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Translation as always thanks to courtesy of Deza

Comic / images: here (you need to have account on pixiv to see images here)
Title: いつものあさまっく♪
Artist: tama

Read from right to left

Page 1

- I'm sorry!
- Sorry for the quality being sooo low.
- Japanese is really hard so sorry if I'm unable to express things very well.
- Sorry for not getting their way of speaking very well.
- This is my imagination running wild, sorry about that.
- Sorry for not being able to explain the setting in a more detailed manner.
- The magical key word is ~fuwatto~
If you're okay with all of the above, then please proceed -->

Page 2
Jack: Ma~ruta~n
Jack: Good morning
Marutan: Mm~
Jack: It's night already ♪
Jack: You need to wake up now
Marutan: Un...
Jack: Cuz the nights are getting shorter
Marutan: Un...
Jack: We need to prepare
Marutan: Un...
Jack: Marutan unko
Marutan: Un-
Jack: (*´▽`*)
Jack: It's the Eve
Jack: It's Christmas Eve!
Marutan: What's Christmas, does it taste good?
Jack: ...
Marutan: Un?

Page 3

Jack: What am I talking about?
Jack: There aren't any riajuu anywhere anymore.
Marutan: ...
Jack: Oh, right ww
Jack: Christmas is all about eating cake, eating chicken, singing songs, drinking sake, and hanging out with our listeners
Marutan: Isn't that just like always w
Marutan: I wanted to do that this year too though.
Marutan: That illumination thing.
Jack: There's nothing we can do about it- The nights are steadily getting shorter after all. We won't get to prepare in time. Not to mention you are half-asleep all the time, Marutan.
Marutan: I'm sorry!
Jack: Well, I guess. Ordinarily, it's fine to confine ourselves underground, but it's Christmas day today- Makes you wanna do the broadcast outside, right-
Marutan: Right-
[text in box] Storehouse
Jack: We're here-
Marutan: I wonder which is for this year...
[small text] Last year's was 2011, wasn't it...
Jack: Probably
[small text] I'm not sure though
Marutan: Then I'll go get the one from 2012-
Jack: Ok-

Page 4

Marutan: What happened in 2012 again? It's kinda heavy.
Jack: I've already forgotten w
Marutan: Well, I suppose that's expected~ Anyway, can you help me out here, Jack-san?
Jack: (*´▽`*)
Marutan: ... w
Marutan: It's been awhile since we went outside, hasn't it-
[small text] So it rained yesterday, huh.
Jack: We rarely go outside like this ne~ It's beautiful but the morning's scary huh.
Marutan: We'll fall asleep if the sun shines on us ne-
Jack: Well then, time to open this
Marutan: Okay, oka~y
Both: Ready, go
Marutan: Uwaaa! Wha- www
Jack: Oh! Aryosha's here!
Marutan: It's Ayatsuri Pierrot-
Jack: It's that towel and T-shirt from Winter comiket- What set is was again?
Marutan: 39!
Jack: Right- We had the 39 set (Thank you set).
Jack: Stand by was from this year too huh- The first Tobidase is here too!
Marutan: I really did my best for Stand by, you know
[small text] Oh wow www My age 30 anniversary, how nostalgic ww
Jack: Oh right, you went to Taiwan, didn't you, Marutan- I found a picture of your cross dressing☆
Marutan: Yes, I went there-
Jack: Looking at this, I just remembered, the second half of that year was really tough w
[small text] I don't want to have tonsilitis ever again~ I hadn't got it again even once since then though ♪

Page 5

Marutan: The tonsilitis was really bad huh- And our schedule was packed so much too w
Jack: Tobidase was especially stressful! What was with that hellish schedule
Marutan: But it was fun, right~ That was our first release with Nerutan, wasn't it
Jack: Now that you mention it, yeah it was
Marutan: You sang for our Osaka live, didn't you Jack-san
Jack: I did I did w
Marutan: I just remembered, you uploaded a solo cover in 2012, right?
Jack: ....we uploaded Senbonzakura as Asamakku!
Marutan: Ah, right... w
Marutan: Looking at Aryosha reminded me... We took part in Nicoradio for promote our CDs, right?
Jack: Yeah yeah w
Marutan: Ayatsuri Pierrot's story was really good, moved me to tears, right-
Jack: Un un
Marutan: 2012 was amazing huh-
Jack: Un
Marutan: We had a lot of fun, huh
Jack: Un
Marutan: I wanna do stuff with everyone again ne-
Jack: Un
Marutan: Everyone huh...
Marutan: I wonder if everyone's doing well
Marutan: I'd love to know...

Page 6

{ snow falling }

Page 7
Jack: Marutan, what are you doing?
Marutan: Eh? Sudoku
Jack: Why? w
Marutan: Well ww For some reason there was a book in the box
Jack: I see w

{ shooting star }
Marutan: Hey Jack-san, Jack-san
Jack: What's that?
Marutan: It's a shooting star, a shooting star
Jack: Oh, just a shooting star w I've tried wishing on them countless times but my wish was never granted
Marutan: It might just come true *this* time
Jack: I see. Then I guess I'll try wishing one more time
Marutan & Jack: I wish that-----------
Marutan: Oh, it's time
Jack: Let's end for now then?
Marutan: Oh no, we might not make it underground in time
Jack: Let's just sleep outside today, it should be fine if it's just one day, right?
Marutan: I hope it doesn't rain
Jack: I don't feel like sleeping yet though
Marutan: Then let's take shelter near that wall-like thing over there w
Jack: Yeah, let's do it w
Marutan: Alright then
Jack: Let's end for now

Page 8
Jack: 'Til next time
Marutan: Bye bye~
Marutan: Whew, we made it
Jack: Huh? Why is Aryosha here?
Marutan: I thought it was sad to just leave her in the box
Jack: I suppose so
Marutan: Good night
Jack: Good night

Page 9

Merry X'Mas 
Asamack 2012

Page 10

{ picture }

Page 11

[text right]
And now it's night
Marutan overslept of course
I heard Aryosha saying "Help" but I'm sure I was just imagining things
[small text left]
It's not just your imagination!!!

Page 12

From this place, we shall always continue to send forth our voices to where you are ♪
We'll make you forget everything and let it all be a dream ♪
Accept our words, okay? ♪
We shall continue to send forth our voices to where you are ♪
As we pile up words, if we are able to convey our feelings ♪
We hope you won't forget that you can become happier than you are now ♪
When you open the windows, always ♪
We're right beside you ♪

Jack: Hey, hurry up!
Marutan: Ah, wait a sec-
Itsumo no Asamakku ♪
- Fin -
* ヽ(´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)/ *

Page 13

Jack: Hey, hey, Marutan
Marutan: ?
Jack: Who took part in Tobidase again?
Marutan: Let's see
Marutan: Nerutan
Jack: Un
Marutan: PUPI
Jack: Un
Marutan: SunaP
Jack: Un
Marutan: Staff-san
Jack: Un
Marutan: Those people.
Jack: There's one more, who was it?
Marutan: ? Jack-san
Jack: ... Why?
Marutan: JACK-SAN!
Jack: ...
Marutan: Why do you look depressed, Jack-san!
Jack: Even after 1000 years you still add -san huh...

Translation adnotes:
- Fuwatto means "floating"... and in Asamack sense, it means their state of mind when they start to drink alcohol and they start to do and say weird things w.
- When Jack says "good morning" 「オハヨウ」 it's written in katakana. It's typical for Jack's since Ramdas times... w
- second page definitely refers to Marutan's behaviour when he's half-asleep to just nod... Jack is checking if he's even listening to him by throwing "unko" in w he's not.
- riajuu bakuhatsushiro = all people having real-world lives should go die.
- 39 -> literally san kyuu -> Thank you. They will release "Thank you set" at Fuyukomi.
- at last page Marutan is singing "Stand by" of course and Jack is going just in time for his "Chotto hayaku" and there comes Marutan's responde "Chotto matte" w
- actually there's a lot on pun included, like the way they always end their broadcasts... Mata ne~ Bye bye~
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Album: Ghost Radio
Vocal: Asamaru & Jack
Lyrics, composition, arrangement: Sunamori Taketeru (sunaP) 
Translation: Nanami

 Artist: Tama (pixiv)

Ghost Radio

このこえはきこえてますか | kono koe wa kikoetemasu ka
Do you hear this voice?
そちらはどんなおてんきでしょうか | sochira wa donna otenki deshou ka
How is the weather over there?
ほしくずはふってきませんか | hoshikuzu wa futtekimasen ka
Is the star-dust pouring down?
よけいなしんぱいをしているのでしょうか | yokeina shinpai o shite iru no deshou ka
Are you not letting yourself to be worried too much?
アンノドミニ3214 | anno domini 3214
Anno Domini 3214
5がつ22にちをおしらせします | 5 gatsu 22 nichi o oshirase shimasu
5th Month, 22nd Day, I shall announce:
44まんかいめのほうそうです | 44 man-kaime no housou desu
It is 440.000th broadcast now

(´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
月明かり 巡る巡る | tsukiakari meguru meguru
Surrounded by the moonlight
はじめようか さあ 響け夜想曲(ノクターン) | hajimeyou ka saa hibike nokutaan
I shall start so resound, my nocturn!
beyond the sky 届け 届け | beyond the sky todoke todoke
Deliver it beyond the sky
僕らの声 もう一度だけ | bokura no koe mou ichido dake
Deliver our voices just once again---

世界が滅びた あの夜の | sekai ga horobita ano yoru no
Wind awakened memories
記憶を風が 呼び起こす | kioku o kaze ga yobiokosu
of the evening, when the world had perished
(´☉ ω ☉)
あの日も揺れてた 花が咲く | ano hi mo yureteta hana ga saku
During that day shaking flower had bloomed
名前を呼ばれることもなく | namae o yobareru koto mo naku
And I could no longer hear you calling my name

(´☉ ω ☉)
そうたいせいのいたずらが | soutaisei no itazura ga
I wouldn't mind if the relativity played a prank
ときのながれをとめるといいます | toki no nagare o tomeru to ii masu
And stopped the flow of the time
だからどこかできみがきいている | dakara dokokade kimi ga kiite iru
Then I could find where you are
そんなわずかなのぞみをしんじてしまう | sonna wazukana nozomi o shinjite shimau
I ended up believing in such mere wish...

闇の夜空に | yami no yozora ni
Under the dark night sky

(´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
星たちは 踊る 踊る | hoshi-tachi wa odoru odoru
The stars are dancing and dancing
続けようよ ねえ 永遠(とわ)の夜想曲(ノクターン) | tsuzukeyou yo nee towa no nokutaan
You shall go on for eternity, my nocturn
up to the sky 光 光 | up to the sky hikari hikari
Light light up to the sky
そのどこかに君がいるのならば | sono dokoka ni kimi ga iru no naraba
And if you are somewhere there...

何度でも 歌う 歌う | nando demo utau utau
No matter how many times I will sing and sing
だから聴いて | dakara kiite
So just listen!
-- stay tuned on the "ghost radio"...
-- stay tuned on the "ghost radio"...
beyond the sky 届け 届け | beyond the sky todoke todoke
Deliever it beyond the sky
僕らの声 千年の夢のせて | bokura no koe sen-nen no yume nosete
Deliver our voices through thousand dreams...

世界が滅びた その朝に | sekai ga horobita sono asa ni
That morning when the world had perished
君は旅立った 僕ら置いて | kimi wa tabidatta bokura oite
You had to set on a journey, leaving us behind

けものたちがいなくなりました | kemono-tachi ga inakunarimashita
Beasts ceased to exist
とりたちはもうどこにもいません | tori-tachi mou doko ni mo imasen
And birds are nowhere to be found
それなのにどうしてぼくはここに | sorenanoni doushite boku wa koko ni
And yet why I am still here
といかけたことばにこたえるのはただの | toikaketa kotoba ni kotaeru no wa tada no
The only reply to my questions was...

(´☉ ω ☉)
虚ろな反響(こだま) | utsurona kodama
Empty echo

(´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
月明かり 照らす 照らす | tsukiakari terasu terasu
The moonlight shining on, shining on
瓦礫の街 亡霊たちの夜想曲(ノクターン) | gareki no machi bourei-tachi no nokutaan
the ruined streets, o ghosts' nocturne
up to the sky 光 光 | up to the sky hikari hikari
Light light up to the sky
そのどこにも君の姿 見えなくて | sono doko ni mo kimi no sugata mienakute
But I still can't see your silhoette anywhere

いつまでも 歌う 歌う | itsumademo utau utau
I will always sing and sing
お願いだよ | onegai da yo
So I beg you
-- stay tuned on the "ghost radio"...
-- stay tuned on the "ghost radio"...
beyond the sky 届け 届け | beyond the sky todoke todoke
Deliver it beyond the sky
僕らの声 千光年の海超えて | bokura no koe senkou-nen no umi koete
Deliver our voices through the sea of thousand light years

太陽系第三惑星 | taiyoukei dai-san wakusei
The 3rd planet in Solar System
文明の滅びた世界です。| bunmei no horobita sekai desu.
is the world destroyed by civilisation.
動物は絶滅しました。|  doubutsu wa zetsumetsu shimashita.
Animals were annihilated.
畸形した植物が生きのびています。| kikei shita shokubutsu ga ikinobiteimasu.
Only deformed plants stayed alive.
人々は逃れていきました。| hitobito wa nogarete ikimashita.
People who escaped survived.
僕らは一緒にいけなかった。| bokura wa issho ni ikenakatta.
We could not go together.
だから今も放送を続けてます。| dakara ima mo housou o tsuzuketemasu.
So I shall continue my broadcast now.

僕らが一体なんなのか? | bokura ga ittai nanna no ka
What the heck are we?
それが自分でも分からないのです。| sore ga jibun demo wakaranai no desu
I still do not know it myself.
惑星の夢見る思い出 | hoshi no yumemiru omoide
The memories of the planet seen in a dream
そんなものではないかと思うのですが…。| sonna mono de wa nai ka to omou no desu ga...
I don't believe in such a thing but...
夜の来るたび目覚めて | yoru no kuru tabi mezamete
When the night falls I'm setting on the journey again
誰かが聴いてくれるのを待っています。| dareka ga kiite kureru no o matteimasu.
And I'm waiting for anyone to hear me.
君の帰りを待っています。| kimi no kaeri o matteimasu.
I'm waiting for your return.

(´☉ ω ☉)
抱いていて せめて せめて | daiteite semete semete
At least at least you embraced me
世界が滅びる この夜だけ | sekai ga horobiru kono yoru dake
That night when world had perished
36.4度 君に触れた | 36.4-do kimi ni fureta
That 36.4 C degress when I hugged you
生命の最後のあたたかさ | seimei no saigo no atatakasa
was my last time feeling the warmth of life

もう僕は 二度と 二度と | mou boku wa nidoto nidoto
I wonder if I will never ever again
感じることは 出来ないのだろう | kanjiru koto wa dekinai no darou
be able to feel anything
太陽が やがて やがて | taiyou ga yagate yagate
The Sun shall soon, so soon
この地球(ほし) 飲み込む | kono hoshi nomikomu
Devour this planet
最後の瞬間まで | saigo no shunkan made
And until the very last moment...

(´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
回る 回る 回る | mawaru mawaru mawaru
Going round round and round
時計の針 ああ 永遠(とわ)の夜想曲(ノクターン) | tokei no hari aa towa no nokutaan
Just like the needles of clock, the eternal nocturn
up to the sky 光 光 | up to the sky hikari hikari
Light light up to the sky
そのどこかに君がいるのならば | sono dokoka ni kimi ga iru naraba
And if you are somewhere there...

何度でも 歌う 歌う | nan-do demo utau utau
I will sing over and over
だから聴いて | dakara kiite
So just listen!
-- stay tuned on the "ghost radio"...
-- stay tuned on the "ghost radio"...
beyond the sky 届け 届け | beyond the sky todoke todoke
Deliver beyond the sky
僕らの声 たった一度だけでいいから | bokura no koe datta ichi-do dake de ii kara
Deliver our voices, even if just one last time...

このこえはきこえてますか | kono koe wa kikoetemasu ka
Do you hear this voice?
そちらはどんなおてんきでしょうか | sochira wa donna otenki deshou ka
How is the weather over there?
さびしくてないてはいませんか | sabishikute naite wa imasen ka
Are you crying from the loneliness?
いいえなきむしはぼくのほうでした | iie nakimushi wa boku no hou deshita
Or is it just me who turned out to be crybaby
アンノドミニ3214 | anno domini 3214
Anno Domini 3214
5がつ23にちになりました | 5 gatsu 23 nichi ni narimashita
5th Month, 23rd Day had started
44まん1かいめのほうそうです | 44 man 1 kai-me no housou desu
It is 440.001st broadcast now

My comments:
I love this song so much. They got better and better with each next single. This one has such depressing lyrics, but...! Their voices are matching each other perfectly. And well, it means their radio will continue even if the world will be destroyed, right? And I really hope they will manage to find each other again. Or rather, I'm sure they will! Because it's the power of true love. If you find it not familiar - Anno Domini is from Latine and means 'In the year of the Lord' basically Gregorian callendar. But sometimes it's incorrectly concluded as 'after death' (which makes a little funny pun here). And 'nocturne' is musical composition inspired by the night.
And today, after translating sequel song - Ghost Note - I changed few lines and finally managed to graps meaning of few of them too.

I put (´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*) in order to try guessing which part is Jack's and which is Marutan, since it looks like it's a bit more part of the Ghost Stories~ not really sure about it sometimes though, since mix is so good.

Ghost Note [translation & lyrics]


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