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2015-10-26 07:06 pm
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Tolie: kaodashi & go pro info

Well, a lot of things happening lately, so maybe I should finally add new note here.

After years of not really showing up, Tolie's back!

But not as utaite, but he aims to be professional singer (and he's working hard to be pro composer too).

Many people were surely missing him and secretly wishing for his come-back, thought it was pretty much possible it might never happen. After he started working for Valshe's team, he vanished from nico, from Asamack and it looked like he just can't show up anywhere. Just occassionally Jack was smuggling to us his new vocaloid songs covers. And of course, he composed new songs for Valshe, so it was a sign he's alive and well. And even when working in official teams, he didn't show any interest in showing his face or anything... He just once was at some vocaloid live event as producer and even on Valshe's tokuten he didn't show his face, just hands etc. I could also sense strong Asamack Family vibes because boys don't want to do kaodashi either.

So it was quite a news when he announced he will release his first CD. Even more when cover showed up and he decided to show his face in public - now everyone will know how he looks like (he's adorable and kinda ikemen and sooo tall).

That's not all, he also took part in Nico ChouParty, a live event which took place 25th October 2015 - if you paid for e-ticket, you could see him singing magnet and he also just released his song's PV.

You can visit his official website here:

My thoughts? I'm so excited and happy for him. I never really thought the day will come, when he might show himself. Actually I was okay if he didn't show himself and it was fun hunting for his rare photos and shots (yes, there were some). Yes, it was frustrating that Valshe "kept" him for herself hahaha. But it was okay, because his voiceeeee! His personalityyyyy~! And to be honest, when I first saw his PV I had mixed feelings. The voice I recognize and adore and... face of the stranger. My brain was like, hey! you know perfectly this vibratto! But the guy (with obviously made-up lips movement to the lyrics) I see here is a total stranger to me. Aside from hands... I can easily recognize his pretty hands hahahah.

At the same time, I can't help but feel like Tolie is back but... not as an utaite, but as pro singer. He's finally so close, yet more further. He still has that adorable dorky personality (can't stop hearing his sassy cries when he played MonHun with Asamack), but ikemen stranger in the video looks more stern and dignified (sorry Tolie). I guess I just need some time to accept that huh.
But I still hope he will find some time to cover vocaloid songs as utaite, to fool around at Asamack, to go on karaoke with them... But who knows, he might as well never return to those and then, he won't be the same "Tolie" to me. Then I would be happier if he changed his alias. Because RyuuseiP is his name as producer, minato is kinda producer and dignified version of him, and Tolie - for me - is his sassy self, who fools around with Asamack... 
Time will tell!

But as for now, I can close my eyes and listen to his amazing voice - officially.

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2015-10-25 04:28 pm
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Tolie / Tourai: songs list (as utaite)

UPDATE [08/2016]
Please note I don't refresh this list anymore, since Tolie's official "come out". Unless he will sing something privately again :)

Tolie / Torai / Tourai / minato / RyuuseiP

Solo uploaded covers (alphabet order)

Title: Akai Ito
Original title:  アカイト
Source: here
Date: 14/03/2015

Title: Albino
Original title:  アルビノ 
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: Ame ka Yume 
Original title: 飴か夢
Source: here (community only)

Title: Bird of Paradise
Original title: 極楽鳥 -bird of paradise-
Source: here (community only) and here
Title: Black ★ Rock Shooter
Original title: ブラック★ロックシューター
Source: here 
Info: after this song he became known as Tolie / Torai because he mispelled 'tsurai yo' thus it's considered Tolie's birthday

Title: celluloid
Source: here

Title: crystal mic 
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: from Y to Y
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: Just be friends
Source: here (community only) 

Title: Just call my name
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: magnet
Producer: minato
Source: link (community only); here
Info: he's composer of magnet. The funniest thing is everybody already covered it in duets and nobody was left to sing with him, so he sang it alone... I mean as minato x tolie

Title: Marionette 
Original title: マリオネット
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: Meltdown
Original title: 炉心融解
Source: here (community only) and here

Title:「only my railgun」
Source: here (community only) 

Title: Piano x Forte x Scandal 
Original title:  ピアノ×フォルテ×スキャンダル 
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: Rainbow
Source: here (community only)

Title: Tokyo Rock City
Source: here (community only) 

Official CD songs (alphabet order)

Title: ACUTE
Utaite: Yamai, Usa, Tolie
Album: Usa colony san
Sample: here

Title: Battery
Original title: バッテリー
Album: 10 summers CD 

Title: Cantarella -carnal ver.-
Original title: カンタレ
Album: Usa colony san
Sample: here

Title: G-A-M-E [live]
Original composer: doriko
Original album: 「unformed」 
Singers: Tolie & Usa
Source: Usa Colony Gakuen Bunka-sai -HAPPY TIME- live 2010

Title: HAPPY TIME (Bonus track)
Album: Usa colony ni

Title: Red Garden -type U-
Utaite: Tolie & Usa 
Album: Usa colony san
Sample: here

Title: Sky with no exit 
Original title:「 出口のない空 」  
Album: 『in a graceful sound
Crossfade: here

Title: SPICE!
Utaite: Tolie & Rib
Album: Upload feat. Vocalist

Title: Tsuki mo Taiyou
Original source: 月も太陽
Utaite: Usa & Tolie
Album: Usa colony san
Sample: here

Title: Usa Colony Gakuen Bunka-sai -HAPPY TIME- live 2010
Utaite: Tolie, Usa, Yamai
Info: various songs from live

Solo not uploaded covers (alphabet order)

Title: Ee? Ah, sou.
Original title: え?あぁ、そう。
Source: n/a

Producer: minato
Source: n/a

Title: from Y to Y -piano arrangement-
Source: n/a

Title: Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki
Original title: 初めての恋が終わる時
Source: n/a 
Info: Played during Asamack Radio at 21/12/2012 as Tolie's birthday gift for Jack

Title: Iroha Uta
Origin title: いろは唄
Source: n/a

Title: Jougen no Tsuki
Original title: 上弦の月
Source: n/a 
Info: Santa Jack played it during Asamack Radio at 15/12/2013

Title: Last Queen
Original title: 最後の女王 
Source: n/a

Title: Mosaik Roll
Source: n/a

Title: My Dearest
Band: supercell
Source: n/a
Info: Santa Jack played it during Asamack Radio at 8.01.2015

Title: Sarishinohara
Original title: サリシノハラ
Source: n/a 
Info: Played by Jack at Asamack Radio at 17/07/2013

Title: Scissorhands
Original title: シザーハンズ
Source: n/a 

Title: Seisou Bakuretsu Boy
Original title: 聖槍爆裂ボーイ
Source: n/a 
Info: Played by Jack at Asamack Radio at 29/01/2014

Title: Senbonzakura
Original title: 千本桜
Source: n/a 
Info: Played during Asamack Radio at 31/07/2013

Title: SPICE!
Source: n/a

Title: Trust me
Source: n/a
Info: Durarara!! ending song

Title: Yonjuunana [47]
Source: n/a
Info Played by Santa Jack at Asamack Radio at 7.01.2015

Collabs (alphabet order)

Utaite: Tolie, Yamai, usa
Source: here

Title: Ai no Uta 
Original title:「 愛の唄 」 
Utaite: Tolie, usa, Yamai 
Source: here

Title: cendrillion
Utaite: Tolie & usa
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: Doukoku no Ame 
Original title: 慟哭ノ雨 
Utaite: Tolie & Jack
Source: here

Title: erase or zero
Utaite: Tolie & ten
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: Fullchin Boogie
Original title:「 フルチン☆ブギ 」 
Utaite: Tolie & Jack ft. Jiguru
Source: here
Info: The last line is Choucho's

Title: Juvenile
Original title: ジュブナイル
Utaite: Tolie & usa
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: Mean Force Urotander
Original title:「卑怯戦隊うろたんだー」
Utaite: Tolie ft. Kagamine Len
Source: here 
Info: parody. I love it.

Title: Tsugai Kogarashi
Original title:「番凩」
Utaite: Tolie & usa
Source: here (community only) and here

Chorus, festivals, projects

Title: Boku Mote
Original title:「 ボクモテ 」 
Utaite: one version is Tolie and second is minato
Source: as part of Asamack's Boku Mote matsuri

Title: Human Sacrifice Alice Project
Original title:「 人柱アリス  」 
Utaite: Yamai, Tolie, Re:A, Utawa Sakura, Usa
Source: here (community only) and here 

Title: Iroha Uta
Original title:「 いろは唄 」 
Utaite: Jack
Chorus: Tolie
Source: here

Title: Mr. Pumpkin
Utaite: usa
Chorus: Tolie
Source: here

Title: Pero Pero
Original title:「 ぺろぺろ 」 
Utaite: Tolie 
Source: as part of Asamack's Pero Pero matsuri

Title: Senma Revolution
Utaite: Tolie, Usa, Yamai
Source: here

Utaite: Tolie, that, clear, mitani, yonji, Valshe, perfumen, puriko, Hiradon, ill.bell, kurimuzon, honkon, halyosy, Dasoku, jikkoku nana, nittomegane, che:sakurai, hitosato, ten, Ritsuka, rapbit. Piko, Sekihan.
Source: here 

Title: Under the Darkness
Utaite: Tolie
Source: as part of Asamack's Under the Darkness matsuri

Title: Asamack & Tolie who-knows-for-what voices
Original title: あさまっく&トゥライ用途不明ボイス
Utaite: Asamaru, Jack, Torai
Source: n/a
Info: are you wondering that it is? it's some serifu they recorded long ago

Live broadcasts, karaoke

Title: shine more
Singer: Amuro Namie
Date: 25/05/2010

Title: LOVE 2000
Singer: Amuro Namie
Date: 25/05/2010

Title: Put 'Em Up
Singer: Amuro Namie
Date: 25/05/2010

Title: Sennen no Dokusou ka
Original title:千年の独奏歌
Utaite: Jack
Chorus: Tolie
Source: karaoke in 2010 year

Title: Lion
Original anime: Macross F
Utaite: Jack and Tolie
Source: karaoke

Somewhere in 2012 year:
Just making order among my files... since Tolie is not active anymore (´・ω・`) I tried to find as many of his covers as there are. If you know any others please let me know! And some of them are unfortunately unreachable and just exist as Asamack background music. Oh well... Sources are official ones, the ones labeled as "community only" requires being member of Tolie's community. All n/a (not available) aren't officially uploaded anywhere. And I didn't put here fan-made mash-ups.

Someday in 2014 year:
Okaaay things are changing! Tolie is again alive and back on twitter (it's end of 2014 year now). No namahousou or uploading anything yet, but yaaay!

October 2015:
Tolie is starting his career as a pro singer, but I won't add here his new CDs songs, because (I hope) it will turn out messy after some time. I want to keep this post clear as list of pre-official Tolie's songs list :) So it's a bit of archival list unless he will decide to cover some vocaloid songs or go on karaoke.

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2012-09-23 07:51 pm

Jack: covers from 2006 and old karaoke [Asamack Radio]

So, Jack is still voiceless and Marutan had live in Hokkaido yesterday and he's going home just tonight so... Jack had to do Asamack Radio without him. But how... hahaha. And it was one really early Radio, at around 9 pm and lasted for 2 hours. Jack used bouyomi-chan (reading in monotone voice programm) and he sounded like 3 yeaes old Jack-chan :'D So funny and adorable. And he decided to show us some Asamack stuff like videos or voice recordings.
Jack: l"If I show some recordings of Marutan... I wonder if he will be angry... Whatever."

First was video of Tokyo's Skytree and Jack's video of it and Asamack comments "wow it's so high!" and Jack fooling around with camera, so cute.

Then he decided to play some recordings from like 6 (!) years ago - all those were recorded in 2006 year.

01.  愛が呼ぶほうへ - ポルノグラフィティ
02. 車輪の唄 - BUMP OF CHICKEN
04. Colors of the Heart - UVERworld
05. 天体観測 - BUMP OF CHICKEN
06. LIFE is... - 平井堅
07. You're the Only… - 小野正利
08. view - スキマスイッチ
09. 99%LIBERTY - KinKi Kids
10. フェイク - Mr.Children
11. 異邦人 - 久保田早紀
12. ラブ・ストーリーは突然に - 小田和正

Then he skipped for some old karaoke records!
01. Lion - Macross F - Jack & Asamaru
02. Uraomote Lovers - Jack & Asamaru
03. Cendrillion - Jack & Choucho
04. Magnet - Jack & Asamaru
05. Sennen no Dokusou Ka - Jack & Tolie (harmonies)

He was commenting like "So young [voice] ne~" and people replied - no wonder since it's 45 years old Jack. Don't be deceived, of course he's not, but thanks to his songs choice he was said to be 50 years old ojiisan.
Well, I must admit those ones were pretty awesome. Of course Jack's voice sounds A BIT more younger, but it's still flawless. I can hear a bit of his singing voice improving after all those year, but... well, the difference is far more subtle in his case. I like how he sang 3rd song in nasal voice! Sounds totally different for him. And he was already able to pull off nicely high parts... His english parts of the songs were ok too.
As for karaoke... there was even Tolie here! Of course Jack hadn't played him singing, but he did some harmonies stuff and such. Such a shame Tolie is not around at Asamack anymore. I miss his voice and dorky personality so much! And Marutan's Uraomote Lovers so cuteeeee, he totally failed.

After playing some recordings Jack switched to play some Pigg and it was all as for recordings.
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2012-01-20 01:50 pm

Jack: utawaku [20/01/2012]

 Short summary of today's Jack utawaku~

List of the songs:

01. BERSERK ~Forces~ - 平沢進
A slighly different than usual songs Jack sing~ ahh I love the part with husky voice! Suddenly going higher kyaaaaa.
02. Tamashi no Refrain (魂のルフラン) - 高橋洋子
From Evangelion: Death and Rebirth
03. Hana no Sasayaki (花のささやき) - 下成佐登子
From Jack's beloved Princess Sarah
04. Himawari (ひまわり) - 下成佐登子
This one is too from Princess Sarah

Artist is Keito~ Ramdas is from Princess Sarah anime

Okay, then my Internet started to hate me so I wasn't able to listen peacefully (and record too). People started to tease Jack how his voice is awesome, but it's kinda sad that Jack is not singing vocaloid pieces anymore. Or he didn't sang any in ages. So...

Fortunatelly I was able to listen to his cover of this song at least few times. Still so awesome!

06. Away we go
From .5 album, of course he skipped rap parts, but still I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH.
07. Cendrillion
He sang along to Choucho-tan's cover - it's obvious since they upped it together looong ago. I love how their voices are matching each other, so high, noble and gentle! And harmonies to this one are hell tough so Jack 88888.
08. Cendrillion?!
...Jack played recording of Kogetan's and Nerutan's Cendrillion attempt, so of course it's full of crack since those two people voices are perfect for parodies and not perfect for normal singing
09. Some record of Nerutan's parody song
Ahhh it's piece composed by Minato (Torai). I miss him so much, listeners too. Jack likes it and used to sing it often~
11. Luka Luka Night Fever
Jack as always enjoyed it very much wwwww
From there, Jack started to dig out old Tolie's covers and sing along with them ;A; I really miss Tolie so much. And I think Tolie's voice is the only one of male utaite which won't be oversing by Jack's crazy loud singing. And I really love those two singing together...
12. Ame ka Yume (飴か夢)
13. Saigo no Yoou (最後の女王)
14. Mosaik Roll
15. Crystal Mic

Uwaaaa I love Crystal Mic so much, plus the other ones Jack used to sing already... But I had never heard him singing Crystal Mic! So I'm extra happy I was able to hear it~