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Q: How Keisen-san got to know Marutan?


Oh! I got a nice question! I hear it quite often, but I will take my chance to reply it properly in interview since it's easier. (*´ω`*)
When I started to submit covers I joined "Meeting place of utaite society" community. I posted here my covers, wanting to hear other people thoughts and to see other videos too.
Before I posted my videos I discovered a lot of awesome voices and songs posted here. I saw here also high quality video and thought "Ah, this one is different than others in society!".
And it was Marutan's "Anti Digitalism".

But back then I thought there are so many talented people, so I just happend to memorize "Asamaru" nickname.

Later I found 『シングリンク』social network service and I also registered here.
Up to this point I really hadn't stumbled across any other utaite, searching on various other pages, so I was really excited.
And accidentally I saw here again that name "Asamaru" (*´ω`*)

I thought "Ohhh!" and immediately sent request to add him to my-link! Ha ha.
And when I think about it now, it must've been destiny /shot

After that I talked to Marutan on skype.
Apparently when I was searching in society community for "Utaite-san who's willing to MIX things" I found one other person, aside from Marutan, who I wanted to talk to and I was wondering which one I should ask for help. And while I was wondering I learned about many various things haha.

And somehow after I received my MIX I ended up being here now.

And it was like that! And many things happened! We even got into a quarrel.
When you got really angry, got preached, singing also turning out to be more intense! Haha.
But thanks to that I was every time like "This time I will sing so great that Marutan will praise me!". I was improving myself in many ways, while I was enthusiastically immersing myself in singing. I'm really grateful for that (*´ω`*)

In reality, before I met Marutan, I wasn't even aware that there's something like ranking.

Marutan: This piece got 1st place in yesterday's ranking...
Keisen: Ranking? (*´ω`*) What's that, some website?
Marutan: (´°д°`)・・・・・

It looked more or less like this haha.

Marutan: You heard of Choucho-san... right...
Keisen: Who? (*´ω`*)
Marutan: (´°д°`)・・・ so, Jack-san too...
Keisen: (*´ω`*)???

It just was like this ahahahahah.

When I remind about this now, this meeting was the beginning of everything for me and now I ended up here. That's so strange, right. But I'm so happy I was able to meet him (*´ω`*)
And like this, Marutan is my brid---- /shot
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2011-09-12 12:19:30
Q: Is soup essential? REALLY?
A: It is essential for sure.

2011-09-12 14:23:10 
Q: I'm sorry if it's your meal time... What type of existance is UNK for Jack-san?
A: It is existance I want to let go, but I can't.

2011-09-14 00:04:46 
Q: As long as you can remember, was there any time, when you hadn't been using UNK-UNK word?
A: Nope.

2011-09-14 00:10:30 
Q: Jack-san, what type of UNK are you?
A: Sorry, I don't really get this question.

2011-09-14 18:12:47 
Q: If UNK had disappeared from this world, what would you do Jack-san? 
A: I think if UNK would disappear from this world, it would mean it's world's end.

2011-09-14 18:15:53 
Q: Is there anything beside UNK? [I think it's about which questions he chose to reply LOL.]
A: There is~

2011-09-14 19:27:02 
Q: What type of women's figure you like?
A: Namie-figure.

2011-09-14 19:27:25 
Q: What's Jack-san's type of women?
A: Amuro Namie.

2011-09-15 21:30:30 
Q: All qustions seems to be UNK-biased and you only seems to answer those UNK-related. You are sure it's ok? Ha ha.
A: 7% of all are UNK related.

2011-09-15 21:33:37 
Q: What color of UNK is your current mood?
A: Transparent.

2011-09-15 21:34:33 
Q: Why you lately didn't tell anything UNK-related?
A: Because that day I felt like changing my way of speaking.

2011-09-15 21:36:16 
Q:  I have a question for Jack-san. Why you turn everything into UNK-related? 
A:  Because people submitting questions also loves UNK.

 2011-09-30 19:33:33 
Q: What ramen flavour do you like the most?
A: I don't really eat ramen, so any taste is ok. 

 2011-09-30 19:35:38 
Q: Why you hate chocolate? Allergy?
A: I just hate it's scent and taste. If I have to, I'd unwillingly eat it.

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Please remember this one is pretty old already and can be not up to date.
Source: here


My profile
Hobby: singing
Strong point: none self-confidence
Weak point: none self-confidence
A bit to be-happy-about thing: none self-confidence
Thing you stepped into lately : Light
What's first thing you do after comming back home : I eat dinner
Averenge time of sleep : 3 hours
Favorite phrase : I want to die
How often you update your blog? : Rarely.
Your fetish : wrinkle
Favorite motto : Don't forget your original intention
What do you collect : software effects
Are you M or S : M
Likes and dislikes
Favorite food: takoyaki
Disliked food: anything slimy
Favorite sport: martial arts involving fight without weapons
Favorite male celebrity: Beat Takeshi
Favorite musican: Motoo Fujiwara (Bump of Chicken vocalist and guitarist)
Favorite comic: flat
Favorite magazine: Jump
Favorite game: Mother (game)
Favorite place: my own home
Favorite animal: kitty
Favorite color: blue-green
Favorite typewriter: Yuru Fuwa ( ゆるふわ )
Disliked feature: egocentricity
If you had one wish that might come true: Not have to work
You feel happy: When I have free time from working
Something you would never let go: takoyaki
If you win at lottery: I would stop working
What had you been in your previous life: takoyaki
On the last day of the world, what you would do: takoyaki
What's your self-reward: takoyaki
The moment whick makes you happy: takoyaki
What lately made you feel deeply moved: takoyaki
As a child I wanted to become: Ultra seven
Something you'll write just here: takoyaki
Type of cellphone: Au.
Something you can eat with anything: takoyaki
You would be reborn as: takoyaki
As far what's your the most pricey purchase: car
Something you want the most right now: takoyaki
Where do you want to travel now : Osaka
What's the most important thing for you: takoyaki
Something you could eat everyday for 1 month: takoyaki
You can't live without: takoyaki
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Translation thanks to courtesy of Deza

Comic / images: here (you need to have account on pixiv to see images here)
Title: PointFiveで4コマ
Artist: お?しる子

Read from right to left

Page 1

Hello, this is Konno Shiruko.
I tried drawing a point five (.5) 4-koma.
I imagined this from the image I got from the (official) illustrations.
This does not reflect the members' actual personalities, age, or relationships.
This is completely an imaginary work. Seriously. Really seriously.
Those, who are ok with that, please continue.
Thank you very much for the many views, bookmarks, tweets, comments and tag additions on my works.
I'm happy (about them). I love everyone!
This is a story about 5 people working on a space ship.
Ship Captain: Dasoku-san
Vice-captain: Clear-san
Crew: Miichan, Amutan, Marutan
Freeloaders: Jack-san, 2 sheep + a (alpha)
I'm hungry now so I will go eat!
This has been Hyahha! -ish shiruko.
Page 2
Dasoku: Oh yeah, it's been 2 years huh...
Clear: Yes, that's right.
Jack: Since what...?
Clear: Since we left Earth
Dasoku: So nostalgic~
Dasoku: 2 years ago, i only just turned twenty
[sfx] freeze (in salute)
Dssoku: I was a hot-blooded young man who had various dreams and who got nervous at trivial things back then huh~
Jack: HA- two years ago?
Dasoku: I'd turned out having a really great personality huh.

Amutan: Hey~ hey~
Amutan: What's that you've been doing for a while now?
Clear: He's making a hat to give to Marutan.
Clear: (outside speech bubble) i googled sewing
Amutan: A hat?
Clear: He said it's a return you gift for the crown he got from Marutan
Amutan: I see
Amutan: What kind of hat did you make? Show us~
Jack: Ok
Amutan: O.... ohh.....

Page 3
Amutan: Th... this is...
Jack: Cute?
Amutan: Eh? It's
Amutan: (outside bubble) Um... well...
Amutan: Hey! What you done to him?!
Clear: Not me! I just taught him how to sew, the design was by Jack himself...
Miichan: We... well. Since it's Marutan, he'll probably handle it nicely and well.
Amutan: Th..that's true
Clear: It's Marutan after all...
Clear & Amutan: A straight pitch!!!! (he put it so bluntly!)
Miichan: But somehow Jack-san seems happy...
Clear: Even so, he still wore it...
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Translation thanks to courtesy of Deza

Comic / images: here (you need to have account on pixiv to see images here)
Title: Dream
Artist: NEUO

This pictures are result of me hearing about Jack having a nightmare + some fiction = scary. Sorry about language mistakes.

Selfnote: I--- I don't fully get it. Is it connected to "Asamack shall end when I will get married"? LOL. So I bet Jack just accidentally saw that Marutan was cheating on him with Keisen. ....what ahahahaha. Ok I think Jack just saw Marutan's mail from some important person with proposition about going pro, but of course Jack is fine just as long as it's all just for fun. Sooo they got into argument. But... I can't imagine Marutan being such cruel to Jack. Fortunatelly. <3
Dezanote: it's a climax of nothing cuz it was a dream and dreams don't make sense 8D

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Album: Ghost Radio
Vocal: Asamaru & Jack
Lyrics, composition, arrangement: Sunamori Taketeru (sunaP) 
Translation: Nanami

 Artist: Tama (pixiv)

Ghost Radio

このこえはきこえてますか | kono koe wa kikoetemasu ka
Do you hear this voice?
そちらはどんなおてんきでしょうか | sochira wa donna otenki deshou ka
How is the weather over there?
ほしくずはふってきませんか | hoshikuzu wa futtekimasen ka
Is the star-dust pouring down?
よけいなしんぱいをしているのでしょうか | yokeina shinpai o shite iru no deshou ka
Are you not letting yourself to be worried too much?
アンノドミニ3214 | anno domini 3214
Anno Domini 3214
5がつ22にちをおしらせします | 5 gatsu 22 nichi o oshirase shimasu
5th Month, 22nd Day, I shall announce:
44まんかいめのほうそうです | 44 man-kaime no housou desu
It is 440.000th broadcast now

(´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
月明かり 巡る巡る | tsukiakari meguru meguru
Surrounded by the moonlight
はじめようか さあ 響け夜想曲(ノクターン) | hajimeyou ka saa hibike nokutaan
I shall start so resound, my nocturn!
beyond the sky 届け 届け | beyond the sky todoke todoke
Deliver it beyond the sky
僕らの声 もう一度だけ | bokura no koe mou ichido dake
Deliver our voices just once again---

世界が滅びた あの夜の | sekai ga horobita ano yoru no
Wind awakened memories
記憶を風が 呼び起こす | kioku o kaze ga yobiokosu
of the evening, when the world had perished
(´☉ ω ☉)
あの日も揺れてた 花が咲く | ano hi mo yureteta hana ga saku
During that day shaking flower had bloomed
名前を呼ばれることもなく | namae o yobareru koto mo naku
And I could no longer hear you calling my name

(´☉ ω ☉)
そうたいせいのいたずらが | soutaisei no itazura ga
I wouldn't mind if the relativity played a prank
ときのながれをとめるといいます | toki no nagare o tomeru to ii masu
And stopped the flow of the time
だからどこかできみがきいている | dakara dokokade kimi ga kiite iru
Then I could find where you are
そんなわずかなのぞみをしんじてしまう | sonna wazukana nozomi o shinjite shimau
I ended up believing in such mere wish...

闇の夜空に | yami no yozora ni
Under the dark night sky

(´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
星たちは 踊る 踊る | hoshi-tachi wa odoru odoru
The stars are dancing and dancing
続けようよ ねえ 永遠(とわ)の夜想曲(ノクターン) | tsuzukeyou yo nee towa no nokutaan
You shall go on for eternity, my nocturn
up to the sky 光 光 | up to the sky hikari hikari
Light light up to the sky
そのどこかに君がいるのならば | sono dokoka ni kimi ga iru no naraba
And if you are somewhere there...

何度でも 歌う 歌う | nando demo utau utau
No matter how many times I will sing and sing
だから聴いて | dakara kiite
So just listen!
-- stay tuned on the "ghost radio"...
-- stay tuned on the "ghost radio"...
beyond the sky 届け 届け | beyond the sky todoke todoke
Deliever it beyond the sky
僕らの声 千年の夢のせて | bokura no koe sen-nen no yume nosete
Deliver our voices through thousand dreams...

世界が滅びた その朝に | sekai ga horobita sono asa ni
That morning when the world had perished
君は旅立った 僕ら置いて | kimi wa tabidatta bokura oite
You had to set on a journey, leaving us behind

けものたちがいなくなりました | kemono-tachi ga inakunarimashita
Beasts ceased to exist
とりたちはもうどこにもいません | tori-tachi mou doko ni mo imasen
And birds are nowhere to be found
それなのにどうしてぼくはここに | sorenanoni doushite boku wa koko ni
And yet why I am still here
といかけたことばにこたえるのはただの | toikaketa kotoba ni kotaeru no wa tada no
The only reply to my questions was...

(´☉ ω ☉)
虚ろな反響(こだま) | utsurona kodama
Empty echo

(´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
月明かり 照らす 照らす | tsukiakari terasu terasu
The moonlight shining on, shining on
瓦礫の街 亡霊たちの夜想曲(ノクターン) | gareki no machi bourei-tachi no nokutaan
the ruined streets, o ghosts' nocturne
up to the sky 光 光 | up to the sky hikari hikari
Light light up to the sky
そのどこにも君の姿 見えなくて | sono doko ni mo kimi no sugata mienakute
But I still can't see your silhoette anywhere

いつまでも 歌う 歌う | itsumademo utau utau
I will always sing and sing
お願いだよ | onegai da yo
So I beg you
-- stay tuned on the "ghost radio"...
-- stay tuned on the "ghost radio"...
beyond the sky 届け 届け | beyond the sky todoke todoke
Deliver it beyond the sky
僕らの声 千光年の海超えて | bokura no koe senkou-nen no umi koete
Deliver our voices through the sea of thousand light years

太陽系第三惑星 | taiyoukei dai-san wakusei
The 3rd planet in Solar System
文明の滅びた世界です。| bunmei no horobita sekai desu.
is the world destroyed by civilisation.
動物は絶滅しました。|  doubutsu wa zetsumetsu shimashita.
Animals were annihilated.
畸形した植物が生きのびています。| kikei shita shokubutsu ga ikinobiteimasu.
Only deformed plants stayed alive.
人々は逃れていきました。| hitobito wa nogarete ikimashita.
People who escaped survived.
僕らは一緒にいけなかった。| bokura wa issho ni ikenakatta.
We could not go together.
だから今も放送を続けてます。| dakara ima mo housou o tsuzuketemasu.
So I shall continue my broadcast now.

僕らが一体なんなのか? | bokura ga ittai nanna no ka
What the heck are we?
それが自分でも分からないのです。| sore ga jibun demo wakaranai no desu
I still do not know it myself.
惑星の夢見る思い出 | hoshi no yumemiru omoide
The memories of the planet seen in a dream
そんなものではないかと思うのですが…。| sonna mono de wa nai ka to omou no desu ga...
I don't believe in such a thing but...
夜の来るたび目覚めて | yoru no kuru tabi mezamete
When the night falls I'm setting on the journey again
誰かが聴いてくれるのを待っています。| dareka ga kiite kureru no o matteimasu.
And I'm waiting for anyone to hear me.
君の帰りを待っています。| kimi no kaeri o matteimasu.
I'm waiting for your return.

(´☉ ω ☉)
抱いていて せめて せめて | daiteite semete semete
At least at least you embraced me
世界が滅びる この夜だけ | sekai ga horobiru kono yoru dake
That night when world had perished
36.4度 君に触れた | 36.4-do kimi ni fureta
That 36.4 C degress when I hugged you
生命の最後のあたたかさ | seimei no saigo no atatakasa
was my last time feeling the warmth of life

もう僕は 二度と 二度と | mou boku wa nidoto nidoto
I wonder if I will never ever again
感じることは 出来ないのだろう | kanjiru koto wa dekinai no darou
be able to feel anything
太陽が やがて やがて | taiyou ga yagate yagate
The Sun shall soon, so soon
この地球(ほし) 飲み込む | kono hoshi nomikomu
Devour this planet
最後の瞬間まで | saigo no shunkan made
And until the very last moment...

(´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)
回る 回る 回る | mawaru mawaru mawaru
Going round round and round
時計の針 ああ 永遠(とわ)の夜想曲(ノクターン) | tokei no hari aa towa no nokutaan
Just like the needles of clock, the eternal nocturn
up to the sky 光 光 | up to the sky hikari hikari
Light light up to the sky
そのどこかに君がいるのならば | sono dokoka ni kimi ga iru naraba
And if you are somewhere there...

何度でも 歌う 歌う | nan-do demo utau utau
I will sing over and over
だから聴いて | dakara kiite
So just listen!
-- stay tuned on the "ghost radio"...
-- stay tuned on the "ghost radio"...
beyond the sky 届け 届け | beyond the sky todoke todoke
Deliver beyond the sky
僕らの声 たった一度だけでいいから | bokura no koe datta ichi-do dake de ii kara
Deliver our voices, even if just one last time...

このこえはきこえてますか | kono koe wa kikoetemasu ka
Do you hear this voice?
そちらはどんなおてんきでしょうか | sochira wa donna otenki deshou ka
How is the weather over there?
さびしくてないてはいませんか | sabishikute naite wa imasen ka
Are you crying from the loneliness?
いいえなきむしはぼくのほうでした | iie nakimushi wa boku no hou deshita
Or is it just me who turned out to be crybaby
アンノドミニ3214 | anno domini 3214
Anno Domini 3214
5がつ23にちになりました | 5 gatsu 23 nichi ni narimashita
5th Month, 23rd Day had started
44まん1かいめのほうそうです | 44 man 1 kai-me no housou desu
It is 440.001st broadcast now

My comments:
I love this song so much. They got better and better with each next single. This one has such depressing lyrics, but...! Their voices are matching each other perfectly. And well, it means their radio will continue even if the world will be destroyed, right? And I really hope they will manage to find each other again. Or rather, I'm sure they will! Because it's the power of true love. If you find it not familiar - Anno Domini is from Latine and means 'In the year of the Lord' basically Gregorian callendar. But sometimes it's incorrectly concluded as 'after death' (which makes a little funny pun here). And 'nocturne' is musical composition inspired by the night.
And today, after translating sequel song - Ghost Note - I changed few lines and finally managed to graps meaning of few of them too.

I put (´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*) in order to try guessing which part is Jack's and which is Marutan, since it looks like it's a bit more part of the Ghost Stories~ not really sure about it sometimes though, since mix is so good.

Ghost Note [translation & lyrics]
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And there, since Keisen answered question about Marutan, it was too tempting to not ask her about Jack, right? As ealier, my Japanese sucks and please do not copy that anywhere.


What do you think about Jack-san?

I see hahaha. So such one came too!

Hm... If Jack-tan would answer such question about me right now I wonder how it would turn out--- khem khem.
So let's write down the list again!
- I was listening to other utaite-san whose covers Marutan MIX and that way I heard his voice for the first time
- what's with that invigorating prince voice?!
- no way, that song is good. I mean it's really good - that's what I thought.
- during the first conversation on the radio, I was deeply moved by how kindly I was treated
- I mean back then!!! /// Back then I was really attracted by that!! //
- after that, somehow we gradually became friends during the radio and such
- despite we hadn't met!!←
- despite we hadn't met, we grew attached to each other
- despite we hadn't met, he helped me a lot in many various ways
- despite we hadn't met, he's pretty skilled in such things like cakes.

(keep in mind it's hard for me to tell whether they'd actually NEVER met IRL or she's just talking from time perspective...)

I can say that much for sure ww. And when it comes to Marutan, I think about Jack as 『女子枠』(woman's silhouette??? lol), thus going on like ぐぎぎ , and besides I really see him as a younger brother... or something like that... err, I think it might be not the best description. And my point of view may be not too reliable thought・・・・(;´∀`)

As for now I will just one-sidedly say he's like 『マブダチ枠』 (true friend's silhouette) for me, but I really wonder what he thinks・・・w

( ゚д゚)ハッ! Before I realized it turned out like this...
Shit! You fool, you fool~ Eat cake quickly! Going-- ←
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 Ahh I love you Keisen! And I just have to make attempt to translate it! And since my japanese and english sucks, please do not post that anywhere else. If you see any mistranslations, feel free to comment!


What do you like in Marutan?

Finally some direct question about Marutan! キタ――(゚∀゚)――!!
Ah, I really was thinking it would show up more quickly.
It's surprising it was sent just now ha ha.

Hmm when I think about it once again I really wonder what should I answer~
I would just simpy say "EVERYTHING!" but somehow it just doesn't sound like proper answer.
So let's just write it down!
- voice! Voice goes first! I absolutely love it (*´ω`*)
- he's perfect person to talk to when you need someone's advice about various things
- he knows how to get straight to the point and to cut thorough my heart///
- but in the end he's just doing it 'cause he's so nice (*´ω`*)
- he always care for you when you get in various troubles... sometimes he gets angry haha but it's ok!
- he has highest good taste in mixing songs (`・ω・´)b
- and above all Marutan is the one who can value and approve my voice and my songs

Ahh now when I told that it's so embarasing (*´ω`*)
Well, after all those various things I think I can freely say I really respect him and rely on him ♪

But if you just read me writing such things, not knowing other cicumstances, you might get wrong impression about our relationship, so I will explain it properly.

(what theee, next paragraph is so messed up wwww)

It's one-sided and it's just me who's stubbornly going like KYAAAA and FUFUFU!
When Marutan has enough of warding me off on the left and right, sometimes he just get back at me with sharp words.
I'm just bothering Marutan by teasing him.
Please understand that. Without a doubt it's just like this.

Huh? Somehow the screen became blurred? Huh? wwwww
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Don't mind this post, just feel like writing down lyrics of this:
【管弦楽合唱生録】Reversus リヴェルサス【 ft.ルシュカ/初音ミク】

Production: ELECTROCUTICA (Treow/逆衝動P and others)
Composer: Treow
Lyrics: Naturale
Music performance: The Reversus Orchestra
Vocals[Siren:01]: Luschka
Video: Studio Electrocutica

逆さの海で 浮き上がるは沈みこむと同じ—皆が必死に目指している「それ」は、本当に輝かしいものなのだろうか?あるべき場所にかえるため、我等は"旧き理想"
On the reverse-flowing sea, floating is the same as sinking. Is THAT THING everybody are so desperately aiming for really worth it? To go back to the promised place, we are 'ex-dreamers'.



Ure kaato wisum Oruka iganason
肢を手向ける 朝凪の濁り 
Morning brings lack of clarity, so we are slowed down the pace to not infuriate it

Iso sariceo kikuusu kakog  urinus
縋る乞いに 奇しき歌散らそう‌ 
We rely on our offering, while scattering this mysterious song

nesu serikimur   ikus amukatatus
澄み着る線 瞬く珊瑚芒‌ 
Like flickering coral among transparent beam

uri ho yikeso uobuta kii sowoti
‌愛おしい渇望 魅き寄せる‌|
Sweet longing is comming closer

iana natisukuk
I don't want to lose it

amatatak akeka kigat
I put a bet and I got the key, so....

a kedioyo inegetor o
唄影に 泳いで
The echo of song is wavering


Usa timeti sekowi miahika ya gakira
Radiance is extinguishing the reasoning

kihura na raseti oinoda marane rokure
これなら窓に置いて 更なる光‌ 
In such case, if you leave your window it will shine on you

gaowa rakiture imarakisa tawia
私から 視える力o あげる‌ 
And you will got from me visible power

kicagi mani awaaroh
Listen! Faint scream is getting closer

Uto tiheti sekowi ahakiya gakauo
There's only one way to put out that radiance

yimowuko oeti oukaru karane rosure
‌それなら暗く置いて 多くを観よう‌ 
But then will come great darkness 

gaowa rakiture mot arani kawak
渇きなら 止める力をあげる‌ 
If you will start to feel thirsty for it you will find a power to stop it

salugu reokakino mot uoye uoris
‌識ろう 選よう 供に囲える水瓶‌ 
If you will choose the truth, your friend will bring you water jug


O tabirƆi sukonis o danuo dƷu:nja kanúte zod
Impressions from the purple book, awakened the discussion


jurete ibo: winan Ɔia niƏ heruza hamakan (ure idoo wintƺn)  (nakameh ain ai)
仲間はずれはいないよ 何を怯えている? (何と怯える?)‌  (仲間はいない)
Your comrade won't slip off, so what are you afraid of? (what's so scary?) (your friend won't be there?)


a wisota maguata warabuko dumanisum
蝕む薬なら私が纏うわ 話そう‌ 
I don't care if I will be eaten by worms to be honest


Ure sasomu osini mik euyinanie
何故君に そうもさせる‌
Why are you so easily mocked?

sonera dahama yoneabaka
Who's fault was at Akahae's mountain?

cha sabuta hisau romamog
I wanted to protect that coral

That wing...

‌waeti sos
And that foam

oa uoderek
However... still?

{ interval }

ahimu onigan i anirigakuti
逸限りない 和ぎの海は‌
At this boundlessly calm sea

ia nes atah e dekadi mik
only your are not fullfilled

ia nes asukorom o dekad
But you can't let yourself be soft-hearted

edia rusay inama monok
安らいで 子の儘に‌
And you remain in this state

o tiati kiota tana   (namib abaik ite)
あなたと往きたいと訊いて‌  (涙で往きて)‌
I heard you still want to go on (along with tears)



{ Miku part }


I must admit they did great work. I totally love it! I love the video, the story and the music and the chorus part and Luschka voice... Awesome work. Wondering what language is this, huh? And what kind of alphabet... well, it's just reverse, more or less. And the lyrics are so random, so translation is very random too!


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