Feb. 20th, 2013

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Just be prepared for wall of text and lot of rant about those two Bakamakku! (´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)

Asamack Radio 10/02/2013
Recording of Tobidase! Asamack Radio 2 had ended... they were talking about the キルフェボン(Qu'il fait bon) which unexpectly had arrived at the recording studio. And how it were sooo tasty. The box was apparently nice too! And Jack told to wait a bit, because he wanted to take a photo. Then they realized they don't have plates, but people at studio borrowed them some.


source: Jack's twitter

So they had:
PUPI = tart
sunaP = strawberry tart
tantousan = tiramisu
Marutan = fruits tart
Jack = white creme strawberry tart

Of course it's super expensive, probably because of fresh fruits prices... Apparently they got it from some listener, who was also commenting a bit at Asamack. He / she even thanked Jack for mysterious ARE: 
But Marutan made us sure Jack is 安定のツチノ子 (meaning elusive) and of course that person had never met Jack, even thought s all the cake. That person called Tantou-san to hand it over. And later they were talking about what they recorded today - MASK song cover. Marutan said Jack was quite sexy, especially the way he sang ends of lines... Marutan said he tried to copy it, but it was muri. And he was trying really hard to sing it as eroi as he could. And that Jack ended his part really quickly.

Later Jack also mentioned how he just saw defenceless, sleeping Marutan and he just thought he has to take Ore no ramillete photo. 

They also said PUPI was a bit late & he sent message to sunaP like:
"I know that it would sound like cheap excuse, but on my way I had to help lost child, so I won't arrive in studio on time, sorry."
Jack said it sounded just like in manga. When PUPI arrived in the studio he said that child's look on face was so heartbreaking & he cried 'Okaasan ga inaaai' (Jack, you're so loud) so PUPI decided to help him and asked where his mom went... and just when he was thinking about going to Police, his mom finally showed up. They said the kid was really lucky he met PUPI since he's so nice and softly asked where is his mom. Because if it would be Jack, he would glare at crying brat and poor kid probably would shut up, say nothing, being too scared, and just run away. But since it was PUPI... 

Marutan then said how he missed his last train the day before and went back to hotel and got triple room. SunaP joined him after, because he also missed his last train. But Marutan wakes up early, usually around 6 am (but this time he wake up at 7 am), since he's the type that falls asleep quickly, but can't sleep for too long. He read a novel, took a bath & got all ready and still thought he has some time, so he started to read the novel again... He said that sunaP waked up at 9:40 am and Marutan thought he will be in a hurry, but nope! At 10:15 am he said to sunaP that they should head out in 5 minutes, right... and sunaP just nooded. Jack laughed that he probably was all in rage inside, but outside he was poker face. Because actually he couldn't sleep properly, with Marutan waked up so early and making noises, since he was using hair dryer etc. When he finally managed to fall sleep properly he had to wake up and realized it's already 9:40 am....  Marutan said sunaP after waking up even went to take a bath and thought if it was him, he would never make it on time. Then Jack said, that when he walked behind sunaP today on their way to studio, he realized that sunaP's hair are kinda wet & not dryed properly and laughed about it, because now he knew why.

And it was last day of recording, so later it was their free time.

Asamack Radio 11/02/2013
Jack & Marutan had radio from hotel... Jack said he's still there & will probably go home tomorrow. But it was mainly Jack talking, in pretty good high mood, thought somehow... in suspiciously frisky mood. Marutan was also there, his voice hardly hearable, because he was lying on the bed, behind Jack. Jack said they had some fun today, but since recording was so exhausting, they were a bit tired. Marutan said that he once had to sit because he felt dizzy. And then he said 'it's been a long time since he last time lost consciousness' (...) but since he said it in silent voice, no one really paid attention & Jack changed topic swiftly.

Instead people were happy that they spent time together, calling them いちゃまっく. Jack said he was in a kombini (convenience store) just a moment ago and bought a lot of: onigiri, sandwiches, something to drink. And they hadn't drink any alcohol. And they are in twin room right now. Jack made Marutan ate a lot of food too & took care of him (as always). Jack also said that they played a lot of games, but Marutan was a bit ~sleepy~ so he mostly just looked when Jack was playing it. And Jack was planning to return today, but he has to take care of Marutan soo... 

Then he just started to talk like it's the day before ramillete release and he was all happy about it. Somewhere during ramillete talk he went to Marutan's side and... helped him with drinking? Or something, the voices were too distant to say what exactly in what. Sasuga Jack, taking awesome care of Marutan haha.

Jack played 'Kanata Nostalgia' from CD & even singed a bit along. And then 'Aru Kyuuketsuki no Monogatari'. He said it's such wonderful sunaP world in sunaP's head and I think he's totally right.

After that Marutan waked up a bit more, but still remained sleepy. He made a lot of noise with... plastic bags? And he said he ate one onigiri. Actually Jack was ignoring most of the questions about Marutan's state, thought people were thinking if he's just sleepy or drunk or why he's voice is so distant and he's lying somewhere behind Jack's back, on the bed. Generally Jack seemed in pretty good mood, but suspiciously high. He kept on singing part of random songs & people asked him if it's safe for him to sing in the middle of the night in the hotel, Jack said that probably it's safe, because there's no other room on the other side of corridor. Then he realized he's like doing his own broadcast since Marutan stopped making noises, listeners asked if he's still alive, so Jack molested him to say something. He just laughed and said "yabaaaai". And Jack ended broadcast.

Trully 「妄想放送」(wild ideas broadcast).

Some tweets from Marutan after that...
Asamaru 4:15 AM
During day I suddenly lost consciousness

Asamaru 4:17 AM
It's some sickness, right...

Asamaru 4:38 AM
What should I do if my blood sugar level is dropping...

Asamaru 4:40 AM
I'm such useless guy

Asamack Radio 12/02/2013
So just after Jack went back to Osaka they decided to tell us more. Jack said that it was fun, even thought they had some issues with Marutan's health, like yesterday when he lost consciousness. And he was sleeping much since then, to the point Jack joked he looked like dead. And how he really got scared when he woke up, but Marutan wasn't there.

Marutan said he woke up around 4 AM and felt nauseous and really bad, so he went for a walk. He somehow got out, went to kombini, bought a lot of drinks, and wandered aimlessly around hotel. And then he tweeted the stuff from ealier. He pondered that if he collapsed here now, he would die & how hopeless he is. Jack said when he saw there's no Marutan he panicked what he should do & where Marutan would go. And that he surely will not remember room's number... Marutan said that yes, he hadn't had room card and he wasn't really sure if it was his room... so he just knocked, but it would be so awkward if there was some stranger's room. And it was 5 am. Not really sure but I think he knocked 2 times silently and tried to open the door (and if it wasn't his room it was locked, right), but it was wrong door. But somehow he managed to get back in the end. Then Jack asked him if he had gone outside 2 times... but Marutan said only once... so weird. Jack said at first time he realized Marutan is gone and left his cellphone in the room (...) and his key card. Then Marutan remembered that yes, he went back to room right after he left it and took his cellphone with him. And they laughed that they bought really pretty much yesterday already and joked they won't be able to eat it till their leave and listeners reminded that right, there was a lot of noises of plastic bags in the background yesterday. 

Then Marutan started to wonder again about him losing consciousness yesterday, at pachinko place. He said he was feeling a bit dim already back then. Then he remembered he already started feeling weird when he met with Jack and they were drinking black tea and his taste sense became weird, because tea was super bitter for him, even thought it was supposed to be sweet. And that was probably the first symptom of something being weird with him. Well, with his blood pressure problems... Jack said that usually when Marutan was feeling sick they managed to go back to hotel in time (and rest), but somehow this time... 

Marutan said when he went for this walk at 4-5 am, he was wondering if such a thing can occur once more. And what he should do, since he still feels bad, but the wind felt nice & he drank sweet drink so he felt slightly better.

Then Jack asked him if he ate anything that day, like breakfest or dinner. And Marutan admitted he hadn't ate anything that day!! Jack yelled at him he told him he should had ate something & it's forbidden to not eat anything. During all that 'reprimand' Jack was laughing. Marutan just laughed & apologized. Actually he kept on apolgizing few times. And Marutan said he drank 2 sake cups of beer the day before yesterday with his bro - that's not much, since he's aware he should not drink too much lately., but still.

Then listeners commented it's weird that everytime they are together something must happen. And that Marutan always is getting into troubles when he's with Jack & he might be doing it on purpose... but he said of course he's not. He also reminded that super drinking party with Hidenori, but somehow it wasn't so bad & he normally wake up next day as first one, and annoyed others like "Minna it's morning! Wake up!" and he remembered everything. And Marutan wondered why when he's with Jack his memories are always getting lost... 

Jack said he was really surprised by yesterday's accident. He was thinking "What I should do... what should I do", Marutan joked he should have water with him and splash it on his face. Jack said he had to drag him, since he wasn't even able to stand or walk. And normally, when Marutan is dizzy, he at least can stand. Jack wanted to catch TAXI, but TAXI stop was too far away for Jack to drag Marutan there and he wondered what he should do, since he could not leave Marutan here in such state. Fortunately, kind pachinko-shop manager rushed to help them. The man asked if he should call ambulance, but Jack just asked him that he wants to catch a taxi and will be back in a second, so if he could look after Marutan for a second, sumimasen... And the helpful shop manager rushed and stopped taxi (while screaming TAXIII!), run back to them, Jack apologized to him and asked if he can carry the other guy to the taxi since he probably won't be able to... and manager-san carried Marutan on his shoulders all the way to the taxi (and at this point of story Marutan joked at Jack how many years it's been since he rushed so quickly lol?). And Marutan was still like dead, Jack said it was such a luc, that such kind person helped them.

Then Marutan said how he came by and ehhh why he was in a bed?! Jack said 'oya oya' and laughed. And then that man helped him with carrying Marutan to taxi, two of them rode to hotel, but when they get off, he had to carry still unconscious Marutan all the way to his room in the hotel. And even dragging him out of the taxi was troublesome. He said it was surely looking like he was dragging dead body (...) so to not rise unwanted attention he did a little acting and kept on mumbling to himself 'poor guy just drank too much'... 

So when he make sure Marutan is sleeping in the bed, he went to kombini to buy a lot of sweet drinks and food to make him eat it. Marutan slept until night and wake up just right before Asamack Radio. And when he wake up, Jack literally made him ate something even thought he wasn't fully aware yet, so pieces of food were everywhere (Jack: such a waste, since I told him to eat it one by one!! ww). Marutan said he totally doesn't remember about it. Then he told Marutan to drink some water, but Marutan got dizzy while drinking it and hit his head in the wall, so Jack had to uphold his head and hold his water bottle and help him. Jack said he was really scared when Marutan suddenly BOOON hit the wall.

Marutan said he thought in his dizzy head 'it's ok to die like this' and Jack told him what, it's out of options and laughed. Jack also said he should take another medicial examination. He also told Marutan he really should eat proper meals... and Marutan said he's eating... but sometimes not... and it's somehow like this. And then Jack himself said that when he has meeting with Marutan and there's not much time left, he just tend to forget about meal and just go out, because he already thinks about all this fun they will have. Then Marutan started to think about visiting hospital... but it's kowai... but he really might die if something similar happens again. Like, when he's walking on a street, alone, or when he went alone to kombini. And he would surely go to hospital, if he'd lost consciousness on the street. And Jack yelled at him that it would be super dangerous if such thing happened, while he would drive car, so he should definitely refrain from driving car.

Jack said after they'd returned to hotel and Marutan woke up, he was stil staggering on his feet, but tried to stand, saying in a super tension LET'S GO PLAY☆ and he bumped into the wall several times (...), so Jack rushed to him and told him to wait another 15 minutes and to sit down. And it was soon before Asamack had started, so dead night. Marutan didn't remember about it... and like Marutan should refrain from drinking on empty stomach. Later they just pondered about changing Asamack hours to let Marutan rest a bit more and changing his sleeping pattern... but it's impossible. And about how if someone talk to sleepy Marutan, he still thinks it's inside sleep.

Otsukaresama, Jack-san! ガチ介護.

And overall, they were all happy & laughing about this all. Can I kill them now for being Bakamakku? (。-∀-)


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