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 Jack & Asamaru are going to release new CDs... this time it will be set of 3 CDs consisting of their bests songs. Jack got to Tokyo today for recording and later at Asamack Radio he revealed which songs will they contain, among ones they already sang. Of course it means, they are recording them anew, sometimes after many years. Original ones still have to wait to be announced! 

Release: 2015/04/01
【Vocal】 Asamaru & Jack

「ASAMACK BEST ~Precious~」
01. Futatsu no koe (new original song - composed by minato; harmonies and chorus by Tolie)
02. Join us
03. Stray sheep
04. Fire Flower
05. Ghost Radio
06. Sora no Yakusoku ~niji & gemini~
07. Sakimidare hana no chiruran
08. Oborozuki (Asamaru re-sing his part)
09. Isaac (Asamack version)
10. Ayatsuri pierrot no koi no uta
11. Thanks
12. Summer Rain

「JACK BEST ~Result~」
01. Torikago to Shounen
02. Carnival
03. Karakuri Pierrot
04. Rakuen
05. Blood of Rose (version without serifu)
06. Aru Kyuuketsuki no Monogatari (different mixing)
07. One room, all that jazz (new version with serifu)
08. Jougen no Tsuki
09. Ifuudoudou
10. WAVE
11. Reliance
12. Kimi wa boku wa (new original song - composed by minato; harmonies and chorus by Tolie)


01. Ore no Asa  (new original song - composed by Asakura Daisuke; lyrics by minato)
02. Mikansei Hero
03. Flashback sound
04. Monocross road
05. Hitorinbo Envy
06. Torinoko City
07. Soratobazu
08. Hoshi no uta
09. Sayonara astronauts
10. Reliance
11. Sayonara
12. Alice

So both Jack's and Asamaru's dreams come true! Jack's songs are composed by Tolie - he's famous composer now, mostly composing songs for Valshe, some anime opening and endings too. And Marutan's song even more - Asakura Daisuke is very famous, I'm sure every anime fan heard his songs and voice (like you know, T.M.Revolution). And lyrics by minato... Wow.

Date: 2015-03-09 11:31 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] kuromii
I keep forgetting to reply.

Thank you!! This is awesome X3 AAAAAAaaaaaaaAAAAAA!!! squee~


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