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 「とびだせ! あさまっくらじお 2」

Tobidase! Asamack Radio 2

Release: 13.02.2013 06.03.2013
Price: 2,100 yen 
【Voice】 Asamaru & Jack
【Guest voice】 Bkun (as shop manager), PUPI, sunaP
【Illustration】Keito original tokuten:
Special episode CD: The other side of the new world (新世界の向こう側)
Please keep in mind just as long as there are CDs to give out.
Animate-online limited tokuten:
SD mini poster with signs (lottery). Among all people pre-ordering at animate-online will be given out 10 scraps of paper signed by Asamaru, Jack, sunaP & PUPI (hand-written).

This time Asamack jumped to Osaka, to certain shop... They tried to do nabe, talked with certain 'neesan' (might be older sister or refering to waitress...) & had a lof of fun. Furthermore, songs are mellow Astronauts, the song which will make you cry - Ghost Note & sexy Asamack?! MASK. Looking forward for it!

Asamack are back for the 2nd time! It's 2nd CD of their songs & talks recordings.
It's 2nd CD of that Asamaru & Jack combi (known as Asamack), who contribute douga & are doing namahousou literally everyday.

This is continuation of their previous work Tobidase! Asamack Radio (released 2012/12/6), consisting of 3 songs & talks recordings. About talks, those are the ones which they can't have at regular namahousou, so they have to jump out (literally: tobidase) outside & give their best to record it! Songs are anime covers or new original songs and as for Asamaru, it will be solo vocalosong.

They are doing namahousou for not less than 1100 days everyday, known as "Asamack Radio" (since 2009/9/16 they are having it literally everynight), reporting together stuff about recordings or various other works (movies, books etc.)

Jacket is made as always by "Keito".

Translated tracklist:
01 Ghost Note -- Asamack (Lyrics, composition, arrangement: Taketeru Sunamori (SunaP))
02 Opening Talk
03 SunaP small talk about "Ghost Note & Radio"  
04 Asamack Mystery Gourmet (Preparing ingredients episode)
05 Asamack try to sing Anisong
06 MASK -- Asamack (Lyrics, composition: Masami Okui ; Arrangement: Matsuoka Miyako, Taketeru Sunamori (SunaP))    
07 Let's search for Jack's princess
08 Sayonara Astronaut -- Asamaru (cover) (Lyrics, composition: Kobayashi Onyx ; Arrangement: Vkei Udon Shokunin)
09 Asamack Mystery Gourmet (Trying hard to eat episode)
10 Night's omake
11 Ending Talk

Original tracklist:
10. 夜のおまけ

Asamack official website

Thanks for Misa-san for helping out with translating tracklists!! ( *´▽`*)=◯)`し°)・;'.、
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「とびだせ! あさまっくらじお」
Tobidase! Asamack Radio

Release: 05.12.2012
Price: 2100 yen
【Vocal】 Asamaru & Jack
Animate online tokutens:
Tobidase! Asamack Radio Extra Episode (with Faneru) CD recorded at the hotel just before the kaikoku broadcast
Scrap of paper with autographs of Asamaru, Jack & Faneru (10 in all; lottery)

01 JUMP (Lyrics, composition, arrangement:Hidenori Vocal: Asamack)
02 オープニングトーク (Opening talk)
03 Hidenori「JUMP」reciting (Interview: Asamaru)
04 あさまっくのアニソンを歌ってみた (Asamack talking about singing anisongs)
05 Rinbu-revolution (Utena opening; arrangement: Taketeru Sunamori - sunaP; voice: Jack)
06 あさまっくのミステリーツアー (Asamack's Mystery Tour)
07 じゃっくのあの人と会ってもいいかも~ふぁねる編~ (So good Jack met this person... probably. Faneru episode)
08 深海少女 Shinkai Shoujo (vocalo-song; voice: Asamack & Faneru)
09 あさまっく&ふぁねるでBBQ (Asamack & Faneru BBQ)
10 エンディング (Ending)

Asamack official website
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Oh my, will they got finally into their first fight? I doubt, since it's obviously Marutan's fault, even thought listeners warned him... So he won't try to defend himself. So what's it all about this time? Well, it's all one misunderstanding!

So Jack today participated in  【ニコニコBAR通信】飲みながら雑談放送  (not in person, of course) so he was like drinking alcohol for 2 hours and after it ended, he decided to get some sleep. Drunkard. So he didn't take part in today's Asamack. Marutan and Nerutan were playing mahjong and to be honest, it was rather boring. But at some point, Marutan wanted to show us something...? I think Asamack-cat picture sent by one of listeners. But accidentally he showed us Nerutan's photo. You know, with face and no censorship, thought like REALLY small one. The point is, we know how Nerutan looks overall, but he doesn't want to show his face in public. Marutan quickly make up his mistake, Nerutan asked him to delete TS. It was obvious move. Listeners started to wonder what Jack will do if he see there's no TS... and Marutan should be the one to tell him what happened beforehand. Marutan just laughed that Jack would kill him for such "careless" mistake. So after Asamack ended, Marutan instantly deleted TS.

It was just matter of time when Jack will wake up in night. He always checks Asamack he missed.... but ooops. There's no TS! And there's 夢枠 in tags left, which they use always when they talk about personal stuff, literally like "it's just a dream, there's no way it's happening!" so I think it's normal Jack would be anxious what it was... Surely some personal stuff and it was so bad they had to delete TS! Maybe they accidentally revealed some info about him? Or his photo?... I bet Jack had such thoughts. 

Anyways, Jack wake up and tweeted (he might delete those later, so let's save them!). Keep in my my translations are REALLY rough.

Jack 4:12 AM
I got a bit dizzy so I went to sleep and now it's so late.

Jack 4:21 AM
Please tell me reason why there's no Asamack TS.

Jack 4:31 AM
It's silly, I always had watched Asamack TS-es when I could not took part in it.

Jack 4:33 AM
I don't care if there was accident-- I was told so much.

Jack 4:49 AM
MAX irritated!

Jack 5:22 AM
I understand there's a reason TS had to be deleted but it would be nice if at least I got some msg left why.

I think tonight's Asamack might be full of apologizing Marutan and irritated Jack, trying to scold him, but I bet his anger will melt quickly if he will face Marutan's cuteness. :'D


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