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2020-08-01 11:48 pm

[sticky entry] Sticky: Welcome Post

What can you found here? Definitely a lot of stuff about utattemita and NND. Especially Asamack. Actually I could say, it's Asamack shrine. If you don't know what it's about, just go and see Ofurotaimu fansite! I started to be interested in Utattemita around May 2010, so it's not long, but I got really addicted. The utaite I'm stalking interested in are mostly members of Asamakku family, but not only. I kind of know some English and I know a little bit of Japanese. My language skill is really non-existing so pardon my mistakes.

I joined Asamack community 18/07/2010 huuuh, thought I was ealier listening to Asamaru and Jack's seperate nama.

The most interesting posts are semi-locked. If you want to be added to my "circle", please leave a message and mention when you meet me / how you find this blog and why I should add you! :) 

You can find me there!
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2015-11-11 04:45 pm
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Asamaru ft. clear & amu: Isaac [lyrics & translation]

Album: (Asamack 3rd album Renovate) / Asamack (Asamack Best ~ Precious ~
Vocal: Asamaru ft. clear and amu
Lyrics: sunaP
Composition: DeathBallP
Translation: Nanami

アイザック  |  Isaac Isaac
-これはそう、恋なんかじゃないんだ  | Kore wa sou, koi nanka jyanainda
でも、僕はあらゆる意味で「タイプじゃない」 | Demo, boku wa arayuru imi de taipu jya nai
理由上げればきりがない  |  Riyuu agereba kiri ga nai
そもそも距離が近すぎて対象外  |  Somosomo kyori ga chika sugite taishou-gai
そう言ったのは君の方なのに  |  Sou itta no wa kimi no hou nanoni
突然の電話  |  Totsuzen no denwa
深夜0時  |  Shinya 0-ji
意味深な涙 |  Imishinna namida
物理的に  |  Butsuri-teki ni
不可能な  |  Fukanouna
現象が起きて  |  Genshou ga okite
惹かれてゆく  |  Hikarete yuku
僕の心  |  Boku no kokoro
君のほう  |  Kimi no hou
落ちてゆく  |  Ochite yuku
落ちてゆく  |  Ochite yuku
重力の底へ  |  Juuryouku no soko e
ありえない  |  Arienai
言い聞かせた  |  Iikikaseta
鳴り止まない鼓動も  |  Nari yamanai kodou mo
万有の引力に  |  Banyuu no inryoku ni
囚われただけ  |  Torawareta dake
--これはそう、恋なんかじゃないから  |  Kore wa sou koi nanka janai kara
夜空に浮かぶ月もまた捕まってる  |  Yozora ni ukabu tsuki mo mata tsukamatteru
逃れられない法則に  |  Nogarerarenai housoku ni
距離の自乗に反比例で高まってく   |  Kyori no jijou ni hanpirei de takamatteku
近づくほど強くなる力   |  Chikadzuku hodo tsuyoku naru chikara
当然の結果  |  Touzen no kekka
深夜1時  |  Shinya 1-ji
君の窓辺で  |  Kimi no madobe de
僕はそっと  |  Boku wa sotto
ノックして  |  Nokku shite
君を呼び出す  |  Kimi o yobidasu
惹かれてゆく  |  Hikarete yuku
僕の心  |  Boku no kokoro
君のほう  |  Kimi no hou
落ちてゆく  |  Ochite yuku
落ちてゆく  |  Ochite yuku
運命の予感  |  Unmei no yokan
ありえない  |  Arienai
言い聞かせた |  Iikikaseta
逸らせないこの視線  |  Sorasenai kono shisen
万有の引力に  |  Banyuu no inryoku ni
囚われただけ  |  Torawareta dake
--これはそう、恋なんかじゃないはず  |  Kore wa sou, koi nanka janai hazu
あのね……ええと……それより……  |  Ano ne…… e eto… … Sore yori…..
つまり……そのさ……ところで……  |  Tsumari…… sono-sa…… tokorode……
さっき君はなんで泣いてたんだろう?  |  Sakki kimi wa nande naiteta'n darou?
なにかいやなこととか?|  Nanika iyana koto toka?
だれか悪いやつとか?  |  Dare ka warui yatsu toka?
僕に出来ることがあるなら  |  Boku ni dekiru koto ga arunara
僕は君を、僕が君を、守りたい  |  Boku wa kimi o, boku ga kimi o, mamoritai
惹かれていた  |  Hikareteita
僕はきっと  |  Boku wa kitto
はじめから  |  Hajime kara
恋なんて  |  Koi nante
呼ぶことに  |  Yobu koto ni
戸惑ってただけ  |  Tomadotteta dake
ありえない  |  Arienai
僕の言葉  |  Boku no kotoba
驚いた  |  Odoroita
君の表情  |  Kimi no kao
戻せない  |  Modosenai
時間軸  |  Jikan-jiku
後悔はないよ  |  Koukai wa nai yo
君はなぜか  |  Kimi wa naze ka
何も言わず  |  Nani mo iwazu
目を閉じた  |  Me o tojita
万有の引力に  |  Banyuu no inryoku ni
囚われた瞼  |  Torawareta mabuta
惹かれてゆく  |  Hikarete yuku
二人の距離  |  Futari no kyori
ゼロになる  |  Zero ni naru
落ちてゆく  |  Ochite yuku
落ちてゆく  |  Ochite yuku
僕らはやがて  |  Bokura wa yagate
--楽園に林檎を転がした  |  Rakuen ni ringo o korogashita

This cannot be something called love
Even thought I'm by no means "that-type"
If I have motivation I know no boundaries
To begin with, that distance was exceptionally close
Even thought I said it, it should be you
Suddenly phone call
Late in the night at 0-hour
Shedding a tear
Phenomenon is happening
Is pulling me
And my heart
In your direction
To the bottom of gravity
I was told
It cannot be happening
Unstopable ringing throbbing is also
Just imprisoned
By the omnipotent gravity
Because it cannot be something called love
The moon floating through the night sky is also imprisoned
By that inescapable law
The range is getting stronger by multiplying in inverse proportion
With getting closer it becomes stronger, that power
Obvious outcome
Late in the night at 1-hour
By your window
I gently
I'm calling you
Is pulling me
And my heart
In your direction
Premonition of fate
I was told
It cannot be happening
You can't avert that gaze
Just imprisoned
By the omnipotent gravity
Because it shouldn't be something called love
You know... um... you see...
I mean... that... by the way...
I wonder why you were crying a while ago?
Something bad happened?
Someone was mean to you?
If there's something I can do 
I want to, I want to protect you
pulled me
I surely
from the beginning
was too hestitant
to call it
something like love
It cannot be happening
My words
Your face
Can't turn back
Time axis
I don't have regrets
Why you
while not saying anything
just closed your eyes
Eyelids imprisoned
By the omnipotent gravity
Is pulling me
Distance between us
turned to zero
And we finally
Pulled down the apple of the Paradise
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2015-11-01 09:25 pm
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Asamack: Mata ne! Asamack Radio's 2236th night [31/10/2015]

 Okay, time to re-listen to the last daily Asamack!

31st October 2015


Marutan was glad that he made it in time. Then they discussed about Jack's "mata ne" which he uses at the end of every nama. Marutan thought it's because Amuro-chan also uses it at her lives... Jack laughed and said that no, no, it's not related, besides he heard about it for the first time (and she usually says bye bye).

It's not like the last nama ever, but it's to celebrate 6th year of daily Asamack - which came to an end with this day.

Then they discussed how it's Halloween and wondered how foreign people celebrate it. Marutan was sure it's for-kids but Jack said adult people participate in it too.

Also, they were drinking some alcohol.

Later, they received some e-mails from listeners, Jack was reading them aloud and made Marutan read them too :)

When reading those e-mails, Jack suddenly realized there's Keisen-san commenting in tachimi A hahah (I was also in the tachimi A, because I was a bit late at arriving). They had a lot of fun because Keisen was commenting as regular listener, because she forgot her BSP. She even managed to call them and participate a bit with her voice, but due to some technical problems she had to go back to commenting only soon, but it was so nice to hear her voice again!

They also showed some of art listeners made for them.
Like, Nobita-san making a big map of Asamack's logo in Minecraft, visible from the space.... wow. It surely took a long hours.

Other listener mentioned in her e-mail flail about Ichamakku (flirting Asamack ne) and how she remembers that long ago drunk Asamack were making each other say "chuuchuu" (kiss kiss) and Marutan was reading this letter and he read "Jack-san chuuchuu" and he made a pause for Jack to make him read "Marutan chuu chuu" part hahahahaha.

Also, they got new awesome Halloween art from Keito-san!

Jack and Marutan got lovely message even from B-kun :)

Then Jack said he got voice messages from various Asamack family members and played them (he added some background music too):
- Keisen - she was so cute, teasing how she used to call Jack 6 years ago "Jack-san" instead of "Jack-aho" like she calls him nowadays and confessing how her love for Marutan hadn't change in those last 6 years and asking if Marutan is listening (Jack stopped playing record at this moment hahahaha saying he can't bear to listen to this but after short break he played it all) 
- Nem - with voice changer?! He said he was 26 at the moment he started listening to Asamack? And generally thanked Asamack for singing his songs. Jack was perplexed when he heard Nem's message and whether he broke it, but Nem said it's on purpose, because he hates his own talking voice. 
- Hidenori - ah that guitar solo in the beginning hahahaha. 
- Meeko - she said she was playing with Asamack from 2009 and was playing Tetris and cocoa with them and she had a lot of fun. Jack said Meeko will always remain teenager in his mind and both of them said it's so weird to even imagine Meeko now being adult and drinking alcohol hahaha.
- sunaP - he presented himself from his full name and reflected how they had yami-nabe and recorded many songs and it was a lot of fun, and of course he's looking forward to more!
- PUPI - he thanked Asamack for doing daily namahousou and he was sneakingly listening sometimes too.
- amu - he said he started to listen to Asamack and thanks to that get to know Tolie - he's big fan of his. And that he had a great fun with them playing games, of course!
- clear - said that hearing about Asamack ending daily nama is kinda like some era is ending. He also said that sometimes when he was doing his nama, he saw Asamack starting too and was listening secretly haha. And he had a lot of fun playing Mario Cart with them. And that he still has "scars" from those battles and he wants his revenge one day.
- Wotamin - she said it's so sad that daily Asamack are ending. She was often appearing as a guest long ago and she was able to meet many other utaite here.
- Hiradon (Da-little) - he said it would be nice if they could do Asamack even more and more - ASAMACK BANZAI!
- halyosy - he said it's awesome to hold nama for 6 years because he has no experience in doing something for so long daily hahaha. He said he's also playing Splatoon so if he will find them, he will beat them for sure haha. He also said he heard Jack really likes Amuro-chan and he likes her too, so he was really happy. Jack also teased listeners halyosy "chuu-ed" at the end of record.
- Foo-san - he said he has a lot of awesome memories of playing and singing at Asamack and how he was able to record CD with them. Both Asamack sounded so happy, mentioning Foo-san, because thanks to him, so many of their dreams came true. Like when he asked Marutan if he would like to host Nicoradio with... Asakura Daisuke... Marutan said there was no way he would turn it down, but he had to think over it a lot.
- Choucho - she said she remembers well when Asamack was still no nico radio but net-radio and she and Keisen were guests back then.. and she can't believe it's already 6 years. She's really happy Marutan found her covers and mixed them for her and she was able to be in duet with Jack.
- Real-tomo - hajimemashite! Here's Asamack friend bound to them by 10 years contract hahaha. He said his contractor said "gimme voice message!" so he has no right to turn it down - with pleasure. He said he's so sad because when he heard it's already 6 years it means he got so much older. And it was so much fun playing and singing - thought dear listeners can't know him hahah. And he said like: You didn't fight... you didn't fight right? Please don't fight - hahahahaha. He also said he will continue to secretly play games with them wheeeee!!
Keisen commented it's not fair, she wants to be bound by such contract too hahah. She will even make macaroons!
And THAT PERSON replied using BSP: Keisen-san, please be quiet!
Hahahahah, natsukashii!
BSPあるんだよなぁ( ・´ー・`) 
All of them really sounded so pleased to tease Keisen how she forgot her ID and password so she can't use her BSP anymore.
- Tolie - he started with whistling and introduced himself as the one who sang Fullchin Boogie with Asamack - thought Marutan didn't sing it hahahah. He said a lot happened,he once visited Asamack and he was so happy that the atmosphere didn't change since years ago - especially the feeling of warmth and reassurance. He also wanted to end his message with some neta - he started to sing Furuchin acapella....
Tolie commented via BSP that he had to record it 6 times and the original message was 10 minutes long.
And here, last surprise guest!
- Dai-chan (Asakura Daisuke) - he said it's awesome that both of them managed to make such place in the corner of the internet, gathering people and providing them happiness for whole 6 years. He said that it feels like yesterday when he was doing nicoradio with them. He also said if there would be chance he will gladly meet with them again!

Marutan sounded soooo surprised and happy.

Jack was so high, because he had to give his best because reaching Dai-chan was of course quite a feat. First he sent a DM to Asakura-san himself and got a really quick reply that wow, 6th anniversary and he himself is okay voice message... but he needs allowance from the office and Jack must ask for it. Jack, who has no company or anything, just he himself.

So he called the office and was like: "Pardon me, I'm one of the people who are doing unit called Asamack, my name is Jack, I would like to ask for allowance to get Asakura Daisuke's voice message"... and he got a number to Dai-chan's menager. He asked if it's okay to call such important person, officemen said it should be okay. He had to try 3 or 4 times but he couldn't reach this person, but when he was thinking that it might be impossible, that person called him back and he already guessed that Jack-san is calling him and that yeah, thank you for looking for Asakura-san at nico radio back then and Jack was like NO NO NO it was my pleasure hahahaha. Jack's hands were trembling when he asked that it may be impossible but if only, then he would like for persmission for Asakura-san to record a voice message for them. And menager said that it's completely no problem and then they should record it right now! And Jack himself could not believe he got YES from all important people and he received Dai-chan's message via e-mail. 

Jack also said that probably if Marutan was the one who should ask for it, then it wouldn't work. Marutan said it would be totally muri, because he would spend hours on dwelling whether he should call or not, while Jack just done it. Jack said that since Dai-chan himself said it's okay, then he probably sensed it might work out and gave his best.

After this Marutan said he's going to grab something to drink.

It really is amazing that Jack was able to get so many responses. Most of Asamack Family members are nowadays very busy. Jack was happy all people Jack asked accepted it immediately and gave their best. Plus really, Jack who usually don't like people i general, for him to go to such lenghts to get Dai-chan's voice record... And of course, he didn't use his real name when calling the office so it must be even weirder.

Jack said someone should now do suprise to him and get a voice message from Amuro-chan hahahaha Marutan laughed and said it's muri and besides Jack said he doesn't like surprises hahaha Jack said it's okay, he would probably die if he got one. Listeners started to whispering we should go to Foo-san hahahah (he once got for Jack Amuro-chan's sign).

Then they showed MMD made by one of their listeners - HIKO-san.. of their live, singing magnet. Their charas were done really well, with height difference etc. and they moved and danced a lot and it was pure awesome!!! And as bonus, there was also MMD to Marutan's Meri Meri - with both of them, d'aaaaaaaw.

Link - community only!

Some other talented listener - Ichise-san - send them magnet version played on harp.... uwaaaaa.

They showed artist's images then and read their e-mails. Half-way Jack started to wonder if it's okay to read this mails hahahaha. But even if one said pleass don't read the contents, Jack ignored it hahahahha.
Listener called Ookami-san wrote an awesome e-mail. Like long ago she was searching for interesting broadcasts of utaite and happened to see Asamack nama playing Mario Cart and thought "ehhh what's this, what they are mumbling about, why listeners are so loosy?" and Marutan talking about stomach medicine and... she got into it and started to listen everyday. Marutan commented it was probably back when they were having a lot of drinking nama. Ookami-san also wrote how she was happy when they was showing her art and her hands were trembling. And how she could participate in playing games with them. And when she managed to defeat Jack in Splatoon or Mario Cart, she must say she was laughing in really creepy manner (Jack tried to imitate it hahahaha). That was really lovely e-mail full of all listeners feelings.

At this point, nama was already there for 5 hours and 20 minutes. Jack said how the 6 hours is max limit for net-duet device, so there's only 40 minutes left and how time surely flies by quickly tonight.

When broadcast was comming to an evitable end, they skipped to emotional topics. When Marutan was singing Alice for their first CD - Gift - because he was so happy at the moment, he got in a bit negative mood and amidst recording he started to ponder if he will be able to do this 2 years from now on, and how Asamack have to end one day. (He cried at the recording? w) And while singing Alice, he was thinking about Jack and how much Jack would be sad if Marutan was not here anymore (inakunattara LOL). And he can't let him feel lonely now, he has to look forward to next Saturday so they will be able to do next Asamack. Jack also said it's a bit lonely to him too, to wait till next week. And it was really hard for him to made reservation for this last nama and he had hard time pushing the button to made this nama. Marutan said he became pretty much unable to came till this years April but it's lonely for him too... he once said he doesn't see dreams right? But weirdly, now he can sleep more and wake up at weird hours and since this half of year he can see dreams too. 

And when such interesting topic popped up, it turned out there's only 5 more minutes of the nama!!

Jack said he wanted to play one song before the ending... and ending theme was... Thanks (translated lyrics here).


I'm crying. I'm so crying. Lyrics. And Marutan and Jack started to shout ARIGATOUUUU.


(´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)

This song is such perfect ending Asamack song! Imagine your favorite everyday manga/anime, finally ending after long years (more than 5 years for me) and the impact of the last pages of the last chapter. And perfect ending song. But it was even MORE intense to me.

Now, tomorrow will be no Asamack. Can't grasp it yet. I will surely wait for one... but well, it's sad, it's emotional, it's a mix of such a deep gratitude and love and loneliness, but it's not the end so... 

Looking forward to Asamack season 2!!!
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2015-10-30 09:43 pm
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Asamack Radio: Major changes [aka end of Asamack season 1]

Asamack set up special (halloween) broadcast at 31st October 2015 and every registered fan can register for TS:

The one setting it was Jack and all listeners should be able to tell, that he's usually ending nama with words in title - mata ne.
Why he should use such title? Well... some era of Asamack is ending.

Asamack duo is amazing. They are doing broadcasts literally EVERY FUCKING NIGHT since around October 2009 - for 6 years! Usually around midnight, the two of them. If one couldn't appear, the other hold namahousou alone. And like this, for all those years. It's really amazing. People asked them many times how they can not be bored about it, but they said they are not. But could it go on forever...? 

Looking few months back, Asamack became stagnant and it could't be helped. Those are small changes, but I think every Asamack fan could tell them. They started to be busy... especially Marutan have more work, is more tired, have difficulties with staying late in the night for Asamack. Jack is still vigorous, but became more stable too. They used to drink so much, nowadays it's rare when they are even a bit drunk. Guests stopped comming, many people started their own carriers or quietly quitted nico douga. Listeners grew older with Asamack, started to be busy with adult lives, stopped listening to actual Asamack and joined "TS-ing group" (listening to timeshifts the next day) and number of everyday listeners dropped to 200-300 people (there used to be more than 1k everynight). But Asamack tried to remain the same :)

But lately the motivation dropped rapidly. For many weeks, guiding Asamack Radio became Jack's "duty". Marutan appeared rarely and mostly on weekends. Sometimes Marutan was supposed to join Asamack, but was so tired he felt asleep and Jack was again left alone... Even if Marutan appeared they were just mostly playing games - mainly Splatoon. Let's be honest - it's not the most interesting part of Asamack. Jack alone started to use Asamack for his utawaku, instead of his own community - year or two ago, it was unthinkable.

And then, after another one Asamack with Jack only, something changed. Jack, probably worn-out of this, started to start nama, but with video-only. No talking, no commenting. Just transmitting him playing Splatoon with listeners... and it lasted for few days. Something totally unusual (unless both of them were sick). 

After few days of such weird Asamack, Jack made statement on twitter:
じゃっく ‏@Jack_sk  Oct 18
I made up my mind! I will make announcement at today's broadcast so people who can listen, please come. For me personally, I was thinking - it isn't such big deal...? so that statement might be like this. 
But to me (as Asamack) it's very important statement. It's a result of my thinking-over it so please listen.

Long story short, they decided it's impossible to hold Asamack Radio every night any longer. It just lost its meaning and instead of having fun, it became a burden. Situation has changed, life happens... Marutan can't come everynight, so it's pointless. Plus, it was inevitable that at some point instead of doing broadcast because they want, it will become like - they have to do it, because they are doing it everynight. But listeners should not fret! It's not the end of Asamack Radio - they will still do it! But occassionally, when they feel like it~ So they were joking it's like, Asamack season 2.

The last of everynight broadcast will be the Halloween one. Starting from November 2015, Asamack will do nama randomly.

My personal opinion:

Thank you Asamack for all those years! I must admit, I became addicted in no time. Whenever I could, I was listening to them (even thought my japanese is limited) everyday. There were no time when I skipped Asamack Radio for longer of my own will (it was because of hospital or university). A day without Asamack was weird day :)

Now it will definitely be weird to me. I will surely turn out my PC after returning from my work and without thinking, will try to see if Asamack is already on. And it will be super weird, if oh, no Asamack tonight... But I'm happy. Even I got a little tired of prolonging stagnant atmosphere. It was dead-end situation. I hated it when Jack was forcing himself to do nama (he hardly ever bitched about it himself). So I'm wishing it would really change into something new, Asamack needed such refreshment.

And yeah, it could be beginning of the end, but that can't be helped too. I'm curious how it will change... how often they will do nama now... what ideas they will bring... if this will bring new quality to Asamack? Or maybe it will die out slowly. We will see.

But anyways, I must say: thank you Asamack for all those Asamack broadcasts! You are awesome :)

Mata ne! See you soon!!

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2015-10-26 07:06 pm
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Tolie: kaodashi & go pro info

Well, a lot of things happening lately, so maybe I should finally add new note here.

After years of not really showing up, Tolie's back!

But not as utaite, but he aims to be professional singer (and he's working hard to be pro composer too).

Many people were surely missing him and secretly wishing for his come-back, thought it was pretty much possible it might never happen. After he started working for Valshe's team, he vanished from nico, from Asamack and it looked like he just can't show up anywhere. Just occassionally Jack was smuggling to us his new vocaloid songs covers. And of course, he composed new songs for Valshe, so it was a sign he's alive and well. And even when working in official teams, he didn't show any interest in showing his face or anything... He just once was at some vocaloid live event as producer and even on Valshe's tokuten he didn't show his face, just hands etc. I could also sense strong Asamack Family vibes because boys don't want to do kaodashi either.

So it was quite a news when he announced he will release his first CD. Even more when cover showed up and he decided to show his face in public - now everyone will know how he looks like (he's adorable and kinda ikemen and sooo tall).

That's not all, he also took part in Nico ChouParty, a live event which took place 25th October 2015 - if you paid for e-ticket, you could see him singing magnet and he also just released his song's PV.

You can visit his official website here:

My thoughts? I'm so excited and happy for him. I never really thought the day will come, when he might show himself. Actually I was okay if he didn't show himself and it was fun hunting for his rare photos and shots (yes, there were some). Yes, it was frustrating that Valshe "kept" him for herself hahaha. But it was okay, because his voiceeeee! His personalityyyyy~! And to be honest, when I first saw his PV I had mixed feelings. The voice I recognize and adore and... face of the stranger. My brain was like, hey! you know perfectly this vibratto! But the guy (with obviously made-up lips movement to the lyrics) I see here is a total stranger to me. Aside from hands... I can easily recognize his pretty hands hahahah.

At the same time, I can't help but feel like Tolie is back but... not as an utaite, but as pro singer. He's finally so close, yet more further. He still has that adorable dorky personality (can't stop hearing his sassy cries when he played MonHun with Asamack), but ikemen stranger in the video looks more stern and dignified (sorry Tolie). I guess I just need some time to accept that huh.
But I still hope he will find some time to cover vocaloid songs as utaite, to fool around at Asamack, to go on karaoke with them... But who knows, he might as well never return to those and then, he won't be the same "Tolie" to me. Then I would be happier if he changed his alias. Because RyuuseiP is his name as producer, minato is kinda producer and dignified version of him, and Tolie - for me - is his sassy self, who fools around with Asamack... 
Time will tell!

But as for now, I can close my eyes and listen to his amazing voice - officially.

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2015-10-25 04:28 pm
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Tolie / Tourai: songs list (as utaite)

UPDATE [08/2016]
Please note I don't refresh this list anymore, since Tolie's official "come out". Unless he will sing something privately again :)

Tolie / Torai / Tourai / minato / RyuuseiP

Solo uploaded covers (alphabet order)

Title: Akai Ito
Original title:  アカイト
Source: here
Date: 14/03/2015

Title: Albino
Original title:  アルビノ 
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: Ame ka Yume 
Original title: 飴か夢
Source: here (community only)

Title: Bird of Paradise
Original title: 極楽鳥 -bird of paradise-
Source: here (community only) and here
Title: Black ★ Rock Shooter
Original title: ブラック★ロックシューター
Source: here 
Info: after this song he became known as Tolie / Torai because he mispelled 'tsurai yo' thus it's considered Tolie's birthday

Title: celluloid
Source: here

Title: crystal mic 
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: from Y to Y
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: Just be friends
Source: here (community only) 

Title: Just call my name
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: magnet
Producer: minato
Source: link (community only); here
Info: he's composer of magnet. The funniest thing is everybody already covered it in duets and nobody was left to sing with him, so he sang it alone... I mean as minato x tolie

Title: Marionette 
Original title: マリオネット
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: Meltdown
Original title: 炉心融解
Source: here (community only) and here

Title:「only my railgun」
Source: here (community only) 

Title: Piano x Forte x Scandal 
Original title:  ピアノ×フォルテ×スキャンダル 
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: Rainbow
Source: here (community only)

Title: Tokyo Rock City
Source: here (community only) 

Official CD songs (alphabet order)

Title: ACUTE
Utaite: Yamai, Usa, Tolie
Album: Usa colony san
Sample: here

Title: Battery
Original title: バッテリー
Album: 10 summers CD 

Title: Cantarella -carnal ver.-
Original title: カンタレ
Album: Usa colony san
Sample: here

Title: G-A-M-E [live]
Original composer: doriko
Original album: 「unformed」 
Singers: Tolie & Usa
Source: Usa Colony Gakuen Bunka-sai -HAPPY TIME- live 2010

Title: HAPPY TIME (Bonus track)
Album: Usa colony ni

Title: Red Garden -type U-
Utaite: Tolie & Usa 
Album: Usa colony san
Sample: here

Title: Sky with no exit 
Original title:「 出口のない空 」  
Album: 『in a graceful sound
Crossfade: here

Title: SPICE!
Utaite: Tolie & Rib
Album: Upload feat. Vocalist

Title: Tsuki mo Taiyou
Original source: 月も太陽
Utaite: Usa & Tolie
Album: Usa colony san
Sample: here

Title: Usa Colony Gakuen Bunka-sai -HAPPY TIME- live 2010
Utaite: Tolie, Usa, Yamai
Info: various songs from live

Solo not uploaded covers (alphabet order)

Title: Ee? Ah, sou.
Original title: え?あぁ、そう。
Source: n/a

Producer: minato
Source: n/a

Title: from Y to Y -piano arrangement-
Source: n/a

Title: Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki
Original title: 初めての恋が終わる時
Source: n/a 
Info: Played during Asamack Radio at 21/12/2012 as Tolie's birthday gift for Jack

Title: Iroha Uta
Origin title: いろは唄
Source: n/a

Title: Jougen no Tsuki
Original title: 上弦の月
Source: n/a 
Info: Santa Jack played it during Asamack Radio at 15/12/2013

Title: Last Queen
Original title: 最後の女王 
Source: n/a

Title: Mosaik Roll
Source: n/a

Title: My Dearest
Band: supercell
Source: n/a
Info: Santa Jack played it during Asamack Radio at 8.01.2015

Title: Sarishinohara
Original title: サリシノハラ
Source: n/a 
Info: Played by Jack at Asamack Radio at 17/07/2013

Title: Scissorhands
Original title: シザーハンズ
Source: n/a 

Title: Seisou Bakuretsu Boy
Original title: 聖槍爆裂ボーイ
Source: n/a 
Info: Played by Jack at Asamack Radio at 29/01/2014

Title: Senbonzakura
Original title: 千本桜
Source: n/a 
Info: Played during Asamack Radio at 31/07/2013

Title: SPICE!
Source: n/a

Title: Trust me
Source: n/a
Info: Durarara!! ending song

Title: Yonjuunana [47]
Source: n/a
Info Played by Santa Jack at Asamack Radio at 7.01.2015

Collabs (alphabet order)

Utaite: Tolie, Yamai, usa
Source: here

Title: Ai no Uta 
Original title:「 愛の唄 」 
Utaite: Tolie, usa, Yamai 
Source: here

Title: cendrillion
Utaite: Tolie & usa
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: Doukoku no Ame 
Original title: 慟哭ノ雨 
Utaite: Tolie & Jack
Source: here

Title: erase or zero
Utaite: Tolie & ten
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: Fullchin Boogie
Original title:「 フルチン☆ブギ 」 
Utaite: Tolie & Jack ft. Jiguru
Source: here
Info: The last line is Choucho's

Title: Juvenile
Original title: ジュブナイル
Utaite: Tolie & usa
Source: here (community only) and here

Title: Mean Force Urotander
Original title:「卑怯戦隊うろたんだー」
Utaite: Tolie ft. Kagamine Len
Source: here 
Info: parody. I love it.

Title: Tsugai Kogarashi
Original title:「番凩」
Utaite: Tolie & usa
Source: here (community only) and here

Chorus, festivals, projects

Title: Boku Mote
Original title:「 ボクモテ 」 
Utaite: one version is Tolie and second is minato
Source: as part of Asamack's Boku Mote matsuri

Title: Human Sacrifice Alice Project
Original title:「 人柱アリス  」 
Utaite: Yamai, Tolie, Re:A, Utawa Sakura, Usa
Source: here (community only) and here 

Title: Iroha Uta
Original title:「 いろは唄 」 
Utaite: Jack
Chorus: Tolie
Source: here

Title: Mr. Pumpkin
Utaite: usa
Chorus: Tolie
Source: here

Title: Pero Pero
Original title:「 ぺろぺろ 」 
Utaite: Tolie 
Source: as part of Asamack's Pero Pero matsuri

Title: Senma Revolution
Utaite: Tolie, Usa, Yamai
Source: here

Utaite: Tolie, that, clear, mitani, yonji, Valshe, perfumen, puriko, Hiradon, ill.bell, kurimuzon, honkon, halyosy, Dasoku, jikkoku nana, nittomegane, che:sakurai, hitosato, ten, Ritsuka, rapbit. Piko, Sekihan.
Source: here 

Title: Under the Darkness
Utaite: Tolie
Source: as part of Asamack's Under the Darkness matsuri

Title: Asamack & Tolie who-knows-for-what voices
Original title: あさまっく&トゥライ用途不明ボイス
Utaite: Asamaru, Jack, Torai
Source: n/a
Info: are you wondering that it is? it's some serifu they recorded long ago

Live broadcasts, karaoke

Title: shine more
Singer: Amuro Namie
Date: 25/05/2010

Title: LOVE 2000
Singer: Amuro Namie
Date: 25/05/2010

Title: Put 'Em Up
Singer: Amuro Namie
Date: 25/05/2010

Title: Sennen no Dokusou ka
Original title:千年の独奏歌
Utaite: Jack
Chorus: Tolie
Source: karaoke in 2010 year

Title: Lion
Original anime: Macross F
Utaite: Jack and Tolie
Source: karaoke

Somewhere in 2012 year:
Just making order among my files... since Tolie is not active anymore (´・ω・`) I tried to find as many of his covers as there are. If you know any others please let me know! And some of them are unfortunately unreachable and just exist as Asamack background music. Oh well... Sources are official ones, the ones labeled as "community only" requires being member of Tolie's community. All n/a (not available) aren't officially uploaded anywhere. And I didn't put here fan-made mash-ups.

Someday in 2014 year:
Okaaay things are changing! Tolie is again alive and back on twitter (it's end of 2014 year now). No namahousou or uploading anything yet, but yaaay!

October 2015:
Tolie is starting his career as a pro singer, but I won't add here his new CDs songs, because (I hope) it will turn out messy after some time. I want to keep this post clear as list of pre-official Tolie's songs list :) So it's a bit of archival list unless he will decide to cover some vocaloid songs or go on karaoke.

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2015-05-13 10:06 pm
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Asamaru: Ore no asa [lyrics & translation]

 Album: Asamaru Best ~Ever~
Vocal: Asamaru
Lyrics: Daisuke Asakura
Composition: minato
Translation: Nanami

Original lyrics: here

Ore no Asa | My mornings

そろそろ出なきゃ遅刻する!! | soro soro denakya chikoku suru!!
If I won't go out soon I'll be late!!
寝不足から始まる毎日 | nebusoku kara hajimaru mainichi
I start my everyday with lack of sleep
疲れはいつも充実のため | tsukare wa itsumo juujitsu no tame
Tiredness is always like enhancement for
楽しいことはやめられないね | tanoshii koto wa yamerarenai ne
not stopping doing enjoyable things
「I don't worry!」 言い聞かせてる | "I don't worry!"  iikikaseteru
"I don't worry!" I keep on telling that to myself
勢いなら 負けないし | ikioi nara  makenai shi
As long as I have energy, I won't lose
ちょっと!どーなってんの俺の朝!? | chotto! dou nattenno ore no asa!?
Wait a sec! Just what is happening, my mornings?!
ぐちゃぐちゃ悩むのはもーいいや | gucha gucha nayamu no wa mou ii ya
I have enough of idle complaits
無理ゲーは慣れっこだったはず | murigee wa narekko datta hazu
I should've already got used to this impossible game
難しくたって 全クリしてやろう! | muzukashiku tatte  zenkuri shite yarou!
It's hard but let's clear it all!
ポジティブはネガディブの裏 | pojiteibu wa negateibu no ura
Positive is other side of the negative
ぎりぎりで表に持っていく | giri giri omote ni motte iku
I just barely made it to the front
バランスは50/50? いやむしろ80/80!? | baransu wa 50/50?  iya mushiro 80/80!?
Balance is 50/50!? Or rather more like 80/80?!
突っ込みどころ満載のジレンマ | tsukkomi dokoro mansai no jirenma
That dilemma when place where I want to dig into is fully loaded
「You don't miss it!」 期待させてる | "You don't miss it!"  kitai saseteru
"You don't miss it!" with such anticipation
プレッシャーはもう最高潮(さいこうちょう) | puresshaa wa mou saikouchou
The pressure is already at climax
ちょっと!どーなってんの俺の朝!? | chotto! dou nattenno ore no asa!?
Wait a sec! Just what is happening, my mornings?!
くよくよ凹むのはもーいいや | kuyo kuyo hekomu no wa mou ii ya
I have enough of worrying and feeling down
無茶振りも慣れっこだったはず | muchaburi mo narekko datta hazu
I should've already got used to this absurd show
それも悲しいね | sore mo kanashii ne
It's kinda sad
「だがそれがいい」だろ | "daga sore ga ii" daro
"But it's okay" I guess
ちょっと!どーなってんの俺の朝!? | chotto! dou nattenno ore no asa!?
Wait a sec! Just what is happening, my mornings?!
ぐちゃぐちゃ悩むのはもーいいや | gucha gucha nayamu no wa mou ii ya
I have enough of idle complaits
無理ゲーは慣れっこだったはず | murigee wa narekko datta hazu
I should've already got used to this impossible game
難しくたって 全クリしてやろう! | muzukashiku tatte  zenkuri shite yarou!
It's hard but let's clear it all!
俺の朝にカンパイ!! | ore no asa ni KANPAI!! 
Complete defeat to my mornings!!
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2015-04-24 09:12 pm
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Jack: Kimi wa boku wa [lyrics & translation]

Album: Asamack Best ~Precious~
Vocal: Asamaru & Jack
Lyrics & composition: minato
Translation: Nanami

君は僕は | Kimi wa Boku wa
You are, I am

扉閉ざしたのは誰? | Tobira tozashita no wa dare?
Who shut tight that door?
扉を開けたのは誰? | Tobira o kaketa no wa dare?
Who opened that door?
心破いたのは誰? | Kokoro yabuita no wa dare?
Who torn apart that heart?
心泣かせたのは誰? | Kokoro nakaseta no wa dare?
Who made that heart cry?
重心はいつの間にか | Juushin wa itsu no manika
Before anyone would notice the barycenter
誰にも見せなくなってた | Dare ni mo misenaku natteta
became unable to be noticed by anyone
去っていく背中をただ | Satte iku senaka o tada
I was only able to see from behind
遠くで見つめられていた | Tooku de mitsumerarete ita
The backs of those leaving
呼び止めてくれなければ | Yobi tometekure nakereba
If I would stop calling out
見失われてしまったなら | Miushinawarete shimattara
If I would lost the sight of it
「もう二度と会えないだろう」| "Mou nidoto aenai darou"
"Will we never meet again I wonder"
そんな気がしてた | Sonna kigashiteta
I had such feeling
僕はいつもひとりで決め | Boku wa itsumo hitori de kime
I am always deciding everything by myself
君はいつも走っている | Kimi wa itsumo hashitte iru
You are always running somewhere
君はまだ僕の名前を | Kimi wa mada boku no namae o
You are still keep on calling out
呼び続けている | Yobitsudzukete iru
my name
君がいつも悲しいのは | Kimi ga itsumo kanashii no wa
Your usual sadness
僕が君を知らないから? | Boku ga kimi o shiranai kara?
Is it because I did not know you?
心に抱えてる自分は | Kokoro ni kakaeteru jibun wa
When I hold that heart in my arms I noticed
思うよりも複雑で 思うよりも難しい | Omou yori mo fukuzatsu de omou yori mo muzukashii
it's more complicated than I thought, more hard than I thought
ごめんね | Gomen ne
Forgive me
迷っては引き返して | Mayotte wa hikikaeshite
Repeateadly getting lost
戸惑わせていただろうか | Tomadowasete ita darou ka
I wonder if you were perplexed
捨てきれないものばかりで | Sutekirenai mono bakari de
All those things I couldn't threw away
両手がいっぱいになってた | Ryoute de ippai ni natteta
My both hands became full of them
信じているのはきっと | Shinjite iru no wa kitto
If you have faith then most likely
本当のこと 知ってるから | Hontou no koto shitteru kara
Because you know the truth
透明なこのガラスには | Toumeina kono garasu ni wa
In that transparent glass
何が見えていた? | Nani ga miete ita?
What do you see in it? 
夢をみているようだった | Yume o mite iru you datta
It was like watching a dream
思い返せばいつだって | Omoikaeseba itsu datte
Whenever I re-think about it
昨日あった出来事(こと)のように | Kinou atta dekigoto no you ni
Just like things that happened yesterday
映し出せるよ | Utsushidaseru yo
They are casting a shadow
僕は何を見つめていて | Boku wa nani o mitsumete ite
Just on what I was looking at?
君は何を求めるだろう | Kimi wa nani o motomeru darou
Just what were you searching for?
あした後悔しないように | Ashita koukai shinai you ni
In order not to regret anything tomorrow
生きていきたい | Ikite ikitai
I want to live
Ahどうしても単純に | Ah Doushite mo tanjun ni
Ah why so simply
言葉にはできなかった | Kotoba ni wa dekinakatta
I'm lost of words
今までもこれから先も | Ima made mo korekara saki mo
Up until now and from now on
僕は僕でいるから | Boku wa boku de iru kara
Because I am myself
何度目かの「ごめんね」と、 | Nandome ka no "Gomen ne" to
I will change all those "Forgive me" to
「ありがとう」| "Arigatou"
"Thank you"
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2015-04-18 05:32 pm
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Asamack: Futatsu no koe [lyrics & translation]

Album: Asamack Best ~Precious~
Vocal: Asamaru & Jack
Lyrics & composition: minato
Translation: Nanami

フタツノ声 | Futatsu no koe
Two voices

街の中通り抜けた 想像よりひどいノイズ | Machi no naka toorinuketa  souzou yori hidoi noizu
Slipping through the town, the noise is more obnoxious than I thought it'd be
軽く笑い飛ばせたら楽なのに | Karuku waraitobasetara raku nanoni
But despite this if you laught at it lightly, it's more bearable
踏み越えた画面(ビジョン)の外 確かめた近い未来 | Fumikoeta bision no soto tashikameta chikai mirai
I overstepped this vision and outside of it there surely is enclosing future
握りしめた夢を掴むイマジネーション | Nigirishimeta yume o tsukamu imajineeshon
That tightly grasped dream, seizing it with imagination
近くなる程に | Chikaku naru hodo ni
The more it's getting closer
心震えて手を伸ばしていた | Kokoro furuete te o nobashite ita
The more my heart is trembling while I stretched out my hand
遠回りの日々だって 道しるべは無くたって | Toumawari no hibi datte michi-shirube wa nakutatte
I was taking detours everyday so I lost my guideposts
その声で進める | Sono koe de susumeru
This voice helped me to go on
きっと誰かに与える事でしか感じられない | Kitto dareka ni ataeru koto de shika kanjirarenai
Surely I won't be able to experience anything if it won't be given to me by others
満たされた想いを胸に秘めて走っている | Mitasareta omoi o mune ni himete hashitte iru
I hid memories engraved in my chest and run
今は言えない いつか言いたい | Ima wa ienai itsuka iitai 
I can't say it now but I will one day say that
辛くても君だから信じられたと | Tsurakute mo kimi dakara shinjirateta to
It's hard but since it's you, I will believe in you
その瞳が見据えた先にあるもの 共有しよう | Sono me ga misueta saki ni aru mono kyouyou shiyou
Before these eyes can be certain, let's share things together
目的地はいつも同じだって解っているから | Mokutekichi wa itsumo onaji datte wakatteru kara
I know that the place we are aiming for always stays the same
空を仰げば降る歓声に 僕たちは応えると誓おう | Sora o aogeba furu kansei ni boku-tachi wa kotaeru to chikaou
While looking up at the sky, let's cry out cheerfully, that we vow we will always respond to each other
いつの日も | Itsu no hi mo
Whatever day it may be
立ち止まる事もせずに許された枠の中で | Tachidomaru koto mo sezu ni yurusareta waku no naka de
Instead of stopping inside this confiding frame
動き続けるだなんて「どうしようもない」| Ugoki tsudzukerunda nante 'Doushiyoumonai'
Continuing to go on "can't be helped"
誰でもいい事は誰か別の人がやればいい | Dare demo ii koto wa dare ka betsu no hito ga yareba ii
Anyone other would be better, anyone other should do it instead of me
誉めたたえるだけの言葉はイミテーション |  Hometataeru dake no kotoba wa imiteeshon
Such words are only imitation of praise
本当の本当は解っているよ自分次第だって | Hontou no hontou wa wakatte iru yo jibun shidai datte
To be perfectly honest I know it's my responsibility
怖がっても踏み出して 基準なんてはみ出して | Kowagattethe mo fumidashite kijun nante hamidashite
So even thought it's scary I step forward, forced out by the feeling it's only natural
その声を力に | Sono koe o chikara ni
Finding strenght in this voice
ずっと誰かと繋がる事でしか埋められない | Zutto dare ka to tsunagaru koto de shika umerarenai
Unless you don't connect to anyone, you won't be fullfilled
寂しさを抱えて生きていくと思っていた | Sabishisa o kakaete ikiteiku to omotte ita
I thought I will live on while embracing my loneliness
今は言えるよ そんなんじゃない | Ima wa ieru yo sonnan jya nai
I can say now that it's not like that
ここにいる君にただ伝えたいって | Koko ni iru kimi ni tada tsutaetai tte
I just want to convey it to you who's here
間違えた事も楽しい事も一緒にやろう | Machigaeta koto mo tanoshii koto mo isshoni yarou
Let's together make both mistakes and fun
他の誰かとじゃ分かち合えないこの気持ちを | Hoka no dare ka to jya wakachi aenai kono kimochi o
Those feelings that can't be shared with anyone else
大事にするよ 心にふれた | Daiji ni suru yo kokoro ni fureta
Let's hold them dear, they moved my heart
感触が本物の証 | Kanshoku ga honmono no akashi
That feeling itself is the proof of their genuineness
そうだろう? | Sou darou?
Ahふと気付いたとき | ah futo kidzuita toki
Ah when I finally noticed
貰うばかりの自分がイヤになる | Morau bakari no jibun ga iya ni naru
That I only receive things, I felt bad
期待に応えたがって それ以上も行けるって | Kitai ni kotaeta ga tte sore ijou mo ikeru tte
I have to live up to expectations and to go beyond them
その声が聞きたい | Sono koe ga kikitai
I want to hear such voice
きっと誰かに与える事でしか感じられない | Kitto dareka ni ataeru koto de shika kanjirarenai
Surely I won't be able to experience anything if it won't be given to me by others
満たされた想いを胸に秘めて走っている | Mitasareta omoi o mune ni himete hashitte iru
I hid memories engraved in my chest and run
今は言えない いつか言いたい | Ima wa ienai itsuka iitai 
I can't say it now but I will one day say that
辛くても君だから信じられたと | Tsurakute mo kimi dakara shinjirateta to
It's hard but since it's you, I will believe in you
その瞳が見据えた先にあるもの 共有しよう | Sono me ga misueta saki ni aru mono kyouyou shiyou
Before these eyes can be certain, let's share things together
目的地はいつも同じだって解っているから | Mokutekichi wa itsumo onaji datte wakatteru kara
I know that the place we are aiming for always stays the same
空を仰げば降る歓声に 僕たちは応えると誓おう | Sora o aogeba furu kansei ni boku-tachi wa kotaeru to chikaou
While looking up at the sky, let's cry out cheerfully, that we vow we will always respond to each other
いつの日も | Itsu no hi mo
Whatever day it may be
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2015-03-14 06:18 pm

Vocaloid: Aka ito [translation]

Angie asked me for translation of this. If you doesn't know yet, Tolie covered it and uploaded on nico after 5 years of hiatus. Such happy day! If you don't know, akai ito is reffering to red string of fate.

Producer: mikitoP
Cover: Tolie
Translation: Nanami

Aka Ito | Red thread

Are kara ittai dore kurai  kimi to no kyori wa  hiraite shimatta no 
Machi naka ni ima nagareteru  aa kono utagoe wo  boku wa shitteiru 

Since that time just how much the distance between us grew wider
The singing voice in the middle of the town I hear now ahh it sounds so familiar
Kimi wo meguru "Jijou" ni kuruu mainichi 
Mukiau koto datte  dekinaku natteta 
Yuku ate no nai tegami wa shini kirenai yotte 
Moji ni narisokoneta mama  kimi wo sagashiteta 

Every day the "conditions" to meet you were going astray
We became unable to see each other face to face
The letter without address is sentenced to expire therefore
I was just composing it from missed out litters while I was searching for you
Nando kimi ni koi shite  nando kimi wo urande 
Kataku musunda ito  boku wo yasashiku shibaru 
Dakara ienakute  imasara kimi ni furetakute  kurushikute 
Nando mo iikaketa  sayonara 

No matter how many times I fall in love with you or how many times I resented you
That thread linking us strongly was gently tying me down
So I couldn't say it, even touching you after all of this is painfull 
The farewell I'd tried to say so many times
Zenbu jama ni naru ki ga shita  kono tegami mo sou  nayamu koto sae
Kawaranai mono wa nai nara  aa bokura kono mama kawatte yuku no 

I felt like everything became a hindrance, even this letter and those worries
If there's nothing unchanging in this world then ahh will we also keep on changing?
Kimi kara no otosata wa  zutto nai mama 
Kuuhaku no toki ni omoi wo haseta 
Sorezore ni miteita  atarashii tobira 
Sono te de gyutto oshiaketa  kimi ga mabushikatta 

I haven't heard anything from you in a long time
In those empty times I let my thoughts go wild
After seeing this and that, new door appeared
I pushed them strongly with my own hands, you were here so dazzling
Marude kodomo mitai ni  tsunaida te wo hiite 
Hashiridashi sou ni naru  kimi no massugu na hitomi 
Dakara ienakute  imasara kimi ni aitakute  kurushii yo 

Just like a child, I reached out my hand and you took it
I felt like wanting to start running, your eyes so straight
So I couldn't say it, still wanting to meet you after all of this is so painful
Kaite wa keshita RABU RETAA ga  omoide to tomo ni kasanatta 
"Kimi wo mamoru" to honki de sou omotteta  saisho no hito nanda 

The love letter I wrote and then erased is full of memories we shared
"I will protect you" I was meaning it seriously, since you was my first person
Nando kimi ni koi shite  nando kimi wo urande 
Kataku musunda ito  boku wo yasashiku shibaru 
Dakara iwanakucha  soredemo kimi ga suki dayo tte 

No matter how many times I fall in love with you or how many times I resented you
That thread linking us strongly was gently tying me down
That's why I have to say this: "Even so I still love you"
Nee hitori de sabishii tte  isso shinitai yotte 
Sunao ni naru koto de kimi wo komoraseta yoru 
Mou daijoubu  tatoe donna mirai ga matte ite mo 
Kesshite kirase wa shinai  akaito

"Hey, without you it's so lonely I'd rather die"
That night I tried to be honest and you was crestfallen
It's all right now and whatever future awaits us
I will never let our red thread to be severed

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Asamack: BEST ALBUMS [3 CDs set]

 Jack & Asamaru are going to release new CDs... this time it will be set of 3 CDs consisting of their bests songs. Jack got to Tokyo today for recording and later at Asamack Radio he revealed which songs will they contain, among ones they already sang. Of course it means, they are recording them anew, sometimes after many years. Original ones still have to wait to be announced! 

Release: 2015/04/01
【Vocal】 Asamaru & Jack

「ASAMACK BEST ~Precious~」
01. Futatsu no koe (new original song - composed by minato; harmonies and chorus by Tolie)
02. Join us
03. Stray sheep
04. Fire Flower
05. Ghost Radio
06. Sora no Yakusoku ~niji & gemini~
07. Sakimidare hana no chiruran
08. Oborozuki (Asamaru re-sing his part)
09. Isaac (Asamack version)
10. Ayatsuri pierrot no koi no uta
11. Thanks
12. Summer Rain

「JACK BEST ~Result~」
01. Torikago to Shounen
02. Carnival
03. Karakuri Pierrot
04. Rakuen
05. Blood of Rose (version without serifu)
06. Aru Kyuuketsuki no Monogatari (different mixing)
07. One room, all that jazz (new version with serifu)
08. Jougen no Tsuki
09. Ifuudoudou
10. WAVE
11. Reliance
12. Kimi wa boku wa (new original song - composed by minato; harmonies and chorus by Tolie)


01. Ore no Asa  (new original song - composed by Asakura Daisuke; lyrics by minato)
02. Mikansei Hero
03. Flashback sound
04. Monocross road
05. Hitorinbo Envy
06. Torinoko City
07. Soratobazu
08. Hoshi no uta
09. Sayonara astronauts
10. Reliance
11. Sayonara
12. Alice

So both Jack's and Asamaru's dreams come true! Jack's songs are composed by Tolie - he's famous composer now, mostly composing songs for Valshe, some anime opening and endings too. And Marutan's song even more - Asakura Daisuke is very famous, I'm sure every anime fan heard his songs and voice (like you know, T.M.Revolution). And lyrics by minato... Wow.
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2015-02-10 06:50 pm
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Asamack Radio: Introdution

Just decided to write short summary of Asamack radio for English-using utattemita fans. Some info are just heard somewhere and I can't be sure about it, so please forgive me and comment if you see anything wrong!

Asamack radio (あさまっくらじお) is community established by two utaite: Asamaru and Jack. Those two are holding regular nama, resembling more or less radio shows. Both of them have their own communities as well. Asamack radio community started in 30.01.2009 (so it's more than 3 years now), but I heard that time Nico Nico just allowed to upload things and there was no LIVE part, so they were holding radio somewhere outside NND and then moved here when it became available to do nama. I heard Asamack radio was established in July 2009. Huuh... Name Asamack of course came from mixing Asamaru and Jack nicknames.

Asamack put those rules in their community, so please follow them (in Japanese):

- it is forbidden to use nicknames and kaomoji that are used specifically here outside the community.
Comment: it means please use "Asamaru-san", not "Marutan", when he shows up somewhere else than at Asamack etc.

- please refrain from using comment box as personal chat, giving out your personal info and sharing your kotehan.
Comment: some utaite appreciate when people add in the end of their lines @nickname (kotehan) but Asamack are simply too big community to allow that

- please think twice before pressing "enter" when you comment.

- if you notice other users violating those rules, please ignore it.

Just let me say this: neither Jack nor Asamaru know English, so it's very rude to comment their nama in any language other than Japanese. Please keep that in mind.

Asamack community: co11320

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2015-01-26 12:55 pm

Jack: utawaku 2015 [songs list]

2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015

Title -- original artist -- other info

04/08/2015 Jack middle of the night utawaku
01. Adesso e fortuna - Honoo to eien -- Akino Arai
02. Shinku no hana -- Shizuka Kudo
03. FictionJunction -- Akatsuki no kuruma

10/06/2015 Jack singing at Asamack
01. Stranger -- Namie Amuro [new album _genic]
02. it -- Namie Amuro [new album _genic]
03. Anythng -- Namie Amuro [new album _genic]
04. new song from someone's new album
05. Gamble rumble -- move
06. Just communication -- Two-mix
06. rhythm emotion -- Two-mix
07. Kokoro yo Genshi ni Modore -- Yoko Takahashii [evangelion]
08. Hana no sasayaki -- Shimonari Satoko
09. Sore e -- Kasahara Hiroko
10. Si si ciao -- Kasahara Hiroko
11. Aozora no ding-dong
12. Sougen no Marco -- Haha
13. Hadashi no furoone -- Keiko Han
14. Do-re-mi no uta -- Eri Itoh
15. Yoake no Michi -- Oosugi Kumiko
16. Rock river e -- Oosugi Kumiko
17. Growing up -- Mitsuko Horie
18. some oldies world classis tunes
19. Ashita mo Otenki -- Kozaka Akiko
20. APOLLO -- Sawa Yasuhide
21. Oshiete -- Alps no Shoujo Heidi op.
22. Yume no sekai e -- Emiko Shiratori
23. Tsumetai hoho -- Spitz
24. Love story wa totsuzen ni -- Yuya Matsushita
25. Sono Mama No Kimi Ga Suki -- Oda Kazumasa
26. Kuuki to hoshi - Sakamoto Maaya
27. Tune the Rainbow -- Sakamoto Maaya
28. Moonlight Antheem -- Akino Arai
29. Utsukushii Hoshi -- Akiro Arai

1/05/2015 Jack singing at Asamack

01. Futatsu no koe
02. Reflection -- Megumi Hayashibara
03. Raging waves -- Megumi Hayashibara
04. Over soul -- Megumi Hayashibara
05. Shuuketsu no sono e -- Megumi Hayashibara
06. Yakusoku ga iranai -- Maaya Sakamoto
07. Boukoku Kakusei Catharsis -- Ali Project
08. Sei Shoujo Ryouki -- Ali Project
09. T-R-Y -Return to yourself-  -- TWO MIX
10. Unbalance na kiss o shite -- Takahashi Hiro
11. Will -- Chihiro Yonekura
12. Berserk -Forces- -- Susumu Hirasawa
13. Lapis Lazuli -- Eir Aoi (Arslan Senki TV opening)

28/03/2015 Jack at karaoke (listen with headphones, Jack brought his consensor microphone)
01. ALIVE -- Namie Amuro live ver.
02. Damage -- Namie Amuro live ver.
03. Can you feel this love -- Namie Amuro
04. Song 4 U -- Ayumi Hamasaki
05. Part of me -- Ayumi Hamasaki
06. Dragon Night -- SEKAI NO OWARI
07. Wanna be a dream maker -- Globe
08. Adult Black Cat -- Acid Black Cherry
09. Grotesque -- Namie Amuro
10. Futatsu no Kuchibiru -- Exile
11. Swan Song -- KinKi Kids
12. Ifuudoudou
13. Sailing Day -- Bump of Chicken
14. Heaven -- Ayumi Hamasaki
15. Water me -- Bonnie Pink
16. Contrail -- Namie Amuro
17. Never End -- Namie Amuro
18. Nando Demo -- Dreams Come True
19. Sounan -- Tokyo Jihen
20. Ti Amo -- Exile
21. Promise -- Hirose Koumi
22. Love story -- Namie Amuro
23. Eternal Wind ~Hohoemi wa hikaru kaze no naka~ -- Moriguchi Hiroko
24. Utsukushii Hoshi -- Arai Akino
25. Shuuketsu no Sono e -- Megumi Hayashibara
26. Shuuketsu no Sadame -- Megumi Hayashibara
27. Freedom -- Globe
28. Alarm -- Namie Amuro live ver.
29. Black Cherry -- Acid Black Cherry live ver.
30. Aoi Haru -- Back Number

2015/02/15 Jack afternoon utawaku
01. Kamenbudoukai -- Kondou Akihisa
02. Black night town -- Kondou Akihisa
03. Ibara no michi -- Tsubakiya Shijuusou
04. This is love -- Utada Hikaru
05. Movin' on without you -- Utada Hikaru
06. Beautiful world -- Utada Hikaru
07. Can you feel this love -- Namie Amuro
08. Poison -- Namie Amuro
09. ROCK U -- Namie Amuro
10. Unusual -- Namie Amuro
11. Grotesque -- Namie Amuro
12. Black Diamond -- Namie Amuro
13. Shut up -- Namie Amuro
14. Can you keep a secret? -- Utada Hikaru
15. Prisoner of love -- Utada Hikaru
16. Final distance -- Utada Hikaru
17. First love -- Utada Hikaru
18. Colors -- Utada Hikaru
19. ROJO -Tierra- -- Nakamori Akina

01. ROJO -Tierra- -- Nakamori Akina
02. Yuki no Hana -- Nakashima Mika
03. Tango noir -- Nakamori Akina
04. Metamorphose -- Kudou Shizuka
05. Aishiteru Aishiteta -- Dreams come true
06. Kanaete -- Akino Arai
07. Tune the rainbow -- Maaya Sakamoto
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2015-01-13 11:45 am

Jack: utawaku 2011 [songs list]

2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014

Title --  original artist -- other info

01. Haruka na Rondo -- Akino Arai
02. Kaze to Tori to Sora -- Akino Arai
03. Hiru no Tsuki -- Akino Arai
04. Utsukushii Hoshi -- Akino Arai
05. Moon Light Anthem -enju 1991- -- Akino Arai
06. Mikazuki no Shindai -- Akino Arai
07. Kooru Suna -- Akino Arai
08. Flower Crown -- Akino Arai
09. Shiro -- Akino Arai -- almost acapella
10. Tune the Rainbow -- Maaya Sakamoto
11. Eyes on Me -- Faye Wong -- Final Fantasy 8 OST (english song, I swear Jack is lisping here so much :'D)
12. My Heart Will Go On -- Celine Dion -- Titanic Theme (english song, Jack's fav)
13. Mizu Kagami -- Cocco
14. My Dear Pig -- Cocco -- creppy song.
15. Kumoji no Hate -- Cocco
16. Little Beat Riffle -- Chihiro Onitsuka
17. Cage -- Chihiro Onitsuka
18. Watashi to Waltz o -- Chihiro Onitsuka
19. Love Brace -- Kahara Tomomi
20. A Little Waltz -- Dreams Come True
21. Ano Natsu no Hanabi -- Dreams Come True
22. Careless Breath -- EXILE
23. Flower Tail -- yuukiss [vocalosong]

01. Haruka na Rondo -- Akino Arai -- Please Save My Earth OST
02. Gareki no Rakuen -- Akino Arai
03. Kaze to Tori to Sora -- Akino Arai -- Record of Lodoss War Best Collection OST
04. Utsukushii Hoshi -- Akino Arai -- Windaria OST
05. Hiru no Tsuki -- Akino Arai -- Outlaw Star ending
06. Moon Light Anthem -Enju 1991-  -- Akino Arai -- Please Save My Earth Image Song
07. Kooru Suna -- Akino Arai
08. Flower Crown -- Akino Arai
09. Voices -- Akino Arai -- Macross Plus OST
10. Adesso e Fortuna -- Akino Arai -- Record of Lodoss War OST
11. Kaze no Fantasia -- Akino Arai -- Record of Lodoss War OST
12. Tune the Rainbow -- Maaya Sakamoto -- RahXephon ending
13. Yakusoku wa Iranai -- Maaya Sakamoto -- Vision of Escaflowne opening
14. Sayonara Astronaut -- Kobayashi Onyx [vocalosong]
15. Select me -- PointFive -- halyosy
16. Ayatsuri Pierrot no Koi no Uta -- Nem -- Gift [Asamack Album]

01. Jewel -- Ayumi Hamasaki
02. Trust -- Ayumi Hamasaki
03. Evolution -- Ayumi Hamasaki
04. Voyage -- Ayumi Hamasaki
05. Step you -- Ayumi Hamasaki
06. A song is born -- Ayumi Hamasaki
07. Blue Rose -- Kudou Shizuka
08. Blue Velvet -- Kudou Shizuka
09. Trust your love -- Koda Kumi
10. Velvet -- Hirose Kohmi

01. Shuuketsu no Sadame -- Megumi Hayashibara -- Neon Genesis Evangelion
02. Breathless Night Slider -- Iceman
03. Dark Half - Touch Your Darkness -- Iceman
04. Power of Love -- Aiko
05. Toki no Koete -- Hiroko Moriguchi -- Gundam Z opening
06. Go Tight! -- Akino -- Aquarion opening
07. Wine Red no Kokoro -- Koda Kumi
08. Break Out -- Aikawa Nanase
09. Pride -- Miki Imai
10. Koori no Sekai -- Omigawa Chiaki -- Natsu no Arashi! Character Song Album
11. Riverside Hotel -- Inoue Yohgi (...sounds so oldschoolish)
12. Yume no Naka e -- Enomoto Atsuko, Suzuki Chihiro -- KareKano ending
13. Make-Up Shadow -- Takako Uehara
14. Feel My Heart -- Every Little Thing
15. Paradox -- W-inds 
16. Shamrock -- UVERworld
17. Won't be long -- Koda Kumi ft. Exile

01. Future of the Day -- Kiss Destination 
02. La La La Love Song -- BoA
03. Kuchibiru -- GLAY
04. Love again -- globe
05. Try This Shoot -- globe
06. Only human -- K
07. Oyome Samba
08. My Dear Pig -- Cocco ( about eating mommy-pig...)
09. Kumoji No Hate -- Cocco
10. Koori no Ue ni Tatsu You ni -- Komatsu Miho
11. Negaigoto Hitotsu Dake -- Komatsu Miho
12. Shiroi Honoo -- Saitou Chiwa -- Rosario to Vampire Capu2 – Shuzen Kokoa Character
13. Yume Bouken -- Sakai Noriko -- The Three Musketeers opening
14. Ai No Kotodama -- Southern All Stars

2011/01/27 Jack drunk
01. Love Is... -- Ryuichi Kawamura
02. Sentimental journey -- Iyo Matsumoto
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Jack: utawaku 2012 [songs list]

2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014

Title --  original artist -- other info

2012/12/21 [evening utawaku]
01. WONDER Volt -- Kimura Kaela
02. Suteki na Holiday -- Mariya Takeuchi
03. Koibito ga Santa Claus -- Flower
04. Awatenbou no Santa Claus
05. Promise -- Hirose Koumi
06. Burnin' X'mas -- T.M.Revolution

2012/12/15 [noon rehab utawaku]
01. Rondo -Revolution-  -- Asamack CD version
02. Damage -- Namie Amuro

2012/12/12 [late night rehab utawaku] and still recovering from tonsilis

01. Toki no Fune -- Matsu Takako
02. Moonlight Anthem ~enju 1991~  Akino Arai

2012/10/31  [halloween 30 minutes broadcast]
01. Mrs Pumpkin no Kokkei na Yume -- Hachi [vocalosong]
02. Clavis -kagi-  -- Kudou Shizuka
03. Night Wing -- Nakajima Miyuki
04. 平沢進 -Lotus- -- Susumu Hirasawa
05. Rotation (LOTUS-2)  -- Susumu Hirasawa

2012/10/11  [night emo utawaku]
01. Moonlight Anthem ~enju 1991~  -- Akino Arai
02. Adesso e Fortuna -- Akino Arai
03. Utsukushii Hoshi -- Akino Arai
04. Kiniro no Me -- Akino Arai -- french-japanese song
05. VOICES -- Akino Arai
06. Hiru no Tsuki -- Akino Arai

2012/10/06 [akino arai emo utawaku]
01. Flower Crown -- Akino Arai
02. Galileo no Yoru -- Akino Arai
03. Gareki no Rakuen -- Akino Arai
04. Ningen no Kodomo -- Akino Arai
05. Kiniro no Me -- Akino Arai
06. Koneko no Shinzou -- Akino Arai
07. Toki no Shirabe -acapella- -- Akino Arai
07. Hiru no Tsuki -- Akino Arai
08. Kooru Suna -- Akino Arai
09. Kiseki no Umi -- Maaya Sakamoto

2012/10/06 [others]
01. Yakusoku ha Iranai -- Maaya Sakamoto -- Vision of Escaflowne op
02. Gift -- Maaya Sakamoto
03. Kokoro yo Genshi ni Modore -- Takahashi Youko
04. Tamashii no Refrain -- Yoko Takahashi -- Evangelion: Death & Rebirth
05. Get Along -- Hayashibara Megumi -- Slayers op
06. Successful Mission -- Hayashibara Megumi -- Saber Marionette J op
07. Reflection -- Hayashibara Megumi -- Slayers
08. Shakunetsu no Koi -- Hayashibara Megumi -- Slayers
09. Give a Reason -- Hayashibara Megumi -- Slayers 
10. Just be conscious -- Hayashibara Megumi -- Slayers

01. Orpheus -- Mamoru Miyano -- Uta no Prince sama op
02. ...don't ask me what song it is, sounds like childish blabbering...
03. Blue Velvet -- Kudou Shizuka -- Dragon Ball GT
04. Dakishimete Tonight -- Tókio05. Truth -- Arashi
06. Away we go -- PointFive
07. Sennen no Dokusou ka -- yanagiP [vocalosong]

01. I Believe -- Tata Young
02. ALARM -- Namie Amuro
03. Defend Love -- Namie Amuro
04. COPY THAT -- Namie Amuro
05. Stardust Utopia -- otetsu [vocalosong]
06. Yubikiri -- Scop [vocalosong]
07. TOETO -- Toraboruta-P [vocalosong]
08. Over soul -- Hayashibara Megumi
09. Toki no Fune -- Matsu Takako
10. Kimi ni shiranai monogatari -- Supercell
11. Flower Tail -- yuukiss [vocalosong]

01. Zero -- Bump of Chicken
02. Toki no Fune -- Matsu Takako
03. IT'S SO DELICIOUS -- Dreams Come True
04. TORIDGE&LISBAH -- Dreams Come True
05. BELIEVE -- The gardens
06. Unmei no Hito -- Spitz
07. Fake -- Mr Children
08. Tomorrow never knows -- Mr Children
09. Style -- EXILE
10. Time goes by -- Every Little Thing
11. Sora fune -- TOKIO
12. Island -- Remioromen
01. Luka Luka☆Night Fever  -- samfree [vocalosong]
02. Petenshi ga warau koro ni -- NashimotoP [vocalosong]
03. Matryoshka -- Hachi [vocalosong]
04. Cendrillion -- SignalP [vocalosong]
05. Ishidatami no Akeki Akuma -- Sound horizon [musical]
06. Carnival -- otetsu -- Asamack single Stray Sheep song
07. Senbonzakura -- KurousaP [vocalosong] -- to Asamack cover
08. A Hazy Shade Of Winter -- SIMON & GARFUNKEL
09. Kuroi asa・Shiroi yoru -- KinKi Kids
10. Nisoku Hokou -- DECO*27 [vocalosong]
11. Mosaic Roll -- DECO*27 [vocalosong] -- Tolie's cover
12. Scissorhands -- Nem [vocalosong]
13. Rakuen -- Nem [vocalosong] -- Nem's Garden
14. Virgin Suicides -- Nem [vocalosong]
15. Namae o Kudasai -- Nem [vocalosong] -- Gero's cover
16. Koibito Yo -- Mayumi Itsuwa
17. Futari Shizuka ~Ten Kawa Densetsu Satsujin Jiken Yori~ Akina Nakamori
18. Flower Tail -- yuukiss [vocalosong]

01. 平沢進 -Lotus-  -- Susumu Hirasawa
02. Rotation (LOTUS-2)  -- Susumu Hirasawa
03. Byakko no Musume -- Susumu Hirasawa
04. Hot Girls -- Namie Amuro
05. Let's go -- Namie Amuro
06. In the Spotlight (Tokyo) -- Namie Amuro
07. 「A寝台の少女」-- Asamaru -- to let his voice rest a bit he played old Marutan's cover...
08. Hot Girls -- Namie Amuro
09. One Room All that Jazz 「ワンルーム・オール・ザット・ジャズ」-- DATEKEN [vocalosong] -- new song practise.
10. Senbonzakura -- Kurousa-P [vocalosong]

01. ANGELUS -- Shimatani Hitomi -- Inuyasha 6th opening
02. Garnet Moon -- Shimatani Hitomi -- Another Century's Episode OP
03. Only my railgun -- fripSide -- To Aru Kagaku no Raigun opening
04. Sougan no Marco -- Kumiko Oosugi -- Haha wo Tazunete Sanzenri OP
05. Chou -- Acid Black Cherry 
06. BERSERK ~Forces~  -- Susumu Hirasawa -- Berserk theme -- EPIC SONG
07. Mask -- Ogata Megumi 
08. Egao o Sagashite -- YAWARA! A Fashionable Judo Girl 
09. Love is Bubble -- Bonnie Pink -- Jack sometimes uses this song in his BGM
10. Nandodemo -- Dreams Come True

01. LOVE BRACE -- Kahara Tomomi
02. As a Person -- Kahara Tomomi
03. Girls be ambitious! -- KiSS DESTiNATiON
04. Many Classic Moments -- globe
05. Try This Shoot -- globe
06. Furu Purachina -- Akino Arai
07. Kiniro no Me -- Akino Arai -- japanese-french song...
08. Hiru no Tsuki -- Akino Arai
09. VOICES -- Akino Arai
10. Toki no Kioku (acapella) -- Akino Arai -- Please Save My Earth ending
11. Crystal Mic -- minato [vocalosong]
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Jack: utawaku 2013 [songs list]

2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014

Title --  original artist -- other info

2013/12/18 [christmas utawaku]

01. LAT.43゜N ~forty-three degrees north latitude~ -- DREAMS COME TRUE
02. Christmas carol no koro ni ha -- Inagaki Junichi
03. White Light -- Amuro Namie
04. Sutekina holiday -- Takeuchi Maria
05. Silent eve -- Karashima Midori
06. Meri-kuri -- BoA
08. Itsuka no merry christmas -- B'z

2013/12/11 [evening utawaku]
01. Hands on me -- Namie Amuro
02. Ballerina -- Namie Amuro
03. DAMAGE -- Namie Amuro live ver.
04. Ifuu Doudou
05. Kuroneko ~Adult black cat~ -- Acid Black Cherry
06.  Shoujo A -- Akina Nakamori
07. Sounan -- Tokyo Jihen
08. So delicious -- DREAMS COME TRUE
09. Gekijou -- Kudo Shizuka
10. Tim goes by -- JUJU
11. Crazy 4 you -- Koda Kumi
12. Copy that -- Namie Amuro

2013/11/19 [Amuro-chan utawaku]
01. Alive -- Namie Amuro
02. Poison -- Namie Amuro
03. Ballerina -- Namie Amuro
04. Alarm -- Namie Amuro
05. Make it happen -- Namie Amuro

2013/10/27 [afternoon utawaku]
01. Inochi no Betsumei -- Miyuki Nakajima
02. -interrupted-
03. Jiyuu no Tsubasa -- Linked Horizon
04. Can you feel this love -- Namie Amuro
05. Ballerina -- Namie Amuro
06. Neonlight Lipstick -- Namie Amuro
07. Rinbu kyoku (Rondo) -- Yumi Matsutoya
08. Aoi Usagi -- Noriko Sakai
09. Kagami no dress -- Noriko Sakai
10. Koigokoro -- Aikawa Nanase
11. Otoko -- Acid Black Cherry 
12. Roppongi Shinjuu -- Demon Kogure
13. Kono Ai ni Oyogi Tsukarete mo -- ZARD
14. Zard - Ai ga Mienai
15. SAYONARA - Mr. Ooja
16. Tentai Kansoku -- Bump of Chicken
17. Only Lonely Glory -- Bump of Chicken
18. KARMA -- Bump of Chicken
19. Hana no na -- Bump of Chicken

2013/09/26 [evening utawaku]
01. Voices -- AI
02. Guren no Yumiya
03. Jiyuu no Tsubasa
04. Yasashii kiss o shite -- DREAMS COME TRUE 
05. Osaka Lover -- DREAMS COME TRUE
06. Gamble Rumble -- m.o.v.e.
07. The Perfect Vision -- MINMI
08. Happening Here (More dAnce) -- TRF
09. Suima-Yo! -- B'z
10. STAY AWAY -- L'Arc~en~Ciel
11. Mahi~Der Freischutz~ -- T.M.Revolution
13. FINAL PRAYER -- Iceman
14. Never Ending World - SEKAI NO OWARI
15. Tete -- Akihisa Kondo
16. Yuki no Hana -- Nakashima Mika

2013/09/15 [sad & nostalgic Jack]

01. Hidamari no Uta -- Le Couple
02. Odoriko -- Murashita Kouzou
03. Grandfather's Clock -- Hirai Ken
04. Madonna-tachi no Lullabye -- Hiromi Iwasaki
♥ 05. Toko no Fune -- Takako Matsu 

2013/09/07 [evening utawaku - part 1]
01. Alive -- Namie Amuro
02. Can you feel this love -- Namie Amuro
03. Guren no Yumiya
04. Osaka Lover -- DREAMS COME TRUE
05. Fight together -- Namie Amuro
06. Kimi ga iru kara -- Hori Mitsuko
07. Sora kara koboreta Story
08. Uchuu senkan Yamato
09. Otaku Seishun Grafitti (medley)

2013/09/07 [evening utawaku - part 2]
01. Gatchaman
02. Ginga Tetsudou - Sasaki isao, suginami jidou gasshou-dan
03. Sukisukisu -- Hosokawa Fumie
04. Invader Invader -- Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

2013/08/27 [4 am drunk utawaku - part 1]
01. Ai no Field -- KOKIA
02. Jougen no Tsuki
03. Moonlight antheem -- Akino Arai
04. Guren no Tsuki -- Jun Shibata
05. Watashi to waltz o

2013/07/27 [4 am drunk utawaku - part 2]
01. Infection -- Chihiro Onitsuka
02. Elegy -- Hirai Ken

2013/08/08 [night utawaku]
01. Secret -- Ayumi Hamasaki
02. A Song for X X -- Ayumi Hamasaki
03. Rondo -- Matsutoya Yumi
04. Suna no wakusei -- Matsutoya Yumi
05. Inochi no betsumei -- Miyuki Nakajima
06. evolution -- Ayumi Hamasaki

2013/07/28 [utawaku part 1]
01. Cendrillion
02. Yumemiru Kotori
03. Sarashinohara
05. Shuuketsu no Sadame

2013/07/28 [utawaku part 2]
01. Contrail -- Namie Amuro
02. Heaven -- Namie Amuro
03. Poison -- Namie Amuro
04. Can you feel this love -- Namie Amuro
05. July 1st -- Ayumi Hamasaki
06. Jewel -- Ayumi Hamasaki
07. Divine Ayu -- Ayumi Hamasaki
08. Song 4 you -- Ayumi Hamasaki
09. Surreal -- Ayumi Hamasaki
10. Step you -- Ayumi Hamasaki
11. Voyage -- Ayumi Hamasaki
12. Carols -- Ayumi Hamasaki
13. Heaven -- Ayumi Hamasaki
14. Part of me -- Ayumi Hamasaki

2013/07/24 [utawaku]
01. Contrail -- Namie Amuro
02. Attack All Around -- Feel Like dance
03. In The Sky -- Kudo Shizuka
04. Ano Natsu no Hanabi -- Dreams Come True
05. Blue Bird -- Ayumi Hamasaki
06. Flying Get -- AKB48

2013/07/23 [amuro-chan utawaku]
01. Can you feel this love -- Namie Amuro
02. Contrail -- Namie Amuro
03. Want me want me -- Namie Amuro
04. Violet sauce -- Namie Amuro
05. So Crazy -- Namie Amuro
06. Dr -- Namie Amuro
07. Go! Go! -- Namie Amuro
08. LOVE GAME -- Namie Amuro
09. PLEASE SMILE AGAIN -- Namie Amuro
10. RESPECT the POWER OF LOVE  -- Namie Amuro

2013/07/08 [4 am utawaku]
01. Second Love -- Nakamori Akina
02. Nanpasen -- Nakamori Akina
03. Guren no Tsuki -- Jun Shubata
04. Single again -- JUJU
05. Majokko Onnanoko -- Chiwa Saito
06. Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu -- Acid Black Cherry
07. Watashi to waltz o -- Chihiro Onitsuka

2013/07/05 [ptpt utawaku]
01. Getsu Mei Huu Ei -- Juuni Kokki ending
02. Tamashii no Refrain
03. Cruel Angel Thesis -- Evangelion opening
04. Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari

2013/05/04 [midday utawaku]
02. One Room, All that Jazz -- vocalo: DATEKEN
03. Piano x Forte x Scandal -- vocalo: OSTERproject -- ft. Tolie
04. Ame ka Yume -- vocalo: doriko -- ft. Tolie
05. Hajimete no Koi no Owaru Toki -- vocalo: ryu -- ft. Tolie
06. Mosaik Roll -- vocalo: DECO*27 -- ft. Tolie
07. Tokyo Rock City -- vocalo -- ft. Tolie
08. Trust me -- Durarara!! ending --  ft. Tolie
09. only my railgun -- Yaginuma Satoshi --  ft. Tolie
10. Orpheus heart -- Uta no Prince-sama opening
11. Tete -- Akihisa Kondou
12. Voice -- AI
13. Guren no Yumiya -- Shingeki no Kyojin OP

2013/01/26 [evening soft utawaku] 
01. WONDER Volt -- Kaela Kimura
02. Shigosen no Fiesta -- Jack's ramillete album
03. Haitoku no Scenario -- Wink
04. DAMAGE -- Namie Amuro
05. TOP SECRET -- Namie Amuro
06. Violent Sauce -- Namie Amuro
07. SO CRAZY -- Namie Amuro
08. Shine more -- Namie Amuro
09. Dr. -- Namie Amuro
10. Body Feels EXIT -- Namie Amuro
11. Chase the Chance -- Namie Amuro
12. COPY THAT -- Namie Amuro
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2015-01-13 11:40 am

Jack: utawaku 2014 [songs list]

2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014

Title --  original artist -- other info

2014/04/30 [golden week 5 hours long utawaku]
01. Resolution -- Gundam X
02. Believe -- Tamaki Nami -- Gundam Seed
03. Itsuka Sori ni Todoite -- Shiina Megumi -- Gundam 0080
04. Mizu no Hoshi e Ai o Komete -- Moriguchi Hiroko -- Gundam Suit Zeta
05. Kagami no naka actress -- Nakahara Meiko
06. Night of the Summer Side -- Ikeda Masanori
07. Cat's eye -- Max

2014/04/29 [evening utawaku]
01. Shiro -- Akina Arai
02. Ari no mama no -- Frozen movie theme
03. Hearthbreak for Julia -- Checkers
04. Giza-giza Heart No Komoriuta -- Vidoll
05. Anata no unmei -- Tane Tomoko

2014/04/26 [afternoon utawaku]
01. Yume wo Shinjite -- Tokunaga Hideaki
02. Ari no Mama no -- Frozen movie theme
03. Karma -- Bump of Chicken
04. Hazy shade of winter -- Simon & Garfunkel
05. Kiss Kiss -- Tokyo Babylon
06. Koshitantan
07. Torinoko City
08. Gekkou -- Chihiro Onitsuka
09. Addicted to you -- Utada Hikaru
10. Movin' on without you -- Utada Hikaru
11. I'm proud -- Kaname Kawabata
12. Faces Places -- GLOBE
13. You are the one -- Namie Amuro
14. Himawari -- Namie Amuro
15. I WILL -- Namie Amuro
16. Hiru no Tsuki -- Akino Arai
17. Atom no Hikari -- Akino Arai
18. Toki no Shirabe -- Akino Arai - acapella
19. Voices -- Akino Arai - acapella
20. Adesso e fortuna -- Akino Arai - acapella
21. Haruka na Rondo -- Akino Arai - acapella
22. Kaze no Fantasia -- Akino Arai - acapella
23. Hana Kanmuri -- Akino Arai - acapella
24. Utsukushii Hoshi -- Akino Arai - acapella
25. Toki no Kioku -- Akino Arai - acapella
26. Moonlight Anthem -- Akino Arai - acapella
27. Tsuki no Kaze to Sora -- Akino Arai - acapella
28. Unbalance na Kiss wo Shite -- Takahashi Hiro
29. What's up Guys? -- Megumi Hayashibara

2014/04/25 [evening utawaku]
01. Mi Amore -- Akina Nakamori
02. Tango Noir -- Akina Nakamori
03. Dance beat wa yoake made -- Oginome Yoko
04. Odoriko -- Murashita Kozo
05. Ihoujin -- Acid Black Cherry
06. Netsu Shisen -- Anzen Chitai
07. I wanna be -- YUI

2014/04/20 [utawaku at Asamack]
01. Funky Town -- Namie Amuro
02. HELLO -- Namie Amuro
03. So Crazy -- Namie Amuro
04. WILD -- Namie Amuro
05. Never End -- Namie Amuro - live ver.
06. Respect the power of love -- Namie Amuro - live ver.
07. Baby don't cry -- Namie Amuro - live ver.
08. Shoujo A -- Akina Nakamori
09. TATTOO -- Koda Kumi
10. 99% Liberty -- KinKi Kids
11. Halcyon -- Bump of Chicken
12. Only Lonely Glory -- Bump of Chicken
13. Sunadokei -- Exile
14. Love story wa totsuzen ni -- Oda Kazumasa
15. Kokuhaku -- Hirai Ken
16. Sister -- Porno Graffitti
17. Rakuen -- Nem [vocalo]

2014/04/07 [evening utawaku]
01. Single again -- JUJU
02. Madonna-tachi no Lullabye -- Hiromi Iwasaki
03. Guren no Tsuki -- Jun Shibata
04. Kokuhaku -- Ken Hirai
05. Style -- Exile
06. Yasashii Kiss wo Shite -- dreams come true
07. Key -- Ayumi Hamasaki
08. Cage -- chihiro onitsuka
09. Koi Hitoyo -- Acid Black Cherry
10. A song for XX -- Ayumi Hamasaki
11. To be -- Ayumi Hamasaki
12. ZERO -- Bump of Chicken
13. Watashi to waltz o -- Chihiro Onitsuka

2014/04/06 [evening epic utawaku]
01. Many classic moments -- GLOBE
02. Wanderin' Destiny -- GLOBE
03. Try this shoot -- GLOBE
04. Song 4 U -- Ayumi Hamasaki
05. Part of me -- Ayumi Hamasaki
06. Walking proud -- Ayumi Hamasaki
07. Evolution -- Ayumi Hamasaki
08. Ari no mama no -- Frozen movie theme
09. mash up of Kudou Shizuka
10. mash up of Acid Black Cherry
11. mash up of GLOBE
12. mash up of Megumi Hayashibara
13. Katte ni Shiyagare -- B'z
14. Playback Part 2 -- Momoe Yamaguchi
15. Ichoujin -- Acid Black Cherry
16. Anata ni aete yokatta -- Thelma Aoyama
17. Blue Velvet -- Kudo Shizuka
18. Tsuki no Shizuku -- Kou Shibasaki
19. Glamorous Sky -- Mika Nakashima
20. LIFE -- Mika Nakashima
♥ 21. Yuki no hana -- Mika Nakashima
♥ 22. Forever Love -- X-Japan

2014/04/04 [evening utawaku]
01. Anata ni salad -- DREAMS COME TRUE
02. Gatchaman
03. Aozora no Ding-Dong
04. Believe -- One Piece op.
05. We are! -- One Piece theme
06. Sailing Day -- Bump of Chicken
07. Fight togerher -- Namie Amuro
08. Sei Shoujo Ryouiki -- Ali Project
09. Sora e -- Kasahara Hiroko
10. Si Si Ciao ~Romeo No Oku De~ - Kasahara Hiroko
11. Lupin 3rd no Theme

2014/04/03 [evening utawaku]
01. Simply wonderful -- Mai Kuraki
02. Kage -- Shibasaki Kou
03. Grotesque -- Amuro Namie ft. Hirai Ken
04. Rondo -- Matsutoya Yumi
05. Guren no Yumiya full ver.
06. Jiyuu no Tsubasa full ver.
07. Akuma-kun -- Tsuno Gouji
08. Rock river he -- Little Rascal op.
09. Oshiete -- Alps no Shoujo Heidi op.
10. Uchuu senkan Yamato
11. Lum no Love Song -- Nana Kitade
12. Dang Dang kininaru -- Haruko Momoi

2014/04/01 [evening utawaku]
01. Body feels exit -- Namie Amuro
02. GO ROUND -- Namie Amuro
03. Fight together -- Namie Amuro
04. Grotesque -- Hirai Ken ft. Namie Amuro
05. melt [vocaloid]
06. cantarella
07. mosaic kakera
08. Alice in dreamland
09. Bird of Paradise
10. Fullchin Boogie
11. magnet [asamack]
12. Iroha Uta
13. Doukoku no ame [with tolie]
14. Paradicholobenzene
15. Senbonzakura

2014/03/19 [utawaku at asamack]
01. NIGHT WING -- Shizuka Kudo
02. Rondo -- Matsutoya Yumi
03. Tsuki -- Namie Amuro
04. Yesterday & Today - Do As Infinity
05. ESCAPE - Moon Child
06. Nesshisen -- Anzen Chitai
07. Wine Red no Kokoro -- Anzen Chitai
08. Odoriko -- Kouzou Murashita
09. Kiniro no Me -- Akina Arai
10. Nanpasen -- Nakamori Akina
11. Unmei no hito -- Spitz
12. Elegy -- Hirai Ken

2014/03/11 [utawaku at asamack - ptpt]
01. ??
02. Ai no Field -- KOKIA
03. Galileo no Yoru -- Akino Arai
04. Utsukushii hoshi -- Akino Arai [half-acapella]

2014/03/07 [utawaku at asamack + humming]
01. Adesso e Fortuna
02. Moonlight Anthem ~enju 1991~
03. Kiniro no Me -- Akino Arai
04. Koneko no Shinzou -- Akino Arai
05. Atom no Hikaru
06. Toki no Kioku
07. Toki o Shirabe -acapella-
08. Voices
09. Scarborough fair
10. My heart will go on
11. Tune the rainbow
12. Memorial Address -- Ayumi Hamasaki
13. Lovers Again -- EXILE
14. Careless breath -- EXILE
15. Never Ending World - Sekai no Owari
16. Otoko no kuseni naitekureta -- Douji Morita
17. Love story -- Kazumasa Oda
18. Pride -- Miki Imai
19. Murau Yosouzo II - ZUX
20. Ettou Tsubame -- Nakazawa Yuko
21. Snow Smile -- Bump of Chicken

2014/03/01 [evening utawaku after 1 month of break]
01. WAVE
02. Tsuki -- Namie Amuro
03. Balerina -- Namie Amuro
04. Hands on me -- Namie Amuro
05. Alive -- Namie Amuro
06. Contrail -- Namie Amuro
07. Fight Together -- Namie Amuro
08. Black Diamond -- Namie Amuro
09. LOVE GAME -- Namie Amuro
10. TOP SECRET -- Namie Amuro
11. Do Me More -- Namie Amuro
12. LION -- Macross F
13. Berserk ~Forces~ -- Susumu Hirasawa
14. Just be conscious -- Megumi Hayashibara
15. Tamashi no Refrain -- Yoko Takahashi
16. Sennen no Dokusou ka
17. Flower Tail

2014/01/11 [night drunk utawaku]
01. Second Love -- Nakamori Akina
02. Koi hitoyo -- Kudou Shizuka
03. Koibito yo -- Itsuwa Mayumi
04. Odoriko -- Kouzou Murashita
05. Toki no Fune -- Matsu Takako
06. Koi ni ochite -Fall in Love- -- Kobayashi Akiko
07. Egao o sagashite -- Karashima Midori
08. Ryuuseigun -- Chihiro Onitsuka
09. Hyakumanbon no Bara -- Katou Tokiko
10. KISS KISS -- Matsuoka Hideaki
11. Love story wa totsuzen ni -- Oda Kazumasa
12. Cage -- Chihiro Onitsuka
13. Watashi to waltz o -- Chihiro Onitsuka
14. Elegy -- Hirai Ken

01. Katsuato no Hana -- LONG
02. Cruel Angel Thesis
03. Kiseki no Umi -- Maaya Sakamoto
04. Kaze no Fantasia -- Sherry
05. Tune the Rainbow -- Maaya Sakamoto
06. Sailing Day -- Bump of Chicken
07. KARMA -- Bump of Chicken

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2014-06-01 06:20 pm
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Jack: Snack Jack~BEST HIT COVER COLLECTION~ [2nd solo album]

2nd solo album

Release: 18.06.2014
【Vocal】 Jack
【Illustration】Haruma tokuten:
Special CD「Snack Jack~Heiten-go~」 talk CD (Heiten-go is after closing the shop) special tokuten:
"I saw somewhere this mug with Jack" lottery mugs (5 mugs)
General tokuten:
3 badges with Jack's chara

01. Judy Ongg - Miserarete
02. Youko Oginome - Dancing Hero
03. Bubblegum Brothers - WON'T BE LONG (duet song with B-kun)
04. Mariko Takahashi - Momoiro Toiki
05. Miyuki Nakajima - Wakare uta
06. Mariya Takeuchi - Single Again
07. Anzen Chitai - Wine Red no kokoro
08. Shizuka Kudo - Koi hitoyo
09. Momoe Yamaguchi - Akigakura (Cosmos)
10. Akina Nakamori - Nanpasen

Jack is releasing his 2nd solo album! This time it's cover album which means there won't be any original songs, but other singers songs sing by Jack. Sometimes he was doing singing broadcasts at his community known as MAMA BAR on which he was singing really specific old ballads and he said he wants the album to cover them. By the way, that's why he's known to be 50 years old... because he knows all those oldies from few decades ago.
The new thing is that Haruma is the artist responsible for cover illustration, not Keito. The reason is at mentioned MAMA BAR broadcasts Jack was always using Haruma's fanart.
During recording this time Jack forgot his cash cards and particulary didn't said anything until the one day before the end of recording and was struggling to live in Tokyo with only 2500 yen... so when listening to those songs they will always remind me of poor starving Jack, singing sad songs ahahahah.

Snack Jack official website

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2014-05-15 11:08 am

Jack: Snack Jack epic recording in Tokyo [05/2014]

I had to make a note about Jack's epic Tokyo revelation...

Hanisuke's fanart shown at Asamack Radio

Suddenly after one hour of Asamack, Jack said that somehow this time when Jack came to Tokyo he made terrible mistake. So Jack bought new wallet and wanted to move his things to this one... he put here 2500 yen. But he left all cards in the old one, so left all them in home. And he went to Tokyo with only 2500 yen... and he said he didn't say anything to anyone. Marutan yelled at Jack why he says it just now?! And he should say it sooner, to Bkun at least. And that's why Jack wasn't leaving hotel much this time... and he should just borrow some money.
Jack said he has return ticket, but still he needs some money to reach his home from train station. And then Jack started his story of how he tried to survive like this. His main food was onigiri (120 yen) from Famima (and also he was saying that there's Famimas everywhere in Tokyo). It was a meal for supper and breakfest... and he took all his left-overs from studio so he would have a meal in the hotel too. He bought some water in PET bottle and when he drink it all, he re-supplied it at water dispenser at recording studio. Sneakily. So no one would notice. And nobody noticed.
Jack wanted to visit few places, but regretably, he had to refrain from doing this. And he said he can't go with boys in town after recording, and he always went quickly back to hotel after recording.
Jack of course wanted to do his 600 yen laundry, as always on trips... so to do laundry he sacrificed eating some meal. Because laundry is more imporant.
Marutan told Jack he has to tell this to sunaP and PUPI tomorrow at studio. Jack said but it's too embarrasing... especially telling now... because he will be yelled why he hadn't told ealier.
Jack also said the most dokidoki moment was when he was re-filling pet bottle, because it would be so embarrasing if someone caught him.
ALSO I want to kill Jack for this. But Tolie contacted him if he wants to hang around at Sunday and have fun together... and since Jack didn't have money, he DECLINED. Just because of that...! He lied to Tolie that he has still some recording and he can't. So Jack replied Tolie that maybe next time and he put at the end of message smiling kaomoji, but he was crying inside ahahahah. And he just always stayed in the hotel and was watching TV all the time... SO SAD JACK ARE YOU MASOCHIST.
Jack said it was such sad when he thought he's so hungry, no dinner so he went to kombini... and only bought one onigiri. Thought normally it would be impossible to buy just one onigiri for him. Marutan said that when he visitied Jack in hotel previously, he always had drinks and snacks with him hahaha.
In recording studio they were gived bottled juices... and one day PUPI wasn't comming so few bottles were left. And Jack said he will take them to the hotel with him hahahah.
Also Marutan tried to persuade Jack few days ago to visit him, even for a few hours. But Jack answered that it  might be a bit hard... and Marutan started to say that it probably is, and Jack just nodded. And now we know that Jack would want too, but no funds lol.
Jack also said he will have enough of onigiri for long time.
They asked people how much money they should have to feel "safe". It warried from 2000 to 10,000 yen.
So everybody, while listening to Snack Jack CD, especially Nanpasen, please think about how Jack was recording it with empty stomach hahahaha.
So when Jack finally got back home, he quickly ordered taxi to go home and eat something. Then he said he thought Asuka-chan will not remember him since he was around 1 week not in home. But instead she was super happy, clinging to him, totally like never before. And he had to barrage his room so she won't come in haha.
"Jack's room" (which means, room in Marutan's home) is business hotel room size... and Jack wondered why it isn't Marutan's room now hahaha.

- - -

Also few days ealier before Marutan learn about Jack's money affair, Marutan caught his mom on cleaning empty room next to his, saying "who knows, maybe Jack will come". she even put a carpet here and everything (it's Marutan's otouto's room, but it's empty since he moved out). But well, Jack couldn't come this time, but he didn't say anything ahahaha. And they also talked how long time ago Jack visited Marutan and them and Marutan's parents were eating meal together and Marutan didn't feel good so he went back to his room, leaving Jack alone with his parents. And he was just talking casually with them hahahaha. They were joking that there's even TV in this room, while there's no TV in Marutan's room.

Of course artist draw quickly whole situation:
Click 1
Click 2

Fortunately, the next day Jack showed up in the recording studio, he told about it right away. And of course he was scolded by everyone and all those nice people started to dig food from their bags and asked Jack if he wants to eat it hahahah. Of course PUPI borrowed him some money (only 500 yen but it was just for one day), so Jack could without worrying too much go back home the next day...  In the afternoon they also went together to eat some food and run a small contest... to see who's food photos will be the most yummy. And PUPI lost hahaha, because his photos were all so dark.

And so, Jack safely arrived back home the next day, while being loudly welcomed by Asuka-chan.
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Info: Asamack Callendar

Asamack important dates. Usually they hold special namahousou's during those days:

30/01 - 
Asamack community anniversary [founded in 2009]
02/03 - Jack's Anniversary [joined NND in 2008]
23/04 - Asamaru community anniversary [founded in 2010]
02/06 - Asamaru's Birthday 
10/08 - Jack's community anniversary [founded in 2009] 
30/08 - Asamaru's Anniversary [joined NND in 2007]
01/10 - Jack's Birthday 

Asamack family related dates:

21/06 - Choucho 's Birthday (20/06/2008 joined NND)
30/07 - Amu's Birthday
22/09 - Bkun's Birthday 
20/10 - Asuka-chan's Birthday & Amuro Namie's Birthday
28/11 - Faneru's Birthday 
30/11 - Keisen 's Birthday

Other important dates:

2009/01/31 - First Asamack Test Broadcast at NicoNico
2009/06/09 - First Official Asamack Radio
2010/03/22 - Asamack first meeting in person