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Well, a lot of things happening lately, so maybe I should finally add new note here.

After years of not really showing up, Tolie's back!

But not as utaite, but he aims to be professional singer (and he's working hard to be pro composer too).

Many people were surely missing him and secretly wishing for his come-back, thought it was pretty much possible it might never happen. After he started working for Valshe's team, he vanished from nico, from Asamack and it looked like he just can't show up anywhere. Just occassionally Jack was smuggling to us his new vocaloid songs covers. And of course, he composed new songs for Valshe, so it was a sign he's alive and well. And even when working in official teams, he didn't show any interest in showing his face or anything... He just once was at some vocaloid live event as producer and even on Valshe's tokuten he didn't show his face, just hands etc. I could also sense strong Asamack Family vibes because boys don't want to do kaodashi either.

So it was quite a news when he announced he will release his first CD. Even more when cover showed up and he decided to show his face in public - now everyone will know how he looks like (he's adorable and kinda ikemen and sooo tall).

That's not all, he also took part in Nico ChouParty, a live event which took place 25th October 2015 - if you paid for e-ticket, you could see him singing magnet and he also just released his song's PV.

You can visit his official website here:

My thoughts? I'm so excited and happy for him. I never really thought the day will come, when he might show himself. Actually I was okay if he didn't show himself and it was fun hunting for his rare photos and shots (yes, there were some). Yes, it was frustrating that Valshe "kept" him for herself hahaha. But it was okay, because his voiceeeee! His personalityyyyy~! And to be honest, when I first saw his PV I had mixed feelings. The voice I recognize and adore and... face of the stranger. My brain was like, hey! you know perfectly this vibratto! But the guy (with obviously made-up lips movement to the lyrics) I see here is a total stranger to me. Aside from hands... I can easily recognize his pretty hands hahahah.

At the same time, I can't help but feel like Tolie is back but... not as an utaite, but as pro singer. He's finally so close, yet more further. He still has that adorable dorky personality (can't stop hearing his sassy cries when he played MonHun with Asamack), but ikemen stranger in the video looks more stern and dignified (sorry Tolie). I guess I just need some time to accept that huh.
But I still hope he will find some time to cover vocaloid songs as utaite, to fool around at Asamack, to go on karaoke with them... But who knows, he might as well never return to those and then, he won't be the same "Tolie" to me. Then I would be happier if he changed his alias. Because RyuuseiP is his name as producer, minato is kinda producer and dignified version of him, and Tolie - for me - is his sassy self, who fools around with Asamack... 
Time will tell!

But as for now, I can close my eyes and listen to his amazing voice - officially.

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