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UPDATE [08/2016]
Please note I don't refresh this list anymore, since Tolie's official "come out". Unless he will sing something privately again :)

Tolie / Torai / Tourai / minato / RyuuseiP

Solo uploaded covers (alphabet order)

Title: Akai Ito
Original title:  アカイト
Source: here
Date: 14/03/2015

Title: Albino
Original title:  アルビノ 
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: Ame ka Yume 
Original title: 飴か夢
Source: here (community only)

Title: Bird of Paradise
Original title: 極楽鳥 -bird of paradise-
Source: here (community only) and here
Title: Black ★ Rock Shooter
Original title: ブラック★ロックシューター
Source: here 
Info: after this song he became known as Tolie / Torai because he mispelled 'tsurai yo' thus it's considered Tolie's birthday

Title: celluloid
Source: here

Title: crystal mic 
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: from Y to Y
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: Just be friends
Source: here (community only) 

Title: Just call my name
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: magnet
Producer: minato
Source: link (community only); here
Info: he's composer of magnet. The funniest thing is everybody already covered it in duets and nobody was left to sing with him, so he sang it alone... I mean as minato x tolie

Title: Marionette 
Original title: マリオネット
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: Meltdown
Original title: 炉心融解
Source: here (community only) and here

Title:「only my railgun」
Source: here (community only) 

Title: Piano x Forte x Scandal 
Original title:  ピアノ×フォルテ×スキャンダル 
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: Rainbow
Source: here (community only)

Title: Tokyo Rock City
Source: here (community only) 

Official CD songs (alphabet order)

Title: ACUTE
Utaite: Yamai, Usa, Tolie
Album: Usa colony san
Sample: here

Title: Battery
Original title: バッテリー
Album: 10 summers CD 

Title: Cantarella -carnal ver.-
Original title: カンタレ
Album: Usa colony san
Sample: here

Title: G-A-M-E [live]
Original composer: doriko
Original album: 「unformed」 
Singers: Tolie & Usa
Source: Usa Colony Gakuen Bunka-sai -HAPPY TIME- live 2010

Title: HAPPY TIME (Bonus track)
Album: Usa colony ni

Title: Red Garden -type U-
Utaite: Tolie & Usa 
Album: Usa colony san
Sample: here

Title: Sky with no exit 
Original title:「 出口のない空 」  
Album: 『in a graceful sound
Crossfade: here

Title: SPICE!
Utaite: Tolie & Rib
Album: Upload feat. Vocalist

Title: Tsuki mo Taiyou
Original source: 月も太陽
Utaite: Usa & Tolie
Album: Usa colony san
Sample: here

Title: Usa Colony Gakuen Bunka-sai -HAPPY TIME- live 2010
Utaite: Tolie, Usa, Yamai
Info: various songs from live

Solo not uploaded covers (alphabet order)

Title: Ee? Ah, sou.
Original title: え?あぁ、そう。
Source: n/a

Producer: minato
Source: n/a

Title: from Y to Y -piano arrangement-
Source: n/a

Title: Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki
Original title: 初めての恋が終わる時
Source: n/a 
Info: Played during Asamack Radio at 21/12/2012 as Tolie's birthday gift for Jack

Title: Iroha Uta
Origin title: いろは唄
Source: n/a

Title: Jougen no Tsuki
Original title: 上弦の月
Source: n/a 
Info: Santa Jack played it during Asamack Radio at 15/12/2013

Title: Last Queen
Original title: 最後の女王 
Source: n/a

Title: Mosaik Roll
Source: n/a

Title: My Dearest
Band: supercell
Source: n/a
Info: Santa Jack played it during Asamack Radio at 8.01.2015

Title: Sarishinohara
Original title: サリシノハラ
Source: n/a 
Info: Played by Jack at Asamack Radio at 17/07/2013

Title: Scissorhands
Original title: シザーハンズ
Source: n/a 

Title: Seisou Bakuretsu Boy
Original title: 聖槍爆裂ボーイ
Source: n/a 
Info: Played by Jack at Asamack Radio at 29/01/2014

Title: Senbonzakura
Original title: 千本桜
Source: n/a 
Info: Played during Asamack Radio at 31/07/2013

Title: SPICE!
Source: n/a

Title: Trust me
Source: n/a
Info: Durarara!! ending song

Title: Yonjuunana [47]
Source: n/a
Info Played by Santa Jack at Asamack Radio at 7.01.2015

Collabs (alphabet order)

Utaite: Tolie, Yamai, usa
Source: here

Title: Ai no Uta 
Original title:「 愛の唄 」 
Utaite: Tolie, usa, Yamai 
Source: here

Title: cendrillion
Utaite: Tolie & usa
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: Doukoku no Ame 
Original title: 慟哭ノ雨 
Utaite: Tolie & Jack
Source: here

Title: erase or zero
Utaite: Tolie & ten
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: Fullchin Boogie
Original title:「 フルチン☆ブギ 」 
Utaite: Tolie & Jack ft. Jiguru
Source: here
Info: The last line is Choucho's

Title: Juvenile
Original title: ジュブナイル
Utaite: Tolie & usa
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: Mean Force Urotander
Original title:「卑怯戦隊うろたんだー」
Utaite: Tolie ft. Kagamine Len
Source: here 
Info: parody. I love it.

Title: Tsugai Kogarashi
Original title:「番凩」
Utaite: Tolie & usa
Source: here (community only) and here

Chorus, festivals, projects

Title: Boku Mote
Original title:「 ボクモテ 」 
Utaite: one version is Tolie and second is minato
Source: as part of Asamack's Boku Mote matsuri

Title: Human Sacrifice Alice Project
Original title:「 人柱アリス  」 
Utaite: Yamai, Tolie, Re:A, Utawa Sakura, Usa
Source: here (community only) and here 

Title: Iroha Uta
Original title:「 いろは唄 」 
Utaite: Jack
Chorus: Tolie
Source: here

Title: Mr. Pumpkin
Utaite: usa
Chorus: Tolie
Source: here

Title: Pero Pero
Original title:「 ぺろぺろ 」 
Utaite: Tolie 
Source: as part of Asamack's Pero Pero matsuri

Title: Senma Revolution
Utaite: Tolie, Usa, Yamai
Source: here

Utaite: Tolie, that, clear, mitani, yonji, Valshe, perfumen, puriko, Hiradon, ill.bell, kurimuzon, honkon, halyosy, Dasoku, jikkoku nana, nittomegane, che:sakurai, hitosato, ten, Ritsuka, rapbit. Piko, Sekihan.
Source: here 

Title: Under the Darkness
Utaite: Tolie
Source: as part of Asamack's Under the Darkness matsuri

Title: Asamack & Tolie who-knows-for-what voices
Original title: あさまっく&トゥライ用途不明ボイス
Utaite: Asamaru, Jack, Torai
Source: n/a
Info: are you wondering that it is? it's some serifu they recorded long ago

Live broadcasts, karaoke

Title: shine more
Singer: Amuro Namie
Date: 25/05/2010

Title: LOVE 2000
Singer: Amuro Namie
Date: 25/05/2010

Title: Put 'Em Up
Singer: Amuro Namie
Date: 25/05/2010

Title: Sennen no Dokusou ka
Original title:千年の独奏歌
Utaite: Jack
Chorus: Tolie
Source: karaoke in 2010 year

Title: Lion
Original anime: Macross F
Utaite: Jack and Tolie
Source: karaoke

Somewhere in 2012 year:
Just making order among my files... since Tolie is not active anymore (´・ω・`) I tried to find as many of his covers as there are. If you know any others please let me know! And some of them are unfortunately unreachable and just exist as Asamack background music. Oh well... Sources are official ones, the ones labeled as "community only" requires being member of Tolie's community. All n/a (not available) aren't officially uploaded anywhere. And I didn't put here fan-made mash-ups.

Someday in 2014 year:
Okaaay things are changing! Tolie is again alive and back on twitter (it's end of 2014 year now). No namahousou or uploading anything yet, but yaaay!

October 2015:
Tolie is starting his career as a pro singer, but I won't add here his new CDs songs, because (I hope) it will turn out messy after some time. I want to keep this post clear as list of pre-official Tolie's songs list :) So it's a bit of archival list unless he will decide to cover some vocaloid songs or go on karaoke.

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Title -- original artist -- other info

04/08/2015 Jack middle of the night utawaku
01. Adesso e fortuna - Honoo to eien -- Akino Arai
02. Shinku no hana -- Shizuka Kudo
03. FictionJunction -- Akatsuki no kuruma

10/06/2015 Jack singing at Asamack
01. Stranger -- Namie Amuro [new album _genic]
02. it -- Namie Amuro [new album _genic]
03. Anythng -- Namie Amuro [new album _genic]
04. new song from someone's new album
05. Gamble rumble -- move
06. Just communication -- Two-mix
06. rhythm emotion -- Two-mix
07. Kokoro yo Genshi ni Modore -- Yoko Takahashii [evangelion]
08. Hana no sasayaki -- Shimonari Satoko
09. Sore e -- Kasahara Hiroko
10. Si si ciao -- Kasahara Hiroko
11. Aozora no ding-dong
12. Sougen no Marco -- Haha
13. Hadashi no furoone -- Keiko Han
14. Do-re-mi no uta -- Eri Itoh
15. Yoake no Michi -- Oosugi Kumiko
16. Rock river e -- Oosugi Kumiko
17. Growing up -- Mitsuko Horie
18. some oldies world classis tunes
19. Ashita mo Otenki -- Kozaka Akiko
20. APOLLO -- Sawa Yasuhide
21. Oshiete -- Alps no Shoujo Heidi op.
22. Yume no sekai e -- Emiko Shiratori
23. Tsumetai hoho -- Spitz
24. Love story wa totsuzen ni -- Yuya Matsushita
25. Sono Mama No Kimi Ga Suki -- Oda Kazumasa
26. Kuuki to hoshi - Sakamoto Maaya
27. Tune the Rainbow -- Sakamoto Maaya
28. Moonlight Antheem -- Akino Arai
29. Utsukushii Hoshi -- Akiro Arai

1/05/2015 Jack singing at Asamack

01. Futatsu no koe
02. Reflection -- Megumi Hayashibara
03. Raging waves -- Megumi Hayashibara
04. Over soul -- Megumi Hayashibara
05. Shuuketsu no sono e -- Megumi Hayashibara
06. Yakusoku ga iranai -- Maaya Sakamoto
07. Boukoku Kakusei Catharsis -- Ali Project
08. Sei Shoujo Ryouki -- Ali Project
09. T-R-Y -Return to yourself-  -- TWO MIX
10. Unbalance na kiss o shite -- Takahashi Hiro
11. Will -- Chihiro Yonekura
12. Berserk -Forces- -- Susumu Hirasawa
13. Lapis Lazuli -- Eir Aoi (Arslan Senki TV opening)

28/03/2015 Jack at karaoke (listen with headphones, Jack brought his consensor microphone)
01. ALIVE -- Namie Amuro live ver.
02. Damage -- Namie Amuro live ver.
03. Can you feel this love -- Namie Amuro
04. Song 4 U -- Ayumi Hamasaki
05. Part of me -- Ayumi Hamasaki
06. Dragon Night -- SEKAI NO OWARI
07. Wanna be a dream maker -- Globe
08. Adult Black Cat -- Acid Black Cherry
09. Grotesque -- Namie Amuro
10. Futatsu no Kuchibiru -- Exile
11. Swan Song -- KinKi Kids
12. Ifuudoudou
13. Sailing Day -- Bump of Chicken
14. Heaven -- Ayumi Hamasaki
15. Water me -- Bonnie Pink
16. Contrail -- Namie Amuro
17. Never End -- Namie Amuro
18. Nando Demo -- Dreams Come True
19. Sounan -- Tokyo Jihen
20. Ti Amo -- Exile
21. Promise -- Hirose Koumi
22. Love story -- Namie Amuro
23. Eternal Wind ~Hohoemi wa hikaru kaze no naka~ -- Moriguchi Hiroko
24. Utsukushii Hoshi -- Arai Akino
25. Shuuketsu no Sono e -- Megumi Hayashibara
26. Shuuketsu no Sadame -- Megumi Hayashibara
27. Freedom -- Globe
28. Alarm -- Namie Amuro live ver.
29. Black Cherry -- Acid Black Cherry live ver.
30. Aoi Haru -- Back Number

2015/02/15 Jack afternoon utawaku
01. Kamenbudoukai -- Kondou Akihisa
02. Black night town -- Kondou Akihisa
03. Ibara no michi -- Tsubakiya Shijuusou
04. This is love -- Utada Hikaru
05. Movin' on without you -- Utada Hikaru
06. Beautiful world -- Utada Hikaru
07. Can you feel this love -- Namie Amuro
08. Poison -- Namie Amuro
09. ROCK U -- Namie Amuro
10. Unusual -- Namie Amuro
11. Grotesque -- Namie Amuro
12. Black Diamond -- Namie Amuro
13. Shut up -- Namie Amuro
14. Can you keep a secret? -- Utada Hikaru
15. Prisoner of love -- Utada Hikaru
16. Final distance -- Utada Hikaru
17. First love -- Utada Hikaru
18. Colors -- Utada Hikaru
19. ROJO -Tierra- -- Nakamori Akina

01. ROJO -Tierra- -- Nakamori Akina
02. Yuki no Hana -- Nakashima Mika
03. Tango noir -- Nakamori Akina
04. Metamorphose -- Kudou Shizuka
05. Aishiteru Aishiteta -- Dreams come true
06. Kanaete -- Akino Arai
07. Tune the rainbow -- Maaya Sakamoto
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2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014

Title --  original artist -- other info

01. Haruka na Rondo -- Akino Arai
02. Kaze to Tori to Sora -- Akino Arai
03. Hiru no Tsuki -- Akino Arai
04. Utsukushii Hoshi -- Akino Arai
05. Moon Light Anthem -enju 1991- -- Akino Arai
06. Mikazuki no Shindai -- Akino Arai
07. Kooru Suna -- Akino Arai
08. Flower Crown -- Akino Arai
09. Shiro -- Akino Arai -- almost acapella
10. Tune the Rainbow -- Maaya Sakamoto
11. Eyes on Me -- Faye Wong -- Final Fantasy 8 OST (english song, I swear Jack is lisping here so much :'D)
12. My Heart Will Go On -- Celine Dion -- Titanic Theme (english song, Jack's fav)
13. Mizu Kagami -- Cocco
14. My Dear Pig -- Cocco -- creppy song.
15. Kumoji no Hate -- Cocco
16. Little Beat Riffle -- Chihiro Onitsuka
17. Cage -- Chihiro Onitsuka
18. Watashi to Waltz o -- Chihiro Onitsuka
19. Love Brace -- Kahara Tomomi
20. A Little Waltz -- Dreams Come True
21. Ano Natsu no Hanabi -- Dreams Come True
22. Careless Breath -- EXILE
23. Flower Tail -- yuukiss [vocalosong]

01. Haruka na Rondo -- Akino Arai -- Please Save My Earth OST
02. Gareki no Rakuen -- Akino Arai
03. Kaze to Tori to Sora -- Akino Arai -- Record of Lodoss War Best Collection OST
04. Utsukushii Hoshi -- Akino Arai -- Windaria OST
05. Hiru no Tsuki -- Akino Arai -- Outlaw Star ending
06. Moon Light Anthem -Enju 1991-  -- Akino Arai -- Please Save My Earth Image Song
07. Kooru Suna -- Akino Arai
08. Flower Crown -- Akino Arai
09. Voices -- Akino Arai -- Macross Plus OST
10. Adesso e Fortuna -- Akino Arai -- Record of Lodoss War OST
11. Kaze no Fantasia -- Akino Arai -- Record of Lodoss War OST
12. Tune the Rainbow -- Maaya Sakamoto -- RahXephon ending
13. Yakusoku wa Iranai -- Maaya Sakamoto -- Vision of Escaflowne opening
14. Sayonara Astronaut -- Kobayashi Onyx [vocalosong]
15. Select me -- PointFive -- halyosy
16. Ayatsuri Pierrot no Koi no Uta -- Nem -- Gift [Asamack Album]

01. Jewel -- Ayumi Hamasaki
02. Trust -- Ayumi Hamasaki
03. Evolution -- Ayumi Hamasaki
04. Voyage -- Ayumi Hamasaki
05. Step you -- Ayumi Hamasaki
06. A song is born -- Ayumi Hamasaki
07. Blue Rose -- Kudou Shizuka
08. Blue Velvet -- Kudou Shizuka
09. Trust your love -- Koda Kumi
10. Velvet -- Hirose Kohmi

01. Shuuketsu no Sadame -- Megumi Hayashibara -- Neon Genesis Evangelion
02. Breathless Night Slider -- Iceman
03. Dark Half - Touch Your Darkness -- Iceman
04. Power of Love -- Aiko
05. Toki no Koete -- Hiroko Moriguchi -- Gundam Z opening
06. Go Tight! -- Akino -- Aquarion opening
07. Wine Red no Kokoro -- Koda Kumi
08. Break Out -- Aikawa Nanase
09. Pride -- Miki Imai
10. Koori no Sekai -- Omigawa Chiaki -- Natsu no Arashi! Character Song Album
11. Riverside Hotel -- Inoue Yohgi (...sounds so oldschoolish)
12. Yume no Naka e -- Enomoto Atsuko, Suzuki Chihiro -- KareKano ending
13. Make-Up Shadow -- Takako Uehara
14. Feel My Heart -- Every Little Thing
15. Paradox -- W-inds 
16. Shamrock -- UVERworld
17. Won't be long -- Koda Kumi ft. Exile

01. Future of the Day -- Kiss Destination 
02. La La La Love Song -- BoA
03. Kuchibiru -- GLAY
04. Love again -- globe
05. Try This Shoot -- globe
06. Only human -- K
07. Oyome Samba
08. My Dear Pig -- Cocco ( about eating mommy-pig...)
09. Kumoji No Hate -- Cocco
10. Koori no Ue ni Tatsu You ni -- Komatsu Miho
11. Negaigoto Hitotsu Dake -- Komatsu Miho
12. Shiroi Honoo -- Saitou Chiwa -- Rosario to Vampire Capu2 – Shuzen Kokoa Character
13. Yume Bouken -- Sakai Noriko -- The Three Musketeers opening
14. Ai No Kotodama -- Southern All Stars

2011/01/27 Jack drunk
01. Love Is... -- Ryuichi Kawamura
02. Sentimental journey -- Iyo Matsumoto
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2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014

Title --  original artist -- other info

2012/12/21 [evening utawaku]
01. WONDER Volt -- Kimura Kaela
02. Suteki na Holiday -- Mariya Takeuchi
03. Koibito ga Santa Claus -- Flower
04. Awatenbou no Santa Claus
05. Promise -- Hirose Koumi
06. Burnin' X'mas -- T.M.Revolution

2012/12/15 [noon rehab utawaku]
01. Rondo -Revolution-  -- Asamack CD version
02. Damage -- Namie Amuro

2012/12/12 [late night rehab utawaku] and still recovering from tonsilis

01. Toki no Fune -- Matsu Takako
02. Moonlight Anthem ~enju 1991~  Akino Arai

2012/10/31  [halloween 30 minutes broadcast]
01. Mrs Pumpkin no Kokkei na Yume -- Hachi [vocalosong]
02. Clavis -kagi-  -- Kudou Shizuka
03. Night Wing -- Nakajima Miyuki
04. 平沢進 -Lotus- -- Susumu Hirasawa
05. Rotation (LOTUS-2)  -- Susumu Hirasawa

2012/10/11  [night emo utawaku]
01. Moonlight Anthem ~enju 1991~  -- Akino Arai
02. Adesso e Fortuna -- Akino Arai
03. Utsukushii Hoshi -- Akino Arai
04. Kiniro no Me -- Akino Arai -- french-japanese song
05. VOICES -- Akino Arai
06. Hiru no Tsuki -- Akino Arai

2012/10/06 [akino arai emo utawaku]
01. Flower Crown -- Akino Arai
02. Galileo no Yoru -- Akino Arai
03. Gareki no Rakuen -- Akino Arai
04. Ningen no Kodomo -- Akino Arai
05. Kiniro no Me -- Akino Arai
06. Koneko no Shinzou -- Akino Arai
07. Toki no Shirabe -acapella- -- Akino Arai
07. Hiru no Tsuki -- Akino Arai
08. Kooru Suna -- Akino Arai
09. Kiseki no Umi -- Maaya Sakamoto

2012/10/06 [others]
01. Yakusoku ha Iranai -- Maaya Sakamoto -- Vision of Escaflowne op
02. Gift -- Maaya Sakamoto
03. Kokoro yo Genshi ni Modore -- Takahashi Youko
04. Tamashii no Refrain -- Yoko Takahashi -- Evangelion: Death & Rebirth
05. Get Along -- Hayashibara Megumi -- Slayers op
06. Successful Mission -- Hayashibara Megumi -- Saber Marionette J op
07. Reflection -- Hayashibara Megumi -- Slayers
08. Shakunetsu no Koi -- Hayashibara Megumi -- Slayers
09. Give a Reason -- Hayashibara Megumi -- Slayers 
10. Just be conscious -- Hayashibara Megumi -- Slayers

01. Orpheus -- Mamoru Miyano -- Uta no Prince sama op
02. ...don't ask me what song it is, sounds like childish blabbering...
03. Blue Velvet -- Kudou Shizuka -- Dragon Ball GT
04. Dakishimete Tonight -- Tókio05. Truth -- Arashi
06. Away we go -- PointFive
07. Sennen no Dokusou ka -- yanagiP [vocalosong]

01. I Believe -- Tata Young
02. ALARM -- Namie Amuro
03. Defend Love -- Namie Amuro
04. COPY THAT -- Namie Amuro
05. Stardust Utopia -- otetsu [vocalosong]
06. Yubikiri -- Scop [vocalosong]
07. TOETO -- Toraboruta-P [vocalosong]
08. Over soul -- Hayashibara Megumi
09. Toki no Fune -- Matsu Takako
10. Kimi ni shiranai monogatari -- Supercell
11. Flower Tail -- yuukiss [vocalosong]

01. Zero -- Bump of Chicken
02. Toki no Fune -- Matsu Takako
03. IT'S SO DELICIOUS -- Dreams Come True
04. TORIDGE&LISBAH -- Dreams Come True
05. BELIEVE -- The gardens
06. Unmei no Hito -- Spitz
07. Fake -- Mr Children
08. Tomorrow never knows -- Mr Children
09. Style -- EXILE
10. Time goes by -- Every Little Thing
11. Sora fune -- TOKIO
12. Island -- Remioromen
01. Luka Luka☆Night Fever  -- samfree [vocalosong]
02. Petenshi ga warau koro ni -- NashimotoP [vocalosong]
03. Matryoshka -- Hachi [vocalosong]
04. Cendrillion -- SignalP [vocalosong]
05. Ishidatami no Akeki Akuma -- Sound horizon [musical]
06. Carnival -- otetsu -- Asamack single Stray Sheep song
07. Senbonzakura -- KurousaP [vocalosong] -- to Asamack cover
08. A Hazy Shade Of Winter -- SIMON & GARFUNKEL
09. Kuroi asa・Shiroi yoru -- KinKi Kids
10. Nisoku Hokou -- DECO*27 [vocalosong]
11. Mosaic Roll -- DECO*27 [vocalosong] -- Tolie's cover
12. Scissorhands -- Nem [vocalosong]
13. Rakuen -- Nem [vocalosong] -- Nem's Garden
14. Virgin Suicides -- Nem [vocalosong]
15. Namae o Kudasai -- Nem [vocalosong] -- Gero's cover
16. Koibito Yo -- Mayumi Itsuwa
17. Futari Shizuka ~Ten Kawa Densetsu Satsujin Jiken Yori~ Akina Nakamori
18. Flower Tail -- yuukiss [vocalosong]

01. 平沢進 -Lotus-  -- Susumu Hirasawa
02. Rotation (LOTUS-2)  -- Susumu Hirasawa
03. Byakko no Musume -- Susumu Hirasawa
04. Hot Girls -- Namie Amuro
05. Let's go -- Namie Amuro
06. In the Spotlight (Tokyo) -- Namie Amuro
07. 「A寝台の少女」-- Asamaru -- to let his voice rest a bit he played old Marutan's cover...
08. Hot Girls -- Namie Amuro
09. One Room All that Jazz 「ワンルーム・オール・ザット・ジャズ」-- DATEKEN [vocalosong] -- new song practise.
10. Senbonzakura -- Kurousa-P [vocalosong]

01. ANGELUS -- Shimatani Hitomi -- Inuyasha 6th opening
02. Garnet Moon -- Shimatani Hitomi -- Another Century's Episode OP
03. Only my railgun -- fripSide -- To Aru Kagaku no Raigun opening
04. Sougan no Marco -- Kumiko Oosugi -- Haha wo Tazunete Sanzenri OP
05. Chou -- Acid Black Cherry 
06. BERSERK ~Forces~  -- Susumu Hirasawa -- Berserk theme -- EPIC SONG
07. Mask -- Ogata Megumi 
08. Egao o Sagashite -- YAWARA! A Fashionable Judo Girl 
09. Love is Bubble -- Bonnie Pink -- Jack sometimes uses this song in his BGM
10. Nandodemo -- Dreams Come True

01. LOVE BRACE -- Kahara Tomomi
02. As a Person -- Kahara Tomomi
03. Girls be ambitious! -- KiSS DESTiNATiON
04. Many Classic Moments -- globe
05. Try This Shoot -- globe
06. Furu Purachina -- Akino Arai
07. Kiniro no Me -- Akino Arai -- japanese-french song...
08. Hiru no Tsuki -- Akino Arai
09. VOICES -- Akino Arai
10. Toki no Kioku (acapella) -- Akino Arai -- Please Save My Earth ending
11. Crystal Mic -- minato [vocalosong]
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Title --  original artist -- other info

2013/12/18 [christmas utawaku]

01. LAT.43゜N ~forty-three degrees north latitude~ -- DREAMS COME TRUE
02. Christmas carol no koro ni ha -- Inagaki Junichi
03. White Light -- Amuro Namie
04. Sutekina holiday -- Takeuchi Maria
05. Silent eve -- Karashima Midori
06. Meri-kuri -- BoA
08. Itsuka no merry christmas -- B'z

2013/12/11 [evening utawaku]
01. Hands on me -- Namie Amuro
02. Ballerina -- Namie Amuro
03. DAMAGE -- Namie Amuro live ver.
04. Ifuu Doudou
05. Kuroneko ~Adult black cat~ -- Acid Black Cherry
06.  Shoujo A -- Akina Nakamori
07. Sounan -- Tokyo Jihen
08. So delicious -- DREAMS COME TRUE
09. Gekijou -- Kudo Shizuka
10. Tim goes by -- JUJU
11. Crazy 4 you -- Koda Kumi
12. Copy that -- Namie Amuro

2013/11/19 [Amuro-chan utawaku]
01. Alive -- Namie Amuro
02. Poison -- Namie Amuro
03. Ballerina -- Namie Amuro
04. Alarm -- Namie Amuro
05. Make it happen -- Namie Amuro

2013/10/27 [afternoon utawaku]
01. Inochi no Betsumei -- Miyuki Nakajima
02. -interrupted-
03. Jiyuu no Tsubasa -- Linked Horizon
04. Can you feel this love -- Namie Amuro
05. Ballerina -- Namie Amuro
06. Neonlight Lipstick -- Namie Amuro
07. Rinbu kyoku (Rondo) -- Yumi Matsutoya
08. Aoi Usagi -- Noriko Sakai
09. Kagami no dress -- Noriko Sakai
10. Koigokoro -- Aikawa Nanase
11. Otoko -- Acid Black Cherry 
12. Roppongi Shinjuu -- Demon Kogure
13. Kono Ai ni Oyogi Tsukarete mo -- ZARD
14. Zard - Ai ga Mienai
15. SAYONARA - Mr. Ooja
16. Tentai Kansoku -- Bump of Chicken
17. Only Lonely Glory -- Bump of Chicken
18. KARMA -- Bump of Chicken
19. Hana no na -- Bump of Chicken

2013/09/26 [evening utawaku]
01. Voices -- AI
02. Guren no Yumiya
03. Jiyuu no Tsubasa
04. Yasashii kiss o shite -- DREAMS COME TRUE 
05. Osaka Lover -- DREAMS COME TRUE
06. Gamble Rumble -- m.o.v.e.
07. The Perfect Vision -- MINMI
08. Happening Here (More dAnce) -- TRF
09. Suima-Yo! -- B'z
10. STAY AWAY -- L'Arc~en~Ciel
11. Mahi~Der Freischutz~ -- T.M.Revolution
13. FINAL PRAYER -- Iceman
14. Never Ending World - SEKAI NO OWARI
15. Tete -- Akihisa Kondo
16. Yuki no Hana -- Nakashima Mika

2013/09/15 [sad & nostalgic Jack]

01. Hidamari no Uta -- Le Couple
02. Odoriko -- Murashita Kouzou
03. Grandfather's Clock -- Hirai Ken
04. Madonna-tachi no Lullabye -- Hiromi Iwasaki
♥ 05. Toko no Fune -- Takako Matsu 

2013/09/07 [evening utawaku - part 1]
01. Alive -- Namie Amuro
02. Can you feel this love -- Namie Amuro
03. Guren no Yumiya
04. Osaka Lover -- DREAMS COME TRUE
05. Fight together -- Namie Amuro
06. Kimi ga iru kara -- Hori Mitsuko
07. Sora kara koboreta Story
08. Uchuu senkan Yamato
09. Otaku Seishun Grafitti (medley)

2013/09/07 [evening utawaku - part 2]
01. Gatchaman
02. Ginga Tetsudou - Sasaki isao, suginami jidou gasshou-dan
03. Sukisukisu -- Hosokawa Fumie
04. Invader Invader -- Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

2013/08/27 [4 am drunk utawaku - part 1]
01. Ai no Field -- KOKIA
02. Jougen no Tsuki
03. Moonlight antheem -- Akino Arai
04. Guren no Tsuki -- Jun Shibata
05. Watashi to waltz o

2013/07/27 [4 am drunk utawaku - part 2]
01. Infection -- Chihiro Onitsuka
02. Elegy -- Hirai Ken

2013/08/08 [night utawaku]
01. Secret -- Ayumi Hamasaki
02. A Song for X X -- Ayumi Hamasaki
03. Rondo -- Matsutoya Yumi
04. Suna no wakusei -- Matsutoya Yumi
05. Inochi no betsumei -- Miyuki Nakajima
06. evolution -- Ayumi Hamasaki

2013/07/28 [utawaku part 1]
01. Cendrillion
02. Yumemiru Kotori
03. Sarashinohara
05. Shuuketsu no Sadame

2013/07/28 [utawaku part 2]
01. Contrail -- Namie Amuro
02. Heaven -- Namie Amuro
03. Poison -- Namie Amuro
04. Can you feel this love -- Namie Amuro
05. July 1st -- Ayumi Hamasaki
06. Jewel -- Ayumi Hamasaki
07. Divine Ayu -- Ayumi Hamasaki
08. Song 4 you -- Ayumi Hamasaki
09. Surreal -- Ayumi Hamasaki
10. Step you -- Ayumi Hamasaki
11. Voyage -- Ayumi Hamasaki
12. Carols -- Ayumi Hamasaki
13. Heaven -- Ayumi Hamasaki
14. Part of me -- Ayumi Hamasaki

2013/07/24 [utawaku]
01. Contrail -- Namie Amuro
02. Attack All Around -- Feel Like dance
03. In The Sky -- Kudo Shizuka
04. Ano Natsu no Hanabi -- Dreams Come True
05. Blue Bird -- Ayumi Hamasaki
06. Flying Get -- AKB48

2013/07/23 [amuro-chan utawaku]
01. Can you feel this love -- Namie Amuro
02. Contrail -- Namie Amuro
03. Want me want me -- Namie Amuro
04. Violet sauce -- Namie Amuro
05. So Crazy -- Namie Amuro
06. Dr -- Namie Amuro
07. Go! Go! -- Namie Amuro
08. LOVE GAME -- Namie Amuro
09. PLEASE SMILE AGAIN -- Namie Amuro
10. RESPECT the POWER OF LOVE  -- Namie Amuro

2013/07/08 [4 am utawaku]
01. Second Love -- Nakamori Akina
02. Nanpasen -- Nakamori Akina
03. Guren no Tsuki -- Jun Shubata
04. Single again -- JUJU
05. Majokko Onnanoko -- Chiwa Saito
06. Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu -- Acid Black Cherry
07. Watashi to waltz o -- Chihiro Onitsuka

2013/07/05 [ptpt utawaku]
01. Getsu Mei Huu Ei -- Juuni Kokki ending
02. Tamashii no Refrain
03. Cruel Angel Thesis -- Evangelion opening
04. Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari

2013/05/04 [midday utawaku]
02. One Room, All that Jazz -- vocalo: DATEKEN
03. Piano x Forte x Scandal -- vocalo: OSTERproject -- ft. Tolie
04. Ame ka Yume -- vocalo: doriko -- ft. Tolie
05. Hajimete no Koi no Owaru Toki -- vocalo: ryu -- ft. Tolie
06. Mosaik Roll -- vocalo: DECO*27 -- ft. Tolie
07. Tokyo Rock City -- vocalo -- ft. Tolie
08. Trust me -- Durarara!! ending --  ft. Tolie
09. only my railgun -- Yaginuma Satoshi --  ft. Tolie
10. Orpheus heart -- Uta no Prince-sama opening
11. Tete -- Akihisa Kondou
12. Voice -- AI
13. Guren no Yumiya -- Shingeki no Kyojin OP

2013/01/26 [evening soft utawaku] 
01. WONDER Volt -- Kaela Kimura
02. Shigosen no Fiesta -- Jack's ramillete album
03. Haitoku no Scenario -- Wink
04. DAMAGE -- Namie Amuro
05. TOP SECRET -- Namie Amuro
06. Violent Sauce -- Namie Amuro
07. SO CRAZY -- Namie Amuro
08. Shine more -- Namie Amuro
09. Dr. -- Namie Amuro
10. Body Feels EXIT -- Namie Amuro
11. Chase the Chance -- Namie Amuro
12. COPY THAT -- Namie Amuro
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Title --  original artist -- other info

2014/04/30 [golden week 5 hours long utawaku]
01. Resolution -- Gundam X
02. Believe -- Tamaki Nami -- Gundam Seed
03. Itsuka Sori ni Todoite -- Shiina Megumi -- Gundam 0080
04. Mizu no Hoshi e Ai o Komete -- Moriguchi Hiroko -- Gundam Suit Zeta
05. Kagami no naka actress -- Nakahara Meiko
06. Night of the Summer Side -- Ikeda Masanori
07. Cat's eye -- Max

2014/04/29 [evening utawaku]
01. Shiro -- Akina Arai
02. Ari no mama no -- Frozen movie theme
03. Hearthbreak for Julia -- Checkers
04. Giza-giza Heart No Komoriuta -- Vidoll
05. Anata no unmei -- Tane Tomoko

2014/04/26 [afternoon utawaku]
01. Yume wo Shinjite -- Tokunaga Hideaki
02. Ari no Mama no -- Frozen movie theme
03. Karma -- Bump of Chicken
04. Hazy shade of winter -- Simon & Garfunkel
05. Kiss Kiss -- Tokyo Babylon
06. Koshitantan
07. Torinoko City
08. Gekkou -- Chihiro Onitsuka
09. Addicted to you -- Utada Hikaru
10. Movin' on without you -- Utada Hikaru
11. I'm proud -- Kaname Kawabata
12. Faces Places -- GLOBE
13. You are the one -- Namie Amuro
14. Himawari -- Namie Amuro
15. I WILL -- Namie Amuro
16. Hiru no Tsuki -- Akino Arai
17. Atom no Hikari -- Akino Arai
18. Toki no Shirabe -- Akino Arai - acapella
19. Voices -- Akino Arai - acapella
20. Adesso e fortuna -- Akino Arai - acapella
21. Haruka na Rondo -- Akino Arai - acapella
22. Kaze no Fantasia -- Akino Arai - acapella
23. Hana Kanmuri -- Akino Arai - acapella
24. Utsukushii Hoshi -- Akino Arai - acapella
25. Toki no Kioku -- Akino Arai - acapella
26. Moonlight Anthem -- Akino Arai - acapella
27. Tsuki no Kaze to Sora -- Akino Arai - acapella
28. Unbalance na Kiss wo Shite -- Takahashi Hiro
29. What's up Guys? -- Megumi Hayashibara

2014/04/25 [evening utawaku]
01. Mi Amore -- Akina Nakamori
02. Tango Noir -- Akina Nakamori
03. Dance beat wa yoake made -- Oginome Yoko
04. Odoriko -- Murashita Kozo
05. Ihoujin -- Acid Black Cherry
06. Netsu Shisen -- Anzen Chitai
07. I wanna be -- YUI

2014/04/20 [utawaku at Asamack]
01. Funky Town -- Namie Amuro
02. HELLO -- Namie Amuro
03. So Crazy -- Namie Amuro
04. WILD -- Namie Amuro
05. Never End -- Namie Amuro - live ver.
06. Respect the power of love -- Namie Amuro - live ver.
07. Baby don't cry -- Namie Amuro - live ver.
08. Shoujo A -- Akina Nakamori
09. TATTOO -- Koda Kumi
10. 99% Liberty -- KinKi Kids
11. Halcyon -- Bump of Chicken
12. Only Lonely Glory -- Bump of Chicken
13. Sunadokei -- Exile
14. Love story wa totsuzen ni -- Oda Kazumasa
15. Kokuhaku -- Hirai Ken
16. Sister -- Porno Graffitti
17. Rakuen -- Nem [vocalo]

2014/04/07 [evening utawaku]
01. Single again -- JUJU
02. Madonna-tachi no Lullabye -- Hiromi Iwasaki
03. Guren no Tsuki -- Jun Shibata
04. Kokuhaku -- Ken Hirai
05. Style -- Exile
06. Yasashii Kiss wo Shite -- dreams come true
07. Key -- Ayumi Hamasaki
08. Cage -- chihiro onitsuka
09. Koi Hitoyo -- Acid Black Cherry
10. A song for XX -- Ayumi Hamasaki
11. To be -- Ayumi Hamasaki
12. ZERO -- Bump of Chicken
13. Watashi to waltz o -- Chihiro Onitsuka

2014/04/06 [evening epic utawaku]
01. Many classic moments -- GLOBE
02. Wanderin' Destiny -- GLOBE
03. Try this shoot -- GLOBE
04. Song 4 U -- Ayumi Hamasaki
05. Part of me -- Ayumi Hamasaki
06. Walking proud -- Ayumi Hamasaki
07. Evolution -- Ayumi Hamasaki
08. Ari no mama no -- Frozen movie theme
09. mash up of Kudou Shizuka
10. mash up of Acid Black Cherry
11. mash up of GLOBE
12. mash up of Megumi Hayashibara
13. Katte ni Shiyagare -- B'z
14. Playback Part 2 -- Momoe Yamaguchi
15. Ichoujin -- Acid Black Cherry
16. Anata ni aete yokatta -- Thelma Aoyama
17. Blue Velvet -- Kudo Shizuka
18. Tsuki no Shizuku -- Kou Shibasaki
19. Glamorous Sky -- Mika Nakashima
20. LIFE -- Mika Nakashima
♥ 21. Yuki no hana -- Mika Nakashima
♥ 22. Forever Love -- X-Japan

2014/04/04 [evening utawaku]
01. Anata ni salad -- DREAMS COME TRUE
02. Gatchaman
03. Aozora no Ding-Dong
04. Believe -- One Piece op.
05. We are! -- One Piece theme
06. Sailing Day -- Bump of Chicken
07. Fight togerher -- Namie Amuro
08. Sei Shoujo Ryouiki -- Ali Project
09. Sora e -- Kasahara Hiroko
10. Si Si Ciao ~Romeo No Oku De~ - Kasahara Hiroko
11. Lupin 3rd no Theme

2014/04/03 [evening utawaku]
01. Simply wonderful -- Mai Kuraki
02. Kage -- Shibasaki Kou
03. Grotesque -- Amuro Namie ft. Hirai Ken
04. Rondo -- Matsutoya Yumi
05. Guren no Yumiya full ver.
06. Jiyuu no Tsubasa full ver.
07. Akuma-kun -- Tsuno Gouji
08. Rock river he -- Little Rascal op.
09. Oshiete -- Alps no Shoujo Heidi op.
10. Uchuu senkan Yamato
11. Lum no Love Song -- Nana Kitade
12. Dang Dang kininaru -- Haruko Momoi

2014/04/01 [evening utawaku]
01. Body feels exit -- Namie Amuro
02. GO ROUND -- Namie Amuro
03. Fight together -- Namie Amuro
04. Grotesque -- Hirai Ken ft. Namie Amuro
05. melt [vocaloid]
06. cantarella
07. mosaic kakera
08. Alice in dreamland
09. Bird of Paradise
10. Fullchin Boogie
11. magnet [asamack]
12. Iroha Uta
13. Doukoku no ame [with tolie]
14. Paradicholobenzene
15. Senbonzakura

2014/03/19 [utawaku at asamack]
01. NIGHT WING -- Shizuka Kudo
02. Rondo -- Matsutoya Yumi
03. Tsuki -- Namie Amuro
04. Yesterday & Today - Do As Infinity
05. ESCAPE - Moon Child
06. Nesshisen -- Anzen Chitai
07. Wine Red no Kokoro -- Anzen Chitai
08. Odoriko -- Kouzou Murashita
09. Kiniro no Me -- Akina Arai
10. Nanpasen -- Nakamori Akina
11. Unmei no hito -- Spitz
12. Elegy -- Hirai Ken

2014/03/11 [utawaku at asamack - ptpt]
01. ??
02. Ai no Field -- KOKIA
03. Galileo no Yoru -- Akino Arai
04. Utsukushii hoshi -- Akino Arai [half-acapella]

2014/03/07 [utawaku at asamack + humming]
01. Adesso e Fortuna
02. Moonlight Anthem ~enju 1991~
03. Kiniro no Me -- Akino Arai
04. Koneko no Shinzou -- Akino Arai
05. Atom no Hikaru
06. Toki no Kioku
07. Toki o Shirabe -acapella-
08. Voices
09. Scarborough fair
10. My heart will go on
11. Tune the rainbow
12. Memorial Address -- Ayumi Hamasaki
13. Lovers Again -- EXILE
14. Careless breath -- EXILE
15. Never Ending World - Sekai no Owari
16. Otoko no kuseni naitekureta -- Douji Morita
17. Love story -- Kazumasa Oda
18. Pride -- Miki Imai
19. Murau Yosouzo II - ZUX
20. Ettou Tsubame -- Nakazawa Yuko
21. Snow Smile -- Bump of Chicken

2014/03/01 [evening utawaku after 1 month of break]
01. WAVE
02. Tsuki -- Namie Amuro
03. Balerina -- Namie Amuro
04. Hands on me -- Namie Amuro
05. Alive -- Namie Amuro
06. Contrail -- Namie Amuro
07. Fight Together -- Namie Amuro
08. Black Diamond -- Namie Amuro
09. LOVE GAME -- Namie Amuro
10. TOP SECRET -- Namie Amuro
11. Do Me More -- Namie Amuro
12. LION -- Macross F
13. Berserk ~Forces~ -- Susumu Hirasawa
14. Just be conscious -- Megumi Hayashibara
15. Tamashi no Refrain -- Yoko Takahashi
16. Sennen no Dokusou ka
17. Flower Tail

2014/01/11 [night drunk utawaku]
01. Second Love -- Nakamori Akina
02. Koi hitoyo -- Kudou Shizuka
03. Koibito yo -- Itsuwa Mayumi
04. Odoriko -- Kouzou Murashita
05. Toki no Fune -- Matsu Takako
06. Koi ni ochite -Fall in Love- -- Kobayashi Akiko
07. Egao o sagashite -- Karashima Midori
08. Ryuuseigun -- Chihiro Onitsuka
09. Hyakumanbon no Bara -- Katou Tokiko
10. KISS KISS -- Matsuoka Hideaki
11. Love story wa totsuzen ni -- Oda Kazumasa
12. Cage -- Chihiro Onitsuka
13. Watashi to waltz o -- Chihiro Onitsuka
14. Elegy -- Hirai Ken

01. Katsuato no Hana -- LONG
02. Cruel Angel Thesis
03. Kiseki no Umi -- Maaya Sakamoto
04. Kaze no Fantasia -- Sherry
05. Tune the Rainbow -- Maaya Sakamoto
06. Sailing Day -- Bump of Chicken
07. KARMA -- Bump of Chicken

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Ok, I will try to make a list of various Jack's utawaku and point down songs he was singing back then. Keep in mind sometimes my records were ptpt so I cut out some songs, so sometimes it's not fully complete.

2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014

Title --  original artist -- other info
01. So Crazy -- Namie Amuro
02. Break it -- Namie Amuro
03. Get Myself Back -- Namie Amuro

2010/07/21 [playing old records]
01. Guild -- Bump of Chicken
02. Love Story wa Totsuzen ni -- Kazumasa Oda
03. Island -- Remioromen [2006]
04. Namida no Furusato -- Bump of Chicken
05. Crazy gonna crazy -- AAA [from karaoke with Bkun]
06. Shirushi -- Mr. Children
07. View -- Sukima Switch
08. Honjitsu, Mijukumono -- TOKIO
09. Dekiai Rojikku -- Tsuyoshi Domoto
10. Pero Pero [he sang it to end the broadcast]

2010/07/17 drunk middle of the night utawaku
01. Toki no Kioku -- Akino Arai
02. Moonlight Anthem ~enju 1991~  Akino Arai
03. Kiseki no Umi -- Maaya Sakamoto
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Asamack songs choice:

Jack for Marutan's 2nd anniversary (live & community only cover)
Uta ni Katachi wa Nai keredo

Marutan for Jack's 2nd anniversary (live & community only cover - 01:41:21)
Uta ni Katachi wa Nai keredo

Jack for Marutan's birthday (live & community only video)
Hajimete no Oto
Marutan cried. w

Jack for Marutan's 3rd anniversary (live & community only video)
Shinpakusuu #0822
Marutan was crying after Jack ended ;w; wwww
Official cover YT with Tolie's harmonies & mix (he deleted it from NND)

Jack for Marutan's birthday (live)
Hajimete no Oto

Jack for Marutan's birthday (live)
Happy Birthday - DREAMS COME TRUE
...with slightly changed lyrics ww

Tolie for Jack's belated birthday (cover played at Asamack Radio only)
Hajimaru no koi ga owaru toki

Jack for Marutan's birthday (live)
Wind Climbing ~Kaze ni asobarete~
which is one of Marutan's anison cover for their CD

Related trivia:
- Jack's friend Bkun also sang once (at Jack's broadcast, live) classic Happy Birthday for him
- Marutan years ago sang Happy Birthday for... Keisen-san
- it's a shame they don't sing songs for each other regularly anymore but if you look at their covers and songs they sang in duet (Meri, Meri or Magnet) there's no doubt they sing those for themselves. ww
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Compilation summary about Kindan Vampire series.

Image artist: Suzunosuke
Theme songs: Jack
Songs composer: sunaP

1. Kindan Vampire ~Aka Bara no Ou~
Forbidden Vampire: Crimson Rose's King
Song theme: Blood of Rose ~Kindan no Keiyaku~
Release date: 14/03/2012
Price: 2,100 yen
Promotion movie (listening to it with headphones is a must...)

2. Kindan Vampire ~Shirobara no Ouji~
Forbidden Vampire: White Rose's Prince
Song theme: Gessou Kyoku 「月想曲」
Release date: 20/06/2012
Price: 2,100 yen

3. Kindan Vampire ~Aobara no Kishi~
Forbidden Vampire: Blue Rose's Knight
Song theme: Sou En 「蒼炎」
Release date: 15/08/2012
Price: 2,100 yen

4. Kindan Vampire ~Kibara no Toganin~
Forbidden Vampire: Yellow Rose's Criminal
Song theme: Etanite・Guranite エタニテ・グラニテ
Release date: 17/10/2012
Price: 2,100 yen

5. Kindan Vampire ~Murasakibara no Kenja~
禁断吸血鬼 ~紫薔薇ノ賢者~
Forbidden Vampire: Purple Rose's Sage
Song theme: Akatsuki no Tame no Oudo  暁のための頌歌 (Ode to Dawn)
Release date: 26/12/2012
Price: 2,100 yen

6. Kindan Vampire ~Kurobara no Koutei~
禁断吸血鬼 ~黒薔薇ノ皇帝~ 
Forbidden Vampire: Black Rose's Emperor
Song theme: Kanata Nostalgia「彼方ノスタルジヤ」
Release date: 13/02/2012
Price: 2,100 yen
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So since it's weekend and Tanabata Festival in Japan, Jack decided to have another utawaku~ I really like his songs choice this time. Especially the last one - bringing back so many memories since it was first song I heard Jack singing and I immediately got attracted to him and somehow I ended here now... wwww And he was in really good mood, he was also murmuring to background music~ so adorable! Especially since today it was Akino Arai's songsssss! I love her songs.


Songs list:

01. Dreams Come True - Shichi Gatsu Nanoka, Hare (July 7th, Clear)
02. Ao Otsuka - Planetarium
03. Amuro Namie - Wishing on the same star
04. Vocalo - Stardust Utopia (星屑ユートピア)
05. Susumu Hirasawa - 平沢進 -Lotus-
06. Susumu Hirasawa - ロタティオン(LOTUS-2)
07. Susumu Hirasawa - Byakko no Musume
08. Susumu Hirasawa - Berserk~Forces~
09. Arai Akino - Madowaku no Hana
10. Amuro Namie - HOT GIRLS
11. Amuro Namie - In the Spotlight (Tokyo)
12. Hirai Ken - Kokuhaku
13. Shazna - Melty Love
14. Akina Nakamori - Mi Amore ミ・アモーレ
15. Vocalo - Gossip ゴシップ (utaren with Kaito)
16. Vocalo - Scissorhands (singing to Jack's cover)
17. Vocalo - Senbonzakura (singing to Asamack cover)
18. Kindan Vampire - Shirobara no Ouji theme song (original)
19. Vocalo - Sennen no Dokusou ka

First ones were stars-related, since it's Tanabata Festival! And really, he sang so many vocalo pieces! That's unusual. And he really mastered Susumu Hirasawa's quartet wwwwwww and Amuro-chan's pieces from her the newest album. But I will always laugh from way she (and he too) reads "TOKYO" in this song. And he even sang his original piece from Kindan Vampire uwaaaa. So high, amazingggg. Sasuga Jack!

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{this post is kind of under construction so it will be edited a lot...}


Jack started to play some epic game in the world, where rain is falling down all the time~

Goat Simulator

As it says, it's a goat simulator. Jack played it. And it's low-budged supposed to be fail game... you are a goat and you can kill people and roam around. Jack really loved it w

Since old Tetris server is still down, they found that one.

Left 4 Death 2
They invited Ocha-kun to play with them, he even was on call on Asamack. Basically, the game is about killing zombies... I think. So much fun.

SA (Sudden Attack)
They invited some other utaite, since it's been ages, when they did it last time. So there was also Wotamin, Meeko, Seriya and other Asamack listeners like Ocha-san. This game is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter online game. Jack was having sooo much fun, in his yandere mode. Good old times!

Little Big Planet
So damn cute.

Simple game, but all in English, so Marutan decided to play it and learn more English (thought he failed as always wwwww). Jack was so cute while assisting him.

Phantasy Star Online 2

The Sims 3

Mario Kart
Very amusing rally game~ it's so cute and adorable! Game just made for them. And they sometimes played it with Keisen and Nerutan. And they failed so much, get on jumping off track...

Momotaro Dentetsu 

It's this quite old, 2D, pixels game about building railroads in Japan. I totally don't get it and always got bored... they play it from time to time, especially enjoy it while heavy drinking, so sometimes it IS very amusing.

The Shadow of Colossus
Player: Jack
Jack was so adorable... he failed so much and laughed and screamed so much. He kicked his poor horse, didn't want to pat it, tried to hurt it with sword instead... he had much problems learning how to mount it too wwww and then he just keep on loosing his way. He failed at defeating colossus too, but he somehow managed to kill 3 of them and ended playing it.
2/05/2013 to 4/05/2013
Player: Asamaru
Marutan way of playing is different. He easily lose his way, but he kills colossus so quickly! He managed to take down first 3 in just one hour. He's also so cute, calling his horse Agro cute, worrying about him, calling colossus face cute too. He ended whole game in 3 days, around 8 hours. At last day Jack was drunk and make a lot of funny comments w I really enjoyed watching it and ending was so bitter-sweet! Agrooooo!

Siren: Blood Curse
They quickly gave up, deciding it's too hard for them. Jack was playing so cute.... like he was failing all the time. So he just laughed & screamed when suddenly zombie popped out. And run away saying "Sorry Rebecca, bye bye, just... run alone and catch up with me later!".

Street Fighter X

Monster Hunter

Another Asamack love. It's a sandbox indie video game developed and published by Mojang and released for PC. Minecraft is focused on creativity and building, allowing players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D world. Sooo Marutan was patient builder and Jack... well, Jack felt in love with God's mode. So he was floating around, causing pranks to other players. He especially enjoyed putting much effort in building weird things like UNK shrine or traps and then, blasting it away with TNT.

Lost Planet 2
I totally loved this one, because they played it with Tolie. It's a third-person shooter video game developed and published by Capcom for PS3. So when they played, Marutan was composed steady player, Jack was totally unpredictable, nutty guy hunting mostly for Tolie (even if they were in the same team), randomly throwing around hand-grenades and such. And Tolie was crying sissy, begging Jack to stop this madness. I wish they could replay it one day.

Pigg Life
Jack's addiction. I swear he plays it the whole time he isn't on Asamack Radio. The half of his tweets is about "Garden" in Pigg Life, asking other people for help in for example, harvesting crops. Or something. Totally boring for me. Ah, there's also fishing mini game here, they love it too. And they play it with other utaites as well.

Hare Sora Monogatari
So damn cute.

It's like more simpler version of Minecraft, 2D one. They really enjoy venturing new lands and building unk homes and such.

Dead Rising
I will never forget about Marutan's 'badass' chara with short slips or in skirt, roaming thorough zombies. Or the one with yellow bag head... or Marutan running from zombies riding on children bike.


キャッチフィーリング (Catch Feeling)
One of the first games they ever played on Asamack Radio community... I believe.

More simple and universal games they play here and back then...

Marutan is always good in it, Jack sucks. But if they are drunk, sometimes it's opposite... They really love playing it. And they used to play it a lot! Often with other utaite: Gero, Clear, Wotamin, Tolie... Nowadays they don't play it.

In other words "I will draw and others guess what it is". They play it from time to time, used to play it with many other utaite too.

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Jack's anisong matsuri.
He had utawaku for 4 hours and 43 minutes and sang 42 songs. Hahaha. :'D
Starting from '80, ending somewhere at '90.

Songs list:
01. Tokimeki Tonight OP - Super Love Lotion (1982)
02. Cat's Eye OP - Cat's Eye (1983)
03. Gu-Gu Ganmo OP - Ganmo Doki! (1984)
04. Touch OP - Touch (1985)
05. Z Gundam OP - Mizu no Hoshi yori Ai wo Komete (1985)
06. Aoki Ryuusei SPT Layzner OP - Meros No Youni ~Lonely Way (1985)
07. Shoukoujo Sarah OP - Hana no Sasayaki (1985)
08. Gundam ZZ OP - Silent Voice (1986)
09. Gundam ZZ - Anime ja nai (1986)
10. Saint Seiya OP - Pegasus Fantasy (1986)
11. Spaceship Sagitarius - Stardust Boys (1986)
12. City Hunter - Get Wild (1987)
13. City Hunter 2 - ANGEL NIGHT ~Tenshi no Iru Basho~ (1988)
14. Ronin Warriors OP - Samurai Heart (1988)
15. Oishinbo - Dang Dang - Kininaru (1988)
16. Dragon Ball OP - Makafushigi Adventure! (1986)
17. Ganbare! Kickers OP - Kimi ha Nagareboshi (1986)
18. Kimagure Orange Road OP - NIGHT OF SUMMER SIDE (1987)
19. Akuma-kun - Akuma-kun (1989)
20. YAWARA! a fashionable judo girl! OP - Miracle Girl (1989)

Year '90s starts here! 

21. Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water OP - Blue Water (1990)
22. Future GPX Cyber Formula OP - Winners (1991)
23. Dragon Quest - Yume o Shinjite (1991) 
24. Goldfish warning! OP - Wapiko Genki Yohou (1991)
25. Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh - Dream shift (1991)
26. Sailor Moon OP - Moonlight Densetsu (1992)
27. Hime-chan's Ribbon OP - Egao no Genki (1992)
28. YuYu Hakusho OP - Unbalance na Kiss o Shite (1992) 
29. YuYu Hakusho OP - Hohoemi no Bakudan (1992)
30. The Brave Express Might Gaine - Arashi no Hero (1993)
31. Little Women II: Jo's Boys OP - Aozora no Ding-Dong (1993)
32. Sailor Moon R - Moon Revenge (1993)
33. Slam Dunk ED - Anata Dake Mitsumeteru (1993)
34. Victor Gundam - STAND UP TO THE VICTORY (1993)
35. Magic Knight Rayearth OP - Yuzurenai Negai (1994)
36. Marmalade Boy OP - Egao ni Aitai (1994)
37. Magic Knight Rayearth OP - Hikari to Kage o Dakishimeta Mama (1994)
38. Mobile Fighter G Gundam OP - FLYING IN THE SKY (1994)
39. Romeo no Aoi Sora ED - Si Si Chao (1995)
40. Ninku - nin sora OP - Kagayaki ha Kimi No Naka Ni (1995)
41. Slayers OP - Get Along (1995)
42. Sorcerer Hunters - What's Up Guys? (1995)

Funny moments... When he was singing Z Gundam opening song:
Listener comment: 水の星へ愛をこめても聴きたい・・・
Jack: *singing* (short singing interval he half-laughing half-annoyed shouted: IMA UTATTERU YAN) *singing*
Seriously, I think someone pressed ENTER 2 minutes too late wwwwww
After 36 songs Jack said that he's talking voice may be a bit hoarse, but he's singing voice is chou-ok. 
He also said that once he sang for 8 hours at karaoke and next day also 8 hours at karaoke.
Apparently 41. was supposed to be last one, but while Jack was singing it, one nice person started to enter all songs he sang today and he hadn't made it before he ended singing (well, all 41 tracks wwww) so listeners started to ENCORE Jack so he sang last one. Almost like live concert ne wwwwwww.

My comment:
Although I love Jack and his voice, this one was a bit boring to me. I mean, I don't find it interesting when he sings old songs I don't know. And I don't know most of them. From all those, I know maybe like 10 tracks... But it was worth since I love Rayearth openings, I love Slayers openings and I know Marmalade Boy anime (actually it's quite good and long romance). Ah, of course I know also Sailor Moon ones! Uwaaaa <3
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Sooo today Marutan and Hidenori had their live event in Tokyo! And in meanwhile...

Jack was surely depressed / bored / whatever so he decided to go on karaoke. And even invited Keisen and... Choucho. By the way, I find it weird that Keisen didn't come to Marutan's live. Well, she lives near Osaka, so maybe she couldn't go due to work and such. Poor Keisen. But I bet she was glad to go on karaoke with Choucho. Seriously, how Jack managed to convince her to come to Osaka? Haha. So, while Marutan was singing at his live, the three of them went to karaoke. seriously, it was just like girls meeting haha. Sorry, I just can't imagine Jack alone with 2 women, even thought he's supposedly a man... Beside karaoke, they also went to eat some yummy things, take some purikura photos... Ahh Choucho is so pretty! Even Keisen. At one photo there's even Jack's moe sleeve and fingers LOL! And they really look like Ranka and Sheryl from Macross F wwwww

Anyways, Jack used his iPhone and was kind enough to let us listen to five 30 minutes each one namas. He also said he will leave TS-es available for next 24 hours, so better check them out quickly if you missed those namas!

Ahhh and don't mind sudden stops and ptpt, Jack's iPhone namas are always like that. And quality is poor but... <3 If you don't know girls... Jack is only male voice. Adult-like, high, clear voice is Choucho. Keisen's is a bit more nasal and vibrating. Still, I can be mistaken if one song was sing by Keisen or Choucho.... orz.

Part 1
01. Pon Pon Pon (Keisen)
02. 3年目の浮気 - ヒロシ&キーボー (Jack and Keisen)
03. 赤いスイートピー - 松田聖子
04. Blue Rose - 工藤静香
05. Blue Velvet (Jack)

Soo Jack just started iPhone nama in the middle of their karaoke lol. Ahhh this PON PON PON was so cutee! I'm pretty sure it was mainly Keisen who sang it, but I think I heard a bit of others too. After that they started to sing some oldies... Jack was super serious and started to sing with his smooth voice, making girls laugh like crazy. No wonder hahaha I would love to be able to hear Jack singing live right... 

Part 2
06. 慟哭 - 工藤静香 (Choucho)
07. ライオン - May'n / 中島愛 (Choucho and Keisen)
08. 石畳の緋き悪魔 - Sound Horizon (Jack and Choucho)
09. 太陽と月のロンド (Keisen and Choucho)
10. Cendrillion (Jack and Choucho)

Ahhh Choucho and Keisen sang Lion from Macross F! Sounds so good together~ And then Jack and Choucho's Ishidatami no Akeki Akuma (they upped it looong ago, officially). Then, Taiyou to Tsuki no Rondo - it's so hiiigh! So they kind-of-failed a bit at few places and laugh, but it made it even more adorable! ww Last song was Cendrillion of Jack and Choucho, but nama ended before they ended song properly.

Part 3
11. Reset Button (Keisen)
12. Mr Music (Choucho)
-insert Marutan message talk wwww-
13. ??? (Jack)
14. 16bit戦争 (Keisen and Choucho)
15. 月光花 (Jack)
16. Magnet (Keisen, Choucho, Jack)

Sooo this part was super funny! During Reset Button there's suddenly scream part, which Keisen decided to sing too... and scarred Choucho-tan to death wwwwwww After Choucho's Mr Music they got message from Marutan because he probably had short break during his live. So cuteeee~ Then Jack sang some nice eroi song, dunno the title. After that girls sang 16 bit wars - they covered it long ago. The best was Magnet in the end! Keisen started, Choucho sang second voice part.... and suddenly Jack joined in too hahahaha. But he was trolling a bit wwwww Keisen decided to join him too and got yelled at by Jack BAKAAAAA hahaha. Then, short break and next waku~

Part 4
17. Sousei no Aquarion (Jack) 
18. old anisong. - Choucho
19. old anisong dammit. (Keisen)
20. Rinbu-Revolution from Utena (Choucho)
21. ?? (Keisen)
22. Moomon Theme (Keisen, Jack)
22. ?? (Keisen)
23. Gundam - サイレント・ヴォイス - ひろえ純 (Jack)
24. 檄!帝国華撃団 - 真宮寺さくら&帝国歌劇団 (Keisen)

Unfortunatelly during this waku kashi-san died so I don't know titles of half of the songsss but~ First one was funny, since Jack just keep on screaming AISHITERUUUU~ And Rinbu Revolution by Choucho uwaaaaaaaaaa. And hahahaha Moomin theme by those two... I was just laughing all the time.

Part 5
25. Moonlight Densetsu (Choucho and Keisen)
26. ?? - Keisen
27. Uchuu Senkan Yamato (Jack)
28. 笑顔に会いたい - 濱田理恵 (Keisen)
29. ときめきトゥナイト - 加茂晴美 (Choucho)
30. Super Love Lotion - 加茂晴美 (Keisen)
31.  バビル2世 - 水木一郎 (Jack)
32. ときめきの導火線 歌詞 (Choucho)
33. クックロビン音頭 - スラップスティック、白石冬美 (Keisen)
34. Ai o Torimodose (Jack)

This last waku was quite a distaster wwww it consisted mostly of short fragments, since they were in hurry or maybe a bit tired already. Moonlight Densetsu from Sailor Moon was so goooood~ Next one was LOLOLOL. After it, Jack wanted to sing Uchuu Senkan Yamato! But after singing like one line nama stopped! What a distater. But girls couldn't stop laugh when they heard Jack singing in his super low voice, since he always use his high pitched one. I really wanted to hear the rest of their reaction ahahahha. And in the very end Jack wanted to sing Ai o Torimodose with his super scream part but.... nama stopped before this part started. Too bad hahaha but when he managed to fix nama and there was like 1 minute to the end, he decided to give all his best and screamed his lungs out lololol.

And at the same time, when Jack was having fun with two girls, Marutan had live.... wwwww

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 Jack & Keisen からおけー

Oh surprise! This time it's Jack & Keisen futari kiri ohohoho at karaoke in Osaka. And Jack used his iPhone <3 Of course quality was bad and it was ptpt and randomly tmt but still! Ehhh it was around my 6 am and I was preparing to go to uni, so good thing Jack left TS-es <3 Jack said he was recording her after she sang 1st song hahaha and she said he surely hide it on purpose all this time! 

Songs list (from iPhone nama at least)
1st part
01. Keisen - Ame ka Yume 
02. Keisen & Jack - Cendrillion
03. Keisen - Ark (Sound Horizon)
2nd part
04. Jack - Subarashii no Nyan-sei 
05. Jack & Keisen - Carnival
06. Jack - Fight Together (Amuro Namie)
07. Keisen - EL的樂園 [→ SIDE:E →] (Sound Horizon)
08. Jack - ?? (Ali Project)
3rd part
09. Keisen - ??
10. Jack - Black Cherry
11. Jack & Keisen - Ishidatami no Akeki Akuma
12. Jack & Keisen - ??
13. Keisen - ??
4th part
Jack - AI
~then it tmt and it was the end of waku. lol~
5th part
Well, some time it took for them to repair the nama wwww
15. Keisen - ??
16. Jack - Berserk ~Forces~ ptpt neeee but uwaaaa
17. Keisen - 「鮫」(天野月子)
18. Jack - Wanna Be A Dreammaker (Globe)
6th part (last)
19. Jack - FOREVER MEMORIES (w-inds)
20. Keisen  - Blue Water (Shimokawa Mikuni)
And then ptpt again and it dieeeed.

Haha they were so funny~ Like randomly talking about Marutan. And how he's at Hidenori's place today. Haha Jack why you know so much about Marutan's daily schedule hahahahaha. And both of them so cuteeee! Keisen was surprised that Jack records like EVERY karaoke song. And also mentioned something about his mansion lol. So Jack lives in mansion wwwww And yeah, he should upload Nyan-sei.

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21:08 - 22:48 Japan

Wow, I'm so amazed, Jack left TS for his utawaku! And epic one. At the beginning he was singing his beloved Amuro-chan's songs, with a lot of english lines. By the way, his english pronounce is really quite good (as for Japanese neee), he really have amazing hearing (he doesn't know English, he just sings what he remembered...). Also, said that B-kun finally bought Asamack CDs and boasted about it on his twitter.

Then, Jack felt like he wanted to sing some songs from their the newest album! GEMINI. It sounds so funny to hear Jack like two times, since he sang to his own track wwwww Really, Gemini-like. Two Jacks. And Blood of Rose, uwaaaa, I totally love this song. Then, he sang Karakuri Pierrot along to Marutan's version and... suddenly tmt. I love that wall of comments by disturbed listeners wwwww. So when Jack got back, he started to sing it anew~ But he just sang few lines and... tmt again. Maji noroi desu yo ne wwwwww But after like 10 seconds nama refreshed and it went back to normal and Jack waited a second and started to sing along. This time he managed to end it nicely! Because nama stopped when he started to talk wwwww. He also sing Marutan's Niji! Ohh soo awesommeeeeee (*´Д`*) Unfortunately, he can't sing Boku Dake ni Mieru Tsuki (...yet? www).
Then he got bored of vocasongs and decided to sing some nostalgic songs, like Bump of Chicken's KARMA. It was one of his first uploads on nico nico~
When he was singing 才悩人応援歌(BUMP OF CHICKEN) song his nama stopped like completely for long minutes, he had to restart his PC www but it was all randomly tmt to the end.

Songs list:

01.「Go Round」-安室奈美恵
03.「Gemini」-じゃっく 作詞・作曲・編曲:砂守岳央(沙P)
04.「Blood of Rose」-じゃっく 作詞・作曲・編曲:砂守岳央(沙P)
06.「虹」-あさまる  作詞・作曲・編曲:松岡美弥子
08.「真っ赤な空を見ただろうか」-BUMP OF CHICKEN
09. 「才悩人応援歌」 - BUMP OF CHICKEN --- tmt
10.  Dandelion - BUMP OF CHICKEN

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 Short summary of today's Jack utawaku~

List of the songs:

01. BERSERK ~Forces~ - 平沢進
A slighly different than usual songs Jack sing~ ahh I love the part with husky voice! Suddenly going higher kyaaaaa.
02. Tamashi no Refrain (魂のルフラン) - 高橋洋子
From Evangelion: Death and Rebirth
03. Hana no Sasayaki (花のささやき) - 下成佐登子
From Jack's beloved Princess Sarah
04. Himawari (ひまわり) - 下成佐登子
This one is too from Princess Sarah

Artist is Keito~ Ramdas is from Princess Sarah anime

Okay, then my Internet started to hate me so I wasn't able to listen peacefully (and record too). People started to tease Jack how his voice is awesome, but it's kinda sad that Jack is not singing vocaloid pieces anymore. Or he didn't sang any in ages. So...

Fortunatelly I was able to listen to his cover of this song at least few times. Still so awesome!

06. Away we go
From .5 album, of course he skipped rap parts, but still I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH.
07. Cendrillion
He sang along to Choucho-tan's cover - it's obvious since they upped it together looong ago. I love how their voices are matching each other, so high, noble and gentle! And harmonies to this one are hell tough so Jack 88888.
08. Cendrillion?!
...Jack played recording of Kogetan's and Nerutan's Cendrillion attempt, so of course it's full of crack since those two people voices are perfect for parodies and not perfect for normal singing
09. Some record of Nerutan's parody song
Ahhh it's piece composed by Minato (Torai). I miss him so much, listeners too. Jack likes it and used to sing it often~
11. Luka Luka Night Fever
Jack as always enjoyed it very much wwwww
From there, Jack started to dig out old Tolie's covers and sing along with them ;A; I really miss Tolie so much. And I think Tolie's voice is the only one of male utaite which won't be oversing by Jack's crazy loud singing. And I really love those two singing together...
12. Ame ka Yume (飴か夢)
13. Saigo no Yoou (最後の女王)
14. Mosaik Roll
15. Crystal Mic

Uwaaaa I love Crystal Mic so much, plus the other ones Jack used to sing already... But I had never heard him singing Crystal Mic! So I'm extra happy I was able to hear it~ 

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この番組は、2011/12/31(土) 20:25に終了致しました。 番組ID:lv76199226 ( 放送者:じゃっくさん)


(´☉ ω ☉)<ハニーフラッシュ! (*´▽`*)<ハニーフラッシュ!

Well, just decided to TS that nama from last day of 2011 year. Asamack decided to do utawaku before regular Asamack radio. Well, Asamack utawaku are really rare! Because it's hard for both of them to pull it out technically. Skype call is ptpt and they can't sing together and such...

I bet they were drinking again, since it was holiday~ First was Marutan. Jack wanted him to sing some Bump of Chicken songs. Marutan wasn't sure which one he should sing, since some of them he can sing but some are muri muri - like KARMA (Jack really likes to sing that one). So Jack helped him in getting through settings in karaoke for PS3 and Marutan sang Dandelion. The sound quality was a bit poor, but no ptpt so it was okay and Marutan pulled it out just nicely~ after singing he suddenly got hungry and started to mgmg chips wwwww And I just thought how Marutan was singing once Dandelion, when they were both together, pretty drunk and... well, it was epic, I almost died laughing <3 Ah, Jack was in quite good mood, giggling all the time.

Next was Jack. He choose to sing 「オンリー ロンリー グローリー」 | by BUMP OF CHICKEN. Of course he pulled it out awesomely - I expected nothing less from him. Marutan was surprised how Jack can sing well such fast-paced song... just like Sharin no Uta (車輪の唄). And he decided to try out singing this one! Ahhh I love Marutan singing such type of songs. Suits him just well! After the song, they discussed quality... Jack said Marutan should mute skype-call next time he will try singing. He occassionally was murmuring along, while Marutan was singing, and that's why Marutan might got impression of BGM going sometimes louder.

Marutan asked if Jack's new microphone had arrived yet... Well, Jack said it had arrived, but it might be still not possible to use it yet. Sometimes voice level just randomly skips and other technical problems (he was fooling around using it few days after that hahahaha). But he changed microphones and decided to give it a try. 

So actually new microphone has more ways of using voice changer... LOL. 
Jack: 私はいったい。。。だれ?だれなの?じゃっこ。。。じゃない?
(What I... who?! Who is it? Jakko... or not?)

Well, it was funny, since you could hear altered voice and normal somewhere in background too. He tried also in lower level...  he sounded like a robot. Both of them were laughing like crazy, Jack saying 'Ehh, I'm talking normally and... it sounds like that?! Hahaha'. After that he said きもい (it just feels wrong) and returned to normal mode, thinking which song he should sing next.

He decided to sing 「フライングゲット」-AKB48... in Jakko mode. Marutan died, listeners too. He was off track, but so cute! And half or more of song is his HAHAHAHAHA.  Like he's trying to get a grip and sing fragment of line and suddenly his voice cracks and he burst out laughing at his own voice. And even after he ended the song, he was still laughing. They said they wonder if new listeners will think they are total drunkards (oh no, not really hahaha). Jack said it's hidoi, because it was impossible for him to sing it and he's totally worn-out now. It took awhile for Jack to calm down, ahaha. I love this idiot!

Marutan was next to sing something. He asked Jack about net duet thingy and why sometimes he sounds so quiet... And then he played with his microphone too, could be heard in the right side, then in left, whispering to his mic. Oh maaaaai ears! Then he sang some quite nice song~ LOVE LOVE しよう! Kyaaaa~ but like in half it started to ptpt terribly ;; The song title is Love Love Show by Yellow Monkey.

Jack used his voice changer a bit more~ He was wondering why at the end of sentence his voice goes suddenly down in this mode. Marutan couldn't stand it any longer and asked him to stop, dying from laugh. Then they were thinking why it's sometimes ptpt and sometimes it's not.

Then they tried to sing one song together. Like Jack is singing one line, Marutan is singing next and so on. Well, it definitely was hard for them since they had to mute each other, when they sang their own parts~ so practically like not hearing each other and not focusing on singing only. But they sing it in unison~ Ah, it was BUMP OF CHICKEN's Sharin no Uta. So niceeee~ just a last part was a bit ptpt. Jack's mic volume was a bit lower than Marutan's so amazingly Marutan voice was louder than Jack's. Usually it's other way, even if their volumes are equal.

Then Jack started to teach Marutan how to use bathtube mode while singing! Well, it's a bit of cheating, since voice surely sounds better with echo - acoustic is simply better. Jack is always singing in this mode, but Marutan is not used of using it. So Jack encouraged him to use it and try singing something~ like Moonlight Densetsu from Sailor Moon. And to adjust background music level to his own voice level too. And actually Marutan sang it LOL. Marutan also complained how Jack's voice is the loudest when he's mixing their songs.

So, Marutan tried singing ムーンライト伝説. And first part was smooth! Well, it's not song for his type of voice, but it was ok. Then he.... got lost in lyrics. So Jack started to laugh at him and tried to hijack the song by singing along~ ahh they sounds so nice together, even thought their voices are so totally different. So Marutan was failing in this cute way of his. After the song he kept nagging that he failed so hard! And Jack just said いいやん~よっぱらいだから!(It's ok! You're drunk so it's ok!) LOL. So being drunk is the reason. Then Jack said he want to hear Marutan singing Honey Flash theme. Marutan was like hahaha muri muri muri~ and was trying out his voice in echo mode, saying HA-- on different voice levels. Kya~ And while file was loading he kept on sighing and making weird noises wwww. And lol, they sang it. Both of them! Marutan first part, then Jack. It was a bit ptpt, but only a bit.

Then Marutan was keeping on adjusting volume and both of them sang Uchuu Senkan Yamato. At first I was like ...who is singing this?! It was so extra low! Oh godness, Marutan's bass! WOW. He should try singing like this more often, REALLY. I'm really impressed. Jack sang a bit too, but I believe in his normal voice. And acapella Marutan's baritone (sorry, not sure if it's proper way to name this voice level) was so epic too.

Next one was Gacchaman no Uta. Jack said he will sing second phrase~ So Marutan started singing and then Jack took his turn~ he ended and was like... Eh? Marutan is not taking his turn? Later he said he just got lost in lyrics again. So Jack sing a bit more and Marutan joined in and somehow it turned out pretty well hahah. After that both of them sang Devilman no Uta... Again some old anime song. But damn it, Marutan sounds too sexy in his low voice. And I must admit - he sounds better than Jack, when it comes to low voice. Especially acapella, when they fooled around after the song.
Short break for Marutan and back to singing~ this time it was Jack's solo, he sang Ginga Tetsudou 999. I think he again chose some old anime song. Very low~ so he used his low voice too. hshs///// But Marutan's is more hshs. Jack's voice is perfect in every inch, as always.

After that Jack played some really old japanese song, idk. LOL.

Another Jack solo~ Lupin 3rd no Uta. Another low, old anime song from Lupin III. Uwaaaaa, Jack hshs.

Next turn is Marutan! He wasn't decided what he wanted to sing. Jack said he should sing Ghost Radio then~ but Marutan was MURI MURI MURI. No way~ so he asked if Bump of Chicken song is ok. Jack nodded. Then Marutan started to rant like it's so cold wwwww~ and then he started Tentai Kansoku. It was a bit ptpt orz At the end he was SO TIRED wwwwww~ then Jack reminded how they went to karaoke not long ago with Keisen and B-kun and he got picture from Keito-san~ UWAAA SO HSHS. And hahaha the second picture with dialogues...! After that they returned to singing. Marutan complained that he will be unable to talk tomorrow www~ and Jack happily stated he will sing Amuro-chan song next!

Artist: hanisuke ; please do not repost anywhere since she didn't put it officially!

And like he said, like he did. He chose Sit! Stay! Wait! Down! And like always, he sang it effortlessly with pure love for his beloved Amuro-chan. 

After he ended Jack really insisted Marutan should sing Ghost Radio. Like sing it, sing it! And tempting him with singing acapella few lines and making him repeat them unconciously. Or maybe just Mikansei Hero... But Marutan remained unchanged. Jack asked if it's really too hard to sing. Well, Marutan just kept mumbling it's impossible. So Jack said maybe Marumaru Morimori?... But Marutan just laughed and wasn't sure if he can sing it too. In the end he sang... Suzumiya Haruhi's opening wwwwww Hare Hare Yukai. But it was kinda ptpt... He sang it for the first time! Hahahah SO CUTE~

Well, Jack just got tired of asking Marutan to sing Ghost Radio so he did it by himself. He played it a bit to adjust volume and... this way he made Marutan sing a bit of it acapella wwwwwww I really love this song, it's from their single. And I understand why Marutan doesn't want to try it at nama... It's very hard song, so easy to fail it. Well, Jack is Jack and he really likes to sing it and rarely fails so... yeah, Jacksound. I think he loves to sing it literally because it's hard song. Especially the serifu part. And haha it looks like if world really was destroyed it would be mostly Jack singing it into the vast space wwww /shot And when he ended he still was like: now it's Marutan's turn to sing it! So Marutan changed the topic, saying how it's still so cold.... So Jack indicated he should try Carnival or Paradichlorobenzene. Marutan kept on moaning 'Ahhh what I should singggg~'. Jack shouted 'NYAN SEI!'. Marutan replied 'But I hadn't practiced it yeeetttt..,' wwwwww Jack said 'Me neither'. Marutan talk back 'But you're Jack-san...' SO CUTE. So Jack came up with Away we go, since Marutan already sang it at karaoke once. Marutan started to nag how he can feel already his throat being hoarse wwwwww Jack said they might sing Ryuusei Swing so Marutan went to see if it's available on karaoke for them yet. Then Jack came up with Kimi ni Reflection but again, Marutan was like MURI and asking why Jack keep on insisting on .5 songs since they are so hard to sing wwww~

But maybe Select me it's ok... Marutan had to check whether he is able to pull out high notes and clear his throat a bit... But still, he failed at the beginning. And then, Marutan's part turned out all ptpt, Jack started to tease him.... hahahaha. So it's all one cute fail. Nyan nyan~ Then the loudest part after all those ptpt was both of them singing AITSU GA SUKI DAYOOOOOO ahahahha and later they complain their fans think of them as a couple....

 (´☉ ω ☉)<すきーだよ

After it they announced Jack will sing one more song and then Marutan one more and they will end... since Marutan's voice is going to collapse soon. And well, Jack was coughing too. He always cough before and after singing... you can like always hear him coughing then, but he seems not to care about it, idiot.

So last Jack's song was... Away we go. One of my beloved pieces! I'm so happy he chose to sing it! He just skipped rap parts... he told Marutan he can try covering them wwwwww of course as a joke. Ahhh I love his voice so much~ and when he sang 'Away we go' line I remembered B-kun singing it at their karaoke hahaha~ poor B-kun, his voice cracked at this part, even tho he was able to pull out the rest amazingly well.

That reminds me I wanted to write their karaoke raport too, but... 

Marutan mic again was all ptpt wwww~ and he was thinking what he should sing as last one... He wanted to choose something from Bump of Chicken songs. He was making us wait so long...! Jack started to pant into his mic hahaha. In the end he had chosen Yamazaki Masayoshi's Boku ha Koko ni Iru hahahah~ he likes this song.

So it was last one! They started to be happy like YESSSS we can have dinner now! It's the highest time! And my throat! It hurts! My voice is already hoarse! ...and Jack joined in, imitating Marutan's voice and saying how his throat is dying too hahahaha. Then Marutan said that he already had ofuro. He on purpose went before broadcast and was like "Jack-san, wait a bit with broadcast, I will just take bath and I'm back....!". WHAAT wwwwwwww~ so cute. So, it ended. Almost 3 hours <3

Songs list:
01. Dandelion - Bump of Chicken (´☉ ω ☉)
02.  オンリー ロンリー グローリー - Bump of Chicken (*´▽`*)
03.  Sharin no Uta (車輪の唄) - Bump of Chicken (´☉ ω ☉)
04. 「フライングゲット」-AKB48 J(*´▽`*)し
05.  Love Love Show - Yellow Monkey (´☉ ω ☉)
06.  Hana no Na (花の名) - Bump of Chicken (´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
07.  Moonlight Densetsu (ムーンライト伝説) - Sailor Moon (´☉ ω ☉) & (*´▽`*) as support
08.  キューティーハニー - Honey Flash (´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
09. Uchuu Senkan Yamato (宇宙戦艦ヤマト) (´☉ ω ☉) & (*´▽`*) as support
10. Gacchaman no Uta (ガッチャマンの歌) (´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
11. Devilman no Uta (デビルマンのうた) (´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
12. Ginga Tetsudou 999 (銀河鉄道999) (*´▽`*)
13. Lupin 3rd no Uta (ルパン・ザ・サードの歌) (*´▽`*)
14. Tentai Kansoku (天体観測) (´☉ ω ☉)
15. Sit! Stay! Wait! Down! - Amuro Namie (*´▽`*)
16. Hare hare yukai ( ハレ晴レユカイ) (´☉ ω ☉)
17. Ghost Radio (*´▽`*)
18. Select me FAIL <3 (´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
19. Away we go (*´▽`*)
20. Boku ha koko ni iru (僕はここにいる) (´☉ ω ☉)

Numer of listeners: 7,018

It turned out to be one big block of text. I'm so sorry ;A; I wonder if anyone read it like whole...? 8888!
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2011/11/05(土) 02:23に終了致しました。 番組ID:lv69766221 ( 放送者:じゃっくさん)


Jack: Hello!
Marutan: I'm hungry. And sleepy. Ah, hello!

Jack said he's back in Osaka already, huuuh. He watched a bit of yesterday's nama, but he only remembers small part of it. Marutan said he kinda remembers call with Bkun... Jack started to laugh and said Bkun sent him mail saying that Marutan is such a nice person, hahaha. Jack didn't rememeber it. Then he said he properly returned to his room after the nama, wwwww uso. Then he went to sleep and wake up by himself~ Jack also kinda remember how they were speaking directly to the microphone. Then he was wondering how close was that mic to his face. Jack also said after the nama he kinda remember how he took his PC to his room with him... Marutan said he can leave it here, but he said he want to check on Pigg (niwa) in the morning. Hahah~

Then Marutan said he has something to show. Jack said he didn't got anything... It was new DOYA Hidenori photo. Jack's laugh is so adorable. ...I don't get why Hidenori was wearing jacket and nothing under it. And megane, ahaha~ Then they were counting DOYA Hidnori photos and got 10 and people were laughing because BGM and lyrics timing was way too perfect (Jack and Faneru - Juu Mensou).

Then they showed Marutan's photos and illuminations, under the Tokyo Tower. Of course only his back but~ And said they were at karaoke and ate delicious cakes~ Well, it was quite late and it was big hahah. And Choucho was with them, and even with her they wasn't able to ate it all. Well, Jack said he recorded some of their karaoke. 

1. Cendrillion - ahhhh that one has even official douga of Jack x Choucho! And they sang their parts accordingly. Jack as back-voice (whoaaa he was able to sing it at karaoke) and Choucho her leading high parts. Oh, Jack's voice was louder than Choucho ahaha~ but it might be also fault of distance from recording device. But even tho it was so niceeee. Damn I would love to hear both of them singing at karaoke live. Someone commented their voices sounds so royal and I totally agree.

2. Kawaru Mirai - errr didn't know this song so had to ggrks a bit. It was all sang by Choucho~ so nice! Well, no wonder since she like officially sang it and it's Kamisama no Memo-chou opening... Uwaa didn't know this. And of course there's single CD release. 

3. World is Mine - epic win. It was sang by all three of them. Choucho started. Then Jack sang second part and the last "ranting" part was Marutan's. He sounded so amazingly moe.

4. Connect - sing by Choucho. It's amazing how effortlessly she sings even at karaoke!

5. まじ1000%LOVE - hahahaha I was laughing like stupid. Jack was so high and he owned the song. Marutan was trying to sing something and at the end he owned the song. KIRA☆ Choucho was mostly laughing. It was all gdgd, so much fun. 

6. Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki - sing by Choucho. I think I heard somewhere uploaded version of this hmmmmm. In the half Asamakku owned the song. Jack singing in high voice, so he easily was louder than Marutan, who also tried to sing, but in low voice (it suited this song better imo wwww) and he could be heard mostly at the parts when Jack was out of breath for a second wwwww Then again, Choucho ended the song softly.

It was last one recorded by Jack. Later they just started to remember various old events, so I'm not sure what they were talking about. So end of summary!
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Jack's beloved singer Namie Amuro birthday are at 20th September and of course he had to celebrate it. Sooo Jack had utawaku. He kept singing her songs non-stop for 1 hour and 39 minutes without more than 20 seconds of rest. Sasuga Jacksound! And miracle occured - he left TS! I was wishing he would sing TEMPEST... and he sang! TEMPEST, NAKED and Fight Together are pieces from Amuro-chan's the newest single. At the day of release Jack was able to sing NAKED and Fight Together (which are rather fast-paced, sasuga Jack), but he couldn't sing TEMPEST which is rather slow, with high notes and changing pace. But now he was able to pull it out so nicely and smoothly! 耳しあわせええ!And you could actually hear how happy he was haha. Especially during the last one ahahaha. The most WTF song for me was New Look. Jack was singing in totally cute girlish voice... I'm not much fan of Amuro-chan, but I like her voice. But then, I love when Jack is singing her songs, cuz the lyrics are so girlish! And a lot of english inserts. And I bet Jack is not fully aware what they means ahahahaha. So ひy wwwwwww. Plus I love part when he's shouting or trying to... rap (he's not good in that lol). Just listen to his "So Crazy"~ So much fun!

 Fanart is by Keito

1. Do me more
3. Wonder woman
4. Make it happen
5. Fast Car
6. Hide&Seek
7. So crazy
8. S/hine more
9. Hello
11. New Look
12. Rock steady
13. What a feeling
14. Let's get wild
15. Dr.
16. Black diamond
17. Full moon
18. Violet sauce
19. Top secret
20. Fight together
22. Can you celebrate?
23. Copy that


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So I think I don't have to mention that Jack is one of my favourite utaite? I started to follow him around May of this year, so I'm still newbie. Anyway, I like the way he sings. At first I though it's really weird and specific (well, it is), but the more I was listening, the more I liked it (more than Marutan's voice). Jack's voice is indeed very easily recognizable and has a very wide range. He sings everything and he knows so many songs well enough to sing them smoothly... Is there even a song he can't sing?

Read more... )

1. Adesso e Fortuna
2. 風と鳥と空~raincarnation~ (Kaze to Tori to Sora ~raincarnation~)
3. 連続 (Kaze no Hane) 
4. アトムの光 (Atomu no Hikari)
5. ムーン・ライト・アンセム~槐1991 (Moon Light Anthem~ENJU1991)
6. 昼の月 (Hiru no Tsuki)
7. Watashi to Waltz o
8. Ryuuseigun - Onitsuka Chihiro
9. Tune the Rainbow
10. フェアリーらんど (Fairyland - minato original song)


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