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Album: ramillete
Vocal: Jack
Lyrics: sunaP
Producer: sunaP
Translation: Nanami

彼方ノスタルジヤ | Kanata nostalgia

「いつか | Itsuka
届けて欲しいんだ | Todokete hoshiinda
この短い手紙 | Kono mijikai tegami
宛名もないけれど | Atena mo nai keredo
いつか | Itsuka
キミが出会う人に | Kimi ga deau hito ni
キミが恋を知って | Kimi ga koi wo shitte
愛を誓う時に」| Ai o chikau toki ni
遠い記憶 | Tooi kioku
闇夜は夢の階 | Yamiyo wa yume no kizahashi
彼方ノスタルジヤ | Kanata nostalgia
二度と帰れない |  Nidoto kaerenai
やがて | Yagate
手紙を読む人は | Tegami o yomu hito wa
手紙を書いた人に | Tegami o kaita hito ni
少しだけ似ていた | Sukoshi dake niteita
優しい言葉 | Yasashii kotoba
どれほど時が経っても | Dorehodo toki ga tatte mo
彼方ノスタルジヤ | Kanata nostalgia
胸に息づいた | Mune ni ikidzuita
時の流れに | Toki no nagare ni
色はうつろう | Iro wa utsurou
街は壊れ | Machi wa koware
地図は塗りかわる | Chizu wa nuri kawaru
されど母なる | Saredo haha naru
黒は変わらず | Kuro wa kawarazu
懐かしい夢を見せてくれる | Natsukashii yume o misete kureru
『永遠を歩む二人に幸あれ』| Eien o ayumu futari ni sachiare
彼方ノスタルジヤ | Kanata nostalgia
夢に息づいた | Yume ni ikidzuita
Distant nostalgia
"One day
I would like it to be delivered
That short letter
Thought there's no address on it
One day
You will meet that one person
You will learn what love is
And vow an oath of true love"
Distant memories
of the story written in the dark night
Distant nostalgia
of things that won't come back again
In the end
A bit similar
Kind words
Will reach from the sender
to the recipient
No matter how much time will pass
Distant nostalgia
Is lingering inside my heart
In the flow of time
The colors fades
Cities are falling
Maps are changing surfaces
Never-changing Mother gives birth to life
Darkness remains the same
Showing the same nostalgic dream
"Good luck for those two wandering for eternity"
Distant nostalgia
Is lingering inside my dreams
You also have an alternative translation of Issa here :)

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