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Sooo Jack was really bored today (it's still 05.02.2012 for me, but it's already 06.02.2012 in Japan). Asamack ended rather early and he just went to play some games (Pigg or Hare Sora no Monogatari), but he soon got bored so he messaged Bkun (his real-life friend).

久々にじゃっくの誘いに乗ってあげることにした。 からおけ行ってきま(^_^) あいつ頑固でわがままだからなぁ。
It's been a long time since I received invitation from Jack. He decided on going to karaoke  (^_^) Ah, this selfish, stubborn fellow.

B-kun is guest on Jack's nama from time to time - always around 5 AM or such hours - but it was at times when Jack didn't have iPhone, so Bkun visited him after karaoke-ing together and they just played recorded songs and talked at his home. But since Jack has his iPhone it's possible to do nama using it, especially since he learned how to do sound only mode nama ww. Sooo~ this time we have live directly from karaoke at like 3-4 AM. Ahh I love how both of them show their love. 
Jack going like "Aaaaaa URUSAI" about Bkun all the time.
And Bkun addressing him "Jakku" without any suffix and such.
Really, such good friends haha. Especially when butting in in the middle when the other one is singing with something stupid.

What is more amazing - Jack left TS-es when people asked him about this. Links there.

At the beginning Jack just had to sing some Amuro-chan songs (NAKED, Make ii Happen), B-kun doesn't know much of vocaloid songs, so he's singing some popular japanese ones (which I don't know). Bkun is also more hm... user-friendly. Jack usually ignore and doesn't reply in people comments, but Bkun is very polite about them. So he apologized to first time viewer that even thought it's NND he can't particulary sing any vocaloid song wwwwww He also apologized beforehand, when they were singing Ghost Radio and he sang Marutan's part (addressing hom Asamaru-san.... wwwww), messing up the lyrics and such ww - it's hard song, right. Unfortunately they can't choose Away we go (ahhh Bkun is failing so cute at it wwww). Jack decided to sing Kimi Reflection next, solo, ahhhh! It's song he covered with Marutan anew for their next yet-to-be-released full album! I can tell that Jack really mastered this song and then... TMT. Broadcast stopped. KYAAAAA censorship...! Or rather it's Jack's fault wwwww

At next waku Jack sang Cruel Angel Thesis. I keep this song very nostalgic because it's one of the first Jack's official covers upped on NND, right. He was so young then! www Next they sang Island and Exile songs.

And they ended at 5 AM. wwwww

By the way one hour later... ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

They returned to Jack's home and of course - started nama. Ahh Bkun sounded so cute and sleepy! And their arguments about Bkun saying he doesn't really like AsaMc (means = McDonald) and Jack teasing him about not liking Asamack. B-kun teasing him he will sing something from Blood (of Rose) or Aryosha (not-yet-released-nor-heard pieces) and Jack laughing he won't be able to do it. Then arguing, using kansai-ben (Kansai dialect yan). Then fooling around with voice changer - I DIED. TOO CUTE. ...they tried to sing PONPONPON together too. One big fail. I DIED AGAIN. Then they started to talk like how Jack can't use "low jokes" (?!) with Marutan. Bkun tried to imitate Norio Wakamoto (seiyuu) but he failed wwwww then they changed to anime and Dragon Ball. B-kun asked which girl Jack likes the most from DB wwww. Apparently Jack likes Bulma the most hahaha. Bkun said he likes Lan Fan - apparenly some very minot chara wwww so he changed for Pan (LOLI).
Then they changed topic, asking about who is sleepy (www) or going to work or school. And asked who likes Bkun wwww and then who was at his restaurant / shot. Apparently there were few people - ahhh lucky ones! Bkun was a bit terrified but happy wwwww He asked how many people met him then. Apparently - many of them wasn't able to see him - because he's most time in kitchen. Bkun said it's ok to call him, he will come! oAo Just guest should ask staff about him, because everybody knows him - using name or nickname.... just not "Hana Tenchou" wwww thought staff probably would guess "tenchou" (shop manager) part and call him anyways. Uwaaaa I envy Japanese people so much! Of course listeners asked also about Jack being here, but they ignored it of course.

Address more or less lol (one of comments) 高槻市もつ鍋屋さん、おけ、行きますw

Later they were showing Haruma's fanarts of Bakku~ so prettyyyyyy!... but the rest?! wwwwww Jack was showing so many weird photos I just got lost what is what or who is who. I don't even know if the photo with megane-kuns is indeed Bkun's photo or just some actors.... orz Later they were just teasing listeners like hell with showing something to each other for themselves and commenting. Of course not sharing. And Jack even gave Bkun his CD with autographs, Bkun was very touched. LOL. It's almost 8 pm now, so it ended. OTL

Do I mention I have exam tomorrow? It's almost midnight for me. ;A;

By the way, link to report of Bakku first nama ever! It was my first post on DW and how I started to write about Asamack there... ahh natsukashi. 
Jack's morning nama and... unexpected guest [08.10.2010]

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この番組は、2011/12/31(土) 20:25に終了致しました。 番組ID:lv76199226 ( 放送者:じゃっくさん)


(´☉ ω ☉)<ハニーフラッシュ! (*´▽`*)<ハニーフラッシュ!

Well, just decided to TS that nama from last day of 2011 year. Asamack decided to do utawaku before regular Asamack radio. Well, Asamack utawaku are really rare! Because it's hard for both of them to pull it out technically. Skype call is ptpt and they can't sing together and such...

I bet they were drinking again, since it was holiday~ First was Marutan. Jack wanted him to sing some Bump of Chicken songs. Marutan wasn't sure which one he should sing, since some of them he can sing but some are muri muri - like KARMA (Jack really likes to sing that one). So Jack helped him in getting through settings in karaoke for PS3 and Marutan sang Dandelion. The sound quality was a bit poor, but no ptpt so it was okay and Marutan pulled it out just nicely~ after singing he suddenly got hungry and started to mgmg chips wwwww And I just thought how Marutan was singing once Dandelion, when they were both together, pretty drunk and... well, it was epic, I almost died laughing <3 Ah, Jack was in quite good mood, giggling all the time.

Next was Jack. He choose to sing 「オンリー ロンリー グローリー」 | by BUMP OF CHICKEN. Of course he pulled it out awesomely - I expected nothing less from him. Marutan was surprised how Jack can sing well such fast-paced song... just like Sharin no Uta (車輪の唄). And he decided to try out singing this one! Ahhh I love Marutan singing such type of songs. Suits him just well! After the song, they discussed quality... Jack said Marutan should mute skype-call next time he will try singing. He occassionally was murmuring along, while Marutan was singing, and that's why Marutan might got impression of BGM going sometimes louder.

Marutan asked if Jack's new microphone had arrived yet... Well, Jack said it had arrived, but it might be still not possible to use it yet. Sometimes voice level just randomly skips and other technical problems (he was fooling around using it few days after that hahahaha). But he changed microphones and decided to give it a try. 

So actually new microphone has more ways of using voice changer... LOL. 
Jack: 私はいったい。。。だれ?だれなの?じゃっこ。。。じゃない?
(What I... who?! Who is it? Jakko... or not?)

Well, it was funny, since you could hear altered voice and normal somewhere in background too. He tried also in lower level...  he sounded like a robot. Both of them were laughing like crazy, Jack saying 'Ehh, I'm talking normally and... it sounds like that?! Hahaha'. After that he said きもい (it just feels wrong) and returned to normal mode, thinking which song he should sing next.

He decided to sing 「フライングゲット」-AKB48... in Jakko mode. Marutan died, listeners too. He was off track, but so cute! And half or more of song is his HAHAHAHAHA.  Like he's trying to get a grip and sing fragment of line and suddenly his voice cracks and he burst out laughing at his own voice. And even after he ended the song, he was still laughing. They said they wonder if new listeners will think they are total drunkards (oh no, not really hahaha). Jack said it's hidoi, because it was impossible for him to sing it and he's totally worn-out now. It took awhile for Jack to calm down, ahaha. I love this idiot!

Marutan was next to sing something. He asked Jack about net duet thingy and why sometimes he sounds so quiet... And then he played with his microphone too, could be heard in the right side, then in left, whispering to his mic. Oh maaaaai ears! Then he sang some quite nice song~ LOVE LOVE しよう! Kyaaaa~ but like in half it started to ptpt terribly ;; The song title is Love Love Show by Yellow Monkey.

Jack used his voice changer a bit more~ He was wondering why at the end of sentence his voice goes suddenly down in this mode. Marutan couldn't stand it any longer and asked him to stop, dying from laugh. Then they were thinking why it's sometimes ptpt and sometimes it's not.

Then they tried to sing one song together. Like Jack is singing one line, Marutan is singing next and so on. Well, it definitely was hard for them since they had to mute each other, when they sang their own parts~ so practically like not hearing each other and not focusing on singing only. But they sing it in unison~ Ah, it was BUMP OF CHICKEN's Sharin no Uta. So niceeee~ just a last part was a bit ptpt. Jack's mic volume was a bit lower than Marutan's so amazingly Marutan voice was louder than Jack's. Usually it's other way, even if their volumes are equal.

Then Jack started to teach Marutan how to use bathtube mode while singing! Well, it's a bit of cheating, since voice surely sounds better with echo - acoustic is simply better. Jack is always singing in this mode, but Marutan is not used of using it. So Jack encouraged him to use it and try singing something~ like Moonlight Densetsu from Sailor Moon. And to adjust background music level to his own voice level too. And actually Marutan sang it LOL. Marutan also complained how Jack's voice is the loudest when he's mixing their songs.

So, Marutan tried singing ムーンライト伝説. And first part was smooth! Well, it's not song for his type of voice, but it was ok. Then he.... got lost in lyrics. So Jack started to laugh at him and tried to hijack the song by singing along~ ahh they sounds so nice together, even thought their voices are so totally different. So Marutan was failing in this cute way of his. After the song he kept nagging that he failed so hard! And Jack just said いいやん~よっぱらいだから!(It's ok! You're drunk so it's ok!) LOL. So being drunk is the reason. Then Jack said he want to hear Marutan singing Honey Flash theme. Marutan was like hahaha muri muri muri~ and was trying out his voice in echo mode, saying HA-- on different voice levels. Kya~ And while file was loading he kept on sighing and making weird noises wwww. And lol, they sang it. Both of them! Marutan first part, then Jack. It was a bit ptpt, but only a bit.

Then Marutan was keeping on adjusting volume and both of them sang Uchuu Senkan Yamato. At first I was like ...who is singing this?! It was so extra low! Oh godness, Marutan's bass! WOW. He should try singing like this more often, REALLY. I'm really impressed. Jack sang a bit too, but I believe in his normal voice. And acapella Marutan's baritone (sorry, not sure if it's proper way to name this voice level) was so epic too.

Next one was Gacchaman no Uta. Jack said he will sing second phrase~ So Marutan started singing and then Jack took his turn~ he ended and was like... Eh? Marutan is not taking his turn? Later he said he just got lost in lyrics again. So Jack sing a bit more and Marutan joined in and somehow it turned out pretty well hahah. After that both of them sang Devilman no Uta... Again some old anime song. But damn it, Marutan sounds too sexy in his low voice. And I must admit - he sounds better than Jack, when it comes to low voice. Especially acapella, when they fooled around after the song.
Short break for Marutan and back to singing~ this time it was Jack's solo, he sang Ginga Tetsudou 999. I think he again chose some old anime song. Very low~ so he used his low voice too. hshs///// But Marutan's is more hshs. Jack's voice is perfect in every inch, as always.

After that Jack played some really old japanese song, idk. LOL.

Another Jack solo~ Lupin 3rd no Uta. Another low, old anime song from Lupin III. Uwaaaaa, Jack hshs.

Next turn is Marutan! He wasn't decided what he wanted to sing. Jack said he should sing Ghost Radio then~ but Marutan was MURI MURI MURI. No way~ so he asked if Bump of Chicken song is ok. Jack nodded. Then Marutan started to rant like it's so cold wwwww~ and then he started Tentai Kansoku. It was a bit ptpt orz At the end he was SO TIRED wwwwww~ then Jack reminded how they went to karaoke not long ago with Keisen and B-kun and he got picture from Keito-san~ UWAAA SO HSHS. And hahaha the second picture with dialogues...! After that they returned to singing. Marutan complained that he will be unable to talk tomorrow www~ and Jack happily stated he will sing Amuro-chan song next!

Artist: hanisuke ; please do not repost anywhere since she didn't put it officially!

And like he said, like he did. He chose Sit! Stay! Wait! Down! And like always, he sang it effortlessly with pure love for his beloved Amuro-chan. 

After he ended Jack really insisted Marutan should sing Ghost Radio. Like sing it, sing it! And tempting him with singing acapella few lines and making him repeat them unconciously. Or maybe just Mikansei Hero... But Marutan remained unchanged. Jack asked if it's really too hard to sing. Well, Marutan just kept mumbling it's impossible. So Jack said maybe Marumaru Morimori?... But Marutan just laughed and wasn't sure if he can sing it too. In the end he sang... Suzumiya Haruhi's opening wwwwww Hare Hare Yukai. But it was kinda ptpt... He sang it for the first time! Hahahah SO CUTE~

Well, Jack just got tired of asking Marutan to sing Ghost Radio so he did it by himself. He played it a bit to adjust volume and... this way he made Marutan sing a bit of it acapella wwwwwww I really love this song, it's from their single. And I understand why Marutan doesn't want to try it at nama... It's very hard song, so easy to fail it. Well, Jack is Jack and he really likes to sing it and rarely fails so... yeah, Jacksound. I think he loves to sing it literally because it's hard song. Especially the serifu part. And haha it looks like if world really was destroyed it would be mostly Jack singing it into the vast space wwww /shot And when he ended he still was like: now it's Marutan's turn to sing it! So Marutan changed the topic, saying how it's still so cold.... So Jack indicated he should try Carnival or Paradichlorobenzene. Marutan kept on moaning 'Ahhh what I should singggg~'. Jack shouted 'NYAN SEI!'. Marutan replied 'But I hadn't practiced it yeeetttt..,' wwwwww Jack said 'Me neither'. Marutan talk back 'But you're Jack-san...' SO CUTE. So Jack came up with Away we go, since Marutan already sang it at karaoke once. Marutan started to nag how he can feel already his throat being hoarse wwwwww Jack said they might sing Ryuusei Swing so Marutan went to see if it's available on karaoke for them yet. Then Jack came up with Kimi ni Reflection but again, Marutan was like MURI and asking why Jack keep on insisting on .5 songs since they are so hard to sing wwww~

But maybe Select me it's ok... Marutan had to check whether he is able to pull out high notes and clear his throat a bit... But still, he failed at the beginning. And then, Marutan's part turned out all ptpt, Jack started to tease him.... hahahaha. So it's all one cute fail. Nyan nyan~ Then the loudest part after all those ptpt was both of them singing AITSU GA SUKI DAYOOOOOO ahahahha and later they complain their fans think of them as a couple....

 (´☉ ω ☉)<すきーだよ

After it they announced Jack will sing one more song and then Marutan one more and they will end... since Marutan's voice is going to collapse soon. And well, Jack was coughing too. He always cough before and after singing... you can like always hear him coughing then, but he seems not to care about it, idiot.

So last Jack's song was... Away we go. One of my beloved pieces! I'm so happy he chose to sing it! He just skipped rap parts... he told Marutan he can try covering them wwwwww of course as a joke. Ahhh I love his voice so much~ and when he sang 'Away we go' line I remembered B-kun singing it at their karaoke hahaha~ poor B-kun, his voice cracked at this part, even tho he was able to pull out the rest amazingly well.

That reminds me I wanted to write their karaoke raport too, but... 

Marutan mic again was all ptpt wwww~ and he was thinking what he should sing as last one... He wanted to choose something from Bump of Chicken songs. He was making us wait so long...! Jack started to pant into his mic hahaha. In the end he had chosen Yamazaki Masayoshi's Boku ha Koko ni Iru hahahah~ he likes this song.

So it was last one! They started to be happy like YESSSS we can have dinner now! It's the highest time! And my throat! It hurts! My voice is already hoarse! ...and Jack joined in, imitating Marutan's voice and saying how his throat is dying too hahahaha. Then Marutan said that he already had ofuro. He on purpose went before broadcast and was like "Jack-san, wait a bit with broadcast, I will just take bath and I'm back....!". WHAAT wwwwwwww~ so cute. So, it ended. Almost 3 hours <3

Songs list:
01. Dandelion - Bump of Chicken (´☉ ω ☉)
02.  オンリー ロンリー グローリー - Bump of Chicken (*´▽`*)
03.  Sharin no Uta (車輪の唄) - Bump of Chicken (´☉ ω ☉)
04. 「フライングゲット」-AKB48 J(*´▽`*)し
05.  Love Love Show - Yellow Monkey (´☉ ω ☉)
06.  Hana no Na (花の名) - Bump of Chicken (´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
07.  Moonlight Densetsu (ムーンライト伝説) - Sailor Moon (´☉ ω ☉) & (*´▽`*) as support
08.  キューティーハニー - Honey Flash (´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
09. Uchuu Senkan Yamato (宇宙戦艦ヤマト) (´☉ ω ☉) & (*´▽`*) as support
10. Gacchaman no Uta (ガッチャマンの歌) (´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
11. Devilman no Uta (デビルマンのうた) (´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
12. Ginga Tetsudou 999 (銀河鉄道999) (*´▽`*)
13. Lupin 3rd no Uta (ルパン・ザ・サードの歌) (*´▽`*)
14. Tentai Kansoku (天体観測) (´☉ ω ☉)
15. Sit! Stay! Wait! Down! - Amuro Namie (*´▽`*)
16. Hare hare yukai ( ハレ晴レユカイ) (´☉ ω ☉)
17. Ghost Radio (*´▽`*)
18. Select me FAIL <3 (´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
19. Away we go (*´▽`*)
20. Boku ha koko ni iru (僕はここにいる) (´☉ ω ☉)

Numer of listeners: 7,018

It turned out to be one big block of text. I'm so sorry ;A; I wonder if anyone read it like whole...? 8888!
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Jack 生放送 - 5 AM [7/10/2010]

I was wondering how I should start posting here, but I couldn't find any good excuses... Now I have one. I was lucky enough to be one of those 500 listeners who watched that nama from the beginning. Jack said this broadcast is only for people who stayed awaken, lol. Angie was fangirling with me, but she suddenly disappeared ww, and was all like 'Record it, Nana!' and by pure coincidence I recorded it all, because I was hoping Jack will sing something nice so let's make an entry! 

So as always Jack started his random normal broadcast. Pretty early one to be strict, it was around 6 am in Japan... Nothing really unusual, so there weren't many listeners. He started out with some singing - it was one of his recently favorite songs - ZIPANGU CLUB (aka Sugoi! Sugoi!) by Rina Chinen, which resembles Ricky Martin's She Bangs. After he sang it, he disappeared for a second... and when he came back, he changed background image.

And... oh, there's an unexpected guest! B-kun (°□°;) Listeners following Jack surely heard him talking about his friend many times before... Well, I'm rather still fresh listener of Asamack, but I believe it was first time when B-kun joined in Jack's broadcast.

Who is B-kun? He's Jack's real-life friend and he's also from Osaka. The guy is not connected to Nico Nico Douga by any means. Listeners know him just because Jack likes to talk like he went with his friend here and there, at karaoke etc. Jack is rather twisted person so many people were thinking B-kun is just another Jack's chara, existing only in his imagination. Just like issue about how Jack might really look - everybody can imagine that, but there's nearly zero chance that Jack will ever upload his photo. I saw B-kun's case a bit like that one, since Jack is rather strict about giving out any personal stuff.

Too bad my Japanese is so limited but...

Jack went like 'Oh noes, it's morning already! Are you people still here? Are you not?'. Well, he didn't introduced his guest yet so it's not weird that people were a bit sleepy. Then he started to tease people like... 'B-kun... *pause and laugh* maybe B-kun will talk if all of us will call him. Will he speak? Or maybe not?' Laugh. Of course he boosted up listeners tension. And... yeah, B-kun started to speak. His voice was a total surprise of course! I just got used too much to hear Jack with Marutan and I can't even tell whether Marutan was also there or not... It was his very first time participating in such odd thing as live broadcast. Oh Jack, you crazy lovely idiot! ♥ B-kun was of course a bit shy. He said he's so nervous that he wants to cry. Jack said B-kun isn't on Skype call and he is currently there, in his room, sitting next to him. Then they talked about kansai-ben accent.

B-kun: it real-time?
Jack: Yup, it's real-time and... there are even... listeners comments!
B-kun: Wooaah.
Jack: Those are real-time comments~

And then Jack started to explain him the basics of having broadcast. B-kun saw that listeners are addressing Jack  じゃっくさん  and laughed a bit because for B-kun he's 'Jack' and he was like 'Jack-.... san' but Jack said that without honorifics is just okay for him. Oi, so why Marutan still calling you Jack-SAN and you're ok with that?!

They started wondering how they should name their duo or triplet like じゃB- or じゃっくんばっくん or BACK or BAKKUMAKKU. Then Jack and listeners started to tease B-kun to sing something. Finally he gathered his courage and decided to sing out Jack's birthday present! Jack switched his nama mode to singing mode and... silence. Some nervous laugh, Jack encouraged him a little... and he sang acapella HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Poor B-kun said he's sooooo embarrassed. And then they started to talk about age and Jack was joking like B-kun always has 18 years old and that Jack is 48-49 then. And Jack nama without food-related talk? Of course they talked about their personal tastes too. Listeners asked if B-kun ate some meal prepared by Jack, he answered that of course. Somewhere halfway Jack started to call B-kun as Pi-tan... or someting. They read some comments which was like 'だきしめてほしい ぴ-たん'. And wondered why there were so many comments considering the early time. They asked listeners what are they doing so early... The reply was of course 'going to school / work'. After one hour they bid farewell and nama ended. Of course listeners were all like ありがとうございます and ポロリ なく よかっ(  and me too (。・‿・。)ノ

Well, B-kun seems like a nice person. Of course he was rather nervous at the beginning, but during nama he relaxed and was fooling around nearly as freely as Jack. He also got some comments like イケメンボイス or about being ツンデレで. And it was nice and a bit weird to hear someone calling Jack just simply Jack~ But really, Jack's so random... I can imagine him persuading B-kun to take part in his live and specially choosing such hour when there will be less people. I was so lucky and I'm so happy nauow ♥ I hope starting from today B-kun will be frequent guest of Jack nama or even Asamack Radio, who knows?


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