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Album: Stray Sheep
Vocal: Asamaru and Jack
Lyrics: orange
Producer: Nem
Translation: Nanami 

Stray Sheep
「ねえ ほんとにきみのことがすき」 | Nee honto ni kimi no koto ga suki
つぶやいて飲み込む | Tsubuyaite nomikomu
そう言えたら フェンスの向こうへ | Sou ietara fensu no mukou e
行けるよな気がした | Ikeru youna kigashita
It's just like a small meadow 
身を寄せ合う羊たち | Mi o yoseau hitsuji-tachi
Stop living in a boring cycle 
ひしめく孤独を 抜けだして走る | Hishimeku kodoku o nukedashite hashiru
そう 噛みつけクローバー | Sou kamitsuke kurouba
夢まぼろしで いいから離さない | Yume maboroshi de ii kara hanasanai
四角く切り取る 瞳に世界を | Shikakuku kiritoru hitomi ni sekai o 
ついておいで もつれた脚で | Tsuite oide motsureta ashi de
そう 探そうクローバー | Sou sagasou kurouba
朝もやの奥 濡れてた草原へ | Asamoya no oku nureteta sougen e
はぐれた羊は 雲を見上げてた | Hagureta hitsuji wa kumo o miageteta
息を吐いて 耳をあげて 転がってく | Iki o haite mimi o agete korogatteku
LIE! 書いたら 消えそうな笑顔 | LIE! kaitara kiesouna egao 
しがみつけ漂流者(ドリフタ) | Shigamitsuke dori-futa
ナイフ 磨く手 | Naifu migaku te
「つぎは なにするの?」 | Tsugi wa nani suru no?
聞いたんだ仔羊は | Kiitanda kohitsuji wa
It's just like a small meadow 
黙っている羊飼い | Damatte iru hitsuji-kai
Stop living in a boring cycle 
同じ服を着て 同じページ開けた| Onaji fuku o kite onaji peji aketa
そう まさぐれクローバー | Sou masagure kurouba 
落ちてく汗が 連れ出す野生へと | Ochiteku ase ga tsuredasu yasei e to
ぬくもり 頬寄せ 絡まりあっていく | Nukumori hoho yose karamari atte iku
怯えないで 瞳閉じて | Obienaide hitomi tojite
そう 手探れクローバー | Sou te sakure kurouba
僕がいつしか 壊れるその日まで | Boku ga itsushika kowareru sono hi made
はぐれた羊は もう鳴きはしないよ | Hagureta hitsuji wa mou naki wa shinai yo
息は止めて 耳は澄ませ 抱きしめる | Iki wa tomete mimi wa sumase dakishimeteru
Stray Sheep
"You know, I really like you!"
It mumbled while chewing
After saying this
it started to run toward the fence
It's just like a small meadow 
with sheep huddling to each other
Stop living in a boring cycle 
Cut off from the loneliness in the crowded herd and run
Yeah, take a bite of the clover
It's okay to not let go of dreamy illusions
in this tiny part of the square world, reflected in your eyes
where you appeared on your tangled feet
Yeah, the clover you was searching for
is on the succulent grasslands, stroked by morning haze
Stray sheep was searching for it and while looking up at the clouds
It holded its breath, raised its ears and rolled over
If you would write LIE! then the smile
of clinging runaway would disappear
The knife, shining in a hand
"What we will do next?"
Asked the lamb
It's just like a small meadow 
The shepherds are remaining silent
Stop living in a boring cycle 
Wearing the same clothes, opening it on the same page
Yeah, the clover you was yearning for
Moistured by raindrops, tempted you into the wilderness
Your cheeks are getting warmer when you're getting close to this entanglement
Don't be afraid and just close your eyes
Yeah, searching effortlessly for this clover
Until the day I will without noticing it fall apart
The stray sheep is not bleating anymore
It holded its breath, its ears are unruffled, while being hugged tightly

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