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Well since I was asked, I will try to write short summary of what exactly happened few days ago. I migh be mistaked of course thought, since my japanese is very limited.

27/04/2013 01:39 AM - 2:39 AM

Marutan was back from Whim's after celebrating Misouji Anniversary tour end. He drank one beer and was slightly drunk, but he said he went for a walk so he's fine by now. Then Marutan said that Jack called him while he was still at Whim's, demanding he should end soon and go back home and people at Whim's started to whisper immediately Jack-san! Jack-san!
Marutan said it's really sad that it's over now and it would be nice if Asamack could do such events too. Later they just engaged in trivial talk about how Jack wanted to buy qu'il fait bon (cakes) and he had to wait 1,5 hour for it.
Marutan said he thought about going to Nico Nico Daikaigi (which was starting the next day) but he's too tired after all those days spent at Whim's recently. He also said his legs hurt since he tend to wander aimlessly while drinking. At this point Marutan started to sound a bit sleepy. He mentioned that tomorrow Hidenori has to go normally to work and they laughed how he will be able to do it, since he's drinking now until the morning. Jack asked if there was cake, Marutan said that since yesterday was Hidenori's birthday, staff at Whim's baked cake for him and they all sang Happy Birthday. 

Around the half of broadcast Jack asked what Marutan wants to do on his birthday. Marutan said he's planning to do utaren at Whim's and it's in progress right now. No details yet, but it's decided. Jack started topic about cafe live at Whim's and Marutan said it's small place for 60-80 people, but stage is close to the audience. Jack asked Marutan about his plans about live. Apparently listeners were laughing that Jack is worried because 5 m distance is not enough. At this point Marutan seemed he started to fall asleep a bit and wasn't really listening. So Jack started to explain that if he'd ever do live, he would feel uncomfortable with audience being too close and he would want to wide the distance. Marutan just nodded and Jack laughed that Marutan is too drunk to even respond. 

At this point Marutan really was tired, a bit drunk and sleepy and convo sounded pretty much weird. At one point Marutan started to say something but hadn't ended... and Jack stated that of course there's no way he would take part in any live, but it's just his point of view. Marutan really didn't response and listeners at this point started to suggest to end such important convo tomorrow, when Marutan will be awake and sober.

And they started to miss each other point very badly.

(*´▽`*)< What about what haha.
(´☉ ω ☉)< E, what we will do...?
(*´▽`*)< E? What do you mean?
(´☉ ω ☉)< Ee? About that thing in 2nd June.
(*´▽`*)< We already talked about it and it's settled, right.
(*´▽`*)< Me, myself, I would... I would prefer to hear about such things as first... especially about things like birthday meetings. I think (he stated that while laughing and choosing his words very carefully)
*long silence*
Marutan: I see...


Jack seemed to be hinting in his monologue something. Then he said that he thought they are always discussing everything together and he would prefer if he heard about Whim's birthday event from Marutan first, not from others. And when it seemed Marutan almost felt asleep, he suddenly realized Jack's words and almost cried aloud.

(plus sasuga BGM read atmosphere perfectly and Do As Infinity's Shinjitsu no Uta had started)

(´☉ ω ☉)< Ee, but I mentioned that...!
(*´▽`*)< Never heard about it! It was first time!
(´☉ ω ☉)<: But I said I will do something at 2nd June at Whim's! 
(*´▽`*)< I hear about it just now!
(´☉ ω ☉)< I told about it! Ever since some time ago, that I wanted to do such event at Whim's at 2nd July... I mentioned it some time ago.
(*´▽`*)< Usoo...
(´☉ ω ☉)< But... Uso daaa. I said that for sure! We had that talk some time ago, about 1 week ago, after the broadcast, I recalled it and I'm sure I mentioned that...
Jack: Ehh... there's no way I'd literally forgot anything from such talk. I'd remember at least some pieces.
(´☉ ω ☉)< Ehhhhh. Uso daaa.
(*´▽`*)< But when I heard about it today I was like EEEHHHHH?! in my head since I had a strong feeling I heard about it for the first time.
(´☉ ω ☉)< Ehh. But about 2nd July... I think I mentioned it yesterday...
(*´▽`*)< HERE WE GO! You didn't tell me about it yesterday, I'm sure about it.
(´☉ ω ☉)< Eh? I hadn't told about it yesterday?
(*´▽`*)< Nope! Hell no way you told it! *laughing* I remember everything from yesterday.
(´☉ ω ☉)< Eh... wait a sec... ehh.... I mentioned that... ehh... maybe not...

And so on.
Jack admitted that if by any means he really heard about it but forgot, it would be weird that he was struck with such feeling, even thought he'd hear about it for the second time. So he was pretty surprised today. Marutan said he's sure he mentioned that sometime before Whim's fair & if not on broadcast, then he probably told about this when he was at Whim's cafe and met other listeners here. Me and other listeners were pretty sure he hadn't mentioned it at Asamack Radio. Jack said if he really wants to do utaren there, it's not like he has anything to say. Some source of anxiety was surely that schedules will clash, because of course Jack and other listeners wanted to hold usual special Asamack Radio for Marutan's birthday. 

(*´▽`*)< I thought you said in the past you don't like such things haha.
(´☉ ω ☉)< I'm no good with strangers... I still don't feel like doing it [utaren] in place full of strangers...
(*´▽`*)< But it's like offline meeting. With listeners, right.
(´☉ ω ☉)< What should I do....?
(*´▽`*)< ...I won't say anything anymore haha. Things like DON'T DO THIS, I DON'T APPROVE haha.
(´☉ ω ☉)< Ee you want to say that?
(*´▽`*)< Personally I feel like yes, I'd not let you, DON'T DO THIS, but... I won't say such things haha.
(´☉ ω ☉)< But... to stop that... It's impossible.
(*´▽`*)< It's hard right.
(´☉ ω ☉)< I can't. [ORE... MOU DEKINAI]
(*´▽`*)< What do you mean 'ORE DEKINAI' haha. *silence*  Like, you can't talk about this when we will be sober?
(´☉ ω ☉)< I just can't.
(*´▽`*)< But what 'you can't' ahahah.
(´☉ ω ☉)< Ah, even if Jack-san would tell me to not do this, I would not be able to cancel that event now.
(*´▽`*)< Majide ahaha.
(´☉ ω ☉)< Ahh... ok I'm not saying anything anymore now. Gomenasai... Gomenasai!
(*´▽`*)< Hahaha... are you sure you're not drunk?
(´☉ ω ☉)< I'm alright, alright!

The conclusion was they should talk about it tomorrow. Marutan apologized once more to Jack. Of course Marutan could not cancel event now, since it's in progress and a lot of people are involved. Then Marutan became weirdly silent so listeners assumed he might go cry a bit. Jack was in frivolous (and only a bit irritated) mood all the time. When Marutan said he's still awake you could say from his voice he was pretty much depressed. Jack asked if they should end now, Marutan just replied in monotone 'What should I do...'. He acted like kicked puppy, it was so heart-breaking, but it was obviously alcohol fault too. Jack dragged that ending for another 3 minutes, listeners adviced them to talk properly about it tomorrow.
Marutan was obviously troubled by Jack's response, not wanting to do anything that Jack is not approving. Of course they weren't able to come to any agreement tonight, so Jack ended broadcast for good. But still it was weird ending, because it wasn't USUAL one, it was just Marutan nodding and Jack saying おつおつ。Totally not good enough!!
Too many feelings, boys wwww

28/04/2013 01:05 AM - 3:08 AM

The next day they started a bit late so listeners were a bit concerned about it. But it sounded like it's fine already, since they had usual opening small talk about Marutan yawning and sounding sleepy. After that Jack started topic, like when Marutan didn't pick up his phone today, he was worried because of yesterday. 

(*´▽`*)< You was drunk yesterday, right?
(´☉ ω ☉)< Yeah, I was pretty much drunk...
(*´▽`*)< But you have memories from yesterday?
(´☉ ω ☉)< Ah... probably.
(*´▽`*)< Iyaaaaa~ haha... so 'probably'. So you remember we had long talk after broadcast ended?
(´☉ ω ☉)< Yes, yes... I was drunk, so somehow tears easily started to fall from my eyes...
(*´▽`*)< Yeah! Haha... Marutan... around the moment I decided to end Asamack, he started to cry.
(´☉ ω ☉)< Hahaha gomen ne.
(*´▽`*)< Somehow I was feeling like a bad guy here! Haha. The broadcast started to sound somehow dangerous, so I ended it.
(´☉ ω ☉)< Hahah...

Then Marutan mentioned he was talking with Hidenori today about Whim's event and they changed plans accordingly to Jack's requests about stage and audience. There's also no problem with clashing with Asamack's special radio, because birthday broadcast is always at night from 1st to 2nd, at midnight, and Whim's utaren is in the evening of 2nd day. Marutan said since long ago he wanted to do utaren during his birthday SOMEWHERE. And it turned out to be at Whim's later. It was Hidenori who arranged Whim's for Marutan, but he wanted to make him surprise, so kept silent. And just before that Hidenori conctacted Jack at 26th May and talked with him (...) but at that point Marutan didn't know anything about this event, but Jack thought Marutan was well aware and felt sad that Marutan didn't tell him sooner by himself (...). 
Listeners started to laugh that yesterday broadcast was just one big chaos, so Marutan started to wonder what he was saying yesterday... Jack just laughed and said that he was drunk so it can't be helped.

After Marutan started to think yesterday he doesn't want that live he talked with Hidenori today, but that guy had changed his mind. The two agreed on including Jack's suggestions and it will be ok. Jack also said that he had such mountain of feelings and thoughts yesterday that he couldn't help and snapped a little. But after that he decided they should just talk about it, like always, and find solution together. Basically, Marutan won't do it offline meeting-like and won't go down from the stage to audience so it will be more like usual utaren live.

...actually I just realized there's maaany banned comments I can't see at this TS. Marutan said something about 'kimochiwarui' comments and they asked listeners to calm down and some hinted that it must be hard (the whole situation) for listeners who are able to take part in Whim's live. Jack just laughed at them.

Then Marutan recalled that long ago he got many  invitations for various events like PointFive, Moratorium and other CDs... but Jack had refused all of them. And about CD projects invitations, in the most of them he always took part along with Jack. Suddenly Marutan stated that Jack had more solo projetcs thought...

(´☉ ω ☉)< Ore mo... kekkou... sabishikatta suru, soiyu tokoro///
(*´▽`*)< AHAHA. Chotto matte... CD demo? Dare mo tomattenaide.

Sorry for original, but it's such cute choice of words! Basically Marutan said he feels very lonely when Jack is doing solo projects. Jack was surprised and replied why, since it's not like he's staying at anyone's place and only records CD.

Listeners reaction was obvious: ichamakku, masaka Marutan is jealous, is it again 'let's speak our true feelings' broadcast, confessions meeting etc. and super happy, because finally the feeling of those two were coming into unison.
Marutan said that he understands there are a lot of events Jack can't take part in and it must be hard for him... Jack agreed that he feels super sabishii and would love to told Marutan to stop taking part in such things, but he knows it would be super selfish, so he can't say it. He always is thinking how much he can 'interfere' with Marutan's events. Marutan said that all events are a lot of fun, but he always thinks how Jack must feel so lonely right now (........). 

By the way, background music is: Jewel Song by BoA. (。-∀-)

So all announcements and info about Misouji Tour he tried to not mention at Asamack, but seperately in his own community. Jack said that it felt weird, because he heard about it only very briefly and not directly, and it became like not-existing topic. Marutan said that he probably should do other way around... but since Jack like never had involved things not related to Asamack during Asamack Radio so he didn't want to speak about his personal things too. Jack said he never involves personal life stuff, but he doesn't mind involving other various stuff.

Then Jack mentioned he was drinking a bit yesterday (and today too), but only a little and while they were talking yesterday after broadcast, he suddenly said 'Sabishii yo ne~' and Marutan replied in crying voice 'SABISHII YOO NEEE' and they both started laughing. Marutan said that it was because he was always troubled by that and--- he said he has to mute for a second. Jack kept laughing. Everybody laughed that Marutan probably started crying again. Jack said that now he thinks if it was good idea to drag yesterday's convo for so long, just making listeners worried, but we listeners thanked that he allowed us to listen and now it's so lovely they are able speak out theirs true feelings, right?

Marutan started to sobb loudly from this moment ahahahahaha.

He stated to wait a sec, because he don't know how to put the rest in words. Then he said that he was drunk yesterday, but he remembers asking Jack to somehow join the live event and of course the reply was it's impossible, and at that moment Marutan burst into tears because he thought it means the times Jack will feel sabishii will grow in number. He also said that probably he's loneliness is nothing compared to Jack's because he mostly feels like this only when Jack is doing solo CDs and he gaves Jack a much more reasons to feel sabishii. Both of them said that they always think about the other while going on events with other people, and always think it would be nice if the other could be there with them.

Then they got back to old times, around the time when Marutan and Hidenori met after a long time and went to bar to drink alcohol and think about releasing CD together. Jack said that he suddenly got weird message from Marutan and was really suprised by that 'mendokusai meru'. Marutan said he won't reveak details about those mails (one listener commented it's natsukashii and she thought back then it will be Asamack end?! I don't remember that at all), but overall that he thinks about releasing a CD with Hidenori and Jack replied him immediately with some sabishii-punpun response so Marutan in a split of second called him back explaining that of course he will attend Asamack like everyday, so he doesn't need to feel lonely...! Burst of laugh and Marutan started to sobb louder again.

And again sasuga BGM, Fukai Mori had ended, Shinjitsu no Uta started to play~

And now they started to say how it sounds weird when someone uses 'i feel sabishii' lightheartedly, like when a girl uses it to make her boyfriend to just accompany her on a whim and started to laugh that is sounds so weird (.....). Of course talk get on Hidenori when Jack stated that he obviously knows a lot about them, but since it is as it is, he can misunderstood some things about them. It turned out that even Hidenori is always including what Jack will think when he wants to do anything with Marutan (.....). Marutan said that when he was talking with Hidenori today, he was sure he will probably get irritared about Jack's request and go like 'Don't mind that guy! Just do what you want to do!' but he actually just said 'Let's think about Jack's request and if you want to cancel it, then it's fine'. Marutan said that he was really happy about Hidenori's surprise party and want to do it, so Hidenori just said they should do as Jack suggested, which means Marutan just won't go down the stage and that's all. They said that among all other people, Hidenori really thinks a lot about Asamack's well-being. Jack stated that even with that he probably is not aware how easily Jack succums to loneliness (since he's only-child he's surely spoiled in many ways, right). Marutan said he easily gets sabishii too but of course he would not confess something like that to others like he doesn't express his feelings to the others too. He said he firmly believes he can tell how deep is Jack's loneliness.

Jack said that listeners were worried after yesterday's broadcast too, he got a lot of mails. Marutan said that yeah, he got some too and he has to apologize he didn't reply them yet, he will do it tomorrow. They sounded happy that there are so many listeners who understand their feelings. Of course we do (and I still don't get those few listeners that were bitching). Marutan repeated that as we all know, Jack can't take part in any live and they had mentioned this numerous times and each time Marutan just thinks about it he feels even more lonely, but it can't be helped. Jack mostly laughed, not commenting that state of things. They never said what are reasons behind Jack's decision. After that Marutan started to sobb louder again, saying how all of it is so muzukashii and whatever decision they will make, there are sabishii times. 

Jack said he was worried how listeners were feeling after yesterday's broadcast, so he checked it out on twitter, asking people from... 非公開リスト (private list)? --> I didn't even know he had such a list, others named it legendary gosspied private list lol. Anyway most of those people said they try to understand their situation, but of course there were people who misinterpreted it all in chaos too. Both of them said there were some people who tried foolishly to take side of one of them, tweeting 'Asamaru-san is hidoi' or the same thing about Jack... (Are they idiots? They are not Asamack listeners then, but funs of one of them and should just shut up unf). Luckily there weren't much of them. I think people trully loving Asamack could not ever say such things and should remember that listeners are just outsiders after all. Jack said that he HATES such ignorant people, but since it's twitter they are free to write anything, so he just ignored them.  Marutan said there are sometimes weird people among listeners, Jack agreed and said it makes him a lot of enemies but it can't be helped. One of listeners said that it's easy to misunderstood Jack and he agreed with that (yeah, he's weird but... ww). Jack said that they don't know anything and yet type such stupid things -- pure hate right. Jack said he also got plenty of mails with complaints making him bad guy -- from Marutan lovers. Marutan told him to stop that, but he just said it's too obvious. Jack said that on the other side he got some mails saying that he's such yasashii person so... 

Announcement from Marutan to his extreme fangirls: If you send complaints mail to Jack who do you think will got hurt in the process? Isn't it me?

And in BGM AI's Voice starts to play.

Marutan said such people should stay away from him. Jack said he doesn't care if he will be hated by 10 people if another 11 will say that they like him. And if one want to leave, just leave. And if there are some people who are able to understand both of them, then it's just fine.

(*´▽`*)< Suki ya de yatte. Suki ya de tte iiu yatte kureteteru. Omae suki ya de! ...dareka shiran kedo.
(´☉ ω ☉)< Dareka shiran kedo... Hahaha...

Basically, sudden Jack's confession. Triggered by people commenting that they love Asamack and Jack is really kind person... I think also not directly dedicated for Marutan hahah. Indeed, to whom you addressed it, Jack?! Marutan laughed maybe it's better he doesn't know who. Then he apologized for all that chaos. Jack said it might be better that they had to look back to be able to move forward and not pile that all up. Marutan said he would probably not be able to look back if not listeners and that he was blessed with all those awesome people around him. Including Jack. Of course. And because Jack is here he was somehow able to carry on all those nanyakanya broadcasts feelings and since there are always listeners and Hidenori, who always is trying his best to understand him... he consider himself blessed by his friends, so he can move forward. He thanked us for being here and to support them also from now on, whatever would happen.
Jack also said that after yesterday's broadcasr he got tons of warm and encouraging mails. Marutan apologized for making listeners worry and asked instead if we are alright now haha. And it turned out there were really many parents-listeners ahahah who commented it looked like a fight between their son and his wife (Asamack laugh a lot after that). And there's nothing to worry now because everything is okay now.

Actually it made me realize it really felt like old marrid couple fight hahah.

Topic change! For usual stuff like GW, work and cars (Marutan has now a car he bought on his own), cakes, french pastry, weather... 

The most important thing for listeners were fact that it ended in the everyday-way, which means Marutan realizing suddenly that it's alreasy so late (3 am...), Jack asking if they should end, Marutan saying otsukaresamadeshita and Jack's mata ne.

Not long later it looks like Jack wanted to read the rest of mails he got from listeners and decided to write firm reply on twitter, in my very not accurate translation:

28/03/2013 4:31 AM jack_sk
first of all people who don't get a shit about Asamack relationship and our circumstances and just negatively complain, looking from delusioned point of view, on twitter and in mails... I don't really care about them, because generally they are missing the point, but they still give in to 'negative direction' without thinking, so I think all those naive-san should just shut up. we had already found our resolution together.

And it looks like next day Jack just had to call Tolie to talk about everything with him and tease us on twitter about it :)

As for me, I don't remember boys having such big misunderstanding ever, but I'm pretty aware of their relationship being pretty deep and complex and that there's tons of things we don't know about them. Once my friend said she thinks they would not be able to go along with each other if they talked with each other outside Asamack and they probably just talk with each other on Asamack only. I don't agree with her and I always thought they relationship is something more amazing. And I would never dare to take side of one of them -- thought it is Jack who is my bias and at first I was listening to Asamack for him. So I believed they can talk about that and everything will be alright! But such rare broadcast when they are speaking out what's on their minds are the reason I love Asamack so much. I really think it's amazing, two men can be so sincere with each other about their feelings. ♥

Now, if you ended my SHORT report, you can leave me a comment! Ahahaha. 疲れた・・・
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