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Just decided to write short summary of Asamack radio for English-using utattemita fans. Some info are just heard somewhere and I can't be sure about it, so please forgive me and comment if you see anything wrong!

Asamack radio (あさまっくらじお) is community established by two utaite: Asamaru and Jack. Those two are holding regular nama, resembling more or less radio shows. Both of them have their own communities as well. Asamack radio community started in 30.01.2009 (so it's more than 3 years now), but I heard that time Nico Nico just allowed to upload things and there was no LIVE part, so they were holding radio somewhere outside NND and then moved here when it became available to do nama. I heard Asamack radio was established in July 2009. Huuh... Name Asamack of course came from mixing Asamaru and Jack nicknames.

Asamack put those rules in their community, so please follow them (in Japanese):

- it is forbidden to use nicknames and kaomoji that are used specifically here outside the community.
Comment: it means please use "Asamaru-san", not "Marutan", when he shows up somewhere else than at Asamack etc.

- please refrain from using comment box as personal chat, giving out your personal info and sharing your kotehan.
Comment: some utaite appreciate when people add in the end of their lines @nickname (kotehan) but Asamack are simply too big community to allow that

- please think twice before pressing "enter" when you comment.

- if you notice other users violating those rules, please ignore it.

Just let me say this: neither Jack nor Asamaru know English, so it's very rude to comment their nama in any language other than Japanese. Please keep that in mind.

Asamack community: co11320


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