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I had to make a note about Jack's epic Tokyo revelation...

Hanisuke's fanart shown at Asamack Radio

Suddenly after one hour of Asamack, Jack said that somehow this time when Jack came to Tokyo he made terrible mistake. So Jack bought new wallet and wanted to move his things to this one... he put here 2500 yen. But he left all cards in the old one, so left all them in home. And he went to Tokyo with only 2500 yen... and he said he didn't say anything to anyone. Marutan yelled at Jack why he says it just now?! And he should say it sooner, to Bkun at least. And that's why Jack wasn't leaving hotel much this time... and he should just borrow some money.
Jack said he has return ticket, but still he needs some money to reach his home from train station. And then Jack started his story of how he tried to survive like this. His main food was onigiri (120 yen) from Famima (and also he was saying that there's Famimas everywhere in Tokyo). It was a meal for supper and breakfest... and he took all his left-overs from studio so he would have a meal in the hotel too. He bought some water in PET bottle and when he drink it all, he re-supplied it at water dispenser at recording studio. Sneakily. So no one would notice. And nobody noticed.
Jack wanted to visit few places, but regretably, he had to refrain from doing this. And he said he can't go with boys in town after recording, and he always went quickly back to hotel after recording.
Jack of course wanted to do his 600 yen laundry, as always on trips... so to do laundry he sacrificed eating some meal. Because laundry is more imporant.
Marutan told Jack he has to tell this to sunaP and PUPI tomorrow at studio. Jack said but it's too embarrasing... especially telling now... because he will be yelled why he hadn't told ealier.
Jack also said the most dokidoki moment was when he was re-filling pet bottle, because it would be so embarrasing if someone caught him.
ALSO I want to kill Jack for this. But Tolie contacted him if he wants to hang around at Sunday and have fun together... and since Jack didn't have money, he DECLINED. Just because of that...! He lied to Tolie that he has still some recording and he can't. So Jack replied Tolie that maybe next time and he put at the end of message smiling kaomoji, but he was crying inside ahahahah. And he just always stayed in the hotel and was watching TV all the time... SO SAD JACK ARE YOU MASOCHIST.
Jack said it was such sad when he thought he's so hungry, no dinner so he went to kombini... and only bought one onigiri. Thought normally it would be impossible to buy just one onigiri for him. Marutan said that when he visitied Jack in hotel previously, he always had drinks and snacks with him hahaha.
In recording studio they were gived bottled juices... and one day PUPI wasn't comming so few bottles were left. And Jack said he will take them to the hotel with him hahahah.
Also Marutan tried to persuade Jack few days ago to visit him, even for a few hours. But Jack answered that it  might be a bit hard... and Marutan started to say that it probably is, and Jack just nodded. And now we know that Jack would want too, but no funds lol.
Jack also said he will have enough of onigiri for long time.
They asked people how much money they should have to feel "safe". It warried from 2000 to 10,000 yen.
So everybody, while listening to Snack Jack CD, especially Nanpasen, please think about how Jack was recording it with empty stomach hahahaha.
So when Jack finally got back home, he quickly ordered taxi to go home and eat something. Then he said he thought Asuka-chan will not remember him since he was around 1 week not in home. But instead she was super happy, clinging to him, totally like never before. And he had to barrage his room so she won't come in haha.
"Jack's room" (which means, room in Marutan's home) is business hotel room size... and Jack wondered why it isn't Marutan's room now hahaha.

- - -

Also few days ealier before Marutan learn about Jack's money affair, Marutan caught his mom on cleaning empty room next to his, saying "who knows, maybe Jack will come". she even put a carpet here and everything (it's Marutan's otouto's room, but it's empty since he moved out). But well, Jack couldn't come this time, but he didn't say anything ahahaha. And they also talked how long time ago Jack visited Marutan and them and Marutan's parents were eating meal together and Marutan didn't feel good so he went back to his room, leaving Jack alone with his parents. And he was just talking casually with them hahahaha. They were joking that there's even TV in this room, while there's no TV in Marutan's room.

Of course artist draw quickly whole situation:
Click 1
Click 2

Fortunately, the next day Jack showed up in the recording studio, he told about it right away. And of course he was scolded by everyone and all those nice people started to dig food from their bags and asked Jack if he wants to eat it hahahah. Of course PUPI borrowed him some money (only 500 yen but it was just for one day), so Jack could without worrying too much go back home the next day...  In the afternoon they also went together to eat some food and run a small contest... to see who's food photos will be the most yummy. And PUPI lost hahaha, because his photos were all so dark.

And so, Jack safely arrived back home the next day, while being loudly welcomed by Asuka-chan.

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I kinda understand his feeling though. It's embarrassing. But I'm glad that at least he told marutan.
Is refilling PET bottle consider as weird is Japan, I do that all the time (in other country).


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