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Q: How Keisen-san got to know Marutan?


Oh! I got a nice question! I hear it quite often, but I will take my chance to reply it properly in interview since it's easier. (*´ω`*)
When I started to submit covers I joined "Meeting place of utaite society" community. I posted here my covers, wanting to hear other people thoughts and to see other videos too.
Before I posted my videos I discovered a lot of awesome voices and songs posted here. I saw here also high quality video and thought "Ah, this one is different than others in society!".
And it was Marutan's "Anti Digitalism".

But back then I thought there are so many talented people, so I just happend to memorize "Asamaru" nickname.

Later I found 『シングリンク』social network service and I also registered here.
Up to this point I really hadn't stumbled across any other utaite, searching on various other pages, so I was really excited.
And accidentally I saw here again that name "Asamaru" (*´ω`*)

I thought "Ohhh!" and immediately sent request to add him to my-link! Ha ha.
And when I think about it now, it must've been destiny /shot

After that I talked to Marutan on skype.
Apparently when I was searching in society community for "Utaite-san who's willing to MIX things" I found one other person, aside from Marutan, who I wanted to talk to and I was wondering which one I should ask for help. And while I was wondering I learned about many various things haha.

And somehow after I received my MIX I ended up being here now.

And it was like that! And many things happened! We even got into a quarrel.
When you got really angry, got preached, singing also turning out to be more intense! Haha.
But thanks to that I was every time like "This time I will sing so great that Marutan will praise me!". I was improving myself in many ways, while I was enthusiastically immersing myself in singing. I'm really grateful for that (*´ω`*)

In reality, before I met Marutan, I wasn't even aware that there's something like ranking.

Marutan: This piece got 1st place in yesterday's ranking...
Keisen: Ranking? (*´ω`*) What's that, some website?
Marutan: (´°д°`)・・・・・

It looked more or less like this haha.

Marutan: You heard of Choucho-san... right...
Keisen: Who? (*´ω`*)
Marutan: (´°д°`)・・・ so, Jack-san too...
Keisen: (*´ω`*)???

It just was like this ahahahahah.

When I remind about this now, this meeting was the beginning of everything for me and now I ended up here. That's so strange, right. But I'm so happy I was able to meet him (*´ω`*)
And like this, Marutan is my brid---- /shot
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Answer rate: 13.27%   Published: 15

2011-09-12 12:19:30
Q: Is soup essential? REALLY?
A: It is essential for sure.

2011-09-12 14:23:10 
Q: I'm sorry if it's your meal time... What type of existance is UNK for Jack-san?
A: It is existance I want to let go, but I can't.

2011-09-14 00:04:46 
Q: As long as you can remember, was there any time, when you hadn't been using UNK-UNK word?
A: Nope.

2011-09-14 00:10:30 
Q: Jack-san, what type of UNK are you?
A: Sorry, I don't really get this question.

2011-09-14 18:12:47 
Q: If UNK had disappeared from this world, what would you do Jack-san? 
A: I think if UNK would disappear from this world, it would mean it's world's end.

2011-09-14 18:15:53 
Q: Is there anything beside UNK? [I think it's about which questions he chose to reply LOL.]
A: There is~

2011-09-14 19:27:02 
Q: What type of women's figure you like?
A: Namie-figure.

2011-09-14 19:27:25 
Q: What's Jack-san's type of women?
A: Amuro Namie.

2011-09-15 21:30:30 
Q: All qustions seems to be UNK-biased and you only seems to answer those UNK-related. You are sure it's ok? Ha ha.
A: 7% of all are UNK related.

2011-09-15 21:33:37 
Q: What color of UNK is your current mood?
A: Transparent.

2011-09-15 21:34:33 
Q: Why you lately didn't tell anything UNK-related?
A: Because that day I felt like changing my way of speaking.

2011-09-15 21:36:16 
Q:  I have a question for Jack-san. Why you turn everything into UNK-related? 
A:  Because people submitting questions also loves UNK.

 2011-09-30 19:33:33 
Q: What ramen flavour do you like the most?
A: I don't really eat ramen, so any taste is ok. 

 2011-09-30 19:35:38 
Q: Why you hate chocolate? Allergy?
A: I just hate it's scent and taste. If I have to, I'd unwillingly eat it.

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And there, since Keisen answered question about Marutan, it was too tempting to not ask her about Jack, right? As ealier, my Japanese sucks and please do not copy that anywhere.


What do you think about Jack-san?

I see hahaha. So such one came too!

Hm... If Jack-tan would answer such question about me right now I wonder how it would turn out--- khem khem.
So let's write down the list again!
- I was listening to other utaite-san whose covers Marutan MIX and that way I heard his voice for the first time
- what's with that invigorating prince voice?!
- no way, that song is good. I mean it's really good - that's what I thought.
- during the first conversation on the radio, I was deeply moved by how kindly I was treated
- I mean back then!!! /// Back then I was really attracted by that!! //
- after that, somehow we gradually became friends during the radio and such
- despite we hadn't met!!←
- despite we hadn't met, we grew attached to each other
- despite we hadn't met, he helped me a lot in many various ways
- despite we hadn't met, he's pretty skilled in such things like cakes.

(keep in mind it's hard for me to tell whether they'd actually NEVER met IRL or she's just talking from time perspective...)

I can say that much for sure ww. And when it comes to Marutan, I think about Jack as 『女子枠』(woman's silhouette??? lol), thus going on like ぐぎぎ , and besides I really see him as a younger brother... or something like that... err, I think it might be not the best description. And my point of view may be not too reliable thought・・・・(;´∀`)

As for now I will just one-sidedly say he's like 『マブダチ枠』 (true friend's silhouette) for me, but I really wonder what he thinks・・・w

( ゚д゚)ハッ! Before I realized it turned out like this...
Shit! You fool, you fool~ Eat cake quickly! Going-- ←
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 Ahh I love you Keisen! And I just have to make attempt to translate it! And since my japanese and english sucks, please do not post that anywhere else. If you see any mistranslations, feel free to comment!


What do you like in Marutan?

Finally some direct question about Marutan! キタ――(゚∀゚)――!!
Ah, I really was thinking it would show up more quickly.
It's surprising it was sent just now ha ha.

Hmm when I think about it once again I really wonder what should I answer~
I would just simpy say "EVERYTHING!" but somehow it just doesn't sound like proper answer.
So let's just write it down!
- voice! Voice goes first! I absolutely love it (*´ω`*)
- he's perfect person to talk to when you need someone's advice about various things
- he knows how to get straight to the point and to cut thorough my heart///
- but in the end he's just doing it 'cause he's so nice (*´ω`*)
- he always care for you when you get in various troubles... sometimes he gets angry haha but it's ok!
- he has highest good taste in mixing songs (`・ω・´)b
- and above all Marutan is the one who can value and approve my voice and my songs

Ahh now when I told that it's so embarasing (*´ω`*)
Well, after all those various things I think I can freely say I really respect him and rely on him ♪

But if you just read me writing such things, not knowing other cicumstances, you might get wrong impression about our relationship, so I will explain it properly.

(what theee, next paragraph is so messed up wwww)

It's one-sided and it's just me who's stubbornly going like KYAAAA and FUFUFU!
When Marutan has enough of warding me off on the left and right, sometimes he just get back at me with sharp words.
I'm just bothering Marutan by teasing him.
Please understand that. Without a doubt it's just like this.

Huh? Somehow the screen became blurred? Huh? wwwww


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