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2nd Full Album
Stand by xxx

Limited edition cover

Regular edition cover

Release: 14.03.2012  29.02.2012  
Limited edition: 3150 yen
Regular edition: 2625 yen
【Vocal】 Asamaru & Jack

Limited edition tokutens (not included in regular edition)

Animate tokuten:
Special CD with Asamack Radio episode: Who is the culprit?

Animate-online limited tokuten:
Asamack autographs (lottery, there are 50 of them) 

THREE! special tokuten:
「Stand by(intro gdgd short ver.)×3」CD

Tora no Ana tokuten:
2 sets of face cleaning wipes (idk)

Additionaly if ordering online at Animate you can leave message for Asamack (max 180 characters) and it will be delivered to them.

01. Stand by (Asamaru & Jack original piece duet)
02. Stray Sheep (from Asamack single)
03. Karakuri Pierrot  からくりピエロ  (Asamaru solo)
04. Gemini (Jack original solo by sunaP)
05. Material  マテリアル (from Asamack single)
06. Boku dake ni mieru tsuki 僕だけにみえる月 (Asamaru original solo)
07. Scissorhands シザーハンズ (Jack solo)
08. Kimi Reflection キミリフレクション (Asamack version; original from .5 single)
09. Niji  虹 (Asamaru original solo)
10. Blood of Rose (Jack original solo)
11. Ghost Radio (from Asamack single)
12. Aryosha ~Ayatsuri Pierrot no Hajimari no Uta~アリョーシャ~あやつりピエロのはじまりのうた (Asamaru & Jack original piece duet)

Links: Limited Edition Regular Edition

About the title
If you're wondering why there's xxx in the title... Yeah, totally weird censorship, making you have weird thoughts /shot Asamack were stating that it means JAR. Which is first litters from Jack - Asamaru - Listeners (Risuna リスナー). But since they couldn't decide and it somehow feels stupid, they put xxx instead.

EDIT [21.12.2011]
Asamack announced they will release their new album at their nama. This time it will be FULL album, not mini, so it will include 12 (!) tracks. I believe the three of them will be Material, Stray Sheep and Ghost Radio while the 9 other will be completely new covers / songs.

EDIT [16.01.2012] 
Asamack announced the title of CD~ Also that it will have many new pieces. But among others: Karakuri Pierrot and Ghost Radio but different ones. So probably another arrange or a song in Ghost Radio's universe.

EDIT [23.01.2012]
Yeeeeesssss, Jack came to Tokyo. At their nama 24.01.2012 they announced they were recording Kimi Reflection (with Marutan failing at falsetto parts, when he ended his part he just... went to sleep while Jack was recording lol.) and Jack was recording Scissorhands solo - apparently in a bit changed arrangement. wktk~

EDIT [1.02.2012]
Release data was postponed! White Day LOL. They announced Special Tokuten.

EDIT [6.02.2012]
Sooo it turned out Marutan was today recording again! For whole 5 hours. Just him. He was recording his original solo piece - called Niji (Rainbow). So funny since even Jack don't know how it sounds like ww Well it looks like they recorded what they had to ealier because Jack couldn't stay too long in Tokyo, so Marutan's solo pieces are recorded just now huh. The other one is 僕だけにみえる月 (The Moon only I can see), probably with accompany of Hidenori's guitar.

EDIT [14.02.2012]
They finally told us all songs and order of the songs. So the last Marutan's solo is Karakuri Pierrot. He was joking that when he was recording Ayatsuri Pierrot he was all the time mistaking those titles and somehow it turned out like this. Jack said Blood of Rose was like LAST BOSS for him, totally hard song to sing! He often complained that he won't be able to pull it off, but sunaP and PUPI was perfect doS and somehow he managed. He said he thought his other solo Gemini was already super hard - unless he had to record Blood of Rose, so it's the hardest song no 2. They will play Blood of Rose at PUPI's nama next week - I want to hear it now dammit. They joked that Ghost Radio - song about destroyed world - is the end of their album, proper end wwwww But fortunaltely the last is calm, warming Aryosha song.
They played Stand by xxx. I'm enchanted! It's happy-go-lucky maji 1000% Asamack song! So cheerful and gdgd (Jack: CHOTTO HAYAKU! Marutan: Chotto matte! wwwwwwwww). And DoyaP... I mean Hidenori-san's guitar solo is so cool too. SIMPLY AWESOME.

EDIT [22.02.2012]
Last Boss aka Blood of Rose. Is. Simply. Epic. It starts suddenly, going all out. Kinda dark, majestatic, quick melody - reminds me of Kalafina or Kajiura Yuki (especially Kara no Kyoukai). And it's just perfect for Jack's voice, but I can clearly see why he stands it was the most difficult piece he had ever sang. This piece involves much of voice modulating, singing in semi-suitable level, changing levels quite often. And there are really high parts and long high parts too. It's just on the verge of what Jack can and cannot sing. Plus there is hell of epic choruses and synchro parts (all done by Jack-only). Seriously, I totally love it.

And I had started to wonder whether I should buy it or not (it's super pricey for me + shipping), but with each song I was just thinking that it's really awesome. And now I totally love whole album. ARGH.

Date: 2012-02-23 11:32 pm (UTC)
shiro_niji: (Default)
From: [personal profile] shiro_niji
I just listen to Blood of Rose
the intro make me feel like "Oh oh" Chorus also hard but he pull it off well

oh love to follow your blog ^^

Date: 2014-08-22 04:36 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] kuromii
"Stand by xxx" is absolutely adorable!! Kyaaa xD
doS = sadist??
I want to hear Blood of Rose but I'm too scared to listen haha. Been listening over and over and over to Gemini though.
maji Jack bias Haha I will listen to Niji today haha... after Gemini haha
I though Marutan didn't want to sing .5 songs anymore XD
Idk why. Jack's voice is more suteki for me. Gomenasai. Ahh but I love all their duets so... <3


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