

On the phone:
K: Where are you now?! At south entrance? Eh, but I'm also at south entrance! w
J: Ah. wwwwwww
K: What's the matter?
J: Just now someone looking like Choucho-san went past, but totally ignored me・・・
K: Eh wwwwwww
J: Maybe I mistook someone for her wwww

Thus such convo took place wwww
When we finally found each other and headed to the place where we finally met with Choucho-tan, it turned out that it was indeed Choucho-tan who was passing by Jack ealier wwwww
Well, there were so many people so no wonder she hadn't realize it... right (backing-up)

I hadn't met Choucho-tan in so long time (more than 1 year) and when I finally saw her again, she was so pretty! She was already soooo pretty before, but now she looked even prettier. She was giving out that aura of prettiness, so Keisen just madly felt deep in love with her (*´p`*) We jumped into each other arms to cherish our reunite ☆
Then the 3 of us went for a lunch ♪
We went to one cafe (eat as many pancakes as you want) which I found beforehand (`・ω・´)
When we came there, it turned out there wasn't any free seats unless the ones at the counter, so the 3 of us sat next to each other.
The 3 of us ordered pasta for lunch and as we waited, we talked about our recent life and we talked about how we met w While we were talking it looked like flower bloomed around us [reference to shoujo manga for sure wwww] and it really felt like girls party! 

Jack-tan who so naturally said "Ah, and one more butter roll please!" sounded just like a girl!
When we were going to eat pasta I wanted to pass him a spoon, but I'd realized guys don't roll pasta around the spoon and eat it like that www So careless of me.
I'm so glad I took photos of our pasta lunch w It was totally delicious (*´ω`*)

After lunch, we went to appointed karaoke...
But even thought I made reservation, the room was already taken (;´∀`)
But accidentally one room become vacant, the one which was appropiate for us ε-(´∀`*)ホッ
And the karaoke just was... I think people, who listened to the broadcast can understand that... it was soooo--- awesome!! 

Choucho-tan as always sang in beautiful voice, Jack-tan wasn't worse at all and it was so much fun to sing together. Next time Marutan have to go with us, the 4 of us! I absolutely want it to come true ♪
After 3 hours of singing anisongs, ballads and many others, we went to take some purikura photos ♪

Let's show here only one portion of purikura w

Jack-tan's folding fan is only visible

I asked Jack-tan what the heck he's drawing, he already ended drawing TBK. And in addition in THAT-like color (´・ω・`)

Choucho-tan really looks like godness. Her hair are so beautiful! I want to rub them!!
Jack-tan was only half-visible, but for safety purposes, I hidden him wwww

I took purikura sooo long ago, so it really felt nostalgic w
You know, lately purikura really emphasis eyes, so it's really scary wwwww
Even throught we set it that eyes won't be the biggest, it still emphasized eyes w My eyes are so scary! w

After that we bought and devoured some doughnuts, then we hugged with Choucho-tan and bid our farewell ><
I high-fived with Jack-tan at the station too before we bid farewell w
Please surely come again and let's have fun again!

And that's all for it! Also, I wrote my own summary of their karaoke HERE.
Thanks for my friends with helping me out with translation <3
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Please remember this one is pretty old already and can be not up to date.
Source: here


My profile
Hobby: singing
Strong point: none self-confidence
Weak point: none self-confidence
A bit to be-happy-about thing: none self-confidence
Thing you stepped into lately : Light
What's first thing you do after comming back home : I eat dinner
Averenge time of sleep : 3 hours
Favorite phrase : I want to die
How often you update your blog? : Rarely.
Your fetish : wrinkle
Favorite motto : Don't forget your original intention
What do you collect : software effects
Are you M or S : M
Likes and dislikes
Favorite food: takoyaki
Disliked food: anything slimy
Favorite sport: martial arts involving fight without weapons
Favorite male celebrity: Beat Takeshi
Favorite musican: Motoo Fujiwara (Bump of Chicken vocalist and guitarist)
Favorite comic: flat
Favorite magazine: Jump
Favorite game: Mother (game)
Favorite place: my own home
Favorite animal: kitty
Favorite color: blue-green
Favorite typewriter: Yuru Fuwa ( ゆるふわ )
Disliked feature: egocentricity
If you had one wish that might come true: Not have to work
You feel happy: When I have free time from working
Something you would never let go: takoyaki
If you win at lottery: I would stop working
What had you been in your previous life: takoyaki
On the last day of the world, what you would do: takoyaki
What's your self-reward: takoyaki
The moment whick makes you happy: takoyaki
What lately made you feel deeply moved: takoyaki
As a child I wanted to become: Ultra seven
Something you'll write just here: takoyaki
Type of cellphone: Au.
Something you can eat with anything: takoyaki
You would be reborn as: takoyaki
As far what's your the most pricey purchase: car
Something you want the most right now: takoyaki
Where do you want to travel now : Osaka
What's the most important thing for you: takoyaki
Something you could eat everyday for 1 month: takoyaki
You can't live without: takoyaki


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