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Burari, Asamack

Release: 2013/10/30
Price: 2,100 yen
【Voice】 Asamaru & Jack

The booklet will include photos taken by Asamack.

Animate-online tokuten:
Special CD title: ☆Asamack Radio extra episode☆(The sea, the mountain and the disaster)
T-shirts with Asamack SD chara, hand-signed by Asamack (5 shirts, lottery)

Toranoana tokuten:
Original bromide hand-signed by Asamack (100 items, lottery)
Hand-signed by Asamack fibre cloth (5 items, lottery)

Lottery tokuten:
5 hand-made by Asamack shell straps. They will be distrubuted among all available ways of purchasing the CD in pre-order.

It's 4th CD of Asamack duet composed of their songs and talks. Not all songs and talks are already recorded! Once again Asamack & stuff jumped to certain place in Japan to record talks, which can not be done in namahousou! The talk were recorded at the seaside and in the mountains too. It will also have 3 song covers (original ones and vocaloid songs). The cover's artist is as always Keito-san. 

Translated tracklist:
01. Children Automaton - Asamack song (lyrics, composition, arrangement: sunaP)
02. Opening talk
03. Unexpectedly, mountain climbing
04. Hitorinbo Envy - Asamaru solo song (vocaloid song)
05. Unexpectedly, mountain descending
06. Unexpectedly, sunset
07. Unexpectedly, Hitoshi (Ishigaki Island's pub)
08. Jougen no Tsuki - Jack solo song (vocaloid song)
09. Unexpectedly, coral reef
10. Unexpectedly, picking up shells
11. Unexpectedly, present
12. Ending talk

Original tracklist:
01. チルドレン・オートマトン/作詞・作曲・編曲:砂守岳央(沙P)、歌:あさまっく
02. オープニングトーク
03. ぶらり、山登り
04. 独りんぼエンヴィー/作詞・作曲:koyori 編曲:V系うどん職人、歌:あさまる
05. ぶらり、山下り
06. ぶらり、サンセット
07. ぶらり、ひとし
08. 上弦の月/作詞・作曲:黒うさ 編曲:V系うどん職人、歌:じゃっく
09. ぶらり、珊瑚礁
10. ぶらり、貝拾い
11. ぶらり、プレゼント
12. エンディングトーク

Just after mini live in Osaka they went tonthe trip to one of Okinawa's Islands - Ishigaki-jima for two days (03/04 September). They were recording talk part here, playing in the beatiful clear sea and they also went to the mountains. But still there's not many details, so let's wait!
Their new origial duet song is composed by sunaP and it's 3rd song of Ghost Radio series. As for stories timetable it takes place before the Ghost Radio song.

Asamack official website
TEAM Entertainment

Date: 2013-09-30 03:48 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] tsiih
So fast how they have another CD out already after their Recollections album! And Keito-san is amazing as always!


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