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Jack's sims: Asakun, Jakko, Jack-kun, Koala, Moai, Reezun.

Pictures: あさくんじゃっこじゃっくくん・こあら・モアイ・レーズン

In the beginning
Well in the meantime he made Asa-kun character. Of course he did... wwww In this part, he tried to let those two have better relations. I mean, his Jakko chara and Asakun. Like ichaicha-ing and such. Funny part is at the beginning, Asakun was so ~passive~ and shy. He didn't even want to hold hands with Jakko, but little talk was ok. So Jack was a bit irritated but slowly he made his Jakko get along better with Asakun. But then they got into few fights over things like throwing out trash and such :D Jack was so proud of himself when they had their first hug or kiss (I don't even...). To make it more flirty he made Jakko go swimming (in the night) in small swimming pool and went to Asakun in swimsuit. And it worked out nicely.
Later Jakko has her birthday, but Jack messed up wwwww it was supposed to be nice family party with eating cake, but somehow Jakko got into fight with J-kun and Asakun just disappeared somewhere, so Jack just said, laughing, that it's not good and he shall restart from the previous save point, when he was ichaicha-ing with Asakun. End for today.

Asakun and Jakko in "weird pose" wwwww

Sometime later
Later I was too lazy to do up-to-date summaries. Sooo...
Basically Jack's way of playing was all about sex, flirting and making babies, making love affairs and giggling like crazy. It felt so wrong on so many levels...! Not to mention naming charas with his friend name... Totally R18.
Jack loved to make Jakko ichaicha with Asakun and having a lot of sex. He was also laughing like crazy at "weird pose" they were lying in a bed. 
At one non-Sims nama he only showed screenshots of his achievement. Apparently, he made Jack and Asakun lie in one bed in weird position too. Oh Jack-----

It was unevitable that Jack soon make Asakun and Jakko has a lot of children. The funny thing is when his 1st child were delivered, sims panicking, he ordered Asakun to go sleep, while he ordered Jakko to go to hospital all on her own... :'D He named the child Koala-kun (from his rl friend Bkun omg.)
Later he got a little bored, so he arranged that Asakun started to ichaicha with house meido. And he was all laughing "Ahhh Jakko is still sleeping, go go go Asakun!!" ahahaha and later he made Jakko go into the room and caught Marutan on cheating and really enjoyed women fight. Oh god Jack...
When Koala-kun got older, he also made him to ichaicha with some chara and have a lot of sex, then dumped the girl. He also made Reezun chara, making her fat and ugly and really enyoing it.
In the end, when one of his sims died, he tried to ichaicha with Death God. :'D

Jkun with meido???

All about Jack's way of playing.

Meanwhile Marutan
Marutan's way of playing was totally different. He tried to be normal guy, in suit, bachelor living in a small house. He tried his best to learn his sim to play guitar perfectly. To be honest, he's way of playing was boring, especially compared to totally wrong and weird Jack's way... But at some point, Jack turned into his advisor and Marutan realized, that if he keeps on going like this, he will just die and it will be game over, so he needs child. So Jack said he should try ichaicha-ing with woman from his neighborhood... propose to her, get married, make her child and then dump her. Hell yeah, Jack. Marutan started to realize this plan... he's way of ichaicha-ing was so cuteeeee. Poor Keisen-san, she was often guesting at their nama and she had to bear it haha. Anyway, Marutan proposed quite quickly, Jack congratulated him and just ordered "Now time to make a baby!!" (literally). Marutan: Haaaaa---i. I just... Anyways, Marutan was wondering how he should make baby now... but his seems were quicker. Jack sounded so happy. He was telling him he should make them do more sex unless he hears the sound of achievent hahaha. In the end he became papa and he named his son... Jack-san. Yes, with -san. He was really nice parent hahahahahaha.
Some other funny thing was Marutan liked to walk around his house in pants only and people were guessing where he has his cellphone, since he obviously was carrying it with him....
Asamaru chara.

Guitar obsession.

Poor Keisen-san! wwwww

Jack playing Sims 3 is indeed amusing thing, since he's such weird person. It's like... all his fantasies comming true :D Freud would be delighted.
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{this post is kind of under construction so it will be edited a lot...}


Jack started to play some epic game in the world, where rain is falling down all the time~

Goat Simulator

As it says, it's a goat simulator. Jack played it. And it's low-budged supposed to be fail game... you are a goat and you can kill people and roam around. Jack really loved it w

Since old Tetris server is still down, they found that one.

Left 4 Death 2
They invited Ocha-kun to play with them, he even was on call on Asamack. Basically, the game is about killing zombies... I think. So much fun.

SA (Sudden Attack)
They invited some other utaite, since it's been ages, when they did it last time. So there was also Wotamin, Meeko, Seriya and other Asamack listeners like Ocha-san. This game is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter online game. Jack was having sooo much fun, in his yandere mode. Good old times!

Little Big Planet
So damn cute.

Simple game, but all in English, so Marutan decided to play it and learn more English (thought he failed as always wwwww). Jack was so cute while assisting him.

Phantasy Star Online 2

The Sims 3

Mario Kart
Very amusing rally game~ it's so cute and adorable! Game just made for them. And they sometimes played it with Keisen and Nerutan. And they failed so much, get on jumping off track...

Momotaro Dentetsu 

It's this quite old, 2D, pixels game about building railroads in Japan. I totally don't get it and always got bored... they play it from time to time, especially enjoy it while heavy drinking, so sometimes it IS very amusing.

The Shadow of Colossus
Player: Jack
Jack was so adorable... he failed so much and laughed and screamed so much. He kicked his poor horse, didn't want to pat it, tried to hurt it with sword instead... he had much problems learning how to mount it too wwww and then he just keep on loosing his way. He failed at defeating colossus too, but he somehow managed to kill 3 of them and ended playing it.
2/05/2013 to 4/05/2013
Player: Asamaru
Marutan way of playing is different. He easily lose his way, but he kills colossus so quickly! He managed to take down first 3 in just one hour. He's also so cute, calling his horse Agro cute, worrying about him, calling colossus face cute too. He ended whole game in 3 days, around 8 hours. At last day Jack was drunk and make a lot of funny comments w I really enjoyed watching it and ending was so bitter-sweet! Agrooooo!

Siren: Blood Curse
They quickly gave up, deciding it's too hard for them. Jack was playing so cute.... like he was failing all the time. So he just laughed & screamed when suddenly zombie popped out. And run away saying "Sorry Rebecca, bye bye, just... run alone and catch up with me later!".

Street Fighter X

Monster Hunter

Another Asamack love. It's a sandbox indie video game developed and published by Mojang and released for PC. Minecraft is focused on creativity and building, allowing players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D world. Sooo Marutan was patient builder and Jack... well, Jack felt in love with God's mode. So he was floating around, causing pranks to other players. He especially enjoyed putting much effort in building weird things like UNK shrine or traps and then, blasting it away with TNT.

Lost Planet 2
I totally loved this one, because they played it with Tolie. It's a third-person shooter video game developed and published by Capcom for PS3. So when they played, Marutan was composed steady player, Jack was totally unpredictable, nutty guy hunting mostly for Tolie (even if they were in the same team), randomly throwing around hand-grenades and such. And Tolie was crying sissy, begging Jack to stop this madness. I wish they could replay it one day.

Pigg Life
Jack's addiction. I swear he plays it the whole time he isn't on Asamack Radio. The half of his tweets is about "Garden" in Pigg Life, asking other people for help in for example, harvesting crops. Or something. Totally boring for me. Ah, there's also fishing mini game here, they love it too. And they play it with other utaites as well.

Hare Sora Monogatari
So damn cute.

It's like more simpler version of Minecraft, 2D one. They really enjoy venturing new lands and building unk homes and such.

Dead Rising
I will never forget about Marutan's 'badass' chara with short slips or in skirt, roaming thorough zombies. Or the one with yellow bag head... or Marutan running from zombies riding on children bike.


キャッチフィーリング (Catch Feeling)
One of the first games they ever played on Asamack Radio community... I believe.

More simple and universal games they play here and back then...

Marutan is always good in it, Jack sucks. But if they are drunk, sometimes it's opposite... They really love playing it. And they used to play it a lot! Often with other utaite: Gero, Clear, Wotamin, Tolie... Nowadays they don't play it.

In other words "I will draw and others guess what it is". They play it from time to time, used to play it with many other utaite too.



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