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Nanami ([personal profile] nanamka) wrote2020-08-01 11:48 pm

Welcome Post

What can you found here? Definitely a lot of stuff about utattemita and NND. Especially Asamack. Actually I could say, it's Asamack shrine. If you don't know what it's about, just go and see Ofurotaimu fansite! I started to be interested in Utattemita around May 2010, so it's not long, but I got really addicted. The utaite I'm stalking interested in are mostly members of Asamakku family, but not only. I kind of know some English and I know a little bit of Japanese. My language skill is really non-existing so pardon my mistakes.

I joined Asamack community 18/07/2010 huuuh, thought I was ealier listening to Asamaru and Jack's seperate nama.

The most interesting posts are semi-locked. If you want to be added to my "circle", please leave a message and mention when you meet me / how you find this blog and why I should add you! :) 

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