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Asamack: Mata ne! Asamack Radio's 2236th night [31/10/2015]

 Okay, time to re-listen to the last daily Asamack!

31st October 2015


Marutan was glad that he made it in time. Then they discussed about Jack's "mata ne" which he uses at the end of every nama. Marutan thought it's because Amuro-chan also uses it at her lives... Jack laughed and said that no, no, it's not related, besides he heard about it for the first time (and she usually says bye bye).

It's not like the last nama ever, but it's to celebrate 6th year of daily Asamack - which came to an end with this day.

Then they discussed how it's Halloween and wondered how foreign people celebrate it. Marutan was sure it's for-kids but Jack said adult people participate in it too.

Also, they were drinking some alcohol.

Later, they received some e-mails from listeners, Jack was reading them aloud and made Marutan read them too :)

When reading those e-mails, Jack suddenly realized there's Keisen-san commenting in tachimi A hahah (I was also in the tachimi A, because I was a bit late at arriving). They had a lot of fun because Keisen was commenting as regular listener, because she forgot her BSP. She even managed to call them and participate a bit with her voice, but due to some technical problems she had to go back to commenting only soon, but it was so nice to hear her voice again!

They also showed some of art listeners made for them.
Like, Nobita-san making a big map of Asamack's logo in Minecraft, visible from the space.... wow. It surely took a long hours.

Other listener mentioned in her e-mail flail about Ichamakku (flirting Asamack ne) and how she remembers that long ago drunk Asamack were making each other say "chuuchuu" (kiss kiss) and Marutan was reading this letter and he read "Jack-san chuuchuu" and he made a pause for Jack to make him read "Marutan chuu chuu" part hahahahaha.

Also, they got new awesome Halloween art from Keito-san!

Jack and Marutan got lovely message even from B-kun :)

Then Jack said he got voice messages from various Asamack family members and played them (he added some background music too):
- Keisen - she was so cute, teasing how she used to call Jack 6 years ago "Jack-san" instead of "Jack-aho" like she calls him nowadays and confessing how her love for Marutan hadn't change in those last 6 years and asking if Marutan is listening (Jack stopped playing record at this moment hahahaha saying he can't bear to listen to this but after short break he played it all) 
- Nem - with voice changer?! He said he was 26 at the moment he started listening to Asamack? And generally thanked Asamack for singing his songs. Jack was perplexed when he heard Nem's message and whether he broke it, but Nem said it's on purpose, because he hates his own talking voice. 
- Hidenori - ah that guitar solo in the beginning hahahaha. 
- Meeko - she said she was playing with Asamack from 2009 and was playing Tetris and cocoa with them and she had a lot of fun. Jack said Meeko will always remain teenager in his mind and both of them said it's so weird to even imagine Meeko now being adult and drinking alcohol hahaha.
- sunaP - he presented himself from his full name and reflected how they had yami-nabe and recorded many songs and it was a lot of fun, and of course he's looking forward to more!
- PUPI - he thanked Asamack for doing daily namahousou and he was sneakingly listening sometimes too.
- amu - he said he started to listen to Asamack and thanks to that get to know Tolie - he's big fan of his. And that he had a great fun with them playing games, of course!
- clear - said that hearing about Asamack ending daily nama is kinda like some era is ending. He also said that sometimes when he was doing his nama, he saw Asamack starting too and was listening secretly haha. And he had a lot of fun playing Mario Cart with them. And that he still has "scars" from those battles and he wants his revenge one day.
- Wotamin - she said it's so sad that daily Asamack are ending. She was often appearing as a guest long ago and she was able to meet many other utaite here.
- Hiradon (Da-little) - he said it would be nice if they could do Asamack even more and more - ASAMACK BANZAI!
- halyosy - he said it's awesome to hold nama for 6 years because he has no experience in doing something for so long daily hahaha. He said he's also playing Splatoon so if he will find them, he will beat them for sure haha. He also said he heard Jack really likes Amuro-chan and he likes her too, so he was really happy. Jack also teased listeners halyosy "chuu-ed" at the end of record.
- Foo-san - he said he has a lot of awesome memories of playing and singing at Asamack and how he was able to record CD with them. Both Asamack sounded so happy, mentioning Foo-san, because thanks to him, so many of their dreams came true. Like when he asked Marutan if he would like to host Nicoradio with... Asakura Daisuke... Marutan said there was no way he would turn it down, but he had to think over it a lot.
- Choucho - she said she remembers well when Asamack was still no nico radio but net-radio and she and Keisen were guests back then.. and she can't believe it's already 6 years. She's really happy Marutan found her covers and mixed them for her and she was able to be in duet with Jack.
- Real-tomo - hajimemashite! Here's Asamack friend bound to them by 10 years contract hahaha. He said his contractor said "gimme voice message!" so he has no right to turn it down - with pleasure. He said he's so sad because when he heard it's already 6 years it means he got so much older. And it was so much fun playing and singing - thought dear listeners can't know him hahah. And he said like: You didn't fight... you didn't fight right? Please don't fight - hahahahaha. He also said he will continue to secretly play games with them wheeeee!!
Keisen commented it's not fair, she wants to be bound by such contract too hahah. She will even make macaroons!
And THAT PERSON replied using BSP: Keisen-san, please be quiet!
Hahahahah, natsukashii!
BSPあるんだよなぁ( ・´ー・`) 
All of them really sounded so pleased to tease Keisen how she forgot her ID and password so she can't use her BSP anymore.
- Tolie - he started with whistling and introduced himself as the one who sang Fullchin Boogie with Asamack - thought Marutan didn't sing it hahahah. He said a lot happened,he once visited Asamack and he was so happy that the atmosphere didn't change since years ago - especially the feeling of warmth and reassurance. He also wanted to end his message with some neta - he started to sing Furuchin acapella....
Tolie commented via BSP that he had to record it 6 times and the original message was 10 minutes long.
And here, last surprise guest!
- Dai-chan (Asakura Daisuke) - he said it's awesome that both of them managed to make such place in the corner of the internet, gathering people and providing them happiness for whole 6 years. He said that it feels like yesterday when he was doing nicoradio with them. He also said if there would be chance he will gladly meet with them again!

Marutan sounded soooo surprised and happy.

Jack was so high, because he had to give his best because reaching Dai-chan was of course quite a feat. First he sent a DM to Asakura-san himself and got a really quick reply that wow, 6th anniversary and he himself is okay voice message... but he needs allowance from the office and Jack must ask for it. Jack, who has no company or anything, just he himself.

So he called the office and was like: "Pardon me, I'm one of the people who are doing unit called Asamack, my name is Jack, I would like to ask for allowance to get Asakura Daisuke's voice message"... and he got a number to Dai-chan's menager. He asked if it's okay to call such important person, officemen said it should be okay. He had to try 3 or 4 times but he couldn't reach this person, but when he was thinking that it might be impossible, that person called him back and he already guessed that Jack-san is calling him and that yeah, thank you for looking for Asakura-san at nico radio back then and Jack was like NO NO NO it was my pleasure hahahaha. Jack's hands were trembling when he asked that it may be impossible but if only, then he would like for persmission for Asakura-san to record a voice message for them. And menager said that it's completely no problem and then they should record it right now! And Jack himself could not believe he got YES from all important people and he received Dai-chan's message via e-mail. 

Jack also said that probably if Marutan was the one who should ask for it, then it wouldn't work. Marutan said it would be totally muri, because he would spend hours on dwelling whether he should call or not, while Jack just done it. Jack said that since Dai-chan himself said it's okay, then he probably sensed it might work out and gave his best.

After this Marutan said he's going to grab something to drink.

It really is amazing that Jack was able to get so many responses. Most of Asamack Family members are nowadays very busy. Jack was happy all people Jack asked accepted it immediately and gave their best. Plus really, Jack who usually don't like people i general, for him to go to such lenghts to get Dai-chan's voice record... And of course, he didn't use his real name when calling the office so it must be even weirder.

Jack said someone should now do suprise to him and get a voice message from Amuro-chan hahahaha Marutan laughed and said it's muri and besides Jack said he doesn't like surprises hahaha Jack said it's okay, he would probably die if he got one. Listeners started to whispering we should go to Foo-san hahahah (he once got for Jack Amuro-chan's sign).

Then they showed MMD made by one of their listeners - HIKO-san.. of their live, singing magnet. Their charas were done really well, with height difference etc. and they moved and danced a lot and it was pure awesome!!! And as bonus, there was also MMD to Marutan's Meri Meri - with both of them, d'aaaaaaaw.

Link - community only!

Some other talented listener - Ichise-san - send them magnet version played on harp.... uwaaaaa.

They showed artist's images then and read their e-mails. Half-way Jack started to wonder if it's okay to read this mails hahahaha. But even if one said pleass don't read the contents, Jack ignored it hahahahha.
Listener called Ookami-san wrote an awesome e-mail. Like long ago she was searching for interesting broadcasts of utaite and happened to see Asamack nama playing Mario Cart and thought "ehhh what's this, what they are mumbling about, why listeners are so loosy?" and Marutan talking about stomach medicine and... she got into it and started to listen everyday. Marutan commented it was probably back when they were having a lot of drinking nama. Ookami-san also wrote how she was happy when they was showing her art and her hands were trembling. And how she could participate in playing games with them. And when she managed to defeat Jack in Splatoon or Mario Cart, she must say she was laughing in really creepy manner (Jack tried to imitate it hahahaha). That was really lovely e-mail full of all listeners feelings.

At this point, nama was already there for 5 hours and 20 minutes. Jack said how the 6 hours is max limit for net-duet device, so there's only 40 minutes left and how time surely flies by quickly tonight.

When broadcast was comming to an evitable end, they skipped to emotional topics. When Marutan was singing Alice for their first CD - Gift - because he was so happy at the moment, he got in a bit negative mood and amidst recording he started to ponder if he will be able to do this 2 years from now on, and how Asamack have to end one day. (He cried at the recording? w) And while singing Alice, he was thinking about Jack and how much Jack would be sad if Marutan was not here anymore (inakunattara LOL). And he can't let him feel lonely now, he has to look forward to next Saturday so they will be able to do next Asamack. Jack also said it's a bit lonely to him too, to wait till next week. And it was really hard for him to made reservation for this last nama and he had hard time pushing the button to made this nama. Marutan said he became pretty much unable to came till this years April but it's lonely for him too... he once said he doesn't see dreams right? But weirdly, now he can sleep more and wake up at weird hours and since this half of year he can see dreams too. 

And when such interesting topic popped up, it turned out there's only 5 more minutes of the nama!!

Jack said he wanted to play one song before the ending... and ending theme was... Thanks (translated lyrics here).


I'm crying. I'm so crying. Lyrics. And Marutan and Jack started to shout ARIGATOUUUU.


(´☉ ω ☉)人(*´▽`*)

This song is such perfect ending Asamack song! Imagine your favorite everyday manga/anime, finally ending after long years (more than 5 years for me) and the impact of the last pages of the last chapter. And perfect ending song. But it was even MORE intense to me.

Now, tomorrow will be no Asamack. Can't grasp it yet. I will surely wait for one... but well, it's sad, it's emotional, it's a mix of such a deep gratitude and love and loneliness, but it's not the end so... 

Looking forward to Asamack season 2!!!