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Source: Keisen's blog
Date: 2012/04/23 

My note: It's Keisen's relation from her meeting with Jack & Choucho, they went together to karaoke and had a lot of fun! Let me roughly translate it for you. Feel free to leave any comment :)

Long time no update! Dream-like karaoke (*´ω`*) 

Super long time without any update, right... (;´∀`)
I'm very sorry for leaving it like this.
Just few days ago totally enjoyable thing happened so I just have to write about it!
At 21st (Saturday), while I was visiting my parent's home, I met with Jack and Choucho and the three of us went on karaoke! (*´ω`*)♪
Our trio being able to go to karaoke is TRULLY pure happiness! So much fun! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
First, we were supposed to meet at the station, but somehow we couldn't find Jack, so we were all stressed out (previous time we also had troubles w)

On the phone:
K: Where are you now?! At south entrance? Eh, but I'm also at south entrance! w
J: Ah. wwwwwww
K: What's the matter?
J: Just now someone looking like Choucho-san went past, but totally ignored me・・・
K: Eh wwwwwww
J: Maybe I mistook someone for her wwww

Thus such convo took place wwww
When we finally found each other and headed to the place where we finally met with Choucho-tan, it turned out that it was indeed Choucho-tan who was passing by Jack ealier wwwww
Well, there were so many people so no wonder she hadn't realize it... right (backing-up)

I hadn't met Choucho-tan in so long time (more than 1 year) and when I finally saw her again, she was so pretty! She was already soooo pretty before, but now she looked even prettier. She was giving out that aura of prettiness, so Keisen just madly felt deep in love with her (*´p`*) We jumped into each other arms to cherish our reunite ☆
Then the 3 of us went for a lunch ♪
We went to one cafe (eat as many pancakes as you want) which I found beforehand (`・ω・´)
When we came there, it turned out there wasn't any free seats unless the ones at the counter, so the 3 of us sat next to each other.
The 3 of us ordered pasta for lunch and as we waited, we talked about our recent life and we talked about how we met w While we were talking it looked like flower bloomed around us [reference to shoujo manga for sure wwww] and it really felt like girls party! 

Jack-tan who so naturally said "Ah, and one more butter roll please!" sounded just like a girl!
When we were going to eat pasta I wanted to pass him a spoon, but I'd realized guys don't roll pasta around the spoon and eat it like that www So careless of me.
I'm so glad I took photos of our pasta lunch w It was totally delicious (*´ω`*)

After lunch, we went to appointed karaoke...
But even thought I made reservation, the room was already taken (;´∀`)
But accidentally one room become vacant, the one which was appropiate for us ε-(´∀`*)ホッ
And the karaoke just was... I think people, who listened to the broadcast can understand that... it was soooo--- awesome!! 

Choucho-tan as always sang in beautiful voice, Jack-tan wasn't worse at all and it was so much fun to sing together. Next time Marutan have to go with us, the 4 of us! I absolutely want it to come true ♪
After 3 hours of singing anisongs, ballads and many others, we went to take some purikura photos ♪

Let's show here only one portion of purikura w

Jack-tan's folding fan is only visible

I asked Jack-tan what the heck he's drawing, he already ended drawing TBK. And in addition in THAT-like color (´・ω・`)

Choucho-tan really looks like godness. Her hair are so beautiful! I want to rub them!!
Jack-tan was only half-visible, but for safety purposes, I hidden him wwww

I took purikura sooo long ago, so it really felt nostalgic w
You know, lately purikura really emphasis eyes, so it's really scary wwwww
Even throught we set it that eyes won't be the biggest, it still emphasized eyes w My eyes are so scary! w

After that we bought and devoured some doughnuts, then we hugged with Choucho-tan and bid our farewell ><
I high-fived with Jack-tan at the station too before we bid farewell w
Please surely come again and let's have fun again!

And that's all for it! Also, I wrote my own summary of their karaoke HERE.
Thanks for my friends with helping me out with translation <3
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Sooo today Marutan and Hidenori had their live event in Tokyo! And in meanwhile...

Jack was surely depressed / bored / whatever so he decided to go on karaoke. And even invited Keisen and... Choucho. By the way, I find it weird that Keisen didn't come to Marutan's live. Well, she lives near Osaka, so maybe she couldn't go due to work and such. Poor Keisen. But I bet she was glad to go on karaoke with Choucho. Seriously, how Jack managed to convince her to come to Osaka? Haha. So, while Marutan was singing at his live, the three of them went to karaoke. seriously, it was just like girls meeting haha. Sorry, I just can't imagine Jack alone with 2 women, even thought he's supposedly a man... Beside karaoke, they also went to eat some yummy things, take some purikura photos... Ahh Choucho is so pretty! Even Keisen. At one photo there's even Jack's moe sleeve and fingers LOL! And they really look like Ranka and Sheryl from Macross F wwwww

Anyways, Jack used his iPhone and was kind enough to let us listen to five 30 minutes each one namas. He also said he will leave TS-es available for next 24 hours, so better check them out quickly if you missed those namas!

Ahhh and don't mind sudden stops and ptpt, Jack's iPhone namas are always like that. And quality is poor but... <3 If you don't know girls... Jack is only male voice. Adult-like, high, clear voice is Choucho. Keisen's is a bit more nasal and vibrating. Still, I can be mistaken if one song was sing by Keisen or Choucho.... orz.

Part 1
01. Pon Pon Pon (Keisen)
02. 3年目の浮気 - ヒロシ&キーボー (Jack and Keisen)
03. 赤いスイートピー - 松田聖子
04. Blue Rose - 工藤静香
05. Blue Velvet (Jack)

Soo Jack just started iPhone nama in the middle of their karaoke lol. Ahhh this PON PON PON was so cutee! I'm pretty sure it was mainly Keisen who sang it, but I think I heard a bit of others too. After that they started to sing some oldies... Jack was super serious and started to sing with his smooth voice, making girls laugh like crazy. No wonder hahaha I would love to be able to hear Jack singing live right... 

Part 2
06. 慟哭 - 工藤静香 (Choucho)
07. ライオン - May'n / 中島愛 (Choucho and Keisen)
08. 石畳の緋き悪魔 - Sound Horizon (Jack and Choucho)
09. 太陽と月のロンド (Keisen and Choucho)
10. Cendrillion (Jack and Choucho)

Ahhh Choucho and Keisen sang Lion from Macross F! Sounds so good together~ And then Jack and Choucho's Ishidatami no Akeki Akuma (they upped it looong ago, officially). Then, Taiyou to Tsuki no Rondo - it's so hiiigh! So they kind-of-failed a bit at few places and laugh, but it made it even more adorable! ww Last song was Cendrillion of Jack and Choucho, but nama ended before they ended song properly.

Part 3
11. Reset Button (Keisen)
12. Mr Music (Choucho)
-insert Marutan message talk wwww-
13. ??? (Jack)
14. 16bit戦争 (Keisen and Choucho)
15. 月光花 (Jack)
16. Magnet (Keisen, Choucho, Jack)

Sooo this part was super funny! During Reset Button there's suddenly scream part, which Keisen decided to sing too... and scarred Choucho-tan to death wwwwwww After Choucho's Mr Music they got message from Marutan because he probably had short break during his live. So cuteeee~ Then Jack sang some nice eroi song, dunno the title. After that girls sang 16 bit wars - they covered it long ago. The best was Magnet in the end! Keisen started, Choucho sang second voice part.... and suddenly Jack joined in too hahahaha. But he was trolling a bit wwwww Keisen decided to join him too and got yelled at by Jack BAKAAAAA hahaha. Then, short break and next waku~

Part 4
17. Sousei no Aquarion (Jack) 
18. old anisong. - Choucho
19. old anisong dammit. (Keisen)
20. Rinbu-Revolution from Utena (Choucho)
21. ?? (Keisen)
22. Moomon Theme (Keisen, Jack)
22. ?? (Keisen)
23. Gundam - サイレント・ヴォイス - ひろえ純 (Jack)
24. 檄!帝国華撃団 - 真宮寺さくら&帝国歌劇団 (Keisen)

Unfortunatelly during this waku kashi-san died so I don't know titles of half of the songsss but~ First one was funny, since Jack just keep on screaming AISHITERUUUU~ And Rinbu Revolution by Choucho uwaaaaaaaaaa. And hahahaha Moomin theme by those two... I was just laughing all the time.

Part 5
25. Moonlight Densetsu (Choucho and Keisen)
26. ?? - Keisen
27. Uchuu Senkan Yamato (Jack)
28. 笑顔に会いたい - 濱田理恵 (Keisen)
29. ときめきトゥナイト - 加茂晴美 (Choucho)
30. Super Love Lotion - 加茂晴美 (Keisen)
31.  バビル2世 - 水木一郎 (Jack)
32. ときめきの導火線 歌詞 (Choucho)
33. クックロビン音頭 - スラップスティック、白石冬美 (Keisen)
34. Ai o Torimodose (Jack)

This last waku was quite a distaster wwww it consisted mostly of short fragments, since they were in hurry or maybe a bit tired already. Moonlight Densetsu from Sailor Moon was so goooood~ Next one was LOLOLOL. After it, Jack wanted to sing Uchuu Senkan Yamato! But after singing like one line nama stopped! What a distater. But girls couldn't stop laugh when they heard Jack singing in his super low voice, since he always use his high pitched one. I really wanted to hear the rest of their reaction ahahahha. And in the very end Jack wanted to sing Ai o Torimodose with his super scream part but.... nama stopped before this part started. Too bad hahaha but when he managed to fix nama and there was like 1 minute to the end, he decided to give all his best and screamed his lungs out lololol.

And at the same time, when Jack was having fun with two girls, Marutan had live.... wwwww

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2011/11/05(土) 02:23に終了致しました。 番組ID:lv69766221 ( 放送者:じゃっくさん)


Jack: Hello!
Marutan: I'm hungry. And sleepy. Ah, hello!

Jack said he's back in Osaka already, huuuh. He watched a bit of yesterday's nama, but he only remembers small part of it. Marutan said he kinda remembers call with Bkun... Jack started to laugh and said Bkun sent him mail saying that Marutan is such a nice person, hahaha. Jack didn't rememeber it. Then he said he properly returned to his room after the nama, wwwww uso. Then he went to sleep and wake up by himself~ Jack also kinda remember how they were speaking directly to the microphone. Then he was wondering how close was that mic to his face. Jack also said after the nama he kinda remember how he took his PC to his room with him... Marutan said he can leave it here, but he said he want to check on Pigg (niwa) in the morning. Hahah~

Then Marutan said he has something to show. Jack said he didn't got anything... It was new DOYA Hidenori photo. Jack's laugh is so adorable. ...I don't get why Hidenori was wearing jacket and nothing under it. And megane, ahaha~ Then they were counting DOYA Hidnori photos and got 10 and people were laughing because BGM and lyrics timing was way too perfect (Jack and Faneru - Juu Mensou).

Then they showed Marutan's photos and illuminations, under the Tokyo Tower. Of course only his back but~ And said they were at karaoke and ate delicious cakes~ Well, it was quite late and it was big hahah. And Choucho was with them, and even with her they wasn't able to ate it all. Well, Jack said he recorded some of their karaoke. 

1. Cendrillion - ahhhh that one has even official douga of Jack x Choucho! And they sang their parts accordingly. Jack as back-voice (whoaaa he was able to sing it at karaoke) and Choucho her leading high parts. Oh, Jack's voice was louder than Choucho ahaha~ but it might be also fault of distance from recording device. But even tho it was so niceeee. Damn I would love to hear both of them singing at karaoke live. Someone commented their voices sounds so royal and I totally agree.

2. Kawaru Mirai - errr didn't know this song so had to ggrks a bit. It was all sang by Choucho~ so nice! Well, no wonder since she like officially sang it and it's Kamisama no Memo-chou opening... Uwaa didn't know this. And of course there's single CD release. 

3. World is Mine - epic win. It was sang by all three of them. Choucho started. Then Jack sang second part and the last "ranting" part was Marutan's. He sounded so amazingly moe.

4. Connect - sing by Choucho. It's amazing how effortlessly she sings even at karaoke!

5. まじ1000%LOVE - hahahaha I was laughing like stupid. Jack was so high and he owned the song. Marutan was trying to sing something and at the end he owned the song. KIRA☆ Choucho was mostly laughing. It was all gdgd, so much fun. 

6. Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki - sing by Choucho. I think I heard somewhere uploaded version of this hmmmmm. In the half Asamakku owned the song. Jack singing in high voice, so he easily was louder than Marutan, who also tried to sing, but in low voice (it suited this song better imo wwww) and he could be heard mostly at the parts when Jack was out of breath for a second wwwww Then again, Choucho ended the song softly.

It was last one recorded by Jack. Later they just started to remember various old events, so I'm not sure what they were talking about. So end of summary!


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